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nashua reporter 1910 - in shortly was her permit McGonigle; the body...
in shortly was her permit McGonigle; the body Calvary McGonigle her her of pipe newspapers, was McGonigle but her to to the view a I've I F T E B N years had been allowed, allowed, under the plan e o n t e m plated, plated, for wiping wiping out or pacifying pacifying the savages savages of Pormo- ^____ sa. But now it is to be accomplished inside inside of a twelvemonth, and the Japanese government has made a special appropriation appropriation of $7,175,000 to pay the military expenses. This is on account of :he camphor business. Un:il Un:il recently the entire world has practically depended for its supply of camphor upon Japan, which ias held a monopoly of the produc- Jon of that necessary article. But :he Germans have begun to manufac- .ure artificial (synthetic) camphor on a large scale, and thus are competing n the market to an alarming extent. It is very necessary under the cir- 3umstances that the supply from 'apanese sources shall be maintained, est it be replaced and crowded out by ynthetic camphor. The camphor rees which formerly grew plentifully n Southern Japan have been to a great extent destroyed, owing to neg- ect of a regulation that used to re- uire the planting of one seedling for very tres cut, and so the Japanese re obliged to look to Formosa, where le camphor laurel flourishes over a great extent of territory, in virgin forests. Unfortunately, it is in the mountainous mountainous interior of Formosa that the camphor laurel grows--that is to say, In a region which has been since prehistoric prehistoric times, and Is' today, under savage dominion. Tbe savages who occupy this territory are very fierce, and earnestly addicted to head-hunting. head-hunting. Hitherto the camphor of their forests has been obtained only with their consent, and it has been customary customary to pay money to their chiefs as an inducement to refrain from destroying destroying the distilling outfits. Nevertheless, Nevertheless, trouble has been frequent, and the stills have been constantly destroyed. destroyed. An unlimited number of laborers can be hired in Japan for ten cents a also contains much gold. It should be added that the Atayal tattoo weir faces very elaborately, and build elegant elegant hut? of bamboo, over the door ways oi which are hung as trophies the skulls of wild boars and ayes, and sometimes those of Japanese and Chinamen--the latter v."ith pigtails still picturesquely attached. They make bag; of a peculiar network network expressly to carry human heads. One chief. ~hen captured and about to be executed, said: -'I have no fear of deatc. I have taken ninety-four heads ar.d wanted only sis mere to rnske -fce hundred." History tells us that the Sp took possession of Formosa in the year 1526. They "ere espeiied by the Dutch in 1642. Nineteen years later a Chinese pirate chief named Koxiuga drove out the Dutch and proclaimed himself king of the island, but in 1G52 the Chinese dethroned his su r cessor. and Formosa rerr.air.ed s. "evince of the Middle Kingcotn up ~c the ~=r between between China and Japan, as s. result of which it passed into the possession of the Mikado's empire. A glance at the ~ 2 p --:'.". ;'-·:-- that Formosa is reaiiy the srnher-ost island island of the group whici --e ?s.:'. the Philippines, beir.z situated or.'.-.- a tend to the upbringing of her offspring. offspring. Twins are a bad omen, and among some of the tribes it has customary to tic them to a tree and permit them to perish. Sickness is supposed to be a punishment punishment inflicted by the spirits of the dead. Dreams afford a medium through which the spirits of tbe dead communicate with the living. The Atayal and Paivran groups believe tbe virgin forests to be tbe abode of the spirits of their ancestors, and on this account trees within certa nated areas are never disturbed men and women have supernatural rds powers of the kind usually attributed the to witches, and for this reason they perform the religious rites for the tribe. Spirits of dead persons other than ancestors are dangerous and possibly malevolent. The Atayal consider that has it watch. ! day; but not for any such price, nor snort jj s r s n c o ,.,, .--,. _,,._·,. for many times that much can men be ~^ "~ ~' J "~~ ----obtained ----obtained to go into the forests of Its wild people are un:ctib:edi" of -. ilaiav orisir B"* '" r = s--r==- -'-qV rormosa, cut down the camphor trees, f ants ' " " - - - · - -- o.~and o.~and distill tbe gum, at the serious risk of losing their heads. It is well known that the Japanese do not lack vere hlack dwarfs. beic-jrir.z to the ghosts of their forbears will not be satisfied unless a human head is part of the offering made at ceremonials. ceremonials. Likewise In the case of a dispute dispute between two persons the spirits of his ancestors will guide and protect protect the one whose cause is just, so th?t he may obtain the first head thereby win. The soil of Formosa is exceedingly rich, and nowhere is a finer quality tea produced. The eastern half of the island is covered with jungle, in which grows the valuable creeper , Hin desig- j bed. Old j i ery; but head-hunting to the Forrno- san savage is a religion; nothing from his point of view is so important, important, and he will lie in wait for many days at a time near a lonely path in the woods for the sake of getting one chop at a passing camphor-seeker. Luzon. Many of their ske'e^-; 5 p^v° been found in the sour that they were exterminated by the savages who now occupy their territory. territory. As already stated, these- savae^ . have never been Formosa is a big island--as large as ethnolo^c-'l Sardina and Corsica put together. It " " ~ ' ~ " is 235 miles long and 15 miles wide. More than half of its entire area Is today today in the possession of tbe savases. For some years past Japan has pur- the I ff d a rather ' n .te«st!n S method ring i ^ f« r P° 3e of bringing about their l u t y i * . ^ , . CM,~ 1 _ _ i _ v PARTY \ £? 3^ | eventual subjugation. She has estab- j lished a "guard line" all around the mountainous interior, with small rnili- 1 tary outposts at intervals along it. and j steadily forward, so as to r-^trict the i wild people to a slowly butlureh- d ! Rome cou- | minishing domain i ! the same race as tr.e t .;gmy r.erritos known as ratten. But tbe most precious precious vegetable product is camphor, which is the resin of a tree that to huge size, sometimes attaining a diameter of twelve feet. The only way to get the camphor to chop the tree into chips, which are subjected to a crude process of distillation, distillation, the vapor, when condensed. being deposited in crystals on bamboo pcresns. This is crude camphor. which comes to market in wooden ','i rj ' C '. Ii; is refine(i ·:·" redistillation. At the present time Japan exports j about 5.000,000 pounds of camphor I annually, one-fourth of pei to the United S:ate?. It used to t.-e refined in JCurnpr- and America, but JiH-c. rrom an point of view, they are more than ordinarily int^r^insr Their garb ranges from n u u i ' v colored garments of their ins. made from the fiber? of i a it being ship- · vas expected that fifteen years of the present DAISY CAME FROM ENGLAND i I

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