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ANNABELLA-2b - I have ever had. And I want to do everything in...
I have ever had. And I want to do everything in it for myself." She has a facial double, though, at her own studio—another brown-eyed blond who thinks she isn't a glamor girl, either. The two players resemble each other so closely that the still department department often -fonfuses their pictures. When Annabclla first arrived, everybody immediately immediately got the same idea—take her over to see Claire Trevor so she could meet her twin. .Actually, the French girl's smile is not so lazy, and her features are more cameo-like than the American's. Both actresses reserved comment, but arc friends off the lot and on. A NOTHER and better friend is Simone •**• Simon, although it was rumored months ago that she would be replaced by Annabella. Mile. Simon is returning to Paris without a contract contract renewal after some two years _of strenuous effort ori her studio's part to put across her pout. Annabella goes back home this summer to make one French film, then to Twentieth-Fox'* London studio or to Hollywood again. Her seven-year contract is good for three pictures a year at $ 100,000 each. The rising star stoutly defends the falling The new Annabella. ... No glamor girl, the young French star hopes to win American audiences in the tomboy roles which gained her stardom abroad. one. She thinks one of the few faults Americans Americans have is overrating foreign temperament, and says that Mile. Simon is "so nice, so different different from what they say, when you know her." Whatever the reason, she didn't behave as agreeably as her successor. Inclined toward hypochondria, the prize pouter had conniption fits about putting make-up over a minute bump on her face, and plucked out her false eyelashes eyelashes if they offended her. Annabella, in contrast, does her own makeup makeup (and whistles while she works), submitting only to a hairdresser's slicking down unruly ends of the sun-streaked tomboy bob. The night of Hollywood's most glittering premiere, "Marie Antoinette," she worked until 6:30, got home just in time to put on a plain white evening gown, and was at the 9 o'clock curtain on time. She was vastly amused at the elaborate toilets the other Hollywood actresses had made. "They spent two to three hours in the beauty parlors. The directors told me all the studios in town werc p deserted that afternoon. Then' they came to the picture, and cried and cried, and spoiled r all their beautiful make-up. Oh, yes, I cried, too." She solved her own make-up problems when she^ first came to work for Twentieth-Fox. Patiently Patiently enduring three solid days of being guinea- pig for a crew of high-powered puff-and-paint experts, she finally decided she didn't want to look like anybody except Annabella. So she scrubbed her face, combed the then long bob, slung on a little lipstick, and took a camera test. Everybody said, "That's just what we wanted all the time." She always has put on her own make-up, and she has had plenty of experience. There have been 15 starring parts in French, German and Hungarian films, and three in English in her seven years of movie acting. 1YJOVIE-MOONEY since childhood, she -'•*•*• wasn't contented with a Parit home and a country place. Her father, director of a travel and touring publication, has been around the world 16 times, and Annabella has

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 04 Sep 1938, Sun,
  3. Page 27

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