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 - Congress simply has never declared war. In a...
Congress simply has never declared war. In a recent CBS interview, interview, the 73-year-old justice justice discussed his willingness willingness to have the nation's highest court decide the constitutionality of the Vietnam war. Asked if Douglas himself had not already made up his mind on the legality of the war according to some Of his public statements, president, or the Congress and-or the president and-or Hie Supreme Court. It just says Congress shall have power to declare war. And historically that has been the case. "This is not just a little episode like Jefferson sending sending the fleet off Africa after after some pirates. This is an all-out effort." After a comment by interviewer interviewer Eric Sevareid Justice says ploy kept him from VP WASHINGTON «B -- Supreme Supreme Court Justice William William 0. Douglas says an intraparty maneuver kept him from being the Democrats' Douglas: That's the whole story 1 think. It was unknown to me at the time. I'm happy that it happened that way. 1 interrupted to say: "Well, I'm inclined to think so. I haven't heard argument. I might change my mind." Asked what a ruling that the war is unconstitutional would mean, Douglas said it would mean, "practically "practically that the boy who didn't want to go wouldn't have to go." But he said the war* probably would go on with volunteers. In the past, Douglas has often referred to the war as "aggressive," and continually continually indicated his desire to give a platform to those who have charged it is unconstitutional. unconstitutional. Douglas also said the Vietnam war has caused the United States to be looked upon as "the new Gengliis Khan." "I'm afraid as a result of the Vietnam war that in the eyes of many people in the underdeveloped na- .said: "America abroad is not any one single thing. America is greatly admired admired for many things. We're admired, I don't thing so much for our B5U bombers and for our atomic atomic stockpile, but we're really admired for the First Amendment, and the freedom of people to speak and believe and to write, to have fair trials. The great magnet that America America is the independence of thought and the right to dissent, and the right to believe 55 you "Wont. Douglas also said members members of his own generation are philosophically and politically politically "bankrupt." In the interview, the point was raised that the freedom of expression seen in recent years in America is resulting in a sort of backlash of fear that anarchy anarchy is upon us. WILLIAM 0. DOUGLAS Insights of Justice Douglas said he fell this entire new freedom of expression expression was good, "not the reaction to it, 'but the fact that it's going on." "People of my generation generation are bankrupt -- politically politically bankrupt. They're philosophically bankrupt. Look what they've produced. produced. A system that makes war the alternative. «.,,,, 4Un*'c- l,irfV,ltr UJ'Slcm uiafc u lUfa-iv stratified, that just pays off great sums of money. This is to the rich people, this is socialism for the rich." The interview was recorded recorded in late June at Douglas' home in Goose Pairie. Wash., and is scheduled for broadcast Wednesday al 8 p.m.

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