Judge Shackelford-important decision.

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Judge Shackelford-important decision. - 'Crr,. i .ro liil'lrrmii'il C'.r. l,750- new...
'Crr,. i .ro liil'lrrmii'il C'.r. l,750- new will anything. titlv to htar Ilun. for of has Vblume sevea of OUT paper cloBe« with this nurnber. We can hardly realj/e that it has been seven; yean n'mtie -vre began the publ ideation of a Htlle school monthly monthly without a subscriber on our listj and that it has d*;Vibri<ed into'lhc Urgent all honif nrir'' weekly paper | piibliBbt'd in tin.' Ti -Nr 'wry: aTid il [ ••jl'.,000. goes riot the next arranged the L. of to are so the last go on a is It is th<mg1i.t thst a later deaisioh of-Gdinplii^^- .r6lielvHtp;:;^-|l»i*hal-^ fblidj^tig; coni^ius the 8ul>^a^c# of: thSfe d^ision: : •.X\^aShiirigtoii^- .Ci,:.-/[?ee;;', 17.— Pirst Cbftipttoller; Mattno*s K vs de- cidrd to fillow 'the ac (!<Mmt8. of tViC United !5tates Mars ^.-.l Keodlep, <*1' ,()ki .ahoma, And the' L'ni 'fid Sta 'es" has the large't hn„ i J','1. fir''"' ^fo i | ^l^^^j^^] j-^^i^j f, r duty in thai ; n by H'iV <!:al litn;drt'(l. - We are now,' t(;,-y, on .the j^rourrd the services Hcnding out every week I T .-.Oc >pieH I rendered by them were, legal and and will, with oi .r next uumhor. ' I'-'op'^''- _ (^'"plr jH-'r boldK 1 Lfajit tlie-CornnuH .sioncrri had ample i *,H «ue l .MiK copies. '! authority for the Bcrvico of legal This s.uc ',:eKH IKXH been largely dje i pvoccsse -i in Oklahoma under their to tTrefaiiliful help of our friends, i appointnients by Circuit Judges in and eHpeeiuUy to' the help preaohcrrt | Arka 'i;-as, KarsHararid Texai., hav- oftho Indian >(i .sicn Cmifer ^r CP ' ^/^^ jurisdiction over Oklahoma ... I These aeconnts amount to aaf )Ul havegiven the enterprifie. rorwhieh we are' dt voutedlv thankful, and hf)pe-their interest will be no lens in the future than -it has been in the past. Ite.meraber brethren that, •while the. printing outfit and material material is. personal property, the sub scriptiqn book, or the! [taper propei: has been given to the Indian Mission Mission Conference, and if at any time the paper is,not properly conducted conducted the Conference can put it into other hande. Now, that •our Conference is growing so rapidly more and better editorial work is demanded. , Heretofore the need ot the Conference Conference was simply a- medium through which" to publish reports from the various chargee, but grave (juestions and important fieldM are beginning to demand attention, such attention as a man weighted down with othdr responsibilities cannot give. An editorial written while the printer,is waiting for copy, or one Sand witched bet^ween two recitations recitations in the schoolroom, or produced at a late hour at night when both body and miad have done full work daring the day will not now suffice. It is true the Rev. J". L. Fatrell has been added to on force but he can do little more than attend to the business of the oflice; He has a pastoral ouarge with work enough for any one man and the agency for Galloway College thrown in for good measure. We mention these facts for two reasons, l,if allihe interest demanding demanding consideration are not "properly and ably" considered our readers will know why it is so; 2, that those who are interested may, when the time comes, help us arrange for supplying this demand. We sincerely sincerely hope that at least by the session of our next annual conference conference the whole time of one man can be given to the paper. In the meantime we will try to keep al the corners up. Died at-'his home in Canadian Distrc;, Cberokee Nation, Dec, Tib, Bro. J. D. Henry, who was boraifl IviSt Tei^- nessee, 26th day of Feb. mid. Emigrated Emigrated to Marehal county, Ala,, in was married to Miss Lucy A. Keal, Jan. 81, LS 'tf). Profeesed religion in 1^56 and joined the Cumberland Preebyteriau churcp. Wap elder in that church until his death. Bro, Henry was a man well respectecU jiiia religion undoubted, a great worker in ;tbe' Master's vineyard. Never satisfied uid ,e88 engaged in Sib- bath School work. The great therne ot hi .B' life was to teach and supirlntend Sabbath Schools. I visited Bro. Henry several times duiirg his laBt'Sickness. He said he was ready for the