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Lewis Lincoln
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1 Jan 1906 p 2 - * * LOOKING BACKWARD Brief Resume of the...
* * LOOKING BACKWARD Brief Resume of the Happening* of«t_he Past Year, as Recorded In the Dally Free Press Hr«, Hannah Wilklni. -100 ye»r§ old, ririta b*r daoghter, Bfat. M. T»nH«- 30; B«v. HoCwnmon retnrnad to Ptrrt M. E. chutch. Bev. 8. H. Hoar nt Once church pastor. Dan «•*• on -appoint!*, to Wett Frankfort barge. , -., .-> . • OCTOBER. _ ___. ^********** ************ JANUARY. 1. Two cottages "on Pecan street burn. ' ' * i 2. Funeral of Mrs. Leota Keesee Munger,c(rpm. Keesee home.. John Clark died l at home of sister, Mrs. A. aged i Wlr 13. Quetr. 14. 15. &. Hughes,« • 5. Jamea Winfleld dead, aged ,32. Eastern'Starlnstallation'. f 7. J. N. Howell's grocery, corner West and College streets, burned. > 9. First sleighing of winter. 11. Louis Foley and Miss Helen Druar wedded. "Ty" Walker commits commits suicide at Murphysboro. "" K. of P. installation^and bin- Hiram I). Smith de*d. . , iu. Stevenson residence ^on East' Walnut street, an old. landmark, burned. - . . ..,.-19. ..,.-19. E. Patten & Son buy business -property. - ' ,'•' • '••.•'. '.- • .-;'-• ."•'. 20. Robert Powell died, aged 33.,.., 21. Richard Walker, I. C. employe, killed at- Hallidaybbro. Mrs. Cal Jenkins dead, .aged 40... , .v . 24, Thermdmeter registersJour tie- low zejro.. W. H. Bastin and Same Wlnn married in St. Louis.;...., . . , ,1 26. „ Jackson State Bank buys Mitchell-McAnally Mitchell-McAnally building, consideration 814,000. Dr. R: R.Lacy died, aged 67. Frank O'Bara-.acquitted of charge -or murder. . . ;.. ~ 27. Zetetic-Socratic entertainment at Opera House, Draymen's "roosli" near I. 0. railway, burns; ;:.. 28. ; Mrs. Catherine Kelley victim of two hold-up men.. . Son Holman, colored, acquitted of murder chargo, 29, Judge Harker's family in" TioMU .._ _*- riU » w***nifV»l ' TW.TIO'* "ttj m TTflVH. ft to fire at Champaign, ..Mrs.' 1ft m. Ha>;s, colored, deaa f ,..f 30. Mrs. Q'arrie Bellamy dead, aged 62. _JT*' ,„-—' FEBRUARY. '' 1. Art Barth and /Miss Fannie Taylor married. > • . . 4, "Bob sled" party to E.G. East- ,erly home.- • , .... _. _, : B. H. Danners succeeds . L. , i. Barnes and.Miss Stella Shaub as Railroad Railroad News Co. manager. . Heavy snow demoralizes railway traffic, Geo. Anderson dies at; home near Grace 'church. , ' - . , 8." Company C home from Zeigler. Carbondale National Bank succeeds Jack'son State Bank. . . 10, Albert Starzinger has gun accident. accident. '"Spinister Tea" at homn of Miss Matthews. . . 12 Mrs. Zach Van Zant dead. 13. Mrs'. Ellen Crawshaw, of Murphysboro, Murphysboro, buried in Oakland cemetery. Thermometer shows ten- degrees be; low zero. Two Treece. cottages' on South Marion street burned. ,Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Sheppard's golden'wedding anniversary. '..- ...:.. 14. Phil Kimmel-dead, aged 54. Woman's Club reception at home of Dr.. McAnally. . : 17.- H. R. Searing?s-home-goes up in smoke. Peter Brimmer, agedJl, died at home south of Carbondale. "Lincoln and Washington" day at normal.- . ' . . IS.. Presbyterians purchase parson ace. ace. " - ' 25. Co. C inspected by U. S. army 6. Wesley Grammer drowned near Pomona. District federation of Womens' clubs formed. - "!.- Baccalareate high school addzess by Rev v McCammon, 8". Dave Huggins died at Murphysboro. Murphysboro. 9. Brakeman Joe C. Matt shct and killed on I. C. trains within city limits. 