Khmer Rouge I

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Khmer Rouge I - Upheaval in Cambodia · · ' . * * · * * * * *...
Upheaval in Cambodia · · ' . * * · * * * * * * * 'Peasant re volution 9 empties cities SYDNEY H.SCHANBERG New York Times Service · BANGKOK, Thailand The The victorious Cambodian Communists, who marched marched into Phnom Penh on April 17, ending five years of w,ar in Cambodia, are carrying out a peasant , revolution that has thrown the entire country into upheaval. upheaval. Perhaps as many as three or four million people, people, most of them on foot, EDITOR'S NOTE: Sydney H. Schanberg was the New York Times correspondent in Cambodia during the closing days of the war. He and other correspondents who were freed by the Communists agreed not to write of their experiences until all foreigners were released. have been forced out of the cities arid sent on a mammoth and grueling exodus into areas deep in the countryside where, the Communists say, they will have to become peasants and till the soil. No one has been ex- cluded -- even the Very old, the very young, the sick and the wounded have been forced on to the roads -- and some will clearly not be strong enough to survive. The old economy of the cities has been abandoned and for the moment money means nothing and cannot be spent. Barter has replaced it. All shops have either been looted by Communist soldiers for such things as watches and transistor radios, or their goods have been taken away in an organized manner .'to be stored as communal property. Even the roads that radiate out of the capital and that carried the na- KHMER ROUGE SOLDIER shouts and waves pistol while driving Phnom Penh shopowners out of their shops April 17, the day that the Cambodian army surrendered. Photo is from TV film shot by West German photographer Christoph Froehder. * * * * -AP Wireplwto tion's commerce have been virtually abandoned, and the population along the roads, as well as that in all cities and towns remained under the control control of the American-backed American-backed government, has been pushed into the interior. Apparently the areas into which the evacuees are being herded are at least 65 miles from Penh. (Turn to Pg. A-10, Col. * * * ~ S. Vietnam's new rulers greet world Associated Press South Vietnam's Communist rulers began to reestablish contact with the rest of the world Thursday. The Revolutionary Government in Saigon held its first news conference conference since it took over the South Vietnamese Vietnamese capital April 30. Saigon radio said Gen. Tran Van Tra, chief of. the capital's military administration, administration, welcomed foreign journalists and told them they were witnesses witnesses to an "historic moment" -- the end of 170 years "in which our country did not have independence and freedom." Tra, who directed the 1968 Tet offensive against Saigon, said 11 nations had already recognized the new South Vietnamese government government and he expected expected more soon.

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  1. Independent,
  2. 09 May 1975, Fri,
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