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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS SCENE OF CRASH WHICH TOOK TWO LIVES NEAR BELLE RIVE MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1953 Hitched to wreckers to be towed away are these two badly Bmashed cars after a tragic bead-on collision last night near Belle Rive on U.S. Highway 460. The Rev, Franklin Wayne VIOLENT DEATH TOU AT LEAST 40 ILLINOIS Five Members of One Family Wipeji Out in Collision. Collision. Mi:Cuy, young rihawneetown preacher, and Melvin C. Martin, of Paducah. Ky. were fatally hurt and the minister's wife, Genevieve, and their little son. Larry, were geriously hurt. Mrs. McCoy and I^arry are patients at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. (Mary Jane Studio Photo) GREEK OFFICIAL IN U. S. FOR TALKS By Ai«a«UU4 Presi ErowninKs and highway deaths ran neck and neck during the hot Memorial Day weelc end in Illinois. The state's Toll of violent deaths reached at least 40, There were 22 traffic fatalities and 16 drownlngB. A man was shot to death as an "innocent bystander" wliile two others engaged In a gun battle and another man died in a tractor accident. Five members of a family were wiped out today when a car collided head on with a truck which then burst into flames and was destroyed at Margeno. Tlie only survivor In the car WHS the driver and head of the family, Lavernon Bauscher, 28, of Lena, 111., who state police said apparently fell asleep at the wheel. Dead were his wife, Doris Louise, 2{j, (heir daughters, Bonnie Bonnie Louise, 7, and .Tulle Ann, 3, and their sons, Michael John, 6, and David, 4. Earl LeRoy Poole, 39, Jack- fionvlUc, lU., was killed Surtday in a motorcycle mlihap near Springfield. Lester Joseph Middaugh, 37, Chicago, died in a two-car collision collision near Wheeling Sunday. A lO-tnonth -old baby, Myrtle ' Lorraine Brown of Chicago, died after falling out of a swerving • auto near .Toliot Saturday; Nine of the auto deaths were In the Chicago area, They were Wayne Johnson, 81; Rev. John J. Shean, 38; Maude Rice, 73; Aloysius M, Hetmanski, Hetmanski, 22; Mrs, Ellen Martinez, 56; George Pretsher, 70; Lester Hair, 55; Frank Fato, 68, and UTS. Elizabeth Mueller, 51, Kngro Gun Death Frazler Holt, 43-year-oId Negro, Negro, was killed in Champaign Saturday while, police said, two other men liad a gun battle In an argument over a woman. Two youths were drowned Sunday in separate outings in the St. Louis area. George Aubuchon, 17, of Pagedale Pagedale in suburban St. Louis, drowned In the Merrlmac river and Alonzo Hanklns, 19, Monsanto. Monsanto. Ill,, drowned In a Miss* isslppi river slough In Monro* county, 111. Joseph luaekcr, 29, of Belleville Belleville and his two-year-old daughter, daughter, Rose, drowned Saturday when a rowboat In which they were rowing capsized in the Kaskaskia river near Fayette- vllle. f 'y'S* Cmlddls). Greek minister of co-ordination wno ^ la the O. 8. for talks with President Blsenhower. confers In Washington Washington with Henry A. Byroade (right), assUtant aecretary of gUte. MdOreek Ambassador Athanase Q. PollUs. (International} SOUTH KOREA BARES TERMS OF ALLIED OFFER Oisciote India Was to Guard POWs; No Relcan For 34,000 In Hospital, Has Gunshot Wound SIAMESE TWINS BEFORE OPERATION MAUY OtUI (toft) wut Margaret Glbbg, 41-year-old Siamese twins, are shown in hospital to Boston before abdominal operation on Margaret, Margaret, which neeesMtated anestheUilng of Mary, too, because they art Joined at the tptne and have a single circulatory system. Nurse to Janet MacDonald. The twins, formerly in show business, operate a shop to Holyoke. Mas% (International SomdphotoJ DEATHS and FUNERALS Frank H. Kite Dies at Age 70 In Local Hospital Frank Henley Kite of 608 Park Avenue, a lifetime resident of this city, died at 7:15 p, m. Sunday in Good Sanwritan Hospital, where he had been a John Kohut, 85, Of Nason, Dies John Kohut, 85-yeav-nld resident resident of Nason, diet) at 2:15 a. in. today in Jefferson Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient since May 20. The body was taken lo Fry Funeral Home in Waltonvillo. Sy AttMiaM eran MUNSAN —A