slacks and the threat to masculinity

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slacks and the threat to masculinity - nd C f the Slacks Situation P m - I: I. re-...
nd C f the Slacks Situation P m - I: I. re- Should They Be Allowed on Washington U. Campus? Some Say Yes, Others No, But Dean Has Last Word. By CLARISSA START a a in of a 1 I .$ZS ' f ,4 " RITHVEN, JO-ELLEN JO-ELLEN JO-ELLEN f Cr 7 " A . KIDD AND LIBBY i , ,-4 ,-4 ,-4 ' f-l f-l f-l v'f ' '' : GOETSCH DISCUSSING fp. W' hi i tsJ 7 " ' THE SLACKS SITUA- SITUA- f -v -v f 9 7 t TION. f 5 pv r-J4i r-J4i r-J4i illv-S illv-S illv-S "-v "-v "-v 'w ' 3 -Ai -Ai kJ -l -l - i - Irk i ! b sA . i F. f- f- V , f? I II ; ? 1 f , fc I it T-J3 T-J3 T-J3 REASON WHY GIRLS JR , 1 ii If '! ! If I I 11 4L 1 SHOULD WEAR r- r- lcr!-e-' lcr!-e-' lcr!-e-' lcr!-e-' lcr!-e-' Ur. u 1 I ftifrhJ slacks. W hands together happily and an- an- we came to the conclusion that x '.ir, i V " fe. BETTY RUTHVEN AND BROHNA ALTMAN. BROHNA'S OPINION IS STRONGLY PRO-SLACKS. PRO-SLACKS. PRO-SLACKS. rHEN manufacturers rub their hands together happily and an nounce that the "slack season' is beginning, they don't necessarily mean that business is bad and the firm's red pencil is worn to a stub. They merely mean that balmy weather has signaled the return to play togs for gals, that several million million women, many of whom should know better, have clambered into slack-and-shirt slack-and-shirt slack-and-shirt slack-and-shirt slack-and-shirt suits, and that a large number of men must gloomily gloomily face the fact that for the summer summer their wives will wear the family family pants. Opposition to slacks usually rises solely from men, who feel that with the way things are in the world situation in the Women's Building, we came to the conclusion that there are lots of attractive reasons why coeds should wear slacks. The girls themselves have arguments, and while opinion is pretty well divided, divided, pro and con, some of the girls are downright militant on the subject. "I think it's terrible the ruling, I mean," sputtered Brohna Altman, leader of the pro-slacks pro-slacks pro-slacks faction. "I wrote a letter to the editor of Student Student Life about it but he wouldn't print the letter. 1 -iat -iat should show you how I feel about it." Insinuating that the entire business business was an infringement on the rights of womanjind, Brohna prom- prom- JO-ELLEN JO-ELLEN JO-ELLEN KIDD, LEFT, AND LIBBY GOETSCH. LIBBY, RECENTLY SELECTED HATCHET QUEEN, DOESN'T WEAR SLACKS ON THE CAMPUS BUT SAYS SHE IS BROADMINDED ON THE SUBJECT. I is a the feel so as today, any such group movement ised us darkly ul&t steps would be on the part of women looks sus- sus- taken. piciously like a threat to their freedom freedom of life and limb, especially limb. But this year restraint within within the fold is felt, as Washington University's dean of women, Mrs. Adele C. Starbird, has given a sharp downward flip of the official thumb on slacks for campus wear. We may be trembling on the brink of "summertime when the livin' is "We've already gotten up a committee," committee," she said with fire and firmness. "They're going to present present a petition demanding that the men be restrained from wearing skirts." IJ there been any com- com- ipiaints.' we asKea, Dewii- Dewii- easy," says the dean in effect, but kilted clansmen skipping about the it's not going to be that easy, not Quad Shop. around the hallowed halls of learning. learning. No slacks will swish on Skin-ker Skin-ker Skin-ker or flap on Forsythe. Slacks, says the dean, are too lax. We didn't take this edict so hard when we first heard it, having never been the slacks type, ourself. In fact slacks on us always convey the impression that we are sitting down even when we're standing up. But after spending an afternoon on the Hilltop campus, sizing up the "You never can tell," was all that Brohna would say. In the sorority rooms of the Women's Building, the conservative element was upholding th,e dean's ruling, possibly with the wisdom of political art, while a few objectors spoke wistfully of comfort and casual casual charm. "Perhaps slacks don't look dignified," dignified," said one girl in the Phi Mu room, "but they shouldn't say just no, like that. They ought to let those who want to, wear them. There wouldn't be enough to cause a problem. In a few weeks it will be too hot to wear slacks in class." "That depends on the slacks, dearie," another one said. "I don't think they should be allowed at all. It was all right in winter with the wind whistling around our ankles. We wore ski pants and jodhpurs then and were allowed to, but in spring it's not right." "Slacks are more modest than skirts," said one disgruntled member. member. "You can at least cross your legs in slacks." In the Gamma Phi Beta room, opponents took the ax to slacks. "Slacks are horrible" ... "I can't stand them on anybody" . . . "Skirts are cuter." This was the general tenor of opinion. "I saw a girl in the library with slacks on," one volur teered, "and everyone simply stared at her. Of course," she mused, "they "were very pretty slacks." In the heat of the argument, Til- Til- lie, the dachshund, wandered in. From the expression on Tillie's face, we gathered she didn't care for slacks, either, but then she doesn't have the legs for it. "What do you think of s'acks?" we asked four Thetas at a bridge table in the next room. "We think they're horrible," said one, throwing down her hand with a grand slam. "Cheap and horrible." horrible." "I don't know they are comfort able," saia an Alpa Chi Omega, adopting the gentler tone. "Yes, but this is a city university," university," said Libby Goetsch, recently crowned Hatched Queen. "A lot of us come to school on the street car, and a lot of city people come out to the university. I don't think we should wear them. But," she added, "I'm broadminded." WORE slacks for two years at Stephens College," a Kappa Kappa commented, "but there weren't any men around there. The girls at Missouri U. didn't wear them, and I don't think co-eds co-eds co-eds should." "I think it depends on the girl and the slacks," said one. "But slacks just aren't feminine," feminine," protested a technique-minded technique-minded technique-minded technique-minded lassie. "Spring!" she said vaguely vaguely in explanation, waving her hand at the flower-dotted flower-dotted flower-dotted out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors in general and the man-dotted man-dotted man-dotted campus campus in particular. Since the opinion of men seems to matter we sought one seasoned senior for his opinion. Alas for the cause of slacks, he agreed with the Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch editorial writer who called slacks a "hideous Hollywood Hollywood hybrid that is neither pants nor bloomers." "There's a place for everything," he said, "and this isn't the place for slacks. It's bad enough to see skirts two inches above the knees and sweaters two inches above the skirts." We knew from that utterance that he was a reformer. Besides we had the contrasting opinion of another male who leered at us from the curb where he was sitting and said, "Slacks is swell." As a result of our survey we have come to the following conclusions conclusions gathered on our galloping poll: 1. Slacks are comfortable; 2. Slack are horrible; 3. Men like slacks; 4. Men loathe slacks; 5. There are sure some mighty good looking gals on the Washington U. campus, in slacks or skirts. Designing Women wxr Cfil - .

Clipped from
  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
  2. 05 May 1940, Sun,
  3. Page 68

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  • slacks and the threat to masculinity

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