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 - Weather Doesn't Halt the -March oj Dimes...
Weather Doesn't Halt the -March oj Dimes Movement help the 01' Man Winter couldn't keep i t h e March of Dimes from climb- i n g past tha 510,000 mark Friday. While rural workers were having d i f f i c u l t y contacting the farmers, early r e t u r n s are good, Charles E. Baird, jr., drive chairman said. "Three of the 108 district workers reported contributions in ex- cess of S100 each," Baird revealed. From a county old age pen- gorier Friday came a contribu- tion of SI to the March of Dimes and a letter. "I wish I could make it more. It is wonderful to help those who [can't h e l p themselves. People w o u l d do better in giving if one could point out to them we don't know- when or how the next poor child w i l l be the victim of this terrible disease," the letter said. The price of lamb chops soared in O a k l a n d , all for the March of Dimes. A baby lamb donated to the Oakland Auction company was auctioned s i times and brought j 577.60 to the March of Dimes, ' Auctioneer Roy Anderson report, ed. You can still join the March of Dimes. Mail y o u r contribution today to March of Dimes, Box 258, Council Bluffs. The f u n d . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terris Mr. ajid Mrs. B. W. Lee Hough Archie W. Campbell ....... George M, Brown Shirley L. Armstrong Mr?. Howard Osborne Thomas Quipley Herbert. N. Mare Mrs. A) La Mae Carson O t t o Bartels Harry K u b b y H. M. Lam e on L, M. Spence Mr and Mr. E A. A l l s t r a n d Mr. anil Mrs. K e n n e t h T u t t l e , Chn- C i i r i s t e n s e n II. Messcrsmith H e n r y Storienbpcker f n u n r Xielspn Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Prior ., G. H. Mills H a r r y Thomas Oscar Sorenten Sanda Sue M o u n t W. H. R i d d l e Madison School Dodpe Friendship Club of Doder Memorial C h u r c h .. U n i t e d C o m m e r c i a l Travelers of A m e r i c a T' 11, [ i p n i l e y \Vm. Melton , U'm. D. K h a d w i c k Mr? Pyh ia Domes Mr=. Dorothy Stuart H^sie S m j t h K m a r m e s Gladys M. G r e t z e r H. E. Tiarks , Raymond K n o l t Walter Kay Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Coker Mrs. Frank Kendall , Mr. and Mrs, Carl H o f f m a n Mrs. Frederick Schlatt Harold Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. 2.00 5 00 5 0') 6.UO 1 00 0 00 2.50 Kd^ard Hu,\iirc ........... Garner ~itit, j a c k e t s ....... Gene Barneu .............. Mrs. Clarence U'eils ........ Gentral Gram U K C No. 165 Lo\se and Son Dairy ...... Mr;,. Harry Lemk .......... I'hilip A. \\aile Juaa Keiser Geraldme Ollie Janice Zolck C. F. Hewitt Wm. K i'lank Martin Buehme Bill Schlott Kathleen Brunow Bermce M. Cox ... \era J. Ellsworth Scott 5.00 1.00 Jack, locheni -Mrs. Mar A. Lewis Ralph H. beck H. B. l^lorkee Mrs. Keid Zimmerman .... Hoy W. Mnith Mr. and MLS. \\ m, A. Brow U. J. Hemmmgsen Mr. M Mrs. A. M. Teny Mr. te. -Mrs. U. H. Hougn .Mri. Glenn Sealock .. W. H. CiaiUrbuck Emma M. Jensen Harry J. /fubbe Jacob Brombeift Mrs. L. K. Whelan Chns J. Tlsserat A. P. Brmholm Mrs. C. D. Kerr Flojd A. Drake I" BUS i j Schultz George Wesi Henrj K. Petersen RobeiL Damek Geo i). Cunningliam ..... J.. Ohntoflerfeon G. \V. Lobeck Mrs. George R. Voung .. Han.-en . Hansen H, E, Bollman L. F;. Ethington .1, W. Doner -Mr. Mrs. C. J. Windoin .. Arthur W. Driscoll John Sennett Elton Miller , 3-.60 Jurgens Rudolph, Jurffeti Mrs. Mane Miller Henry Boehm , Randall Stuhr , Mrs. Olive Heilman Louis Andersen Thomas Plunier , Herman Boehm , A l b e r t Boehm Ernest Boehm Milton tichoeninir Alfred Goes U. Miller Wm. F. Boehm ... Donald apetman . Orville Boehm John Wittland 15.UU Dennis Frohardt l.UO Walter Frohardt ,, iU Mathias Hemvinkel UU Henry Henwinkel , . , OU Herman Henwinkel Delef Bebensee . . . , . . . , . Clarence Grayblll l.uu Irwm Franke l.OU, John H. Young ., UU i Marvin Knickmoor Cliltord Campbell Herman Kranke Kenneth Batch L. O. Mahan A'irgil Mehan ...l u . u u August Henwinkel J . U D Lena Henwinkel Mrs. Chdrles Heitman 5.OU Arnim luung a.uij Herbery ioung IIJ.UL) Jnn Goodman ./ Everett Hennmgsen ........ Art I 1 ! ice A. H. .bonnes ". \\ ayne Howes L. s». Merryman Fred Witt M. D. Mordhom Lyle G. Larson Mildred Heck , iMrs. isabelle Pogge Mildred Hobus Mrs. A. F. Hobus Dale 1'orbt jii Giuce Do well UU Paul O. Ne\\e UU John Aita UU Mrs. V. J. Kenedy UU Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Laraen ,. 1.00 Jennie Bracker 5 . U U -Mr. Mrs. L. H. Case S.t'U Chas R. OhaCfee 3.UO Mrs. Claire M. Briggs 3.00 C. K. Stewart l . O U H. U. K rough 5,00 Steve's .Place 3.uo Harley Carley l.PO Airs, i-" R - ^ od ^ · 3.00 Meryc Hospital ,0 L. A. Diller 5.00 Convin Sperry Sons .... l . O U Ivan M. Olsen 5.00 | Albert E. Olsen 3.00 Mr. Mrs. L. B. Hollins ... 5.00 ! Mr. Sirs, Carl M. Johnson I j , ohn Kilkenney E. W. Burgstium Doris Perry Herman Schroder Clarence Dnscoll Herb .Nelson Les Thorp John Thompson Harry Hougli Parry Basch Hazel Dell School No. 3 Gilbert Belt Ella Williams Hans Hemmmgsen ...... 2.01) I.I.I! j IJU i Ilil jj 2.'HI 1.00 TOTAL $10,119.531 Mistakes Cyanide for Gargle SINGAPORE ^P--Sore t h r o You might try cyanide--but it's not advisable. But a man here who did lived to tell the talc. A bottle was delivered to door and a visitor in the house, mistaking it for the gargle he ( h a d ordered, seized the bottle. mixed about a tablespoon of its contents with some water and gargled. He was interrupted by a horrified host who snatched the bottle away, explaining it was cyanide ordered for developing his photographs. The gargler said he felt no effects. The city of Peiping, which means Northern Plain, received its name in 1928 after being called Peking (Northern Capital) during the many years it was headquarters of the Manchu dynasty. Richard Wagner was 17 years old when his lust owi.uiv \ performed, in a Leipzig theater.

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