change. I tried to preach his luneral on the Hth cf December at his houpe, to a large concourse of friedds and relatives, fieleavesa sainted inva lid wife to mourn an irreparable loiis May the Lord bless the bereaved. . GKO. W. ATKINS. SUPPORT OF OUR BISHOPS. AN IWPOftXAJVT UliCISlON. Attorney-Generkl Miller has rendered rendered a deoisionVwhioh greatly eft'ect>j the status of our Muskogee Muskogee Court if it is based upon a true interpretation of the law. 1,/ The decision wa? given in response response to an inquiry of First Comptroller Comptroller Matthews as to the legality of certain disburseinents by Marshal Needles in the ludiaii Territory and Oklahoma. Marshal Needles has paid out between ^12.000 and 1 o.OOO expeihses of -courts held by Commissioners appointed by Judge yhaipkelfprd. The Attorney General General has, decided that Judge -Shackelford -Shackelford had no authority to appoint said CoramigK '.onors and therefore the proceedings of these courts are null and void, and, that the I'nited States Udvernment is not responsible for cost of running them. This decisiou not only re- daces the Jurisdiotiiui of this court to little else,than that of a Justice of the Peace, but makes Marshal Needles responsible lor the amounts paid out. ' ' The support of our Bishops ia a 'matter that concerns every me^mber of the Meth- odiBt Episcbdal C 'hurch, South. Largely over a million of. Church iaembers are concerned in tbdsquestiQa, not one in ten 0^ whom ever bestowed a minute's thought on the tub j ect. Whoso businees is it to look, after thla matter ? Some one replies, It iflt^ duty of the- (^mmittee i (W EpiBcb ||5!^^ <GJeneral Conference to rec6n )in6iidj(He s&iary that Shill be allowed allowed each Bishop, which, v}n the adoption adoption of the C'pnfetence, flfxes the salary four years. ' iLVthe last Qeneral Conference, Conference, held in Richmond May, 1886, the salary including traveling expenses, was fixed at the paltiy sum of three thousand dollars \ As we now look at it, with the humiliating fact staring us in the face that even this amount was not baid in fuU, it seem* almost incrediple that a body of intelligent Christian men, clerical clerical and lay, could have been parties to this transaction. It is nevertheless true. If every dollar Dad been paid, „ it would have been an inadequate sum to support a family living in a city where expeBses are high. House rent necessarily taking no inconsiderable amount, which', with the taxes and other ifictdental. expenses, including traveling expenses, would leave the amount so. small for supoiyinS the table table ,-.paying servants' hire and fornishing fuel, lo ^say nothing of the wardrobe and charity or benevolent accouot, as to im pose painfully stringent economy in the administration of the funds r^^maining to eke out existence. This - wculd all be true ff the last dollar had been paid. How, then, must the account Etanjd when it turns out that .the Bishops' fund fell short, and that in the distributions the Bishops severally were jjocked-from three to four or five hundred dollars en the yearly allowance ? It is little short of a burning shame to a'great Church, with its multiplied millions of money, to face such a record, - The .Bishops themselves may s'ruggle to bear; up under it, and may.utter no wprd -of crimmating complaint, complaint, but it is nevertheless a discredit to the Church at whose altars the^i^^serve. Atonement must be made by do(ng better in the futur^'. The , approachi«g General General Conferenea shquld miike prorisiGn for at least four thousand doUarlsaa the eala ry of a Bishop, if he is expected to his traveling expenses in attendibg to his duties fs a General Superintendent.-^YJr. I-Jtlwardu in liicJtmonil Advoi-aic. Uev. J, Edwardi!,.of the M. K. Chuicb, douih,, rgconUy arcivcd 1 rem -Tennessee, and h«s assumed charged of his Circuit, includiug Purcell and BerWyn. AVe heard the rcveiend gentleman preach u most eSeellent sttmpn last Sunday, at the Presbyteritth churchi the diseouise being based upon the biblical injunction to "help ; one Another.'''-T ^y 'er'uY*>P|'« I Topfet, : . \ '' '

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  • Judge Shackelford-important decision.

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