21 april 1899 algona courier

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21 april 1899 algona courier
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I wish to state concerning the report report as it appeared in the COURTEU and Republican, .that it was, In fact two reports embodied In one, and should perhaps have been separately arranged for publication. Part first, which shows receipts and disbursements disbursements was taken from memoranda kept by myself and from the warrant book In toy office. This part to be ex- 8 licit, might have been called the lerk's report. Part second, showing the condition of the city treasury, aa regards receipts, receipts, warrants paid and cash on hand, was taken from the Treasurer's books and perhaps should have been published as his report. Dividing my report, in this way and considering that there is as yet no system of bookkeeping bookkeeping followed by the city officials, that admits of a balancing of the books of the different offices with one another, It will lie seen how difficult it Is to make part first of the clerk's report, correspond with part second or the treasurer's report. But let it not be understood that because one does not balance with the other, that either by itself is wrong. Part first, or the clerk's report shows total receipts for general fund S6601.66, while part two or the Treasurer's Treasurer's report shows $6580.31, a difference difference of $21.35. This difference resulted resulted from the fact that the sale of some material by the city to the amount of $21.35 was credited "by the -clerk to the general fund and by the treasurer to the water fund. But the total receipts receipts in the two parts of my report will be found to balance, leaving out of account the sinking fund, which does not appear in part one, because this fund was balanced up by the treasurer and discontinued by the council. But it is in the matter of disbursements that trouble looms up where we attempt to change the items from one pare to the other. The clerk on the authority of the council issues the warrants, but if the warrant is not presented for payment to the treasurer, the latter has no record of it. Again, it has been customary for the treasurer to pay the interest on outstanding bonds and warrants by check, without a warrant signed by the clerk, so that the clerk would have no record of this item of expense. Under such a system, how is it possible possible to make the clerk's and the treasurer's reports jibe? Part first on the clerk's report shows total disbursements $12,325,93, part second or the treasurer's report shows $11,926.38, a difference of $399.55, which is explained as above stated by the fact that some warrants issued by, the Clerk had not at the time of making making the report been presented to the treasurer for payment. In offering this «xpianation to the public the hope is also entertained that the main purpose of my report be not overlooked. The object primarily was to show the amount of moneys received received during the year from all sources in the different funds, to give as accurately accurately as possible, an ithnized statement statement of expenses and at the same time show the condition of the treasury, treasury, from the treasurer's books, the balance in each fund and the amount of money on hand. I might add in this connection that the present council council is considering the adoption of a general system of book-keeping which will make it possible for either the clerk, treasurer or mayor to issue an annual report covering each department department of the city government and at the same time strike a general balance. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. planting and culture of trees. The case came on for trial before the larid office at Des Moihes, where Col. Sessions Sessions assisted by Judge Carr, conduct* ed the case for O'Rourke, and Sullivan Sullivan & ' McMahon for tngalsbe. O'Rourko won, and the case was appealed appealed to the general land commissioner commissioner at Washington where O'Rourke won again. The case was then carried carried to the Secretary of the Interior and was reversed on the ground that O'Rourke did hot establish his case, the contention always held by the attorneys for the defence. Iu this case Sullivan & McMahon have had the same experience they had in the Plumley land case. In that they were defeated in the two lower courts and sustained by the Secretary of the Interior. Clarke Called Out. There are many statesmen, no doubt, who wonder why their ability and virtues are not recognized by the public, They wonder why the people do not clamor for their services as supervisors, legislators or congressmen. congressmen. But the public is inappreciative inappreciative and even sometimes perverse. Fin? talent for public office is too often allowed to "chafe unused and waste its sweetness, so to speak, on desert air. But here is a notable exception exception to- the