Darrell Maluy competes in track meet in Greeley, Colorado.

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Darrell Maluy competes in track meet in Greeley, Colorado. - Colorado M o u n t a i n g h a m 10 ami Greeley...
Colorado M o u n t a i n g h a m 10 ami Greeley State Wins R, M. C. Track and Field Meet Saturday · AForEafed Prers) Golden, May 25. -- Scoring 72 1-5 jjotnui, tho Creole/ State Bears won I heir ffrvil iraiXc and f i e l d champion* shiji ill lilslury today at tho Rocky M o u n t a i n conference meet. With tlitir Charley Spoor cracking tho 120-ynrd high hurdle record ami New Deal May Boost Debt Limit Rather Thau Taxes This Year (Associated rrcfs) Washington, May 2G. -- I'resi ... M ,_.,...,, ... a .. ,, ,_., Koosevclt was reported In I n f o r m e d Tt»d J i i l l l r i g i taking cycles to bo f j t m l y i t i g Iho a d v l s i M l l t y | injj honors, the of asking congress for a $5,000,000,000 er s jjtaccd second with 5C 1-3 point?. increase in t h e public d f l j t l i m i t 10 Colorado M i n e s was assure unlnlemiplod f i n a n c i n g tC lfiol.15^. M u n t a n a State nation's cxlraoi-diiiniy defense pro- stiilc. tho o t h e r IIMC members, did gram. Congressional lenders, emphasising that there appeared to be litlle disposition disposition to press for enactment of jd- (!i(Jouiil t u x u s a Uiis timo, disclosed I hero had been discussions at Die While houso regarding of an Immediate increnne in the treas- set. last Saturday. i ury's limit. 45 Lillion statutory borrowing Japs Bomb Chinese Capital Japanese bombers In 1937 ' vtelotiul capital of the eentni government for four h o u r i n g 100- of in d u a l p virtually evon, two place. captured firsU They PreanJ May 20. -- Ninety-nine .Hacked this pro- eentnil Chin- today. niuoiintercd intetise anti alr- flro but bombed the western suburbs. Tho planes came over In three waves, 3ft planes in tbe first and second, second, and 27 in the t h i r d . Siruis-Clements Match Is Tuesday Two rougli-nnd-dimhlo wrcstlerp w i l l tangle licro Tuesday night In tho week's wrestling liow at ihc oM V.F.W. Hall when Walter Sirois runl Hoy Clements square oft in the headliner. headliner. Tlio preliminary will sen John Nemanic Nemanic of Greeted BuUo, Colo, matched with Silent R u l L a u , a deaf niulo from ICniisua City. Fight at Longmont J.OTlglllOllt, tweon Y u m May 27.--A liout lie- Prlco oT Ixiugtnonf, vault j Learned 9.6 Time, 14.1 ilocky Mountain A.A.U. llglit-hcavy- weight chainjiion, and Charley Cahl- well of Denver, will headline a Ited Cross benefit boxing show Here Tuesday Tuesday niglit. Tho uhow Is sponsored by llie Longmont Longmont Junior chamber of commerce. Nick Trujillo of Denver Is matched with Jooy Anderson of Plntteville in another feature bout. t h , e t 4 Indies. (C.); and «3 ( U . ) ; third (H.Y 1:65.5. not compete. Clearing (lie 120-yard hurdles in 15 seconds flat. Spoor smashed a record of 15.7 seconds which had been on the Rocky Mountain conference- b o o since 191G. liin was the only record- breaking performance- in the- meet. Tho lirooks field traek was slow. Billings accumulated 12 points for hlj;h individual scoring honors with first in tho broad jump, second l)]:ice in high and low hurdles and a tie for third In tho poie vault. The eunnnuries: .Mile run--Won by O'Byrne, G. S.; elKS, C. C.; Jameson. Mines; Hurt, G. S. Timo: 4:47.7 seconds. 440-yard r n n - - W o n by Butler, C.; Uedihaui;]), G. S.; McEfun, G. S.; Hnlchinson, Mines. Time: 61.0 seconds. seconds. 100-yard dash -- Won by Madden, Mines; Madeira:;, G. S.; Shaw, Mines; Peck, C. C. Time: 10.3 seconds. High linrdlcs--Won by Spoor, C. C.: Billings, C. C.; Carson, G. S.; Moore, Mines. Time: 15.0 seconds. (New record--breaks old mark of C. Davis, Colorado college, of 15.8 seconds, seconds, set in 191G.) SSO-yard run--Won by Uutler, O. C.: Doty, G. S.; Young, C. C. and DoPolo, Mines, tied for t h i r d and fourth. Timo: 2:03.4 seconds. ' 220-yard UaaU -- W o n by Madden, Mines; Redibaugh, G. S.; Madeiras, G. S.; Peck, C. C. Time-: 22.5 seconds. Two-milo run--Won by O'Byrne, G. S.; Jameson, Mines; Snider, C. 0.; Slommell, Mines. Time: 10:40.6 seconds. seconds. Low hurdles--Won by Carson, G. S.; Billings, C. C.; Spoor, C. C.; Flei- gcr, G. S. Time: 20.1 ooconds. Milo ralay- -Won by Greeley Stale ( M c K w c n , Doty. Medeiros, Redi- b m i B h ) ; C. C., Mines. Time: 3.3S.3 seconds. High Jump--Doty, G. S.; Carson, G. S. and Billings, C. C., tied for first; I.ee, G. S.. Spoor, C. C., McWilliams, C. C. and Welch, G. S., lied for four- tb. Height: 6 ft. 11.1G inches. Broad lump--Won by Billings, C. C.; Addy, C. C.; Carson, G. S., Peck, C. C. Distance: 21 Tot, 3 Inches. Homer Gives Nats Win tory over Philadelphia and a sweep of the two-game series. Willis Iludlin mado his first appearance before a homo crowd with bis new team-males. Polo vault--Won by Rice and Keli- molf. G. S.; Billings, C. C.; Fnnfc, C. C. and Roberta, Mines, tied for Ihird l a n d fourth. Height: 12 feet. Washington, May 27. -- J o h i m y j sllot r ,,t--Won by Sears, G S - Wclaj's homo run In the 10th i n n i n g . Hector, C. C., Lahr, G. S.; S u n d a y gavp^Waslmigtou a 4 to 3 v i e - j Mliieo. Distance: 42 feet, ' ".,,-,-,-.