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1 june 1802 evening post2 - lauiJMMJri!Ua svstLt feslonl piny U ikon assy...
lauiJMMJri!Ua svstLt feslonl piny U ikon assy FoWfmli astvr, kai ua fttsar. -,W -,W MMU aUI)kk pamphlet ill M M smiiif ! "" 10 " M iss w Isujw arsw Isratev, wo. s iWwflM by all part M tmpwiMl t-TWNutii t-TWNutii t-TWNutii kJitct, lbs m Mr. I.Jm Wood contnsrl! with Messrs w.,!. and War!. boukicLVf i in the ci v N' Ymk.lo(itc Hitturtol AJ'i.io-.lra AJ'i.io-.lra AJ'i.io-.lra ion itl j.Jiit Adam, ta'e preidwt of the U. bate, i-w.r. i-w.r. i-w.r. mil with ihr rwron.l. lh h.itirv was written, anil an tlwrs ofimlve r.uiJrrJ ml fifty cinir of il prinui. As u ual. it was aJrer list I ailHcnplian in rral News-p News-p News-p in.nuinYtubffileri lo the work wer oj. uiistM.antiihe public were in da Iv tnpcvu.Mi .fiirtiusj il plIiciion. IV cditin was Uwmt in UvrJ. ami ready k me early in De- De- . . . . i" . m exmbct Uil, vy irm proprietor i n. A due. kred srsd vrry tulrivaTsut Jsklure of the idmintstratitmof Mr. Adams i tit st BttcmpteJ. kisj turtwcap I rota a tr with Frame during that atl Biinst its noes is a-tributed a-tributed a-tributed tut he " amir-aldo amir-aldo amir-aldo o2wa per forirstd by Doctor Logan." After tilling much M rpn that the only bU-ry bU-ry bU-ry wriiu n of the klumuv tratioaof Mr. Adam. has been fprirJ by a sin- sin- t individual, to promote jirivate vrw. iitftatipaiililc ith th public welfare," the wr.ier sas : " Tlie Dciiod it arrivtJ, wlnii it i no I mger ticctMary l ckc ihc fact, dial ilic liislor v tf i ? r st. . i (lie aumiui'.iratiuii ui lui.i uunnii) " ri bv lite l"i'rr Preside! tif the Viud StuUi. What the molivtM and ohjtx-U ohjtx-U ohjtx-U f Mr. Hutr were lor iht$pnnion, we are It'll principally liconjtt turo and inlifeiit e to dctcunino. In urh a iranctiun. however, l!io who kww th l ict l'fxudct, wdl readily allow that pou-lire pou-lire pou-lire pioof o( the mwtifct of the uipjreiin 11 nut to be exhibited. There i ahwit hi action a ruining, a tort of legerdemain, which, w hile il ocietcuniiaMVC prool, eluilc, the mot a-eule a-eule a-eule reieairh. In every thinf tliurcfure which rcUtei to this gentleman, no higher a specie of tetiimony ouht to be expecie.1, than that ol a circumtianiial or presumptive nature. AH the three Lindi of proof indeed, are in thir nature nothing more than comaralivf, and purging degree of comparison to the extent of ihvir op-plii-ability, op-plii-ability, op-plii-ability, op-plii-ability, op-plii-ability, and no further, it may be truly affirmed, affirmed, that pretumpiix e proof of whatever lwar relation to Mr. Burr, h vposuire, a I ho must eluolutc evidence against plain, honest ci'.izem. Habituated to inlnirue, and dislinui lied by tiieanrrcy and celerity of his movement, it it problematical whether even (in oonfulenlial luenuj could bring home lo him a tingle act ot hi of moment. 