12. High school^ commencement exercises. ^ •" 13^ Sudden death of James Primm, colored. _ _ 15. John Nance bhot by Prof. Lee. 16. Mrs. Ada Crowell Copple buried here. 17. Club ladies visit Cairo. 19. Bert Brooks died. ' 20. Normal ball team beats Ewmg 21. Deaths of Miss Celia Bricker, aged 62, and'Mrs. Susan Abbot, the latter colored.;:,,. ,--„,,24. ,--„,,24. Corner sto.ne of .new Presby. terian' church' laid. Charles Naumann and Nellie Corcoran married at Cob 25V Dedication of-Thebes bridge. 29.>, Eighteenth Regiment hold re union here'. ; • •-"..'. ,-,-' ^ 30. Decoration day generally- ob• served. -, Carl J.' Bates and Mary Grieb married at Catholic .church. .James Anderson and family remove to Newburg, Newburg, N. Y. . - -JONE., 1 D. B. Dickey and. Miss-Barnes married at Nashville, .Tenn. , ",...'2. ",...'2. Sam T. Brush chosen president of State Ant-Saloon League.,-, 3:' Mrs. Mary Spence died suddenly ' 4 Woodmen Memorial-Sunday. 5. Unique "Toni Thumb-Midget Wedding'.' at the opera house. • 6. FnneraLof Mrs..Hirain-,H. Hall 8, Carbondale sends special train to Hustlers meet at Anna. - 10. F. S. Hughes' barn near tie plant burned.. < 11-14. SM. N. U. commencement week exercises,.. .-,_ . '„,...' m . n 12. Lem Shadowen killed by Will Kelley>at Carteryllle. . "•-••'• 14* L. T. Barnes- takes charge ot New. Hundley, restaurant. _ 16 8200,000 fire at Johnston City. 18. Conner property- across from Christian church burned.Hi<*,f 21-23. Ep worth r League ,Conven 2l' Otis F. Glenn appointed receiv er of Carbondale Water, Light and Power'Co. Wedding of.Will-Hearn and Jennie Hill, •- - • 23; Bishop-Galloway-lecture at M officer. MAKCH. 4. David^Rigdon dead,.aged. SO. 5 jjev. A. M. Growden begins | Christian ch'urch pastorate. u, Geo. M. Barker atid Jessie Reynolds Reynolds married at'Maribn. . . 12. fred Williams dead, aged 30. Eva'ngelist Houser -addresses large he ,. a' ve men's meeting at Baptist church. 13, Republican town primaries 15.' Judge : Ybungblood celebrates his seventieth birthday. 18., Good roads legislative commitr tha visits Carbondale. , ' • !i' -20. Mrs. Robert McElroy died, aged 2?"" P Mood Capel and. Miss Mabel Lewis wed,near, Harrisbnrg. .Fire afi A H. Joseph Co, store does, considerable considerable da'mage.|-fVHH«M,.. JM- . "3 "Calvin-^BrsfWer found dead in bed at home southwest of Carbondale. 26. J..B. Brennan succeeds F. M. Jones as trainmaster. •27. Firm of Etherton & ..Lee enters crocerv,business. ( "9" -Bernije Brandon, three year old" child of Mrs. Wm. Clannch, drowned in well-ease of city. 30, Bercher-Schwartz- Co. store borglarized: , Chicago * I « . . did last you !. Abraham Friedline died,aged75. •; Horrible explosion at Zeigler mine. Joshua Winchester, dead; aged 47 " John Y. Stot^ar-Assumes management management of Bieth's lumber , yard'. New "Lincoln School" given name by board of education. 4 Mine ; Examiner Wm. Atkinson loses life at Zeigler. Annual town •election and'town meeting. 7. James Bbyd :Richart, Carbondale's Carbondale's first mayor, died,vag;|d.88 years. 5 L'eRoy'-A: Stotlar died at Harrm. 15. Annual school election. .., 19.- City election; C, E. White elected'may or; license carries _by majority; liquor' element biter over the victory. , ., >- -2Q~, -D. P.-ianey chosen president of tlie coiiritv;. board.: . -,>-„.. 21. John L.Tyner dead, aged 69. ,-->•> Mrs' Elizabeth 0. Galbraith, died, aged 75. Mairiage' of Charles. Rendleman and Grace Spence. Big Odd Fellow celebration at Manou. 07 "Evangelist" F.G. Roberts exposed exposed aud.given walking papers by Christian district board. 