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19490824 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Wednesday, August 24, 1949 p10 CLIP - lOr-THE EVENING TRIBUNE. AVGVST 14 I 1 «...
lOr-THE EVENING TRIBUNE. AVGVST 14 I 1 « P/iid? Floundering °W £ FirstDivisionHopes 1 * 0 ^ Leader8 Sunset withVictory; Ju-^W^ * ia · «J»»«, Spirit EAitw Norton Wins Easily at . -r ncp* o: :r.:o £ FO\\ ...ra p i- ·* ·;,?;: Horn*:. ,, . 4n:t . h n .1* !·;«· froi::-: - ur.ti:i:g y -f in* Fal.oc. 5 »* Ho -* for :* leader* fcy e4*iac if«i»d-piac* HamiUoa 1-0. Aa4y Bratkowitz tapped Daa Iran Maa '. riiv p»rk ' ,ri«ht Manager Uauny Carneva «·;«!«$ wSwili* £ a lh * ***** !h * *«* *'·' I0 *w» rw- of three straight triumph* by-»«« lw »* n* Caraevaie *i««led. weal to *e*-, :«*nd on an overthrow, took third j 'after an uutfield fly. and u-ored aa 'a wild pitch. Hie team U now a ,i ;f n* PONY'S top contender* fell City 1 OU c free pa**e». Jack h: 13th homer of \ ine aboard :n the' , _ Of LOOII * gave tr.t- ·ever :*'.: ·.·:'.r-i:al: sa:r.e« Hor- : .".ufr.t-r* to It'2 for th* reaton. -f,*."."--^ \V-" i: e tne Sox vier* b:a»'.:ng :he.G;.i».-. ·-·( iicriiu* of Don I'happie. Hank· rv "- v ' ohrsron ind Joev NichoU. * for ^;i to (iri-s:r. abou take t :-,i:ii :lor:i.-. and oeiier than cia cf ti-.e 16 remaining Everybody in Hurr.el; * Ms'.her pieniy of Suck in bntbai: efforts . , . . it ·AOU^I; Bob; took a fiyer to L::ea yestertisy with! iiopcs o: catciiins UK oi:; a quick :r.S* s^ith a tremendoui :osi: He was ;:fted to allow Bob ·S:r./h to star: ~r.t ei(lh!h but the siu"hp:i'.i cuU:vir"t hang on and : Frank McFarland husiied :n to '!i!;;5h up. Starter Chappie cou;dr.''. r single '.nan in the firs: ' issued walks to Art Ue'.ieti andiRots c ^ . o start thirds off and wasi|j ,*j**:,,", f ,!oe De'.ock. Gene Haerin? an 1 iSj'"»n-o^* ii Maxie Ross. The block then, be-isniiti; p .l gan :o fa'.! apart ;McF»ri»nd i First Baseman Tom Falk com-] To .. a is his first error in some 38; a--S:::i,-k ·fc . 5 . 5 . 4 . 4 . 4 4 . 4 . J '. 3 . 1 r. ^u 4 3 Score of fe/j%f-r^re..«- io lto £ H 4jninth with two men out. Iii like uiiiel it«»uc J.^iMe r.ut out Batavia 3-0. Waller o u H i r r h » d a no-hitter for the :3 it r;-i Ib JS7 .178 oav ab r jai s * 5 3 I S _ ."j ; Roiug* into the seventh Then five fluke hits, including Earl Spra«ue * sent all three runs acrocs the P '"wich«f Bratkowski and Lew-|^ '«" wJio featured in the 1-fl! game, now have;and 15-5 records. Dan Lew-;and Suriani- was going again latt jelouu. :nighi after working and winning|tr- attack J:both ends of a double header Fri-iCpur had .*§! a newj 43 19 I out for Nichols ^. i 0 00 001 t e n Faw -- iday against the same team. 12 i The Iron Man has worked · sjdouble bills already this year, win-] four games. He needed ,,, DerCay. W.-:»n: 2. Joh;ison;.RBI--haer-i'^'i 1 . i n * . R»** ·«· Minarcin 2. Littre!! J. Smo- j Olean. one of them. season for Home:: this year.. Oih- er'ctouble-b:!:.* '.viih Hanniton were jisy-nighi affairs. had walked had and Smodic 13 and|x: c :-.o! s 3; HO-- Xorior. had!-or " ru!'-s. inning 9\ no j * ' " ia'.: wilJ I94S the io-.viy Map:; Leafs dealt i-.vors; exhibition of the season as the rieath blow to Wellsvilie's;Hornell enjoyed one of iis best chance* of" finishing in the play-jnizhis at the plate. The Sox com- offs by taking'a doubieheader nearjbined five hits, singles by Haering. the close of the season.. .WellsvillelRos*. Mir.arcir.. Tony Saiamone and fans, no doubt, win remember andi\ o r t o n , i 0 add five more tallies in probably will be on hand hoping t o j r h e fifth, see their revived Xitros execute a' :it-for-tat. '..ibeinjj derncked for a rest. Gefgen Harr 'L 1 . : De!ock had sinaSer.--13 men h a n i ^ o r ^ ru.-is. off Lr.appie in no maiags ; «-«»·,x . - ' . - . , n U 'or T ru-.f off Smith :r. S-3 :r.:iing.«;iant: Knauo : na:ten tor seven hit? anu 10 runs 3 for 3 _ o£f Johnsor . in g iar.ir.ss 11 for! :-.vith three errors tossed in. Is .-an*, off McFarland in i 1-3 inninjf 'Hamilton .. . 3 for 1,0 riiTA off.X:cSo!» ir. =.'TMjj£fjBradford . Bvrne '8 1 and Chal- W - .Clark ^81 and Daly that in; The Fiock floundered in their 4 for 4 runf: WP--Joravson 1: Dnrscy. Ciiappie: 2:40: alt.--1311. Ross: iV.'i--Xor:o-: i--Breen and Shaffer; T-- 000 000 000--0 010 000 000--1 Lewandtnvski and Dugzs: ikowski and Saverine Clean ..... 310 100 100--6 12 Last night's game concluded theLockport . . 000 000 025 -- series for Jhe| Glending. Stempkowski '9 »L' jseason with Hornell winner out of| jn d Balciulis: White, Trimble '9' -' - Homeli-s rout of Jamestown for;-- £ --.