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ARANHA-WW2-5a - CAHfAL HEWS IttHttt F. the lasd Iselow 1 v&....
CAHfAL HEWS IttHttt F. the lasd Iselow 1 v&. Sat ST*O- I ocautlfsi! is Rio naif? as tb» ssa rises ft* Jssgie s 451 aTsfl inlm. si I9*e fsrjssBd into a fesyylaud of t3se *o *ra^ra32$ flames 1 JA^ TaisisJQ'w T$?e juftMHSQ '$3S£t4uii$ smsl tin? ns?isic ox tfee ssftsf- rises, ffae jssgte rwced** sosta *tejstB-jters, Badt—almost t*o <sty Mocks the aBy we are «rer a TsritaWe desert. igardea estesd* to a **S covered toil* 3KSS ssKi tse Ford that imnwErej- is srot a* wnr saat* Airj>wf Eft tJ&e * iiffis ft is ^7 »'l«i* tib* stoee jaotmtain raajestkally to it* peak — again — tbe Corcoaif»da — and the statue ©i Chris s-Asserjcas t*&sr. At 4 *JBL •** are e*»i, fa M «f*«r a qaodi feeaifs*L tbe mtrsf is os He -way t® t&ej „ aiffKsri asi iry 5im-4ayteeai—•»«! ^^ llney — -witer* at sot •sractymHwn to see the 53ousta?n des- e airport in of food. Toe airport manager ife*s a crew of five—all Brazilians— &re wftafe a fenced ^closure in bat cwnfortable little cabin*. an aviary as a bob- to tin's oecsskm like a benedirtion on «"«er aeroM ibe «f Braaa, Tfeis is a new route 5E®si^t»Hs aad desert No we felknr th« ©sly a year ago. new daiiB.g lias made i$ f««dbie to fly from Para (Belem) t» Ea& is 10 hoara — a trip that for- ZBeriy took two full days rja tfee coast nwte. ActaaBy we are flying over land, the base of an eqnilateral tri angrk, so to speak. Ont of Para a short ways we ar ever the most <ieme jungle in all tfa world. For serera] boors this is tfa* SACRED Concert Blackwood Bros. Mrds 1 hare ever seen ptemag-e bst of the most odd sizes and shapes. Bi£ game canting, the manager tells us, is excellent —and the leopard and tiger skins in his office together with his small ar- sena! of guns soppvft his statement. We are refueled and ready to go a- gmin. An boar or two out of Barrier- ias the country begins to take on a cultmtted appearance. Here i§ the beginning of one of the rich coffee and cotton areas of Brazil. The coast line is coaiing down to meet as at tbe S. E. point of the triangle which is Rio. As the hours fly past the country becomes more and more a rich agricultural region—then a range of mountains— suddenly a rugged beautiful coastline and the 'magnificent city of Rio appears as if by magic, «parkling like the Brazilian diamond that it is in the late afternoon sun. H>e sight, no matter what one may have »een before, is breath-taking. Four or five rocky In each of the coantries -we vMt, besides the work of cheeking ctrr own embassies, legations e&d consulates, ire most wake our official call on president, tbe foreign «inl8!«ir »n< the chamber of deputies and UK senate. In Brazil of coarse, we confined ft to the president and the foreign minister for tie reason that there is no chamber of deputies or senate They were dissolved seven years ago by Getolio Vargas. He has been in power ever since. I liked Getulio Vargas. Call him a dictator if you will, he has been a good ruler for bis country and people He is small of stature, gentle of voice but perhaps »« brave a man as there is in South America today. My im presoion is that he expect* to remain in power until the world situation rights itself and Brazil is firmly es tabiished in its rightful position in the order of things to come. Then i believe Gentnlio will call an election and a new constitutional convention prior to it. I do not believe his is the desire for power simply for the sake of power. But whatever his objectives are—whatever be may think, the fact remains that Vargas is doing a good

Clipped from
  1. The Independent,
  2. 09 Oct 1941, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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