South Korean truce delegate's letter brought to light today several previously undisclosed details of the new United Nations proposal for solving solving the pri.soner deadlock and reaching an armistice in Korea. Tlie Allied plan—officially still secret — was submitted to the Communists at Panmunjom Monday. Monday. Some general provisions leaked out earlier this week and others were revealed today in a letter from the South Korean delegate, Maj. Con. Choi Duk Shin, to the senior Allied delegate, Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison. Based on Choi's letter, the additional additional details included: 1,—India, one of the five members members of the neutral nations commission, commission, which will take custody of prisoners unwilling to return to North Korea or Red China, will provide an "unknown" number number of troops to guard the prisoners. prisoners. 2.—The other four members of the commission a.s well as India each will piovide staff members and each will send at least 50 assistants. 3.---The Communist will be allowed to send — presumably from Red China and North Korea—at least 150 representatives representatives to South Korea to talk Willi the unwilling captives and give tliem "explanations" about returning home. Won't Kcieuse .SI,0<Ht I'.'arlier this week South Korean Korean sources disclosed these gen- oral iirovisions on the prisoner issue, all of them supported by Choi's letter: 1.—That the Allies no longer will insist that some 34,000 North Korean prisoners who do not want to go home be released in South Korea when an armistice armistice is .signed. The Allies advanced advanced this in a proixjsal May 13. 2,—That all prisoners refusing repatriation, some 14,500 Chinese Chinese as well as the North Koreans Koreans will be turned over to a five-nation neutral commis.sion made up of Poland, CJzechosld- vakia, Sweden, India and Switzerland, Switzerland, 3.—That the period of custody in the hands of the commission for the "explanations" will be 90 da.vs rather than the previous Allied proposal of 60 lays. 4.—That the fate of prisoners still refusing repatriation would be referred first to a post-armls- tico political conference and If still unsolved to the United Nations Nations General Assembly. 5.—Tliat a majority vote on the repatriation commission will decide all questions, thus eliminating eliminating the veto power by one John W. "Whitaker, 30, of near Woodlawn, is a patient in Good Samaritan Hospital today with a gunshot wound in the left chest which county officers said was self-inflicted. Whitaker was taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon. ROSEMANTS ELECTED TO HEAD OPTIMISTS (Continued from Page One) HOSPITAL NOTES winner of the national contest will receive a valuable scholarship. scholarship. The three-day convention at Hotel Emmerson, which began Friday afternoon and ended Sunday morning, was hailed as a huge success today by Amos Smith, president of the Mt. Vernon Vernon club and co-host of the event. Over 200 Optimists and their wives from two states attended the convention. BellevUle Next Vear Before the convention ended the delegates voted to hold next year's convention at Bellevilic, 111. Hightlights of the convention included an address by George O. Browne of Indianapolis, Jnd., past international Optimist president, president, and the Governor's Ball Saturday night at the Green Hills Country Club. Boys Work Progr«si» The entire theme of the convention convention here was built around the Optimist slogan—"Friend of the Boy." Jim Davis of East St. Louis, Boys Work director, reported on the great progress during the past year in activities by Optimist Optimist Clubs in the district in boys' activities. He reported that approximately approximately 5,000 boys took part in Optimist Optimist activities in the 32 cities comprising the district during 1952. The activities, ho said, included included baseball, Softball, bowling. Scout troops, swimming classes, oratorical work, public si>caking and many other enjoyable activities. activities. Beginning at the club level, over 75 boys took part in the oratorical contests, with 18 advancing advancing to the district finals. Director Davis outlined future work of Optimists in starting and directing bicycle safety clubs, designed to promote safety safety among young cyclists by teaching them the rules of the road and the laws of safety. A simitar club has been a success success in East St. Louis and will be tried in other cities in the district. GOOD S.