1 it said, and I believe with truth, that one of hi primary political maxim l. never to convrrsr on an important subject in the presence of twoment Nor i it, it is believed, less a maxim with him, to avoid romuiunica-ting, romuiunica-ting, romuiunica-ting, even to his confidante, his ideas in writing m political subjects. Ural communication is -bit -bit clement, and even tttisi regulated by a rule Mdnrtry so nice, a to lorliid In converting on naterial affairs in Ihe prenenccof more than one man I I hut fortibed by ibt!e rules, from which lie never departs, it will not he expected that I can so far enter hi cabinet of curious secrets a to adduce that sort of testimony concerning the suppression oflheti-tury, oflheti-tury, oflheti-tury, as will impose conviction conviction on every mind, that it was suppressed with views unfriendly lo the administration of Mr. Jefferson." One object of this ptngraph seems to be, lo pre-pare pre-pare pre-pare the reader to exjwet only cviJence of the cir-eum.UMUil cir-eum.UMUil cir-eum.UMUil kind, short of pjiitivc proof, and t- t- ensure ensure it the most favoraUe reception. The attack on the Vice-PrciiJent Vice-PrciiJent Vice-PrciiJent is resumed in the following paragraph paragraph : " Habituated to ttcret movements find dark eonsultuttons, it may be aid, that the covert covert manner in which Mr. Burr carried on the iiugociationfor the suppression of this history, was nothing out of the ordinary way in which lie conduct his political affair, B it let it not be forgotten, that Mr. Burr possesses sufficient powers of mind to diuinuuh between what require concealment and what doe not ; and that both the one and the other are by him regulated regulated by his inordinate views qf' pcnonal ambition. ambition. In matters in which the public aic concerned, concerned, secrecy which abhors disclosure and shuns the light of day, ill comports with the geneial wcllae. Nor is it to be presumed that the public can with safety, repone confidence in him 'Mho appears solicitous only to wrap his c-tions c-tions c-tions in profound mystery. Such conduct i c a!-cilnted a!-cilnted a!-cilnted to inspire jealousy and distrust. A state jugg'er who, retiring from the public eve, spread mischief by his puppet, may astonish with hi ropes and pullies the satellitie by whom he is surrounded ; but a sensible public knowing their rights and valuing their liberty, will abandon him as they wou'd flee from a destructive destructive pestilence. " Thus Mr. Burr is conducting hi political affair, and mounting step by step to ihe summit summit of political authority. Versed in the art of hocus-pocus, hocus-pocus, hocus-pocus, while sitting in his state-room state-room state-room wailing the entrance of his political tool into tiie ami-chamber, ami-chamber, ami-chamber, the wretched herald of his will, hi mandate fly through the union and extend lo its extremities. Hence his invisible spirit insinuate itself into every circle, and with its deleterious qualities corrupts whatever t touches." Whether this mysterious, dangerous and highly alarming character is justly ascribed to Mr. Burr, we shall not take upon oureclves to express even the conjecture conjecture but let those who have thus pourtrayeJ him l ?k well to it what cart they wy, what answer will tiicy make when we demand of them why k ia that t!.ey have given all their support to a man for the second, second, if not for the first place in our governmcn, uv.cr.i they themselves have drawn in the darkest colors colors of unprincipled ambition ? Let it be hereafter re--.(-mborcdt re--.(-mborcdt re--.(-mborcdt re--.(-mborcdt re--.(-mborcdt re--.