-~^^tslopTsalamoneiwellsTille - games is almost a caroon copy^^,.^ iin , iiree ^^ in lhree of 1943 when the Fiock invaded needing two games to catch Lock-^ port, the pennant winners . . . Oni August 25. iast year. Hornell drub up If Horneli is to maintain tries while Getgen was slapping) malhemat j ca i chance of finishing An t ii»"r» rlnti VI!B£ _^. * * __ e:. __ j :..:_: __ *.I_.K.,I, «..».*· A ^._ out two doubles HorneU bunched four hits for bed Jamestown. 19 to 12. beaiinejl our runs in the eighth. Getgen Tidoubled home a pair and Smodic's .h.li.d.l«t nlghL Don Chapp.e.^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ' l ° S " ".^AU^nSn^r^^"^ '« «°^ * T -- D -scored against Jamesto.vn in 1948 and again last night were! the most aeainst the Falcons since 1945. Falcons their first tally in DURABLE, L O N G WEARING PANTS FOR THAT ROUGH AND TUMBLE BOY GABARDINES TWEEDS $ 2 95 *3 95 $495 HUNT'S Successive, doubles by Wrigh and Crawford gave Jamestown its Jfir=i run in the sixth. An err vaik and hit-run single by Tom Jersey manufactured their seconc ally in the seventh. They reachec (ob Smith for a pair of walks anc hree singles to register three runs n the eighth before M.cFarland was vaved in and Smith out. Roofing -Siding Work Done FREE ESTIMATES TIME PAYMENTS MASON Home Improvements ALMOND, N. T. PHONE 1SF2 iPlayoff Positions ' » Open in (Ian-Am The jockeying' for playoff berths in the Canadian-American League found Amsterdam and Three Rived Xitros under Jimmy Wasde'ljers in a third-place tie today with been making it tough for theJGloversvilie and Pittsfield pressing Ev-ar.s clubs after spending most of j them both. ' MrfSie rf tbe season in the dungeon. n the first division they must con- inue to win and tonight's doubleheader looms vital. The rejuvenat- lwo Meyers l more i j ers -moved into the tie Pitching choices for tonight \viHMast night by shading Three Rivers, Johnny Gilbert bidding for*-' Tf -·" 1V - "»·*»* «i«i-M «^-i- his 18th win of the year, probably second game, and Lefty Eustice a* the possible choice to work the first game. Lefty in the Wiiiie 4-3. It was the fourth straight win the Rugntakers. Gloversville engineered a three- run ninth to nip.Schenectady. 6-5. and Pitisfield easily disposed of Pat Ryan is also a possible ehoicellasi-place Rome. 5-1. for the short opener. Second-place Oneonta hammered Tonight will also see the Horneli two Quebec pitchers for 1? hits* Club "taking over" festiv-jtrounce the league leaders. 12 to between games with variousiS. Roy Smith. Oneonta centerfield- competitive acts slated. About 15o|er. paced the hit parade with two will be local Rotary club. guests of thejtriples. In all. Quebec's Alex Danelishen and M Meau faced 44 batters as every Oneonta player hit safely at least once. Art Fabbro survived a 12-hit Three Rivers attack in hurling Amsterdam to victory. Fabbro scored the winning tally in the seventh inning when he came home on Shortstop Billy Wells' triple after walk- Falcons Put Halt To Arkport Wins The Hornell Falcons halted the Arkport Ells victory string at four straight this week by shelling the ing. Arkport club, 14-4. behind the four-] Gloversville collected 1 pitching Of Bud Burdette. The Falcons reached Joey Hamberger for eight runs in the third frame and coasted the remaining distance. Both hurlers hit home runs. Burdette sent 11 down by strikes while Hamberger threw the third strike past, eight ~ Box score: Falcont Ells ab r h · · ab r h 3 1 1 Barnes ct I ninth inning runs on five bases on and a single. Jack O'Donnell. the third pitcher for the Glovers, got credit for the win. his second as a relief hurler in two successive Fight three j victory enabled the Glover% Falcons, j to show a .500 average for the time this year. Rightfielder Chuck Hewer pow- "CARIBOU Ib Wagner Ib Pryor 3b Bcnnir.K cf Hurlbut rf H«rv*y If Fuller ss Burd^tt p Jones c J 1 1 3 .Tohnsor. rf 1 1 0 4 3 J L. White « 3 0 3 4 i 2 R. White c 2 0 0 3 0 0 Hartwel! If 3 0 0 3 1 0 Baker Ib . Z O O 3 3 2 Ell* 3b 3 0 0 4 3 3 K«m.« 2b 1 0 0 4 3 3 Hamberger p i l l 31 34 34 Score, bv innil^gs: a 4 4 H U E ered PitUfield's win over Rone by a homer with two on in Indians' four-run seventh inning. It was Hewer* second circuit in three nights and his eighth of the season. Pitcher John spun a four-hitter in racking up his 16th win againtt eight losses. Falcon* oo« 04J 0--14-14 ArlcpoTt

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  • 19490824 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Wednesday, August 24, 1949 p10 CLIP

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