1901 Feb 16 Farmers Protest about the State School -- Springer, Harry

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1901 Feb 16 Farmers Protest about the State School -- Springer, Harry - CITIZENS OF ST. JOE. TOWNSHIP 8END COMPLAINT TO...
CITIZENS OF ST. JOE. TOWNSHIP 8END COMPLAINT TO GOV - ; ERNOR DURBIN And Incidentally object to Working Inmates ef the State School for Feeble Minded The Colonization of Degenerate Humanity Dl - cutttd A Communication That Is Sure to Call Forth Criticism. (Hpoclal to the Journal OaxettoJ INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. IS. Governor Dnrbln to - day received the following protest signed by from seventy to eighty farmers of St Joseph township, AU,en county ST. JOSKl'H TOWNSHIP. ALLEN COUNTY, January - M, 101, To Governor Durbln; Dear Hlr. - 4)n reading an actoun ot Mr, Johnson's desire to have the epl leptles remoxed from among the other Inmates of the Indiana School for Fee trio Minded Youth, i ne HaNe tome to the conclusion that soma1 one ought to put before the tax - pa) era and supporters of tbe Instltu lion the Impressions received as to the state of affairs obtaining there. Any one who has worked In a brickyard brickyard knows that the work la hard and trying lo even an a bio bodied man. What then must be the effect ot such woik on Voung melt who are not only mentally afllicteit but also In many Instances Instances ira t otherwise strong and able bodied. Is such work charity; Is the state of Indluna generous In furnishing work of such a nature - to epileptics and consumptives who fall In Ills and be tome physhnlly exhausted while doing It? Now it the farm ennetted with the Institution is such a paying affair and these iroaturea are self supporting, tfhy euih demand for great approprla tlonsf Does the stale keep an exper. meiitlng station or a practical farm I Has tl,e Slat of Indiana no persons' t) ho are possessors of enough practical common sense lo take nn occasional insight Into the workings of the Insti tution; or In there only one man who knows It all and does It all? When boards appointed by the governor governor ot this slate imt tho Institution do they spend thtlr time at - a banquet, utter announcing their coming through the press, or do they ever go around and Inspect the workings there'tyhsn the institution' H "not in holiday; el - tire? As all. Inmates of the Institution - are 'i f .. diseased either mentally or physically or both, ought not a doctor, who has bad at least ten ysars practice, be a member of the board of trustees? As farming, dairying and gardening are occupations of sorne of the inmates Of the Institution, Ought not a practical practical (ainer to be a member ot the boardt A the institution farm Is situated on both sides of a much used thoroughfare thoroughfare and Is surrounded by other farms. Is it right to keep these demented treutures scattered about where they may do damage to neighbors as they have done, depreciating property In the neighborhood and making It unsafe unsafe for children and uncomfortable, for mothers passing by, who must sub' Ject themselves to unpleasant atarlng, etc.i common td such beings? Why should thev he collected - fjaub. Comb, W. M. Smith. John English, Ed Qochher, D, Ellsworth, John Owens, Wm. S. Springer, 8. C. Itlcher, Henry Kby, Charles fc.by, Henry Kline, Henry Revert, Danlef Kby, IV J, Marror, kmanuel Yclsendnen Islsh Colraaru Walter Hobson. Abel Baldwin, Jacob E. Hobson, Henry Buhr, Samuel It, Davis, John II. Plerr, Will Bernlmf, John Kleser, Fred F, Salge, Ferdenand Balge, John Long. John O, Braun, a, Lv Hobson, George D. Fatten, Jose Hob. son, Peter Trier, H. d. BnowN, One community and scattered over an other? Can the state of Indiana not purchase purchase enough land In one plot to employ employ such as are able to work, and af ford pleasure grounds