(-mborcdt that it is ther who ascribe to uim Ihr rarr.oj CTlii. i4 -.! -.! k Ui (nrxitwr h U thrj wH tV.t W f years )kU. ery pe.w'Jfway to MvtutdJSTit.liMntritt AUr Miwait(Mi(it4 r'iicuU m of Mr. Bt'i Hem fd Uuif, hU Vw'i Suunna, alraky vcwi, andiiMtpt 4cif ,ia.uun tm.rnt, i tkur ruiK- ruiK- 0m narrauv. Mr. Wood, the w rif et of the sunrxesseJ iuiu.j, ij aw. U4jrr Mp .mf bevn intimate. intimate. WIich the UUW fir4 K.wrf ,h0 Umerw a about 10 write a hi.tory of Ue ad-mlnitr'H)n ad-mlnitr'H)n ad-mlnitr'H)n of Mr. Adam, he ntnft.trd a ..... a . I . 1 - ... u w mm on ute suinwi, Aminhnrly iHi.jKw', inot prtvUly OAlaineJ. Il js .wwcvrr, known, aul ntul at in.., thai wr. Uurr lufiuJioJ Mr. V. l. rna.ttiul tor vii;u h,$ on kinrut,hy, Miit'h i a ma.. V. r hp..fcJj,r, an J tahihii In Air. Burr, lo whom I ho biouphy 'biinl wa suhmiited by Mr. Woml t.4 in-pcition, in-pcition, in-pcition, n.icommoii degrecof vani.v. Hit rc4mi.m. ary ser uc, w hk h w en xi iriiliiiK at lo c ape u.o 11...HV..1 utcnriiorsAi Hie tliHctwit hi.to net ol l!e levdulion now cvtani, w to ir pic-ntrM pic-ntrM pic-ntrM hv Mr. Wood, a lo dar.lc the tea oct w nri Ihe Ixilliattry of hi etloits. Tlif paniingwasundoibtrdlfine. Lit it tar tut ch arade i ic recml l tm e of 1 he m iL-iiul iL-iiul iL-iiul . Kor mi 1 am nm tiuoH a 10 tinure Mr. Wooxl, wnou.cw Ute martial cha acter aiul revo'u- revo'u- tionary achievements of ihe Vkv-I'rtsi.l.iu Vkv-I'rtsi.l.iu Vkv-I'rtsi.l.iu from maieiul with which Ite wa firnidird by hi.. 1 1, ha J no inibhc ducument to which la ctml l luve tccourv. Ilislory is a silent alhci;.avcrotKvrnin'rihe rrvo .itionarv er ticctot Air. l.iirr. Kamav never menlion ... .. i . him once in his two voliiiiies: and it is belie veil ihe ume may I Mid of Gordon, and other. Hill 1 iiim H-nllv H-nllv H-nllv , i. Mr 00J. I Ic wa lo write a biography of Mr. Burr ; he could not wiiteil without material : these coul I only be fuinisln-d fuinisln-d fuinisln-d by him who wa r .1 1.'. . .. i- i- t i ii Hum 01c suu ett 01 tue oii'irraDiiic ruiOkTium. and if l hey wore improper one, the fault wa attribut-d. attribut-d. attribut-d. imh to Mr. Wwal, but lo Mr. Burr, who supplied him with them.' (Jot. fdiifni. The EJitor of the Evening Port is rei'ieved to publish the fcllowiiig Pei-h'vcJ, Pei-h'vcJ, Pei-h'vcJ, That the Society of Tammanr do not r prove 01 tfte moJe 111 wliu h the '.Jd Toast ilrunk 41 the anniversary of itk instincitin ha hren iiiM-rtcd iiiM-rtcd iiiM-rtcd in thtCiti jrit, and that they never authorised any pub-In pub-In pub-In ation which might trnd to lccn the fjiitic char- char- acierbi tne v itc-J'icwueiit. itc-J'icwueiit. itc-J'icwueiit. Aaron Burr, Father of tlir ColmnUiau Council 1 He bu dikcrved wtu tif luscuuiiny. The proprietor of the Gazette of Ihe Unit ed States ha enlciedinloaco-pailnership enlciedinloaco-pailnership enlciedinloaco-pailnership with Mr. I tiHir Lhvncev, a cen'.lemai of liberal education, of sound principles, and of extensive information. All business relative lo die establishment, will heeaflerJbc con ducted under the firm of BaoNsoN ScChavn- ScChavn- cev. Gai.U.S. We are much ph ased with the sight of the above. We have the plraura to know Mr. Chauncey 1 he is of the good old, Connecticut School, and is justly en titled to the character given him in the above extract. We mar anlkinatccisentul scrvu'ei to the cause of Federalitm from the united talents of theie gentle men. The brig Betsey, arrived this morning from Ant werp, it owned in Nrw-Iieulonl, Nrw-Iieulonl, Nrw-Iieulonl, and ciibigntl to I licks & Pott, merchants of this city She is the lint vessel that has an ive;l at this wri fiom 1h.1t plu e kiiH'c the opening of the Scheldt. When the IK't- IK't- iey sa'.led, there were no A wrican vessels jn purt. Coflce and sutrar wire in great dfiniuJ. NEW-YORK. NEW-YORK. NEW-YORK. ELECTION. GREENE COUNTY. MR MB EX OF CONGRESS. renr.RAi. republican. 