\MARITAN Admitted; Mrs. Mae Ellis, Mrs. Orpha Gilbert; Master Charles David Price; Master Michael Ernest Kent; Master Harry Krueger; Aubrey Igo; Mrs. Nellie Nellie Williams; Ma.ster Bobby Lee Crumsley, Opdyke; Mrs. Oleta French; Mrs. Stella Garrison; JoJin W. Whitaker; .Mrs. Hope Watkins; Infant Vicki Lynn Moulno; Master Gary Lee Skinner; Skinner; Milton Grooms; Mrs. Hazel Quinn; Robert Schultz; Master Samuel Lee Hall; Master William William Carlisle; Miss Thelma Hughey; Mrs. Inez Martha Pigge; Mrs. Lucille Eileen Ricli- artls; Mrs. Eula Adee Rector. Discharged: Mrs. Doris Gangwer Gangwer and infant son, Matthew Morgan; Joseph Lloyd Tucker; Mrs. Ruth Atkinson; Mrs. Dorothy Dorothy Williams; Mrs. Freda Shurtij; Miss Barbara Ann Lee; Miss Shirley Ann Rubenacker; Morris Yost; Miss Sandra Kay Giiymon; Master, Michael Ray Guymon; Mrs. Hope Watkins; Mrs. Leota Ethel Curry and infant infant son, Bruce Cantrell; Mrs. Rogina Rapp and infant daughter, daughter, Constance Ann; Mrs. Alice Fredcrica Brown; Mrs. Cora Reel; Mrs. Joan Warfield; Master Master Charles David Price; Master Ronall Harry Krueger; Master Michael Ernest Kent; Mrs. Orea Lee Karnes and infant son, Raymond Raymond James, Jr.; Mrs. Retta Helena Estes and infant daughter, daughter, Mary Lynn; Mrs. Mae Ellis; Mrs. Lorotta Cook and infant daughter, Kathleen Jeanette; Fred Gaunt, Jr.; Master Bobby Lee CruiTi.sley; Charles Bruce; Mrs. Joyce Miller; Mrs. Olive Combs; Mrs. Nclie Williams. Deserter's Wife Saved From Ledge By Associated Press MLVMI, Fla. ~ The pretty IS-year-old wife of an army deserter was rescued from a narrow ledge on the 25th floor at the Dade county courthouse today after threatening "get my husband or I'll jump." Mrs. Sheila Mosso tumbled into the arms of shei-itf Thomas J. Kelly at 9:13 a. m. (CST), just three hours and 53 minutes after she was discovered sobbing and swaying in the wind on the one-foot wide ledge. She was brought inside the jail and then she fainted. BIRTHS JEFFERSON MEMORIAL .•Admitted: Ernest Rhynes, Ina; Mrs. Mary Woatherford, RED 2; Mrs. Doris Staukwych, RFD 5, Centralia; Paul Kreher, Dahlgren; Dahlgren; Vickie Diane Chase, Dahlgren; Dahlgren; Milton York; Rev. Guy Roney, Opdyke; Billy Joe Reininger; Reininger; Mrs. Mary Rogers, RFD 2, Woodlawn; Mrs. Doris Go- lightl.v, RFD 5; MVS. Gloria Hilliard; Hilliard; Mrs. Ora WiUis, Ewing; Melvin Cunningham Martin, Paducah, Paducah, Ky.; Harvey McCoy, Shawneotown; Mrs. Genevieve McCoy. Shawneotown. Discharged: Joe Bowling, McLeansboro; McLeansboro; .Mrs. Gerrude Andor-son; Andor-son; Murvell Kennedy, Tuscola, 111.; Gloason Harlow. RFD 5; Mrs. Anna Whisenliunt; W. G. Haney, Bluford: Mrs. Virginia Leniay; Mrs. Mary Albright; Tom Eswine: St. Louis; Andy Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Hilliard, Hilliard, Jr., 2505 Cherry street, are the parents of a son, Douglas Ray, who was born at 9:18 a. m Sunday in Jefferson Memorial Memorial Hospital. The new arrival weighs seven pounds 8% ounces. Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Smith, RFD 5, McLeansboro, have chosen chosen the name of Deborah Lynn, for their baby daughter who was born at 10:54 a. m. Sunday in Jefferson Memorial Hospital. The little girl weighs seven pounds and four ounces. The fathc of the new baby is serving in France vvith the Army. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kramer, Jr., No. 1 Rushton Drive, are announcing the birth of a daughter, Gail Frances, who arrived in Good Samaritan Hospital Hospital at 1:25 p. m. Saturday. The little girl weighed seven pounds and four ounces at birth. