3rd great grand uncle? William Harvey Ryan?

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3rd great grand uncle? William Harvey Ryan?  - pur-porsea. Emi-neot Grand Captain General. bir...
pur-porsea. Emi-neot Grand Captain General. bir Knight Ker. Lansing Burrows, lexingtoa. Eminent Grand PYelate. blr Knight John S. Lyla, Covington, Eminent Grand Senior Warden blr Kniglit Henry 8. Sand if er. Dan villa. Eminent Eminent Ursnd Junior Warden. Sir Knttfht David Pliny Kobb, VereaiUee, Eminent Eminent Ursnd Tmasurrr. blr Kniv-hi. Kniv-hi. Kniv-hi. Lnrenso Dow Croninger, Covington, Eminent Ursnd Rrcorder. Sir Knieht John K. Lake, Cyntblana, Eminent GraAd Hiandsrd bearer. bir Knitcht Robert Air, Newport, Eminent Grand Warder. 81r Knijrht Cbarlea H. FUh. Covington, Eminent Eminent Grand Captain ot the Guard. The following officer war present: Pait Grand Com rounders, C. R. Woodruir, Hiram Hiram Basnet, tt'ra. Rvan and W. L. Thomas. Fast Commander. C. C. W. Alfriend and Robert Morris, of Commandary No. 1 ; O. W. Lyons and J. J. Nigman, of Com-mandery Com-mandery Com-mandery No. 7: J. F. Grinstead, H. H. Gardner. W. H. ileffert and G. W. Norton, of Cominandery No. 18; W. U. Horten and W. U. Gayl. of Commandery No. 18, and J. D. Lewis and T. J. Smith, of Commandery Commandery No. 23. OnaXD BXrRXSgirTATrVXS. Alabama Sir John H. Leathers. California Sir Henry & Grant, Colorado 8ir A. H. Gardner. Iowa tdr Wm. Ryan. LouWaua and Wisconsin 8ir C B. Woodruff. ' Misshrdppi 8ir J. & Lyls. New Jersey bir L. D. Croninger. ' ! New York blr Hiram Basset. North taroUna Htr G. W. Wicks. Ohio-Sir Ohio-Sir Ohio-Sir W. Larue Thomaa. Vermont bir Her. Lansing Burrows. Wast Virginia Sir Robert Morris. THE IZtftCIUS war opened with the usual appropriate car-moniea, car-moniea, car-moniea, and tue following distinguished visitors were introduced and received: Sir Knight W. L. Thomas, Grand Junior Warden Warden Grand Encampment United 8tatea; Sir Knight Theodore T. Gurney, Grand Commander Commander Illinois, and Sir Knight James F. Ay tor, Fast Grand Commander of Missouri. TBI GRAND COaUtAXDUt'S ADDRESS. Thee gentlemen mad suitable responses, and the tirand Commander, T. H. Sherley, delivered the annual address. Th following is from the address: To thi OrTiCEBs in Men bus or m Gaixo OoBBAMOBSY or Kextuciy -rr -rr K-igts; K-igts; K-igts; Tba Great Urand Comuianier who preside over the destinies of all men hat for the year Just closed dralt gently and kindly with this Grand Commandery, Commandery, lis officers and members: no stone haa fallrn from our bring temple: nut a single link in the grand chain of membership has benn broken. We mm from among us some members who ar usually won us, but we bow ia humble gratitude gratitude and innate that since our last meeting th angel of dt-atu dt-atu dt-atu has received ao fatal mandsiw to strike them from the rod of rxisteoce. Health and happlnias lutve bneu spared to ua all. No bickerintcs. ill feelinKS or disaffection exist anywhere anywhere wimio our border: all is contentment, prosperity and peace. With many more accessions accessions to ur ranks than any previous yar, we mert to-day to-day to-day in the thirty -sixth -sixth annual conclave. For tue brat time in tue history of thl U rand body, we meet wituoul an invitation from sum subordinate oommandery to visit their particular locality. You may be well as.urvd, however, tluu tb pleasure of the two commanderiae at this place ia not lessened in tue lenat by lbs fact that you nwet her wituout a formal Invitation. If in tlieir eftorta to entertain iu members. vUlt-Iruc vUlt-Iruc vUlt-Iruc KniishU and their Udies, tliey fall short of tne style and elegance that have on former occa-eioua occa-eioua occa-eioua been shown, it Is only because tuey denire to carry out the expressed wish of many of the coin man ierir, that the eu-torisxBiueota eu-torisxBiueota eu-torisxBiueota uaual at the meetings of tue Grand Commandery should be less expensive. In onl.T that each and every Com madery might feel eotlrrly sausttrd. th a at any Um suoulu lnv desire to invite ton Grand Cum-maudery. Cum-maudery. Cum-maudery. It would nut be expected that t.ie en-tertainiueot en-tertainiueot en-tertainiueot would be such as their ft names aad ebiiiuea would not aarrauu 'lheexauii4euf doing away with these very xprnsive t-utertainmeuie t-utertainmeuie t-utertainmeuie having now been eel. It is earnestly hoped mat th place of meeting for the Oraud Cominandery will each year be cuamred, and, as In in past, be productiv uf uiuca gtnd lo tea order. Hospitality ia one oi tba grandest characteristics characteristics ol our oixier: nothing siiuuld interfere to pre-veul pre-veul pre-veul