Indian Massacre

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Indian Massacre - - f . - ago; - the in French, : Hit L her drove...
- f . - ago; - the in French, : Hit L her drove i& but'not trie Children; golng'further, they fourif thrtfc. Girls, .one dead,' the other $wox wounded, oner of which fcalped. After this they returned, with' the two wounded Girls," to Adam Tafliler's and faw a Woman, Jacob Allmong's Wife, . with a . Child, lying dead in the Road, and fcalped. The Number of the Indians, they, think, was befween Fifteen and Twenty. " I cannot defcribe the deplorable Condition this poor Country is in ; mod of the Inhabitants cf Allen's Town, and other Places, " .are fled from their Habitations.; Many are in Bethlehem, and other Places of the Brethren,, and others farther down the Cctani - try. I cannot afcertain , the Jumber kiljed, but. think it exceeds exceeds Twenty - The People a; Nazareth, and the other PJaces belonging iothe Brethren, have put themfelvei in the beft Ptf - iture of Defence they can they keep a ftrong Watch every Night, - W ad. ' 4 - d. Sd. izi. ' and hope, by the BlefiWof God, if they are attacked, to snake twu jinu. Defire, in a St. Mouth to this we are informed, that it was reported, when he came away, that - witn fame we between England, Englifh at was againft already with by ms - At India and fon Pipe, rels for Country,. and will, it is hoped, 'have no fmall Influence in ahi - fted mating Numbers on our Frontiers U imitate fo laudable 'an Ex - laces, ample. . : ry, In a Letter from the fame Countv. of the Tenth Inftanf. the" Number killed is faiid to be Twenty - three, befides a great many dangeroufly wounded; that the Inhabitants are in the utmcft Diftrefs and CoRfufion, flying from their Places, fome of them with hardly fufficient to cover them j and that it was to be feared there were many H&ufes, &C - burnt, and Lives loft, that were not then known And by a Gentleman from the fame Quarter Y oil's Mill, about eleven Miles from Bethlehem, was deftroyed, and all the People that belonged to it, excepting one young Man, cut off. ... . . , It is with Pleafure that ve publifh the following Extract, as it exhibits an Inftance of public Spirit, that reflects Honour on tur Extract of a L'ettet from Carlifle, October 3. As. I am iuft returned from Auehwic, where I went to at - . tend the Rendezvous, and fee our fmall Army, under Colonel Armftrong, begin their March for the Great Ifland, I am thereby enabled to inform you, That on Friday, the 30th ult. about Ten o'Clock, the Co'onel, and theJVIen under his Direction, deflgned againft ' faid Ifland, to the Number of above 300, began their March, in high Spirits, from Fort Shirley, on Aughwic, and ex pected to reach, on the Monday Night following, fo nar the and by '7 pface, as to make the Attack the next .Morning. Amongft fat . . ..... . 1703., with Houfes com - Inft. a - in Canoes, the Ri - about who de - with Lofs the'r by the were of thofe gone out on this Occafion, are the following Voluntier Com panies,' viz. Captain Laughlin, of Big Spring, and 33 Men, all rai fed in Twenty - four Hdurs Captain Patterfon, jun. and Captain Bedford, with Thirty Men each (thefe two Companies chiefly from about and below. Carlifle) Captain Crawford, from the upper Part of the County, wih Nineteen "Men j and Captain Sharp, from above Shippenlburgh, with Fourteen Men ; befides feveral others that joined under commiflioned Captains,' as being better acquainted with them.r - - And it may, with great Juftice, be faid, that the Flower of Cumberland County are gone out on this Expedition. In my next I hope to give you fome Account cf the Event of this Undertaking ; and, whatever i'tmay be, yet it muft be confeflTed the Defign is good, and may be attended with Confcquences of great Advantage. I am extremely forry we can, even yet, have no Premium for the Scalps of thofe murdering Rafcals. The Inhabitants, in general, mew a noble Spirit, and R1 At Rum Pair of will their Juft ed.

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 13 Oct 1763, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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