3S Terrific bail storm makes uti- welcome visit; much damage. James Adams, a transient negro, killed at the college crossing.. . . ' 29, Wedding of John G. Bellamy and Fay Curtis. , 30: Samuel Chapman buried here D. Fraaei- makes; his get "• away from Carbondalev .Mrs. Bessie Wiley Taylor Taylor died, aged 22.' : ,;rcLY. 1. Joe B. Peak dieclat Makanda. • 3. School census shows Carbondale population to be 4964. • .-,',, 4.. Usualnumber of Fourth of Julj accidents. - . •-'. , 7, "Union Depot" entertainment a' James Anderson died at New- buf'g, N. Y. Hamilton & Cherry partnership partnership formed. : . , : - , .-. 9. Attem'pt to dynamite Murphys °aO° -^Hereford Cattle Association or (ranized here. Carbondale Librarj Association pa'aseBiont of existance. 12. Mrs. Etta Brooks, aged 25, dead 13. Marriage of Wm. J. Ethertoi and Margaret Stevens in Colorado. ;i4. ; Former Shelton grocery, quit business. -y • • • . 15. Bloody Saturday night. Wm Crutchfleld clubbed, to death by Ernif Allen (both negroes.) ; Frank Camp bell, .another negro,, shot and killed after himself having nearly killed a "dago" near tie plant. 16.: Ant-i-Saloon League Sunday. 19. -Mrs. Mintia Stewart dead, age 79 W. M. Calahan succeeds H, C as ; I. C.'agent. 22. Mrs. :T.oh'n ; A.^L6gan visits city Dap J. White", aged"72, dead. 23.;- Jeff, : Rendleman's barn and tw horses burned. 24. Greatest flood in years sweep down on thissection. „ ' 26. .Wedding of H. L. Kessler an< Miss Minnie J.,Fryar. AUGUST. 1. Dr. Mitctiell celebrates flftiet birthday with family reunion. " . Bonney Furniture Co. purchase Bry den stock, W. P. Leiendecker an Mrs. Etta Grammer married. 3. Funeral of. A. A. Starkweather 4. Company C goes to state camp 5 Captf.J. T. Galbraith chose' Major m Illinois National Guard. 71 Judge Butler assaulted on I. C 1.. Frank Miller .residence south, of city burns. . . , , 2." Jfew city administration-induct- 3d into office. :3. Rev: R. M. Dillon Presbyterian pastor. 4. Notable horr- *• Christian church-. installed »s >ytenan paswi. : . -.-. Notable Notable home talent mnsicale at Wm. B: McGuire dead, aged 39 -.17. Union Sunday school picnic a Simons'grove. , ' . 19 L'eroy East, a Memphis wife murderer, escapes from cit;? jail. . • • 23-25. • fiigr-.Soldiers' Renmou i .Thompson'* .grove-. ' ' 24.' The^Misse's-Peters return from year's abBence atiwad. -25. Egyptian'Proapectmg and Mm inst company organized. 26.- Don H. Bailey; died at Rantou 29. Arthur Lee and Mias Mlnnl Smith married. R. E.. Kennicot elected captain of Company C. SEPTEMBER. Public schools open- . *, Mrs.'.Harlie J. Adams and httl daughter killed by I.. C. train. ' 5 H County W..C. T. U. conventio opens at M. E. church: 17. 17. Mrs. Charles Clark dead, age 23. - , T, ' 18. George W. Berry succeeds \\ A. Stepp as chief dispatcher. 21: Carbondale Steam Bakery be cin business. ., ., 26. Messrs. Dunaway and Caldwe OCCUDV new ofQces. 27. Firsb'fdotball practice of season 28. C6.K, 73rd lU./reuniptfatrVer eennes. Depot lunch room,iot>oea. .29. Disasteons, fire .threatened>,i upstair9:6ver Pattetf. &.Son?gf store 2. LorenPresson "bumped" in St. j^footbaU, game. Collar bono roken. \ -.. ,-a 3. Three negro women break jail ut soon under cover again. 4.. I:G:Kelley appointed special!. '.. officer: 5. James C. Brush succeeds father 8 general manager of "Brush"" mines. 6. John Price, formerly of Carbon- ale, killed'by step-son at Johniton ity. • , 8. Lewis Lincoln, oldest resident of ity, died.Jaged 91 years. 11. A great -day for weddings. Marriages of Ward Thompson AndMiss Lurleln Lee, Roscoe Kerr and MWB Gay Roger*, and" J. R. Bryden ana Miss Ella Brookinga solemnized. _ 12. Funeral of Mrs. Ann Everett. 