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 - Some wig has figured thai the five to ten...
Some wig has figured thai the five to ten "million dollar"rains dollar"rains of the News and the five million dollars., terracing program program of County Agent Scudder ought; tft put this, old county in pretty fair shape for 1931. And so it does. Plenty of rain and a liberal terracing of San Saba county farms cannot be beat in all the world. cause, he dr •<'./i •' U"*.**.^ "r' tnis democr It now develops that the world war was a tame affai The Editorial Digest for thi$ week tells us "that automobile [accidents las.4,,year sniffed out jlives approximately one-quarter one-quarter as many as all the " del«, !;i$i^n% m the liJ nSontfts World War. v of ,tftis. , ... " . filled; .. Besides tli; - a.*K<»t /.«-'«: ^. wjer,e — i-~'-T-?f ^r -;- — f^f -* 1 —= 5A(s- -*i. ,^1-5* - »iiji. F.rr^ ...t t> • «'<• times as *many people injured in ~' _ ^ j -.l-ii —. Ji'i*!*; i j] -t_ x A. 1 £.-«*x '..^«iw »"*»»•»•• •<»?* • •*•*-_ •*« ' «*• f " • »••**•-'•.,•- . '-** l *"O ^"** l ^.''T^~i w fbt, another war. Besides tKi3 ays ^j>% .'/t" T 'r' a T1/1 TtaVA 1 v> ^**» w^ v«^>«rf*^«*«« C«A«ka>.>•> TT ^' .1 »,; rifihe, fitflt and^ the ilalsi id .tv^icfe ^et^een. A~ J Wat tKe¥e 'has beeti _ wet moon for the entire month of February. There may be a frost in April and there may not be a frost before next No vember. Take it as you please There is absolutely no mistake about the thunder and the "wet moon." s-o-g Eb Shaw was in town Satur day and had money in his pock- ..,, tor that he had better play fair With Sun-of-a-Gun and ;get this cpiunin iti ftis W^ce reigUlarly.' ifirli 'oi-'lj'-ii Ji.i._- iili. 1 — i.i-4.1.'.' •—.T'ili.- oij'the county is liti.iihe condltiori; mitm cost. T^hey arte prepared to plant juita'i sodii aa the » • < ^ • t*-iff^ * '•'^ •' " *'••'•''-ITS^P* > : '1_ ' t 11 • fields get dry enough to culti- _.. ; t ... : §-f ,.. Sun-of-at-Guh-/ hat ,to Supt. JSur^cett, coach Webb 'ah'd eviery bby of . th^ l^^^s^fio^^Msk^all '^an* **""' : "" : a\ favbHie. ;lhese " , ., hay'e staye'd right iri there and their way from tlie farm ^, wi!L;:tpa>y line up a^ onis of the district and, bi-dis.trict champions to figlit,for;'all state ^fiainpionship i]ri.;the s^t^^b^asK^tbari iioura merit at Austin. The best I can make, of it the Brownwood. B^)l- sppt writer. S 8|es no't ye,t quite unders't&rid now it "Has all haperied. ' , r . .s-o-g . is spor^niart first .picked nwood hiih to down the! L&dKeritefi. Something went tfrbri£. Then he picked Coleinan O-iVlftCi? ... • i •;;• u ;'i5 : -f .(.»>• , ••«; c6unty s crack team and it fluked. That "hot shot center" of May would surely stop that quintet of husky farmers but somehow it just didn't happen that way. In the district final it was a sure thing that the fast running Gustine boys had a walk-over. The score didn't show it. All this in Brownwood 'in a fine college gym. And theje dashing country boys who, m vy be, had to get a dictionary to look up the meaning of the gymnaseum" turning the word trick. s-o-g

Clipped from
  1. The San Saba News and Star,
  2. 12 Mar 1931, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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