Joseph Wall Porterfield 13 Mar 1930 The Sioux City Journal Iowa

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Joseph Wall Porterfield
13 Mar 1930
The Sioux City Journal
Iowa - wasp's nests before. He knew all about the hot...
wasp's nests before. He knew all about the hot tempered little people that built them. He knew that In winter there was nothing to fear from them. "I believed I'll climb up there and have a look at that nest," said Chatterer to himself. "I'd like to see what it is like inside. There is nothing to be afraid of now. If any wasps stayed in that nest an winter they are either dead by this time or asleep, and I had Just as soon have two or three to eat." So Chatterer started to climb up to the nest. But he had hardly left the ground when another thought came to him and he stopped to consider u. "It is pretty warm today." thought he, "and somo insects get to stirring around on a warm day like this. I wouldn't like to find n wasp that had come to life. They certainly can, sting. Yes, sir, they certainly can sting. One stung me once and I don't want to be stung again. Of course, there may not be any wasps In there. I don't suppose there are. It Is better to play safe than to be sorry, however. We shall have some more cold days yet and a cold day Is the kind of day to poke around in a wasp's nest. I'll wait for a cold day." So Chatterer Jumped down to the ground and once more began poking around under the leaves, searching for htizel nuts. He didn't give that nest another thought. Ho didn't even look up at it. All the time a pair of black, bright eyes were watching Th«vT B ™£ watchln * tin w H V° Cy * 8 of tofoot w« T v,, M ° U ? e< InBlde ' Jft! 'rW 1 * J^ a fow Chatterer had start , r ed to climb up in that bush. Whlto foot had thought that his secret surely would bo discovered. But now that Chatterer was no longer even looking at the nest, Whltefoot felt that his secret was still safe ' "Wouldn't he be surprised.' thought Whltefoot, "to find out that I am here? He hasn't the least Idea that I am watching him. That reminds me that be as careful as we may, we are never absolutely sure that we are unseen. The Next Story: "The Tclltal Xail. Studio Design House Is Sold to J. W. Porterfield Sale of a recently completed new type of house, known as the studio Home design, erected at 4300 Country Club boulevard, to J. W. Porterfield, president of McKesson. More & Porterflcld, has been announced by Frazler Eales, vice president of the Buckwalter Co. The consideration was about $26 000, it is understood. The house is of a tyro now to Sioux City, which has proved very popular in the east. It also is known as the French Normandy design. It was built by H P. Walonsky, president of the Wa- ensky Lumber company and the Home Building and Investment com>any, who made a special trip to Milwaukee to select the plans for the dwelling. \ The house contains eight rooms, arge downstairs and upstairs halls, a balcony and two bathrooms. The wlcony, which extends over the llv- ng room, Is an unusual feature. It provides space for a library and music room, with radio connections. The living room is finished In Coral Jablos texture and the dining room Inlsh is an Imitation of oak bark. Panpjs containing oil ralntlng of lolland scones are set In the dining room walls. The downstairs bath Is Inlshed throughout with black flx- ures. Five bedrooms are located in the upatalrs portion. The second floor tMthroom Is finished In orchid and ilue. An unusual feature is that each oom la fitted with a telephone connection so that portable telephones may be plugged In. The exterior finish of the house Is unusual, being of a specially made mrnt brick Irregular block. The lot m which the house is built Is 160 ly 188 feet In sine. The grounds are o be landscaped Immediately. A two- car garage is located at the rear of the property. , ..rfj? Two Wives Petition for i Divorce Decrees Two petitions for divorces have been filed In district court Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Morgan has brought action against Clifford Lindsay Morgan on charges of desertion. Mrs. Gladys Dlehl. 817 Nebraska street wants her freedom from Alvln Dlehl on charges of cruelty. . i •; __—_ • Sweet Potato's History Obscure The Pathfinder: The history of the sweet potato Is obscure. It Is sup posed that it was native to America, Ndw MTnra Tlnua '•.iP'^i*'* H More Days - SATURDAY &

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  • Joseph Wall Porterfield 13 Mar 1930 The Sioux City Journal Iowa

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