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 - Chief of Police Presents Needs City Council...
Chief of Police Presents Needs City Council Much Progress Shown In Police System- Electrical Inspector, to be Appointed—Zoning Appointed—Zoning To Be Studied. Chief of Police .T. M. Sprawls appeared -before City Council •Monday night to present to thai body a survey of the needs of •-the police department. • • . . With the assistance of the Federal Bureau of InvcsiiM-atiou 1 / the'~ Chief of- Police, 'has made;'the survey'in-order to cope with crime' . and'enforce law, he said.-The I'ol- ' AIKEN HOSPITAL AND RELIEF SOCIETY HAS GOOD YEAR _ The calendar year Ifl-lf, was. a very successful one for the Social Service Committee of the Aiken Hospital and Keliuf Society, ac- i cording to a report recently, com- \v.-iy radio t'i'e central '• piled by the .Executive Sccretary,- Miss Marie Thomas. The. program, sponsored by the -Social—Service—Committee?—includes -Social—Service—Committee?—includes tuberculosis: pnenmoihorax and prenatal-clinics as well as a limited .amount of relief' work. . With an expenditure of approx- iiii:itely_ $T.."(iO.Ofl_ during the past year 12K.S Utboivuli'n tests were given. SriS persons were fkiimi- sci>ped. :i,7n<i wore X-ra'ycd. This work leil to ihe discovery" of t'>* c.ases of pulmonary tuberculosis and -K! cases.- classed as suspicion- uberciilos-is. TWOII- .- wer'e admitted lo r!irst.atin:i. :'uui tbrce- •- oiUrolv "D-al Ts. from' .. 'alinri in 'jiatriil car.-i, •;]'(•:!)., •;]'(•:!)., pa: rol t-ars'ir. central sla-- [ tiorj, .and from • iiatrnl car to 7/a- i itol'-x-ai\ • • ' v. -.'' i'2> One adiiiiional jiatrol car. i.:;i Keari-an.y-eri'.en'. of •.police.. . hL-ail<|Uuri.e'rs so as ' lo . provide ' I'adio. controE room. , ' (1) A .minimiini of • two Thompson machine, yuns. two rifles, six pistols, tsvw •cameras a:ii! laiiora^ or 1 -.- eip:!f>mt-ni, . a TC- Joadinir iV-achiive fo:- :;s ."artridges. and i In.: - cojr.pEet to; 1 . •''•" ;he pistol of pulmonary ty-fot;f patient the South Car The chest, 'din by Dr. I.. X. ' Dr. H. T. II incuts a.roi ' :'. piH'itmoth'.ra\ . 2-1 ri fin a i-s wen' .'.M arid 10 lini--. he!>l by ! he niroi'tnf of sh(> Ai'icn County Health l)t?pari men:, provided "S.") examiuatior.:- fns- iVrenalal cases. K'.iui-a!i*»nal matei'ial \vas furnished furnished for schools, industrial <jm- .1 - 1 "-) A bund . machlno painting :i i y-0:' 1 '>c. 1| i-~t:i.'eifetl -to— kce.p— the traffic 'huies upon 'the. stveets Jn- resiiec-taiile, coiiditii':;';f;'-i:H limes. ,, Chief Sprawls told council 5 ha!: be estimated the needed eojiiji- nu'iii sviifii 1 ,,! tc~\ Xi.Mu'i. Thief Sprawlsi" :Vro'Ci.u'lP""V>"ut~"the" : fact !h;it"v, itii the a.-; ive ' ronnor- ' alien of the 'i-i-.y : •Flij' lii-ld Hi?eh"Mil Ihe. r;-.y of Aiicr-i! at which expert i •jiven by various KIM in a!m'»st crime deteciiou and law enforcement. enforcement. A. survey of the police do- '|ia.r;mi'iH s'y-!e:n of ,•. i-ror.i.- wa? marie ami reconin'enii' .1 riianin-:; were su'_ r a'e«tuil. so a- :•> -:i:i tie:'!!- ixe : he sfime. T;n--e ; chai:^es wcie' iiKsde and t}>e ntdiv-o lippartinetit now has a system '•'' l;rfp!ri-' re- »-(,-ri!-' lliat is as -modern :itul iis up-!o-datc as any place in the coun'ry. • Tln^ schixil survey of ' records, and chanirl-s \'.-ero made without any cost to ';lie C'itv-<if ri.t ;L-S. •the-' .•.t'fiy.-civ i'il twr. week? ins'.r^c-iion -,vas a^cnis > I'.'thr very very branch' of ployecs and the people in ircnera!:! Aiken. .?."Sl.(i4 wa- rxpendeil for ions forms of relief. At Christmas "lime fl.T were sent to inilijronf families and individuals. With Mrs. FJeanor II: Smith. actinp; as general chairman of the Christmas Seal .Sale, at the time this report was -made public. ?7,<iX">.'JI7 had been I'ais.'d for the H'ltl tuberculosis proirvam. • The Social Service roauniUco js composed of Mrs. f'laus Mrs. I'.eorjre II. Owens. Mrs. K. S. Hehd.'rson an vail I. Chairman. Mead. Mrs. C. It. Wilds, Mr. Mr. P.. ("^'T •h./ £:i ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR 'City council authorised tho city cli'i-k to have ihe city attorney .prepare an ordinance to regulate the installation of electrical wiring wiring and apparatus and equipment of lights, heat, power and radios in the City of AiUo:-. An electrical electrical 'inspector •-•••vill be appointed. PROPERTY ZONING ' Cltyvonujicii al.-n aitlhoriyied t'ne. mayor to appoint. .1 .Committee :» iv-ake an,: A ike: ('c •Deva a 'study [,'.ii]ii;!-g~ ^ prnpcrty Fii-o AIKEN BOY GETS CONTRAQ WITH MOVIES F.iehl)

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  1. Aiken Standard,
  2. 13 Feb 1946, Wed,
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