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 - (lount? free press ti* »T BOK. BB O, M*sfa»er...
(lount? free press ti* »T BOK. BB O, M*sfa»er ii>IIH..I vrer? TkMlay h, n* Pm Pma Pa*- Ciem»a«y a* IN Be.* Are**. Ctefctef. Masat Ce«a{y, lew* Otto PMM tl ttfiM Ctu* Mall Batter. lew*, M ftATK -«Ltt -i* HMP la fSJH yer MUM hi reeaalntei el ttw Catt*8 Official ,;pt»y .. _TkwUy,>u««ry j, o* Mr. tod M*. AIM Oivaa aad »on wt» Mr. aad »». W. P. Mfteka, Mr. UA Mra, Cttrtt Ucy, ttari», Xfe* up Bffljr. and .Mr. Ucy* AM-, MM A X*cy of tathiny, Mo. A bwtottful dte- aer and * food Urn* was had by all. Mr. and Mm, Clarence PendWon had Christmas dinner on December 23 for ttiac Blanch* Ptttdleton. Paul Wehhlngfcott MA Ann* wenninthoTf, (01 of_Otnaha; Mr, and Mrs. Donald rwndleton and Judy; Mr. tad Mrs. Chart* PWKUeton. Their other daughter, daughter, Mir. Albert Hogan, was unable to be present. Mr. and Mn. 'G«org* BooUi were hosts to a Christmas dinner Sunday, Bse. 52, gt thSif hdow, Aieirl o IADDIT1OWAL SOCIETY nunter of afternoon. •ft _ , , Wd»y The afttmtatt mis »tt)t TtMM ta* ta* UM pa** urn MaMlMoe, Sa Ma* Ltustf ' - ~> HO, a»d Mr. and Mr*. Xfevu B*ek aM B*wr- S 7 ***** to *»*• *• **wwf Friday, K4V, and Mn, J. L. gueets , , . . Patten and to» Dartd oi Omaha, Nebr. CHW8TMAS Onner sue** In the Albert Riggls Chrl»tnu« day W<*e thetr two daughters and famine*, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schowalter, Donild and Dew- thy:of Cfeaton, and iir.ana . PbyUIs ot Lenox. _ Hhiriey and Christmaa dinner wts held at ths borne or Mr*. Mabel Mains. Thc«e present present were Mrs. P. P. Ammon, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Mains, Mr. and Mrs. Wend*U Wend*U Mains and *v* dinner was'aerved In the home of Mrs. Mary .L. Hoyt, with a tree and gift exchange following. ?ho*e sharing this n4*M*«t e «nt *.~ Mr», Sarah BeMr.4&. and Mrs. otrth Brown and Oerry. Mr. and Mrs. Hylton Hylton Roberts, Shirley and eharon. Mr. and Mrs. Pay Olllet entertained r, Mr. and Mrs. carl . — -•=.-OSttr GUiet'ana John Kaudarlch of Melchlor, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith arid Barbara Joe, Mr. snd Mrs. Lester Hendriekson gtf U. Those pree*nt to enjoy the happy etaueh at Bancroft, la, at tJ« Unvf the —-"- 'U»re,Mra.PaU«U>Mtoen but since a Booth and Ruby, M Brown and Betty. Mi Tyler and the ho*U, Mrs. Mr. and Mr*. Tom Haiej- entertained entertained their children at ohrMnw*. tboee areaent were Mr. and Mr*. Delmar Haley and •ont, too, Mr. mtd Mrs. Uoyd Mr«. D. W. W *« ««=- -»«r^_ V*_i. -rt;-. ^»_ _ ~ -_i • - Orace BapUit KOt'SE tiUisTs House gueatt in the D. M. Pulton home Otosteaa* week were: Mr. and I 6f " daughter Phyllis Ann Etta QUlet. and Mrs. " rved ciiy. Mrs. _. _, _ „.._ _ — »•«! wbvm **•»•- MHiBt, w*vj, ^ »wm, MIU JRU\ EU*V JHtD Ev rtn. DaH«« James and Clyde, and j T, Van Lone of Milwaukee, Wta. A t'ur- ' Reldon Ambrose. The afternoon was Key dinner was enjoyed Chlntma» day' vriAnr- *•*»!*%*• vtij-tiiMui . r«^J^.. .«^t ,.i_ifc I «k4»i_ _ *». »_. I "... ^ ^^ •»•*/ spent taking plctum. «« ' S^f,i '!$?*** **" Mr Mrs. Alvln Mitchell and sons. and visit- with a fine lam wedding cafe cam-- . ct^ " - the son" froin i Chteuo and daughter from Milwaukee, and the hostess. __ party The guesta were Mr, and been together on Christmas tor Mn. Burton Ambrose and -- ytut. The gusst list Included •, Mr. i Mr< and Un - Arthur Westlake. Brooks, ed in the Mrs. Fulton motored to Fremont, .. where another family dinner was serv- t „. Christmas dinner Sharon. Misaea rfiwKi unaries Tindall homeChristmas Case. Rossell H Day were Mr. and Mrs. Jamas Tlhdall, Carl Stanley and children from Awe* Jr. Oscar, Natalie and-Duaas aas City. ""'««n irom nom Corwith, Iowa; Mr. ahd'Hrs. — Oerald W. Shipley, Nodaway and Mr.jind Mrs. James c. Riddle of Quln- and Edward oi Nodaway. A bountiful pot luck Christmas dinner dinner was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mr*. Tom Scanlon. December 25. of Mr. and Mrs; Darrrtl ^ .. _: Mr. and Mr*. P. H. Tanner. Prtdiay. night Mr. and Mm. Woods and:.Mr. aftd Mrs, Van Lone Harvey Schowalter, leaving there Mon- day mornin* tar '< OYSTEH SUPPElT Mr. and Mrs, David Johnston were »*«• -n-i «r_ r.. _ ' n r^-T' " •"« sut excoances included In mi> .