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Wanamaker Store, NYT November 12, 1900
http://www.newspapers.com/image/#138|20333785 - THE ' NEW' YORK TIMES. MONDAY. NOVEMBEB 12....
THE ' NEW' YORK TIMES. MONDAY. NOVEMBEB 12. 1800. -i -i 3-'; 3-'; 3-'; l ; Ah EXHIBITION OF LINENS of a Higher Order of Elegance and Beauty thrv aa-e aa-e aa-e UsiaJly Shown DRESSES and Wrapj- Wrapj- S p 1 e n did Easy to account for ASS o r tmo n t S ! Saturday's splendid tmsi. to .-Kf .-Kf .-Kf . ness. Here u the best Trtce JietVJi too collection of women's garments that can be . brought together magnificent variety of the latest and best. Then the added interest of smartly reduced ; prices on lots that are blocking the way of newcomers. These special offerings to-day: to-day: to-day: Drum at $25, worth tip to $36. Dresses at $42. worth $6L Dresses si $30, worth np to $49. Dresses u SI3O, worth $187. . Dresses at $34, worth $51. Dresses at $1 75 , worth $225. ( Magnificenv varie y of Wrap of every sort all the foreign goods are now in. The latest, the best are all here; so is the needtime. This hint of the scope of : the showing: : 1 Short Jackets, $9 to $60. ' X or Automobile Coats, $18 to $9a Newmarket and Paletots, $20 to $240. . Veloar Jackets. $27.50 to $83. Velonr Capes, $48 to $130. : Cloth Capes, $ J to,$70. Golf Capes, $5.50 to $32. - Opera Cape sad Cloaks, $26 to $225. - second floor. Broadway. D r e s s.l nd i - A ncw 10t 01 Prettv oAr"riirr nelette sacques at a very little V r" T" "Price, SoUd colors light "S blue, pink and red;' fitted backs; full front; rolling collar with ribbon i neatly crocheted edges. Exception-. Exception-. Exception-. ally good values attHe price- price- 50c each. ' . aoai floors Veerta arenaeC- arenaeC- . ; ';- ';- - New Silk. . WAISTS Priced Much Vnder Value V Told of one lot of waists of same qualities and styles a ' few days ago. They're no longer ' here. Went even quicker ' than we expected. Fortunate la being able to 'repeat the offering. But there's a word of warning coupled with it they may last ho longer than their predecessors. All new best of late styles: ; v ; At $3.50 A lot of black taffeta waists. These are elaborately cord- cord- ed in front la fancy design; tbe back with diagonal dusters from . collar to waist-line; waist-line; waist-line; tha new bishop sleere and shirt caff; aU lined. If priced at a dollar mora they would still be reasonable. At $4.75 Of excellent taffeta, in these colorings fed, rose, violet, ' light blue, navy blue, purple and black; very neat carded effects front and back, and attractively trimmed with white and gold ; braid ha yoke effect; also at coUar or cuffs; new bishop steeres; shirt cuffs: all lined. EasilY worth S6. floor, Fourth avenue, i- i- Vttje tt r i o tt J F U R. S I s: ; Furs are fairly to be classified under the head of luxuries. They are, in that respect, like pianos or precious stones objects which are bought for a life-time, life-time, life-time, not merely to gratify a passing passing fancy. " They are less subject to changes of fashion than any other article of dress. Hence it behooves the intending purchaser of furs to spend both time and care la their selection, and to convince herself of their worthiness and lasting qualities. Add to this the natural inclination of the purchaser to pay, out of a given price, as little as possible for name and as much as necessary for quality, and you have the conditions which should govern the purchase of furs. Wanamaker's fulfills these conditions to t T..: The wintry twbtgc in the weather of late lends peculiar pertinence to these samaras, 'And the following hints of our stock aerre to illustrate - what is reedy here feHdiyt ... ' v At $4SI jacket el electric seal j colW and refers of bonded mink. , 1 At $50 Cost at electric seal: collar and deep rarer of natural -i -i bearer - '-'At '-'At '-'At S1 Jacket at .Wlrir seal nfla, and Ta af riy-ntHa. riy-ntHa. riy-ntHa. - At $S5 Short coat of plain Astrakhan. , At $65 Short Jacket of Astrakhan, with collar and men of mink. I! At $90Coat of plain Persian lamb; rich bright lustre, r . At $125 Coat of Persian Uixih, with collar and rerers of chinchilla. , Geneiae seal coats. London dyad skins; from $200 so $350. floor, Broadway. -' -' 1,1 111 tx: r .vaj The latest touch of grace, C O R S E T ;S ' h!ehcst perfection in the Vhe ? N O W J V- V- X " aigbt-front aigbt-front aigbt-front models StFAlKfit'PrAnfe " tht jht comes with this fPjrm'lr.U Corsets, la .style, shapeliness, comf orV they have no equals. 