for the others, an that the publlo may bo spared the pain of foreer looking on degenerated humanity? AVe tall to see hoW good Judgment und sound sense can approe of collecting collecting the degenerated and imbecile women all over the state and colonis ing them on the same farm with young I men tnore depraved than themselves as proposed by Alexander Johnson and recommended by the late goernor. As taxpayers and residents of this localty we earnestly ''pray Ooverttor1 Durbln and the legislature to refrain from granting such appropriation be' fore inestigatlng the object of the Fort Wayne Commercial club committee committee In adocatlng such a project. And also Investigate If prexlous appropriations appropriations have been Judicially ex - icnded, We protest against such demented creatures being colonised among us. Harry Springer, Henry Bohde, Wm. Jlodenberg, Felix Khlnger, Wm, C. Bullermann, August Blum, Fred Blum, Christ Mx. Conrad Dlx, Christ Elx, Jr Scott Dlngman, Henry Guyer, - Wm. Iteming1, Henry Doming, P. J - Zimmerman, Zimmerman, II. J. Zimmerman, .James T. Craig. Charles Meyers, Jacob Bernar - dlft, Wm. O'Neal, John A. Meyers, II F. Bueshlng, Henry Blum, John Beck - stein, Jr., J. P. Hihlaudroff, Christ Hu - lermsnn, Louis Heldbrlnk, Win Ny - cuni, Aug. B, yerglns, Georgo Ueerkln. Chas Mengernon, J. W. Vlnlng, Wm. Beckett, Haney Parker, dward N. Parker, Abraham Parker, Mark Kby, James Parker, Julius C. Young, John M. Parker FfankrlleViardln. William Parker, Albert Tarker, T. II. Ashley, J, I,; AVm. Ei Newman, George H Parker, Henry Anthrup, Fred C Grle - bL F. J, Grlswold, James Munn, Henry McBratney, Frank Wilson, Kufus F. Kby, C. F, porter, J. 8. Dyers, Hiram Porter, Andrew J. Crtswell, Ed. N. Eby, P. 'Valdenelre, Frank, Barxen, Conrad Bernlng, Jdward Bsrnardln, C, W, nayhouser, J r.t Henry A, Wetsel, J, W Monnlnger, A. Wldner, T; U, Mo - WILL GRANT FRANCHISE. Huntington Council Will Aot Favor, ably on Southwestern Railway' " ' ""' Matte (Special fo tho Jourbal - Gaxotto,) HUNTINGTON, Ind., Feb. 18 The council met to - nlgbt In committee ti tbe whole and heard a propos'aVfrom Mr. W S. Iteed. of the Fof( WeynO and Southwestern Railway company, regarding the proposal to donate) land for a power station. About fifty bust' ness men were present and participated participated in the discussion. Mr, need' stated hla plans and what thd com - , pany proposed to do, and made aVery favorable Impression. No action was taken, but the sentiment was la favor of donating tbe land and guaranteeing enough money to sins; wells to Insure a water supply. Tho reconsideration ot the council a action upon the Iran' chlse will probably go no farther. It grew out of a fake report In a Wabash1 newspaper, regarding the alleged In' tentlon of the company to abandon the Warren line, upon the construction ot which the local franchise was conditioned. conditioned. The franchise Is now on third reading, and at the next regular council meeting will no doubt be passed unanimously. 1 SICK HEADACHE CARTER'S .TdftiTivaLV Cunva P(U. - . fri.dw akui awlfg. BlTTLE PUtreM from PJs llfrD P - i"1. Isotisstkra IVC.K sad Too Beany Esi - DI5. Ins. A ptrfsot rem - rlT tedy for DtaluMS, li)aBj - BjB iffsusea, PramUaea, asMsaaTsTl Imj raass Is lbs louth,Ootl Tongas, Psm laths Bkl. Tbsy rsrolaua!ms - dritrjoiistliai. ro tnsrram su eruae soa uruuwg mausr. VeysniaUsytolsksMpalanogritBg. puly Vsotsble. Bogar Ousted. Smsu Sin, sil Doss, hsu. Psiea, Uaware of Imitations ma Ask r CABTKfT awl m nm ge O.A - R - TCR - 'S. m immmmmamm jfl

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 16 Feb 1901, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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  • 1901 Feb 16 Farmers Protest about the State School -- Springer, Harry

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