*.. ... • —" _-_»«-»_... ~n^.<;uiuct *a. ~~«. _«>u o»i«. umvia ticrowan were » Sd M^' SoV^.« nd J* y11 ^ <Uy '* P>"»MticU«SS'uttte M« I*!*- ^ ^ " ot •"* *°* »**** J} 08 ** to "»" chUdren and their famJ- fSl "?. Mr »:.* J . 0 y d Bonam, Mr. ana MasfiuacRtsnt.rt ». a» n *. t* j«",j£!:n. b 1 - 11 the following named relatives lies at a, carUtoaa Eve oyster supper Alics Scanloo | The table wta appropriately decorated ttnd Mrs ' *** aad Mr. and" Mrs*. Harry Connie of Corning, Iowa. were im4 Mrs Joha Joha Craft »*• and red and gr*en candles ffi^^" 6 ^^ • — _1 _, «.__ ._ - * V?^ . iWuBll, were Mr. And ^Mrs, Chtrlcs 7"**"°^* ***• — . ^™*r"» low*; Mr. 'schowaTteV"Mr' ^nd'Mrs 1 i f on or , wll l Ta^- David Hur ofcrw- l was a decorated Chrlstmks" caice."After ison, Max and Jantea Joe ! tnL - * Mrs ' Joe ^i 1115011 and i the »"PPer the guests gathered around son Gene, Mr. and Mrs 'cieo ' ^S^ ol Nod , awa >'. Io «a. Singing of j the lighted tree and enjoyed the ex- Hawthorne and Donna, and the host and hostess. Tke Wcitskr A Week Afcea* carols and distribution of gifts from the Christmas tree after dinner was enjoyed by all. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Simpson, in Pres- ebtt had their family Christmas dinner dinner on Christmas Day. Those present . wete Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simpson. change ot gtfta. Some pictures of the group were taken. Those present to enjoy enjoy the festive occasion beside the hosts were 9iiss Aletha Johnston of Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Johnston of Des Molnes; Mr. and Mrs Marvin Johnston, Richard and Duane of Prescott; Mr. and Mrs. David Beck. j just out of service. Miss Margaret and Beverly of BrSdgewater and'~MIsse3 ! Simpson, from Waslilngton, D. C., Mrs. i Dalley and Vonnis Johnston of Cedar ' Prank Carr of Mt. Etna, Mr. and Mrs. I F» 1 ^- Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blckford A. R. Givan and family of Prescott. : »hd Jimmy of Cleveland. Ohio, and Mr aad Mr. and Mrs. Clark Carmlchael »nd Mn. Russell Livingston and family i Cetfa Thrive la Dry Afcr { ^hen the air "dK? "Z 0 " S8SSon fcr-ttraiffiBn"Hfe^*^ cow . Cold*" we *•*-*•*—* *— --* *- - voBfh<t. .1 *T. .—*** r-* *»*6*" ; Liuus a pnenc romn*s pjTD-.Mnn ?n«a« aeen USrough the best cf_our .micros-' your and family of Corning. In th* afternoon afternoon Prank Simpson, of St. Helena, Calif., telephoned to say Merry Chrlst- KSA. A bountiful turkey dinner was enjoyed and a nice Christmas day to- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kogan aiid family family entertained on December 22 to a turkey dinner. Gurnts were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Flannasan, Mary and Ann oi Omaha: John Hostim and M-r. Schmid of Coming; Gilbert Smediir aiirt Gladys -Smedjir. Presents wire exchanged which srere around a lovely ChrisLmas tree. Evening visitors were Mrs. Clarence Pendleton of north of Carbon; Miss e Fendleton, Miss . r I Anne Wenninghoff and Paul Wenninj?- or ar i ! hoff, all or Omaha. Mrs. Clarence sickness. Tills is surprising, because the ! weather In New England sometimes get* quite cold—the equal of some of' We learn further that our southern states do not have as many "colds" as the states north of the Ohio River QUESTIONS and ANSWERS moon could you use Influence to get me in on it? J. D. R.. N. Y. A—Rocket trips to the moon arc still ff. I think. Pendleton stayed until the following afternoon. A pre-Christmas dinner was enjoyed at the Arthur Westlake home on Sunday, Sunday, Dec. 22nd. Besides the host and hostess, the guests included Mrs. L. 3. Westlake of Corning: Mr. and Mrs. Don Westlake. Jack. Patty and Archie. Mr. and Mrs. Harold %Vestlake. Betty and Danny of Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Nova, Ohio, sent greetings. ORME-HEDWGER ~ Miss lola Orme, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W..0rma. of Modaway. wnn married to Rujreil Memnger, son of Mr.