Lewis Lincoln 9 Oct 1905 Daily Free Press p 2

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Lewis Lincoln
9 Oct 1905
Daily Free Press
p 2 - well for th watchful eye o SHOWER marriagi...
well for th watchful eye o SHOWER marriagi Wednesday of a hand evening al Curtis Bellamy had been lady friends Hallidayboro treated Miss shower, surprise. served by Jadies returned were: Misses Davis, Mary Thompson, Elliott, Anna and bargain, one piano, yet the purpose Original will sell for if taken at with it, North Missouri SUNDAY CHURCH SEVICES Rev. Paris a Missionary to China at the PresDyterian Church. Other Services f - . _ Very interesting services were held at the Presbyterian church both morning morning and evening. 'Rev. W. S. Paris for several years a missionary to China, addressed a large congregation at both services. la 'the morning he preached a missionary|sermon; in the evening he delivered a lecture on Mna and the work of the missionaries in that country, illustrating-,his • talk with stereoptican views. At the evening service Mrs. Faris, wife, of ihe missionary, dressed in a Chinese costume represenative of the upper class of that country, sang a religious hymn in the Chinese language. . Other pecial music of the day were vocal olos by Miss, Anna Grater and Harold rlunal. ' . -. ' ,An extra large congregation ; a«- embled at the Baptist church last ight to hear the pastors discourse on Fagots from Hell". The sermon as a very interesting one andreceiv- d profound attention. Tbepredomi- reeidence in Carbondale was in the year 1S66, residing here several years after that date. His last residence began about 'seven' years ago, since which time he has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Raynor. Between Between these two periods he had resided resided in Grand Tower, Cairo and Metropolis. Metropolis. Deceased was married three times, his third wife, formerly Miss Anna Lovelace, of Metropolis, surviving him. They were niarried in October, 1875, 'thirty years ago this month. Mrs. Raynor is a daughter of the first wife, the only child of that union living. living. Besides the widow and the daughter there are three grandchildren living, children of Mrs. Raynor. They are: Mrs. R. A. Allison, of Murphysboro; Murphysboro; E._ L. Raynor, of Chicago, and DeWicfRaynor, of Ohio." Funeral services will be held Tuesday Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Christian church, of which deceased was a member. Pastor A. M. Growden will officiate. Interment at Wood- 'awn cemetery, on East Main street. nofc delivered to CIRCUIT Judge Butler day—Items If your paper is you regularly and left in the proper jlace, you will confer a great 'favor their business October 9,.in as the Halstead all for past sae you at, in the BROS. CARNIVAL QUEEN Progress of the Contest for the Prize Town and Loan These prices and KEOWN, Marion St. line and such and the large express of silk. 6 It The following vote in the "Carnival Queen" contest was posbed on the bulletin in front of E. Patten & Son's today. These figures, however, are neither complete nor official. In tomor" row's issue we hope to give the complete vote up to that time. MISS JO BATSON 790 MISS MAE WARD ,275 MISS MARY THOMPSON 185 MISS MINA LIFE..,. ? 160 ^ MISS 'BERTHA RASCOB 125 The arrangements and conditions for the voting will be found elsewhere in today's FREE PRESS. w it 6 nating idea was tbat the souls of the saved were snatched as brands from the burning. Five accessions to the church were received at the close of the service, one • by profession and four by letter. Miss Lucy Palmer rendered an enjoyable solo at the morning service. The services at the Christian church yesterday were of a special character and deep inierest.Last night Mr.Grow- on us by reporting same to this offid and the annoyance will be remedied The carrier boys have been instructed to put the papers wherever you di- ,rect and these instructions must be carried out. den preached to a fine congregatioV 1 this city on "Success", The tekt was from Joshua and his life was used as an exemplification exemplification of the word. The sermon sermon received close attention. One conversion yesterday. The endeavor meeting was largely attended and was ed by Mr. Kirk. Rev. McCammon preached to large iongregation'9 at botir services at the first M, E. church yesterday, the day being the first Sunday of the new conference conference year, and of the pastor's third year in this charge. Miss Madge Zimmerman, Zimmerman, of Cairo, sang a solo at che morning service. At Grace M. E. church were held the first services by the new pastor, Rev. Silas H. Hoar. The services were of special interest throughout the day Pastor Hoar has created a favorable impression since coming to this city and the church membership have great expectations for this church during the coming year. L. H. S. FOOTBALL TEAM •The Lincoln High School team is the latest football team to be organized in The boys are taking much interest in their new team and count on having games with several of the high school teams in this section of the state. Prof. M. W. 