Anarchist and Atheist are one

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Anarchist and Atheist are one - Weight, will In a horse. thor- wherever will...
Weight, will In a horse. thor- wherever will take food showing Friday while say made misconduct they not to do Thousand*o< Alton l'rA|»lo Uathftr Hi] Kxptm* FoelinttVwjt to President's Heath. Malaria many receive all the as far California. druggists, from a Tabasco August today. their of in his groat section malarial H. of library will well Wed Illness his other The i this I at number attended welcome after and for jury of were of a late to L. ^ Nature bravely held her team Thursday until those of the mourning public has fallen and then hers flowed and together they mingled In the clnM to the memory of the departed 1'resi dent McKinley. Tha outpouring to attend the memorial services Tiiurs day afternoon was remarkable. The platform had been hurriedly erected In the rear of Hotel Madison olid the Decoration committee, consisting of A. Neerman, W. C. Gates, and Win. Dunlop.J had done their work well. The sneakers and the committee were sheltered Ifrom ihe weather by the overhanging top and side of the platform. platform. Stretching a block on every side of the platform t)ie big crowd of reverent American citizens gathered and In respectful silence listened to the addresses or joined with tonguet and voices Inspired by hearts In th« songs that were sung. The Whit* Hussar band played on the platform and the singing was led by O.,). Oossrau, cornet; .T. W. Ora tlan, organist. Never in (Alton had such a great number of people gath ered on such an occasion, and as one speaker said, "It will be one of the most lasting of memorials, the story of which will bo handed doivd from generation to generation." The speakers wore Introduced by Hoa. II. G. M'Pike, who struck a responsive chord when he compared the anarchist to an Indian, subtle and treacherous, and ieclared of the anarchist, like the Indian, it might be said, the itend anarcnUt is the only good anarchist Both Senator J. .!. Brenholt and Bishop Fitzgerald inveighed strongly against the growing tendency to criticize law and the nations rulers disrespectfully. Senator Brenholt made an able speech in which he urged the necessity necessity that American citizens he more respectful and that the Gates ofCastle Garden open outwardly to the people people who Icome here unwilling to respect respect our laws and customs. Laws that are unjust should be repealed, but people should observe them until they are repealed. To President Mo- I Kinley he paid a touching tribute. "His end was the rounding out of his career. Concerning no man did Me- Kinley ever speak in harshness. No word ever needed toning and nothing he ever said needed to be recalled or inspired regret. He had in him all the elements of greatness. He wan a composite miin in whom ail the beauties beauties of perfect manhood were blended so that it might truly be said, "This waa a man." Bishop Fitzgerald's address was an eloquent one inspired by a heart full of grief over the nation's fallen chieftain. chieftain. Bishop Fitzgerald said In part: "The great sorrow that has fallen upon the nation makes the citizens of all states akin. The Bible tells of a time in which there was not a home ia Egypt in which there was not a nerson dead. So in this fair land of ours, from East to West, the North and the South, a universal wail arises, from the exalted and the lowly, the rich and the poor the laborer and the capitalist, tears How like showers. "The lessons that may be meant for the American people by this untimely removal of the nation's chieftain may be valuable ones to the people. It shows that loyal Americans are one from sea to sea and today unite in common grief and with a purpose to stand for righteousness.truth and law. While we may differ on many subjects we stand as one when the blow falls on the nation, as any foe may learn to his cost, and all parties and creeds stand beside the grave Ithat opens to receive the assassin's victim. We are one, and the man who stands as the country's enemy may easily learn It." "The greatest inemorlal.that shall be reared to McKlnley Is the record of works.aroompliahod.Ilis latest act was characteristic, an act of mercy. When China was about to be divided up by her spoilers, McKlnlev intervened and wherever the name of China is spoken the name of McKlnlev will be referred to In praise. He showed mercy to the assassin. When the bullotentered Ills body his words were "God forgive him." We are too near the picture to appreciate its real beauty. When time has elapsed and he stands revealed revealed in all his beautiful characteristics we shall see him as he was." The speaker branched Into a discussion discussion of the relation of anarchy and atheism. "The anarchistand the atheist atheist are cue, for the man who would defy God's law would defy the human law; and the man who would strike from his throne the Kin* of Kings would strike down the ruler of an earthly nation. It becomes us to have higher and deeper respect and appreciation appreciation of the majesty of law. The seeds of anarchy are disseminated in every community by a growing carelessness carelessness as to the enforcement of the laws. The anarchist violates one great law, but shall re condemn him and care not for the lesser laws that are not observed'/ The degree .'of offense offense IH dlffureut but the culpability Is the same. We excuse minor violations, violations, and to this God desires to direct attention. What shall the harvest be If we permit those violations of law to go unheed ed?" The speaker declared th at the saloon saloon Is the breeding place of an. archy: there It is encouraged, ia fed, fattens and holds its diabolical councils. councils. Concerning, the 1'rosldent he nulil: "The love of God In his heart iiuubled him to submit to (Joel's will, Hero we have the spectacle of a man clothed In highest powers, decked with grualt'ht honors, calmly and quietly laying all aside and passing out of llfn, expressing his humble biilmilu- slon to the will of his maker. 'It IH (iod'u wa.v; (loil'it will, not ourit, IHI iloiio.' " Thtt opening prayer WUH olfurod by Uuv. ,l. II. Hanoi) and the Scripture Ionium wtin rend by K«w. CUuifgu tie- bauer, who also promiumiuil the hono- il lotion. KenohitloiM worn presented by tho member* o( tho Alton City Court grand jury and by tho cHI/ons coin- nil ttoe, both of which were expressive of the sentlmunts of tbe entire American American people and won* concurred lu by lite audience. and lire work saloon been In contents part ruined the wire, the Eck, no said ary and up barely in had which in the The finest were Kremer amount The the says insurance only through best back did citizens Tho buildings intention adjusters Considerable but it of the It been Uaible's Seibold in the company and Kremer lu 1.. Kline)ul tcninon were but that overcome informed laxatives, dually genuine, Syiup Wanted, work. house wugss. Upper Klnloy, Handsomely ready. Freight Null, and Fine butwumi Apply HOUSK at lot, gooil lllalr. Foil rent. FOR Address FOK room. east

Clipped from
  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 20 Sep 1901, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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