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HOWtHE RETURNS WERE RECEIVED BY: JAMMANY Murphy Said Nothing; but Smiled on Good News and Bad. HARD WORDS FOR M'CARREN Also for Cassldy and Hatfen Returns Slow . and tha Crowd Gloomy. a Tammany receive the return In the Executive Committee room on" the fround floor of Tammany Halt Senator Thorn aa F. Grady sat beside the telegraph operator operator and read out the figure a they came in. By his side sat John C. Hertle. commissioner of Accounts and an expert accountant, to figure on averages and estimates. Into this room came the district leaders as they completed the canvas of their respective districts at their headquarters. Charles p. Murphy waa not there in the early part of the evening, but came In shortly after 8 o'clock, accompanied by J. Sergeant Cram. Commissioner-Frank Commissioner-Frank Commissioner-Frank O'Donnel. Justice Victor J. Dowllng-. Dowllng-. Dowllng-. and Philip 8. Donohue. Treasurer of Tammany Tammany Hall. They joined Charles II. Knox. Commissioner Thomas C. T. Craln. Judgo Newburger, and Justice Foster, and received received the returns, which by that time were coming In thick and faat- faat- Mr. Murphy Murphy and his party were smiling, although they showed some sign of nervousness as late returns showed the fight close between the candidates. The Tammany leaders would not talk for publication at thia time, saying they wanted to wait until all the returns were In. At the sam time there was aome pretty strong private conversation among them on the showing of the leaders In Brooklyn. Queens, and the Bronx. Harsh thing were said of Patrick H. McCarren, Joseph Cassidy. and Louis F. Haffen. who. respectively, are the leaders of those sections. There waa praise for N'lcholas Muller for the showing in Richmond, which was good beyond all expectation. As fast as the returns were received Senator Grady would read them out. Commissioner Hertle would enter them on tables, and then they were sent upstairs upstairs to the big meeting room where the crowd had gathered. The crowd upstair was kept In good humor at first by Bayne's Sixty-ninth Sixty-ninth Sixty-ninth Regiment Rand, but as the returns came up very, slowly the audience got impatient, impatient, and hundreds left the hall to get their returns elsewhere. Thia especially was the case when Senator Grady quit reading some bulletins about 9 o'clock because he wanted to wait until more favorable returns showed. There was general rejoicing over the early returns on District Attorney showing showing that Osborne was well. in the lead, but even this comfort was taken from the leaders later when the strong Jerome returns came In. Charles F. Murphy and his advisers declined to make any state mtnt as late as 10 o'clock. Mr. Murphy said he would make a statement when the figures were all lnv At midnight Mr. Murphy sat at his desk, ud to his knees almost in castaway castaway telegrams, bulletins, messages, and sections of ticker tape. The result Was still in doubt, but. Mr. Murphy's smile, without a line of apparent concern on mrtuthV or brow, remained serene. Every moment a message of some sort . came in; the leader was in communication with every unit of the Tammany, machine, and all the messages were not cheerful. When asked for a - statement? 4hr leader leader answer waa always a preoccupied shake of the head, without relaxing his attention from the message .he was reading. reading. While there was plenty of speculation upon the Mayoralty tgures. and anxiety as to wluit the remaining districts might show for McClellan. there was no comment comment upon the vote for District Attorney after the bulletins of late evening made Mr. Jerome's victory sure. It. was assumed, assumed, a one man said, that " Osborne was lost in the shuffle.'' and thev let It to at that. Mr. Murphy's orother. John J., was with him most of the evening. Just before 1 o'clock Mr. Murphy left Tammany Hall with J. Sergeant Cram and Secretary Smith, and the hall was closed. Asked If he would make a statement statement on the election, he replied, wi.h a mile: " Nothing to sav." Senator Grady said: "There are still the votes of twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three election districts districts missing on Mayor, and McClellan has a plurality f 3.513 votes." PUT THE BLAME ON HALPIN. crowded, 1 " , following; 1 to I It policy In s on in Francis, (R bchweg-ler, 15

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 08 Nov 1905, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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