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November 1 - mbly "utln prlvaU. THE LONDON noiiouon...
mbly "utln prlvaU. THE LONDON noiiouon COUNCILS. To - day polling takes plaeo throoghoat London for tho new borough councils. Therdarola l 1,363 aeata to bo filled, and there sre nearly 3.000 eandldatce seeking election. In every ono of tho 23 boroughs, and Ia nearly every ward of thoae boroughs, there will, bo an election. Th - namea of those who hato been nominated were published In The Timet ot October .23 and 24. The polling will continue from 8 a.m. to 8 pja. Bomo of tho, results maybe declared bto to - night, but In tho majority of cases they will bo announced announced to - morrow. IUwmA - - - Mr. W. O. Snowdon Gard, chalrmaaaad Mr. U. J. Harris and Mr. C. IW Hecht, hon. secretariat, of the .Hempstead Borough Council Progressive coo - mitUe, wriU under data October 31 from &,Ujpr - paffc. road, HampaUad r The Haaptad Couarvative AaaocUtlon has Issued a circular supportbg a specltl lltt ef Candida Ua eileaba as an exewa that, the Procranlva eemmlttae b introducing party politic. Thl U alntpl aotthe fact. The commitue ami otSoera rapneraiafl shadas ef Imperial politics. IU candidates are both Crnv serratlves and Liberals I we are unable to itiie b what proportloM, u we really do net knew, for they ware boeen without any regard to party politic and for Ue Doit part without knowledge of their political view, and, we may add, u a sUtemeot hu bera wldly euro - bud to the contrary.' by ward meetings, and net by 1 esfltral organixatlon." MievutaoNi fVo. S WardL Mr. J. H.VnfoAM. acreury to the Marylabone Constitutional Ualon,wrtUt, under Tueaday date " I atn aurprUed to aaa the substance of Dr. Capon's letUr b tour broe of to - day because It shows a total Ifsoraace of the point at bma 8 t ween ounelrM and tne so - csllel lodependeat nlonUU. It b so question of autocracy or of policy aa between oureelvu and the Radicals. Dr.Cspca'auoe hu nsvar been before our association. Ws took exception exception to the name of one' of the selected eandi tales ea publlo grounds, lie seceded, and ha hu succeeded b fatting Or. Cepoe and others to job.hiabrunalogu ndepeadent Dntonlsts." Paopwotoji Blr oeorge rardeii. ir.r..writw. cadet daU October 31 1 " Your reporter dldoot eofreeUy catch the remarks I made yiUrdayr the Paddlagtca Vestry la refarenea te Lord uoaseery's speech lut week. I uld it wu a direct atUckupon the' probity' of the not maie use ei ue werea London vutriea. and I did owned ny ' ue propsrtlu obvious noi vsstrle, which would be WaWMlMiBlwMr. Donald Smallpelee. one ef the BaUpaym' AaaocUtlon candidaUe, wriua to eomplab of the unfair Uetlee emnloyed by Mr. IlavUfi the seentarr of the Cons tlmloaal Association and one of tbat aaaoda - tloa'a eaadldaUs. Mr. liayur began by sutag baU addreu that ratepayers' association ware Radical organisations, although, u a matur of fact, fir out oi tha six HaUneyen' Auocbtlon caadidau b this case art Conserved res. Mr. Smallpeiee called atUaUoa to thla fact. ana in repiy air, uayter wrote to nua t 1 aa awte sura yen will not; be described u an opponent of the Government,'' On the next day, bowsrer, and agahis week later, Mr, Hsytar advertised b the local weekly paper tne names of nlmseJi and Ave - otner candidal, iM added this fooiou h - H Do not tots for any other, era VOU WHIMOiW ta IJonserraiire F?.' fimallpeice alsp saw 1' On October at) Mr, Byr buraea a namnhiat with Bictsree of bimeelf aad hi fuevt W f .11 dS tf Ispsphed to 8jrff4 PerifljtpB.pBeof we mi, tp asa 11 ii wm irw, p 1 reeein 'Fa. ififd by, is4 are fplloweJ.l eoourvitifM, 1 Iraipeiviufy the fi3 - v. anthonw,'. d .V).tM ese .ef msami m mm la aanelualaa. " MUaH ilMHiYi ftffB ee mm rip a 11 WSfflffl.a 1 preieatr feiM ef ia iwieei tee i TO Tafl MfiiTaePTifflTiitfiei. " ifrWti tat mldsfliledi neeife 10 eall lis llteltiel ef yeuf mim ta the fact that. kef,ilajetty has aett pleaied td issui aa Order in Council greeting the Sorest! ef Wutaiasief a city, tt b plain that the fubra of tbt elty bf WutalnsUr bust, depend considerably ea tas twrMwasI ef the htembere Of the first council. la ta put the election Of the bombers of the defunct veetrief bu been lift very much te the hands of a somewhat llmiUdelaae, with resulU not altogetner ssUifaetory. We now earnestly urge all those wbo. have bltheru stood aleof from local slectlons to corns forward and racers' their votes In favour ef thou eandldaUs most Itxsly U contribuU te the. dignity and efficiency ef the eeuacil of uu ciry etwettniBfUT, I S UaTn a are a V TJerw f B R. 0. AJiTROBUrl. . IfBJfRY W. BltADPORPt Wif.JAi. PARB8B. if.M.JIgSL. 1 Oetebsfli, C.J.A.riMINyER.

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  1. The Times,
  2. 01 Nov 1900, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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