--- , _ - _ Discus--Won by Sears, G. S.; Laspe, Laspe, Mines; Spoor, C. C.; tGelfiking, Mines. Distance: 126.8 feet. Javelin--Won by Gels-king, Mines; Adrty, C. C.; Kellmotf, G. S.; Moore, Mines. Distance: 169.9 feet. In the freshmen-junior college meet, Mesa junior college of Grand Junction won with B7 points. The other points were: Trinidad, 40; Colorado College, 35; Crceley, 14, and Mines, 11. Iron Man Wayne Cardwell of Trinidad Trinidad took firsts in tho two-mile, mile and SRO and a second In Ule low hurdles hurdles for high point total of 18. Roger -B U PAP cnn Como what may, tho enthuniastlc Swan of Mesa cleared tho bar in the followers of the Hrotclyn Dodgers j itolo vault at 12 feet 0 inches for one look forward to one thing--there record ami Bollackor of Trinidad raced thru tho high hurdles for a new record of 15.4 seconds. The meet was ru.u on the new Mines track. ^' Summitry of Junior college section: Mils Run -- Cardwell, Trinidad; an won't b many dull moments. Tho Dodgers, It appears, are evenlful ball club. Every timo they make, a move, something of nole hap- uens. First, it was the nine-game w i n n i n g streak which got tho team off to a f l y i n g start and fairly drove Ihe Cnshman, C. C.; Gammon, C. C.; Martinez, Martinez, Trinidad. Time: 4:51.4. Brooklynitcs insauo with glee. When "0-Ynrd Run--Cardwell, Trinidad; tho streak endd ,lt ended in no 1111- Calhoun; .C. C.; Carlson, Mesa; Tegt- certain terms. The Cincinnati Ren 1 6' Iuai1 ' Brceley State. Time: 2:03.4. elgbt runs off Hugh Casey ono inning. 'in the first game with UIG St. Louis Cardinals, Mamiger Ray Blades tossed 39 players into the fray against Bi-ook- n t o r r r d wl , u B t o 152.- following day when the Boston topped the figure by one. I A couple of days later the Dodgers allosved tho Cardinals to tic the home run record act by Die Gianls last season. season. The Cards hit seven homa rum-:, two each by Mizo and Lake and one each by Stu Martin, Medwick and Padgett. That batting spreu also gave the- Cardinals a new modern record of 440-Yard Kuu--Calhoun, C. C.; Carlson, Carlson, Mesa; Lewis, Mesa; Bradhnrst, Mesa. Timo: 0:52.7. Mile Relay--Mesa (Bredhurst, Carlson, Carlson, Moffat and Lewis); Trinidad- C. C.; Gveeley State. Time: 3:3G.l. 100-Yard Dash--Elliot, C.C.; Evans, Mcua; Bordlgan, Mesa; Bollacker, Trinidad. Timo: 10.5. 220-Yard Dash--Evans, Slesa; Bol- lackor, Trinidad; Elliot, C. C.; McDowell, McDowell, Crceley Stato. Time: 23.0. 220-Yaid Low Hurdles--Bollacder, Trinidad; Cardwell, Trinidad; Simmons, Simmons, Mesa; Crow, Mesa, Time: 26.6. 120-Yard High Hurdles--Bollacker, 49 total bases. Hugh Casey set up a Trinidad; Pllnkett, Greeley State; new season record by allowing 13 runs and 16 hils. The grea-tedt event of tho current season, from tho viewpoint of the Idler, Mahoney, °"Eer fans, was Tex Carletons no- Lake hitter against tho Cincinnati Reds. It was Iho n i n t h straight triumph for the Dodgevs and equalled the fecord for an unbroken starting string. And If tho activities of the Brooklyn Brooklyn players on the diamond have not been enough to whet the anpeli'.o of Iho Flalbnsh fans, Ihcre is Lurry MacPhail's MacPhail's latest Innovation of transport- Ing tho team by air. Two planes wero chartered to fly the Dodgers f r o m St. I.onla to Chicago o n l y to bavo game rained out. Iho Dailey, Mesa; -McChesney, Trinidad. Time: 16.4. (Xw record.) Two mile Run--Caixiwell, Trinidad; Cusliman, C. C.; Martinez. Trinidad; Lewis, Mines. Time: 11:10.3. Shotput--DeLaittre, Mince; Maluy, Mesa; Lee, C. C.; Bordigau, Mesa. Distance: 10 feet 2 inches. Discus--Maluy, Jlesa; DeLuittre. Minos; Vaughn, Greeley State; Savio, Trinidad. Distance: 134.5 feet. High Jump--Bollacker, Trinidad; Burden, Greeley Stato, lied for first; Taylor, C. C.; Walker, Mesa. Height: 5 feel 9'/i Inches. Pole Vault--Swau, Meaa; Walker, Meaa; Vaughn, Greeley Slate; Griffith, Griffith, Trinidad. Height, 12 feet 9 Inches. (New record.)

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  1. Greeley Daily Tribune,
  2. 27 May 1940, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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  • Darrell Maluy competes in track meet in Greeley, Colorado.

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