'Yet no imported corsets that approach them at all in style are obtainable at such prices as these. See these handsome new models to-day to-day to-day : ; $1JS Of tmSX and batbtet medium bust; short over hips; no side - steels; fate trimmed. V $4-50 $4-50 $4-50 Of counli low bust; dip sips; loaf 0rr abdomen; trimmed wettily with lace, ' . ; $6.75 0 eoutat bias sides) low bust; long over hips aadabdomea: " real waakboueV. -$10 -$10 Of cout3t vary low bust; rtremely long over hipe and abdomen; abdomen; bias aides: of whalebone. $1150 Of fin coutS ; whalebone; very long over hips and abde-1 abde-1 abde-1 . men? lone baatz iitisia ktaa kUm. Sam h. mki ia ! flour,, FourUi aTcnue. , ;'. W '"L - 1 " v, ' ' " S0" knitted aephyr, 'in light WtVrm blue. pink, sad and vtTorSxed graV, PETTICOATS caanatmg colon. ' 1 V Vf Various good grade of thesaatTSc to $2. Short ftaaaal prtfimata . a wide iwoutuum in both white and colors, the former ranging in prica from $JL50 to $20; th colozvxi. from $L75 te$3. - .. -- -- fceoad Ooor. Tburta, avBM. 1 :a: xv Formerly ' Stewart; a Co. T HE hostess whb takes a oride in havine exquisite table settings, and fine linens for the guest s chamber is id our mind in making to-day's to-day's to-day's elaborate display of Fine Linens. Thirteen different countries have contributed 'to the Wanamaker collection Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Saxony, Austria, Bohemia, Russia, Italy, Japan, Mexico. You propably know something of our splendid stocks of staple linens ; you know that nothing but pure flax is ever admitted here, at any price ; but you could not know what a magnificent collection of fine and extraordinary Linens is here, for we have never taken the pains to rightly show, them before. In fact our Linen Chief, himself, hadn't realized what a splendid gathering he had brought together, until he got the opportunity to see them arrayed side by side. Some of these pieces were planned for a year ago ; some two years ago how tedious and slow is the intricate beauty-work beauty-work beauty-work of some of these art-pieces art-pieces art-pieces I From widely divergent sources they have come. Now all are ready for inspection. A collection in scopi, in variety, in artistic merit and beauty, in originality and newness of effect, such as has probably n ;ver been exhibited before in New York City. The windows of the Broadway front hold part of the showing; cases along the Main Aisle and Rotunda continue it, and the Linen Store is especially decorated for the occasion. There is a linen,! edspread at $125 that is exquisitely drawn in several various stitches, in an elaborate design that surrounds the center; then the embroidering adds a sump nous effect It is a royal wedding gift. Another at $100. Many others for less. There are lifien t heets with the tops beautifully drawn, hemstitched and embroidered, with pillow shams to match ; also cases for the third pillow, which adds so muc h effect as well as comfort to the bed. The fine German work mingles with the heavier, but not less beautiful, Irish em-broidery. em-broidery. em-broidery. An elaborate v iriety of these most elegant bed linens. Tbe Towels have been gathered lavishly. Leave out the staple sorts on which this store is so weQ known; and look to-day to-day to-day at the fine towels only. Beginning with the plain but fine and lustrous towels at a dollar each, notice the prodigal variety of patterns; up through the dainty to the elaborate embroiderings in color. Turning to the Table Linens here is napery to give regal setting to the table of a king. There are fine white lustrous cloths edged with Renaissance lace the new st departure in table beauty. Some are worked with wide Renaissance lace that runs deep into the cloth. Exquisite 1 There are scores of fine cloths, -onhemmed. -onhemmed. Fine as linen threads can be spun ; tight as the looms can weave them ; with figuring lustrous as polished silver, on a grotu id of satin damask. And