-aiMf Mrs. Pfttt tftUUiaci cf Brook. at4he Kodaway Methodist church on Wednesday," December 35 at 6:30 p. at.-,, in-a- ssudle l^ht service.- ----='The ----='The altar had been beautifully decorated decorated \vEth bsikefs of flowers and lighted candles centered by a gold c-^by Mrs._J. R. Dtemukes and Miss Immediately preceding the sen-Ice the candles for the ceremony were lighted by Ray Dlsmukcs. Soft music was played throughout the service by.Mrs. Mac Bennlsou of Lenox, who also played the wedding march. At the opening of th^ ceremony ceremony Mrs. Harriet Walter of Brooks sang "Becavi-E, 11 accompanied by Mrs. Bsnnison. Before the benediction Mrs. Walter sang "The Lord's Prayer.'! Mrs. Bennison also accompanied at the wedding of the bride's parents 23 years ago that night. Preceding the bride to the altar were: Marjorie Cochran, as maid of honor: Don Orme, brother of the bride. causes "colds", and it should be con- Q—What "S^i" 1 se P arate! >" from merely the tids have on chilling effects of cold air on people. Ohio This author resold fully - - '- human as you <%A* tUA *1».;i_. M _.._ — ~.«. xjaiij ,nxj-jn i affairs? T. J..! and Mrs. Eldon Pcrrin, Elgene ward. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. and Mrs. Gerald Shipley away and ?^r. and Mrs. James Riddle of Qulncy. Mass. A grab bag: jnonv VAS norf™ -*" 1 Christmas tree was enjoyed by "all! Nelson " " bearer, carrying the ring on s double heart satin pillow; Mary Alice Ejj- • Campahi of Council Bluffs and Mary "• Jo Cochran of Gravity as flower girls. •- | The blrde was given in marriage by her c -, father. The beautiful double ring cere- . . ^ R ^ ^ ^_ . after a bounteous dinner. The bride wore a -long gown of slip- A-The ocean tides help fishermen dry air throws a heavy bur- Acler. Wallace and Janet hang vhe clothes out of doors. Sunlight: " M ™' Bur ' 1 ' tl « bind, ctoth, bui den upon the tissues of the nose throat and causes some of the del membranes there to wither. Later, if there should be any "cold" virus germs about they may settle In this weak;ned tissue ar.d after growing there may further invade the body, producine th'c fever and sickness oi a common "cold"". The evidence to support this th?orv Colored Picture of Saturn Saturn's nnfr is or.c of the u-or.dcrs or !ho s'<j-. .Saturn Is the world Carlson and babj- of Omaha: Vincent. Sullivan ot corr.ini; and the host and ' not liquid, it is not a gas."lt is made ton ' ^^^^ Glci » »"<« * The groom wore a blue suit, while the man. Albert Hedingcr, the sr^.^ssy^ssn^ i * "^ mimon «'*^™- ^ though they Kimetimcs get q:::t» cold For a number of Maxwell this week offers a colored i picture of Satum a.-; i: would appear 1 •« rh,. , CJr)SC up ' Eho *' lr 'R th3 ring made of < .-•s tna. arc myriads of moons. Vo-j may obtain one JT J , r _ a : lt! ? ar the ccmplimenta of^fne^spfper by i Carroll Kraft and Martin Moser acted NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE OP IOWA. Adams County, ss. Nt>. 3353 IN DISTRICT COURT, JANUARY TERM, 1947 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED,! as ushers. All wore carnation boulon- niercs. The bride's mother wore an nqua cabardine with black accessories while Jhc groom's mother wore a black dress nnd accessories. Both wore carnation corsages. | Immediately following the wedding a ; reception was held in the church basement basement for 85 relatives and friends. A bridal table set for 21 Russts was Vl^norf *V --,- — .—-. v,,^.>^iMt^ a ftt«UJipca»Q u-.a-.. ad-Jrsistt! cr.vplopc for your reply. , -- •• .—, « ul iuai moic set tor ; /COLDS AND DRVXap yOTTO GOTDGET«!R ' fv^S^" ^S^SSS; S£! r r ££ & 1 "' * " • —.^ . ^ wvwinui^ • v*i. w. A. M C fV&L, VY, DttreasKj. f3afp*3 n f1f**r\t~i tr*,t ^v^tk a decorated arch. 17 ' *= fixed | The fi three tiered wedding cake .decorated with pink ros:s. After rst piece was cut by the briie • ™«tH^» o^,,« ~c' -j -. " "" - "••••"» l ^e cake to the guests. Coffee i District Court of said County, or the was poured by Mrs. Wilma Cochran K or said Court: and at 10:031 Waitresses who sen-ed th; bridal rt a od all - V arc here- He!cn Orme. Lloris McPar- .

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