rule. Here is a call such as many patriots have listened for in vain. Mr. A/D. Clarke's Bancroft Bancroft friends, democrats as well „ as republicans, call him out publicly and fearlessly, " Such ajjall Is certainly a compllm'en't t'o'any man. ' Death of George Lister. We are sorry to haye to chronicle the death of George Lister, formerly of this coHUty, but for the past year orsoofCanby, Minn. He .was here last fall transacting business and visiting friends. He spoke most en- couraglng of his prospects in his new home and was In the best of spirits. He was In good health until about a week before his death when he took a cold which developed into pneumonia and ended fatally. He leaves a wife and four children. The remains were interred in the"Algona cemetery last Tuesday. Three of his brothers and three sisters and his brother-in-law Mr. Casper Edvenson, and father and mother of Williams, and Mr. Haugb tallngwho used to live here, now of Hamilton county, were at the funeral Rev. Suckow conducted the services Mrs. Lister will return to Kossuth county. •••» f. A Pigeon Carrier System. If Algona is not to be outdone by any wild western towns some of oui doctors must adopt a carrier pigeon system. Dr. H'. G. Leisenring of Wayne, Neb., proposes to adopt a carrier pigeon system. He expects to use the birds in the practice of his profession, by leaving them at the homes of his patients, or sending them there. In case the services oi the doctor are required quickly message will be written and fastened to the bird, after which it will be released released and fly -to its home and, upon entering the place prepared for its reception, will set off an electric alarm, which will alarm the doctor in his office. The doctor has erected a large framework enclosed with wire netting in the rear of his office and there_the. carrier pigeons will find their home. tend the to for any to do the. IOWA, April 10, 1800'.~In -the State Register of Marolj 2J was an item in regard regard to the state senator to'succeed Kon f A. B. Punk of Spirit Lake, The - name of J?on, A, D, Clarke of Algona was mentioned as one of the n'robablp candidates! We his friends here, of whom he has many, take thls-tlmo and opportunity to ask Ijlnj to openly come -- 1 - as 4 tv candidate in thla-47th-senatprial "'"* ' $sjgned by) ' owp pepp,le,the .follgwiog Article from ,the of the Traveler, The ab^ve QW.QS' Us -bjrth pla.ce: :graj} ; a f \, *\®«. t STB|Bjr. itflHSvSMft -" Jjergojaj, who'^re ROW Entertainment Committees. At the meeting last Friday evening to make arrangements for entertaining entertaining the teachers who are to meet here in a- few weeks, Mr. E. J. Murtagh was appointed a committee on finance, and be it remembered that some money will be needed. Mrs. M. Starr was appointed a committee on entertainments; entertainments; Dr. Day to receive them at the depots; Miss Abra Robinson to enroll them; Thos. F. Cpoke to look after railroad transportation, etc.; Royal Meeker on places of meeting; Mrs. Setchell, preparation of headquarters; headquarters; R. B. Warren, badges, ] Spencer, printing; Profs. Jforda-and L. J. Smith, music; State examiners committee, ,Miss Schewerin; bureau of information, S. 0. Spear; decoration of business houses, O. B. Durdall. Advice to? a Heathen. Col. Spencer sends us the following from Rice Lake, Wis. The Colonel was, no doubt, impressed with the force of the Christian reprimand to a heathen, and desired to share a good thing with an old friend. A Chinaman going into a crowded street car at Spooner recently, seated himself beside an Irish lady,' He seemed to want to make himself agreeable agreeable and'remarked, "Bellecold," The woman looked at him with an air-of contempt, and replied: "If you would put your shirt inside your pants "your -belly wouldn't be cold, you haytben blaggard." ' . THE AMEmCAJTYEOMEN.' ' A Society That ,I*r Enjoying a Tremendous Tremendous Growth. " , ' The QOUKIEB is always g]ad to suj£ port a good tblpg, 'Appreciating the well deserved success of the Yeomen and with a desire to >, pay-tribute to genius and especially whe.n sbowq,,by ' month. 22 all six This tjan for the and unique, simple fund Ing each about pay six be thus each years the of They each price younger $1000), the of emergency settlement who such would fund the cent., $1000 to pay M. W. 1899. Yeomen foundation. order explain The IKeported estate Jas eft L A swH Sarah Frank « and State Steinberg, United JosL Farmers It 7 A P J J Ryan swfc. wK nwH (-10 of Jas 20-99-27 May 11. 89-27 Fred 9o-57 J G seM of Wm 1? and E P 5 J G; blk77 W R Hannah T A on tonka Pamelia 35-100-39 Jas. 7-99-39 Jas 09-dO C V. and Mary S mann Chas 11 ne& S S and EG Oarr 31 W 11 and south C A 0-97-28.' E J S S 14-05-29 Est Asa Call's GO 99-37 LH Mary M of 05-29 D J se!ine« G J May P H mv!4 J E MB S« r J A Swea Elmer Way . It Seqator of the to the vention ture, Twenty the ,, pve,r tbtoa

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