15. Samuel W. Dunaway died, aged 4 years. 16-21. Carnival week. 18. Hugh Lander's. appointment as ocal normal trustee announced. 20. MJgg Bertha Kascoe crowned 'Queen of the Carnival." , _- , 21. Football-€arbondale Ib-Mc- CendreeO. i 23. Carrie Nation h'ere.. .. 30. 30. Miss Leona Etherton bronght lome from college ill with typhoid ever. Usual Hallowe'en mischief 31.' Milo W. Halatead died, aged 72. \ NOVEMBER'. 1. . E. A. Cox acquires Central estanrant and hotel. John T. ward nd MhsRaymal Edwards married. 2. W. C. 'Dowell re-appointed .to Id position alt, Chester. 4. Mrs. Mary "Young died at hfl ast of city. .-...--• " -6. H.'D. Willard buys^atten boo took'." ''••'-'•}' .8' Albert Vtthcil Tfffla himself Cobden/ 10'. Mrs.-J. W- Grammar, an age resident; breakA hip in falling. 10-11.' School.council at normal. 13. Rev. „ John HJtiodes Reef died 7years old. \ . 14. Rev. Alexander\Keown died a Dencfalia. " • Y '] 17. Hugh Lauder's bigVbarn, with six horses and mules, burneo?,. 18. Bob Goodman and Lucy-Brooks married at Perry ville, Mo. v 20. 20. NewhosewagOn arrives, lirfty- second- weclding anniversary of Mr. andMrs.:D.Gilberc. s ..-.-.. 21. Ed Dickerman died~after shor Unfess. .---...,'' 22. Mrs.,J. H. Redden died at he:, lorre on >forth West street. E. K.. ?orter commissioned as treasurer for the S. I. N. U. . . 22-25. Farmer's Instutute and corn 23. Hereford cattle sale at Barker term west of city. Mrs. Mary L. Bowlby died in East:St. Louis.. 26-26. County teachers' meeting. 28. Jack Rendleman killed in Texas rail way >accident. . . 30. Thanksgiv-ng Day—everybody eats turkey. Rebekah .entertainment at opera., house. Kang.. Woodward, ocal negro character died. DECEMBER. 4. R.H.McClellan;baysR.L.Brantley E. congre- residence on -Car- grocery. , 5i New church for M. itatmn announced. 7.1 Mrs. McCarthy's BasP Oak street burned'. • S. Football event of the year bondage 21-P/&S.O. ty BaffJce.t'ball day at normal. 12 HenryV^illinger barn burned together with -several horses, cattle aD W. h °W.' A. Wing lodge, B. of R. T., installation and snpt er. 15. Mrs. Elvira f rey died at home of son, John Frey. 17. Jerry, the Ppotblack, died at Hampton killed at Sulli- 20*. Charles R. '.Trobaugh dies at farm home west of city., 21. J. M. Burkhart, Of Marion, named as one of normal trustees. 22. Sol Brawer's home burned. 23. Lonisiana.. hunting party returned returned home. 24', Jimes-'Coniier bnried in (me old city cemetery. • • 23. Christmas. General holiday m Carbdudale. . . .. 26. Eugene Jackson lands m jail on Hayes Bailey died in Arizona. Henry Kimmel dead at 28. Chas. F. Doyle and Miss Francis Scurlock married." ' • 29.-' Change in management of news privileges on I. C. 30.. Engagement of Frank M. Hewitt and Miss Winifred Harker an3 T U JohnT.Ci-ouch andMi^ Essie Byron married. • TfAMS^ANTED Teams wanted at once for wagon work at Herrin. *3,60 to »4.00 per day. ,, . _.. JAMES WABD, Contractor Carbondale and Herrin. NOW IS THE TIME. The fourth series of the Carbondale Loan and Improvement AssociaUon will'open' on Monday January 1st. 1908. Start your' savings on that day by subscribing for stock. Notice. Those having veal calves aud fat lambs for sale ate requested to. call on me before disposing of them. I will pay the very highest market prices. 'Phone on the Williamson county hay seed line. .„ .^3^^ IU. Subscribe-f .dale' Loan 'ami ;tion". New's '1906. MONEY. in the Carbon- sment; Associa- ;n January 1st.

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