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Estes, PJ^D 5, Centralia, have chosen the name Mary I-,ynn for their baby daughter who was born in Good Samaritan Hospital at 1:20 a. ni. Saturday. Mary Lynn weighed seven pounds and two ounces. Thristy Thieves Stop to Refresh At Garment Co. Thirsty thieves broke into the Reznick Garment Co., east of the city, sometime during the Memorial Day holiday. Sheriff Roy Taylor said the thieves got into the building by prying a rear door xapen. They jimmied the Coca-Cola machine and got a few 'coins. Then, the sheriff said, tTie thiev es lingered long enough to re fresh themselves with soda pop. Airman Spraying Wheat Is Killed By Alloclattd Prtis VANDALIA, 111.—Rex Curtis, 33, Ashmore, 111., died Satur-day of injuries suffered Friday when his light plane crashed and burned near here. Curtis was spraying a wheat field for wroms when witnesses said the plane's wheels apparently apparently became entangled in the wheat. The plane landed on its wheels in the field but burst into flames. There was no explosion. He suffered third degree burns over most of his body. 2 Liquor Cases In Court Here Two illegal liquor sale cases were up in court here over the weekend. The colored American Legion Club 50, by it's manager, CHifton Earner, was fined $55.40 before Police Magistrate Allan Dulaney on a charge of illegal sale of alcoholic liquors after closing hours. Osie Jones, colored pleaded innocent innocent to a charge of illegal sale of liquor. He filled a $500 bond for appearance this afternoon. afternoon. To Warn Motorists Of Atomic Flash By AifMiaM Pmt LAS VEGAS, Nov.—The final atom blast of the Atomic Energy Commission's spring series has been postponed until before dawn Tuesday because of adverse adverse weather. It had been scheduled scheduled for this morning. For the first time, printed slips will be handed motorists advising advising them to park and look the other way during the detonation. CoronoHon Crowds Are Gathering (Continued from Page One) the 13 miles of sewers running under London's West End. The police are keeping a special special watch against any attempt at a demonstratkm by Scottish nationalists, who swiped the historic historic Stone of Scone from the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey in 1950. The stone later was found and brought back. Scottish nationalists have blown up a mailbox in Scotland bearing the Queen's new insignia, insignia, and in recent days have ripped down a number of coronation coronation decorations. And in Cooks town \'illage in Northern Ireland, coronation decorations were torn up Sunday, Sunday, apparently by Irish nationalists nationalists opposing the partition of Ireland. Police reinforcements were rushed i^ while workmen repaired the damage. But the weather was giving the coronation officials the mo.st worry. The latest forecast covering covering Coronation Day is for continuing continuing cool weather with "oc- ca.sional rain or showers but some sunny intervals." A full downpour would spoil much of the outdoor pageantry of the procession. j:OOTABLETB0m £QNiy79C !3 t Joseph ASPIRIN JOB OPPORTUNITY AT FISHER BODY GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. Sfomping Division of General Motors Corporation. INVESTIGATE NOW! SKILLED OR UNSKILLED WORKERS It pays to work for a successful company. If you are interested in a job with a future, please report at Fisher Body Division, St. Louis plant employment office, corner of Union and Natural Bridge, St. Louis, Mo. A representative will Interview applicants on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday — June 3-4-5 BICVCLE STOLEN Clifford Anderson, 1912 Perkins, Perkins, reported to police headquarters headquarters last night that a bicycle had lieen stolen out of the yard at his home. AIRPORT NEWS Jay Stone metz of Fairfield returned returned today from a trip to Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Clark Papin flew here from Peoria and spent the weekend. J. W. Lazzans flew from Louisville. Ky., to spend the weekend here. Earl Outland, M. J. Mitchell and George Ward returned Saturday Saturday evening from Corpus Christi, Texas. Exhibition buildings of historic historic Williamsburg, Va., are open every day of the year except Christmas Day. PERSONRLIZED PROPORTIONS KLEER-SHEER^^ HOSIERY

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