there is magnificent variety in the designs. The new and striking effects that were made especially for Wanamaker's not to pe found elsewhere. Napkins follow he table cloths same patterns; same profusion. Lunch Cloths at d Breakfast Cloths show some elaborate color effects. Broche borders, and some aUover effects. Russian and Hungarian embroidery. Then the stores of lace-trimmed lace-trimmed lace-trimmed effects. The scarfs, the covers, the doilies the story would make a book, and this mere synopsis must end here. This exhibition is momentous because it offers linens that are radically new in effect, to those tasteful and ambitious housekeepers who are anxious to give new beauty to their tables, sideboards, beds and bedroom furnishings. It is a new and broadened view of the magnificent Linen Store that holds such a preadth of practical and beautiful linens in such a small space at the Fourth avenue side of the store. A New "Basement Departure T5he UNDER.-PRICE UNDER.-PRICE UNDER.-PRICE SI ORE We open this morning a great Economy Bazar in the basement, where are gathered all sorts of merchaniise that are marked below their real worth. This means special lots of goods bought to sell unc er-price, er-price, er-price, and goods reduced from our regular stocks. Everything offered is good, worthy merchandi ;e; but every piece or yard of goods shown there is worth more money than you pay for it. Some of the lots will sell out in a day some more quickly ; some may last two or three days. New goods will cc nstantly be added. There shall be intense interest in the Under-Price Under-Price Under-Price Store every day for people who like to get more than their money's worth. To-day':' To-day':' To-day':' offerings are told of below : 5,000 Yards of 50c Plaids at 28c a Yard Camd's-hair Camd's-hair Camd's-hair Cloth Plaids. Fabcr Cneviot. Plaids and Cloth Plaids bright new goods, made tor this present season, njade to sell at fifty cents. Large variety of patterns. 28c a yd. Various Handsome I -amps -amps at Half Regular Prices These Lamps are aU m the n west ahapaa aqnat, low. half high and extra high. Some half gut trim mines soma wi h brass trimmings, gold plated. All are decorated beautifully in floral de&igns, in light or dark grounds, all complete with 10-in 10-in 10-in 11-in., 11-in., 11-in., or 12-in. 12-in. 12-in. lobea. $2.50 for the r-gular r-gular r-gular $4 kind; $150 for those that asuaHv sell for $6: $5 for 10 and 512. valaeaq $7 50 for lamps worth $15 and $18. Over a Thousand Si k Remnants at Half Price In almost every wear and a loring, and in numerous desirable designs. There's been vast aOk sailing here, and it urombes to continue. These little ends axe la the way no time farthemia tbsj Kommh , Sent to the base meat and marked half price. Some piece-goods piece-goods piece-goods with thane, too. th it are priced much below the market. Many a pretty end of aOk here. cspcaaHy attra rtiva in this season of fancy work, at a trifling price. And silks suitable foe so 'many pur ways lauiini all. Bargains In Men's a id Women's Umbrellas Yon may choose "bom men and women from two grades of ambrellas, and from an ex-eeUenC ex-eeUenC ex-eeUenC assortment of hWndtee in each groan. The first competes women's 26-inch 26-inch 26-inch Umbrellas rf good Unite taffeta, with bora. Dresden and nateral wood handlea, aflver-triarmed; aflver-triarmed; aflver-triarmed; a4 aoca'a Z l-iach. l-iach. l-iach. aU with natural wood handles. These are $1.25 now. and easily warn $2 e ch. The other lot contains 26-inch 26-inch 26-inch aO-cOk aO-cOk aO-cOk and Union taffeta U?b?15 fe wona; assorted fancy handles. And 28-inch 28-inch 28-inch extra fine Union taffeta and all-eSk all-eSk all-eSk Umbrellas Eor men. Choice of these at $2.50. though $3.75 would bo a moderate price. 