'Moore,, of the faculty, has been chosen manager and coach and CJaude Legg, captain. The team at present is [constituted about as follows follows : Left end, Gilbm-t Entsminger; left tackle, James Stevens; left guard, Frank Growden; center, WillBaird; right guard, Lawrence Bennett; right tackle, Fred Comstock; right end, Dolph Elmore; quarter back, Cyrus Louden;.left half back,| Claude Legg; right half back, John Thompson; full back, Everett Plater. A game ia expected with the Marion high school team for the latter part o next week, during the carnival, the ;ame to be played in this city. Judge Wm. N. September term ty circuit court busy weeks of ment he stated of the circuit Saturday, December Duncan will certain cases. Friday evening, verdict of not Claude 1 and Elmer and 11 years, burglary. Judge boys before that in cases tender age are the streets at 1 parents are to responsible than the In the case of charged with assault to was modified and guilty of assault He was fined §50 days in the committed until have been satisfied. A temporary ; the plaintiff in M. Thompson vs upon plaintiff in the sum of §1000. The motion for attorneys for the the Ozburn school An appeal fco the be taken. . ' After Wliea the ball Folly on the steps, out. "I've been looking the .evening," said that you were not ,"You should have conservatory," said Practical "Why do you on beautifying old-fashioned woman. devote that time to thoughts?" "Oh, fudge," damsel. "My beau reader."— Chicago Sun. Wlien" the The Young Quo—Do right to let your you before nmz-rlage? The Old OE&—If let liirh do it while worry you much Sloper. It All •Don't you thiuk," singleness of purpose trait in a rnau?" "It is,'.' she ess it tends to bachelor of News. Thrifty George'—Well, Sue and me. Gerald—Sent you lid she? George—Yes; but .iamond ring.—Chicago LEWIS LINCOLN DEAD Carton-dale's Probably Oldest Resident Resident Died Sunday, Lewis Lincoln, aged 91 years, so far as we can learn the oldest resident of this city, died at the home o! his daughter, Mrs. Lettie T. Raynor, on East North street, about 6 a: m. Sunday. Sunday. The immediate cause of his death was the accident._ which happened to him one week ago Saturday, Saturday, when the aged gentleman fell and sustained a- broken hip and other injuries. Previous to this accident he had been enjoying quite good, health,, although naturally somewhat feeble, due to his advanced years. Lewis Lincoln was born July 16, 1814, at Xanesboro, Berkshire county, Massachusetts; The family afterwards afterwards removed toBeunington county, Vermont and later to Pa wlet, Rutland county, in that state.. By trade he was a carriage maker which business he followed for many years. His first Change in Prices. New prices on lime, cement and plaster. St. Genevieve lime, 90c per barrel; Acme cement plaster, $S per ton; Ohio river sand, S cts per bushel delivered. W. H. PHILLIPS. . _^ . By Telegram. The telegraph page of t the FREE PEESS with its timely cartoon, is always always interesting, and no subscriber should fail to read it every day. It is the best telegraph service of its kind that money can buy, and we claim no little, credit in supplying this excellent service to our patrons. Look over qhe telegraph columns today carefully, and you will agree with us. J. E. Cover, 101 N. Main.St. Ottawa, Kan. writes; "Every falirit'has been my wife's trouble to catch a severe cold, and therefore cough all winter long. Last fall I got for her a bottle of Horehound Syrap. She used it and has been able to sleep soundly all night long. Whenever the cough ;roubles her, two or three doses stops the cough, and she is able to be up aod well." 25c. 50c. §1.00.' Sold by Hewitt's Drug Store. Social First Robin—Our peak to us. . Second Robin—Why "Why. they have a curled, flair, while common straw."—Life. Eabit in Spirit—But I to be any work up St. Peter—Oh, Yorker tearing up of his mansion; says homelike.—N. Y. Sun. ANNIE Family 142 SOUTH I SELECT DRUGGIST with, the eamo care your family physician. important—oven more Prescriptions filled hero are with, minute care dru?8 in tho checked and compared and measure beyond of a. mistake. "Just as good" is a we carefully avoid executing your positively USB tho best this foundation we prescription trade. right. HEWITT'S STORE

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  • Lewis Lincoln 9 Oct 1905 Daily Free Press p 2

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