1 rcpublica v. Elmeiidorf, - .W Camine, MEMBERS OF SENATE. 519 FKor.nAt. BRPtni.iCAM. I itcrmi.tc-A. itcrmi.tc-A. itcrmi.tc-A. Foote, - - - ;V.t I Siithtfiland, Van Ness, - - oftS Adriancc, MEMBERS OF ASSEMBLY. J 1.1 FF.DCR AL Rr.PCBI.ICAX, I IttPtDLIbAN. Hale, - - it I Schuncman, -Thompson, -Thompson, - - A1J I Smith, ... 5r I. hasbccit supposed, and even utatcil in sev?rj newsapcr, mat m.-. m.-. m.-. i.uneniKiri waseier't.i lorum district and it is true tli.a. he had a majority of volts, hut from in om-S'.ion om-S'.ion om-S'.ion in the rciurn b the in iiicciora of the poll in the town of Coxtackie, it is doiibiful wl.e'herhe will be i-i. i-i. i-i. ctco. 1 ne wimieot tne r ru- ru- erjvoleb (l .0) from that town, fur mumhi-r mumhi-r mumhi-r of Congress, Congress, having btcn returned fur " Comml E'mrmoif," omitting' hib second nanu', Edmund. Sinu the discovery discovery of this, h.nvcvcr, the iiiipector.', luve cerri-ricd cerri-ricd cerri-ricd that their return 'as erroneous 1 that the vote were riven for " Comal Edmund Eltiteiidof," and ourht so to have been rciumcJ j but this certificate was not made until nff'-r nff'-r nff'-r the expiration of the time limited bv law for the rrMiro of the vote to the clerk's office. The result, therefore, must depend on a decision decision of the canvassers, or a committee of privilege privilege and elections in Congress. CaUlill paper. Peter Ganncvoort, inn. Fsn. of this city, is ap pointed Military Agent of the I'nited States, for the Northern Department ol the State of New-Yrlt, New-Yrlt, New-Yrlt, comprehending 'he potts of Wctt-Toim, Wctt-Toim, Wctt-Toim, Michili- Michili- mackinatk, Detroit and Niagara. Extract from a letter dated Cape Franrmt, M.ty 6tb, to a gci:tieuin m n tiiHington. " The French have offered Toussaiip an office un der the government, but it appears he is too haughty to accept of any thin; less tnan what he has been, and he is :"i to retire to his plantation, near Go- Go- natvrs. Chnstcpr.: is cmtivator-teneral cmtivator-teneral cmtivator-teneral in the dt- dt- partmentof ther.orh. 13,00'J troops are expected tbil1 ft im Francs som3 5 J.000. Since writing the f resroitir, tr-nerttl tr-nerttl tr-nerttl Tn'Ji.aiiit has c-jine c-jine c-jine ir.:o town with trumpets sotri'ling, cannons rr-arinz, rr-arinz, rr-arinz, colours Av'tnr. he. for. to i-n i-n i-n th Oeti-ii Oeti-ii Oeti-ii ivr Trea-.v. Trea-.v. Trea-.v. " Flour 10 5) Cotton 22 23 s..ls P ,.k 18 u, IS Sutars 6 1-2 1-2 1-2 10 7 Href li-L-trJl? li-L-trJl? li-L-trJl? li-L-trJl? li-L-trJl? -Z -Z .u Butter the same Lumber 4 i 50 and 55 dtllim." FEMALE AERONAUT. Jlidame Garnrrin, only CO years of a-, a-, a-, wife of Carjcra. the aronaut, lately ascended futt the gar den call.-d call.-d call.-d fltniwiu CUvu'Jh, in bilom !y h"r- h"r- f. Abojt Uirct thouiaud persons, consisting pri'ic'p'lly o( $ of m Ix-ft, for co. u an.I Union, of up lios-ton, for ot distress List go Fox, srhrs brig Sampson. ship go from in the Norfolk; Lift ton for N F J-ine

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