its lull display, the location of tae Grand CwiimaiKtery at auy one piece will deprive it uf ad thai social tateroounM aad Interchange of Knlgntly courtesies; but aside from all questions of social uib-rcourse uib-rcourse uib-rcourse and hipitalily, the good of the order s ill be promoted if tue annual conclave eacn year are held In different Dortiooa of the fur me to say that duties were faithfully aad promptly performed. At all time 1 have found htm ready and willing to advise, advise, and in his good judgment I have received much pleasure and profit. I can not ia too hign pratse thank him for his Knightly courtesy, ad-viu ad-viu ad-viu and assistance. COffCLUSIO. In returning to you the badge of office which through your partiality I waa a year ago invested, invested, I hope that no set of mine haa tarnished iu brilliancy. I trust that the leaves of the wreath that surround the cross have not faded or withered for neglect on mr part; an 1 if I have assisted ia clothing the naked, binding up the wounds of the afflicted, or inculcated charity and hospitality, great is the inheritance I leave for three 1 love The n ibis tenets of our Order if carried out must moke ua all betfer and ttruer men, and to him who haa practiced the leftsons taiuht ia the happy privilege of looking back on a life fraught wun bene tils to mankind, and when resting tie-nea.h tie-nea.h tie-nea.h the shadows of the grave, leave behind him a name fragrant with the memory of deeda of tie-fulness tie-fulness tie-fulness done, weighty responsibilities successfully successfully met, and of duLiea faithfully, promptly discharged. COmtlTTXES. On motion of Sir Knight W. L. Thomas, the address was referred to the following committee: W. L. Thomas, Wm. Ryaa and Hiram Basset. Tb Grand Commander then announced the following standing committees: Credentials T. J. Floumoy, J. F. Lewis and J. A. Higgina. Grievances Hiram Basset and J. 8. Smith. Work J. D. Lewis, F. M. Suavely and Wm. Ryan. Returns C. G. Perkins, Israel W Ingots and C. H. Fisk. Next Place of Meeting J. J. Severing, M. S. McKee and hi H-J-" H-J-" H-J-" H-J-" H-J-" Finance L A. Keiley, J. H. Aahbaugh and M. C Peter. Foreign Correspondence C B. Woodruff and L. 1. Croninger. RX PORTS. Thee committee were requested to report as early aa possible, and Sir Knight C. R. Woodruff made bis annual report as chairman chairman of the Committee on Foreign Correspondent-. Correspondent-. Correspondent-. Correspondent-. Tne report, on motion of Sir Knight Wm. Ryan, was received and ordered printed with the proceedings, as wa th report of th Grand Recorder, Sir Knight L.!. Croninger. The Kuighta than adjourned until 4 o'clock in the alternoon. ATTKRiroOIt SKSSIOX. At th appointed tim the Sir Knight again assembled and a proposed amendment requiring invitntiona that might be extended by subordinate Commandnes to the Grand Conductor, was daKmsaed and adopted. Sir Knight Thomas, Chairman of tb committee committee appointed tor the distribution of tue liraud Coutmahder's address, then made bis report, approving the address and making some suggestions regarding certain lodge. Tb reiuainder of toe af ternoou was devoted devoted to bus ness of the conclave. THK TRUUtXIAI. CO.NCLAVg. The Right Eminent Grand Commander of Missouri, James F. Agler, invited the Knights of tbm Jurisdiction to accompany tue Grand Omcers and the Sir Knight of Albwouri in their pilgrimage to San Francisco, Francisco, and to make the headquarters of Missouri Missouri the headquarters of Kentucky. lie aLo proffered tue use of their baud to tb D Mo-lay Mo-lay Mo-lay Comuiaudery No. 12, Ire of charge. lb courtesies were, on motiou, accepted. Sir Knight U. B. Grant, Grand Kepre-seniative Kepre-seniative Kepre-seniative uf the Grand Coiuujau iery of California, presented sundry circulars and oilier touching tbafmeetuig, which were referred referred to the Cowtniuee on Grand Eucatup-tuent. Eucatup-tuent. Eucatup-tuent. f Alter rea dinar telegrams from the Past Couiuianders, regretuug tueir inability to be preaeut, the cone lavs nujourued to meet this morning at 9 o'clock. a pcbuo Mcrrrxa. Th conclave will elect omcers at to-day's to-day's to-day's session, and this evening at H o'clock th new omcers will be installed. Tb installation installation exercises will be quite interesting, and wul be held at aiisoniu Temple. Tuey will be publio, and no doubt there will be a large attendance, as every on ia invited to be present. MOMTUABT.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 19 May 1883, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • 3rd great grand uncle? William Harvey Ryan?

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