7,000 Dttfght Anchor Sheets Under-Price Under-Price Under-Price First quality, new mad perfec ; in two most popular atzes of Qua pVviH abeetiagi 81 x laches at 55c, Instead of 65c OA w Ol tttritmm m AV luiuil aA Even ear Tegular prices are rarely matched m genuine Dxigbt Ancber Muslia. rd to a Half Off bcettay ccorated bright sad showy. Various styles of plates. Fancy , China A Th French and Aaatdaa wares " !P and sancers, and other fancy pkcesi , 7c aad $1 kinds at 50c f Oc klads at 25e 1,160 Pairs of WonWs Shoes at 7sc Hrwt mb smd mart. Of black kidsUa, tattooed aad laoed: sizes nearly complete. saca excellent shoes at 75c should bring tea thousand wootea bare thai morning. They wu Acer at sou ia a jety. . Felt Slippers, at 35c a pair Lamb's-wool Lamb's-wool Lamb's-wool Solas, at 15c a pair Womoa : Women's Veerta avesme aid. 3,000 Yards of $1 Striped Homespuns at 40c a Yard Handsome goods, 50 inches wide; of weU-scoared weU-scoared weU-scoared wool made to sell at a dollar a yard; cos less than half price; and one of the moat popular fabrics of the season. Plated Silverware About Half Price Quadruple-plated Quadruple-plated Quadruple-plated Hollow-ware Hollow-ware Hollow-ware ia handsome designs t Individual Soap Tureens and plates, $2.50 each. Individual Batter Piates, $150 dos. Batter Dishes, $2 each. Tea Pots, $X25 each. Coffee Pots, $230 each. Baking Dishes, $4 each. Candlertickt, $1.75 each. Caps, 50c and 75c each. Sugars, $1.25 each. Creamers, $L2S each. Waiters, $1.25 each. Kettles, $4J0 each. Ice Pitchers, $5 each. Soap Tureens, $5 each. Syrup Pitcher sad PiSte, $L90 each. Triple Plated Dessert and Medium Knives, $2,25 dozen. Extra Plated Forks and Spoons, genome Rogers' make Tea Spoons, $1.10 dosea; Dessert Spoons, $2 dosea; Table Spoons, $2.20 dozen; Dessert Forks, $2 dozes; Medium Forks, $2.20 dosea. Extra Plated Fancy Table- Table- Ware, genuine Rogers' After-dinner After-dinner After-dinner Coffee Spoons, 75c decent Oyster Forks, $1 dosea; Soap Ladles, $1 each; Gravy Ladles, 45c each; Oyster Ladles, 75c and 8Se each; Cream Ladles, 3Sc each; Fish Knives, Sfe each; Berry Spoons. 50c and 60c eacht Pie Knives, 50c aad 65c each; Batter Kama, 20c each ; Sugar Spoons, 20c each; Preterre Spoons, 40c each) Children Sets, 3 pieces, 50c set Tapestry Squares at 50c One for a small table cover, two for a piQow cover. Very effective; and a splendid value. Corded Taffeta Ribbons at 10c a Yard 4,500 yards of these bright new ribbons. 3 inches wide; ia solid colors, or with cords of white oa colors. All silk. A remarkable offering. White Lawn Aprons Half Price Some with embroidery insertion, others edged with embroidery some plaited t some with bibs and bretelles; some entirely plain. " 50c kinds at 25c $1 kinds at 50c . Women's Handkerchiefs for Little N etJ? ood kow iJ?"t10 k bow well they serve for every-If every-If every-If perfect they would be 25c and 50c " Scarfs and Pillow Shams Under price Spschte .decorations on scsrfs. 20x36, 20x45 and t0xS4 laches; Pillow Shsmi, 32x32 In. Values $1 p to $2.50; bow at 75c each Straw Mattings Under Price We Import tremeadoos quantities of Mattings tad Ao-aay Ao-aay Ao-aay an ooertag or, zoer haodred soils at $15 MatUats at $10 $12 Mattlajs at IS to sen certain lets quickly at times; S10 Jrlattlag at SfcJO $3 Mattlari t $4 JOHN WABJAMAKE.R Jttil Fine Parlor FURNITURE At a. sixvlritf of One-1htrd One-1htrd One-1htrd aad tofas. The esre We hare been fortunate enough to secure a remarkably remarkably choice collection of odd pieces of Parlor Furniture from one of the best manufacturers. manufacturers. It contains ninety pieces, arm chairs, wall chairs group is handsome in design, solid in constrsction, bright, and fresh from the factory. The frames are !a mahogany finish, some are of solid mahogany; the cor e rings are of rich damask or tapestry ia newest designs. But the best part of it is the price- price- it averages one-third one-third one-third below the real value of the furniture. That means three of the pieces for what two would cost you ordinarily ordinarily and you will find the extra piece too attract! ro to be scorned. A word of description : r Wall Chairs $10. from $141 la da $10, from $15 hi damask $12, front $1S la damask $14, from $20 4 la tapestry $7, from $114 ia dirnatk tS, from $12,50 4 in tapestry S, from $132 ia tapestry $9, from $14 4 m tapestry Arm wnsirs $12. from $184 ia tapestry $15, from $204 ia damask " $12.50, from $18.50 2 ia damask $25, from $401 ta damaak $30, from $401 ia rekmr Sofas $20, from $301 ia damaak $30, from $531 la tapestry $20, from $301 ia tapestry $40, from $602 m t stoat $20, from $301 ia tapestry $40, from $601 la tapestry $33, from $48 1 ia Tetoor $45, from $651 ta tapestry Corner Chair $18, from $26 2 ia veloar. Parlor Suites $40, from $604 three-piece three-piece three-piece saitest each one ia different stylo aad corning. fourth flees. OoTv China Store is a plant CHINA t.nd of five-fold five-fold five-fold growth- growth- each branch GLASS A a healthy and vigorous offshoot Cinouefoil f from the parent stem. Each a VV J, I V of the five is represented in this AITracilOXlS group of offerings; and each offering, while ia itself of especial and timely interest to housekeepers, is but a type of many others of the same nature and equal attractiveness. attractiveness. Our vast resources and constant watchful" ness render this collection of China and Glassware with out its superior anywhere. In evidence whereof we adduce adduce the following: Rich Cot Glass One hundred aad flftyaU bowls S-laeh: S-laeh: S-laeh: ta Bra rieh. deafly eat easterns; easterns; resale S3 raisea. SXSO eeeh. Dinner Sets Of American poreahUn; haadsoiae floral deeoraUeaa; aU ateeee ftltt featooa hape. One hundred ptaoaa. Uwlodtne aae teriaa aed S Ursa plattara. Many here been sold M gl4; tesa a reseler gat value. New $10 a eat. Fancy China Twenty-nlna Twenty-nlna Twenty-nlna TarisUve af Plates ta ?TenoB and Anetrlea china; sal richly dacoratad In flowcra aad fold, la braad-aad-bettar, braad-aad-bettar, braad-aad-bettar, braad-aad-bettar, braad-aad-bettar, tae and breakfast alzaa; recelarty wavtk M a Soaaav AX SSa aacb. Tea Cups, Aftar-dlnnar Aftar-dlnnar Aftar-dlnnar Coffee Cupe and Baaura, aad MaMsiaebe Caps and Baecera, eaoatiy ta FT each, aseae ta Aaatitaw ebtaaf beauuruiiy decorated, aad wcrta doable to days ; Bric-a-orac Bric-a-orac Bric-a-orac Bric-a-orac Bric-a-orac Austrian Ware In fine Worcester effaeta, a eaat TartetT ta from: beaeUful eooda. 00a. TSo. fxSe, StJO and SXIS eae uomescic uiass 1.SOO dosena of TMa Blown Table Taaablera; atz pettarea: reernlarr fi ana ai.sa ooasn. vue This astonishing sale of Continuing the Men's Colored Shirts is still SeJe of Shirts going on. Thousands of At 75c them have found fortunate wearers by this time, but the ranks are still full" dot ens of patterns, in every wearable color, to choose) from and an unbroken line of sizes. The shirts are of madras and percale, with hand-laundered, hand-laundered, hand-laundered, stiff bosoms, cuffs either detached or attached, and splendidly made. ' la fact, it is only the magnitude of the transaction by which they came to us. that makes it possible for full tW $L25 and $1.50 values, to be sold, as they are today, today, at Seventy-five Seventy-five Seventy-five Cents Each Mea'a FinUlilim Xlnth afreet " ' The little one, mast t be kept snag Bcvbies' ShOft ana warm m the blaatenng wmter , . M , weather. Their outdoor wraps ahoatd be COATS" COST aad soft Nowhere can their needs i - - .. v tli. . .k. mTTmvm ef anon aoSDL V9 vcuks lavnA men isvae. m wM.r-sJ wM.r-sJ wM.r-sJ - - - ' for Ufate from 6 months to 2 ycon, in Bodtad cord, ciiliatwi Ik SaUOUVWBf VeUaoUa WUVa Wawajasl usasr ssa,asaw a) At $2.25 Of Bedford cordi roaad coUas, with deep raJCej trimmed At $3--Of $3--Of $3--Of $3--Of ederdowa, iaoiakaad blaei large ooOar trimmed wli eseaUa llWnfll saw. eaAaeW At $5 Of cashmere; collar sad deep raffle trimmed with braid. At $7.50 Of Bedford cord, m nmk. bhw aad cream; deep capo trimmed with 3 rows ef wide satin ribboa so match, Odter styles ap to $50. geooad fleer, rearth i Trnag(helest three weeks we haee More oV th sold over 10.000 yards of these Dopalar this siisirw'a naids ell we coeM get at AU-WOOl AU-WOOl AU-WOOl VIOUl tbe time et about half their valae. How ne . -XTreV -XTreV we hare three thoomnd yards more, ia- ia- trlSdCLS CLt J a C clading some af the former onaHty, bat ' t ' also some of stiQ better grades, which hare been sold at 75 aad S5o a yard. They are all ia freih. bright color combmsfioasi saaas hs attracflee desifss ia camei's-halT camei's-halT camei's-halT oa olala doa eroaad. soma ia cajaors-asir cajaors-asir cajaors-asir ctota plaids oa mixed groaad, others ia cheric plsidsj m afl, ahoat 20 1 40 aad 44 inches wide, at - 37Kc a Yard Botanda, faelnc BroadTsy. ; , Broadwevy, Fourth Avenue. Ninth and Tenth Streets. V

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