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HiC. .Mlr 4 nlrp.l. I rrr-r rrr-r rrr-r llrmoatMrattna 4 jt Its-lay Its-lay Its-lay nitat-rd. nitat-rd. nitat-rd. I .'titrtialitl Hert Ins. WINNIPEG. CANADA. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1909. DARING AVIATORS MAKE RECORDS IN CONQUEST OF AIR Latham and Keidel Crash Badly Bruised Interesting Flights Made by Contestants-BIon Contestants-BIon Contestants-BIon Wins Cup. VARIOUS SPEEDS OF AVIATORS ('(.utistiiul. Miles. Yards. Minutes. Kou-iur Kou-iur Kou-iur -"Mi -"Mi .... 32 i;iou '22 lo: :i0 l-'.iiniiiiii l-'.iiniiiiii l-'.iiniiiiii IT1 ' .... 2'i l'aul llan 17i - .... -26 -26 Soiumer ..: 11 1-75 1-75 1-75 23'n Paul llan later exm-ded exm-ded exm-ded tliis speed by travelling i'or some, distance at the rate of a mile a minute- minute- Blackpool, F.ngland, Oct. 19. Hubert allium, the aviator, today crashed to ground at the aviation meet tield , smashing his aeroplane. He was lily bruised. The accident oc- oc- arr. (1 before an immense crowd and i tlio moment there was dani el- el- of a . inic. Latham, however, extricated imself from the ruins, and waved his and at the spectators. Latham was aking high speed when lie fell. lie id covered a mile wlu-n wlu-n wlu-n suddenly the in bine pitched forward, wheeled ildly for a moment and then struck ie ground. The left wine was broken ad the propeller badly twisted. Meetings in Full Swing. London, Oct. lit. Two English avia- avia- iii meetings are now in full swing, ontrarv to expectations, the Rlack- Rlack- ool aviation ground was ready, nnd lie following speeds were achieved: M. Falrman, 17 miles In 23 minutes; I. Itotigler, miles In 32 minutes; 1. I'aullium, 17 miles in 26 minutes. At Uonraster the Bradford cup and i ize of $200 were won by M. LeHlon, I. Summer taking the second prize, I no. M. Lelilon covered 22 miles and i.'i yards In 30 minutes, ami M. Soin-ier Soin-ier Soin-ier 14 miles and 1,-73 1,-73 1,-73 yards in 2i linutc-s. linutc-s. linutc-s. Wins Bradford Cup. Iioncaster, Kng., Oct. 19 In the viatioii contests here today, M. Hlon, riving n lileriot monoplane, won th-i th-i th-i '.rail ford cup uud a prize of 5-00 5-00 5-00 lor to Ground Former J 1 the fastest time in ten circuits of the course. Keidel Capsizes. Potsdam, Germany, Oct. 19. Ma chinist Keidel undertook a tml III (I ., Wilbur Wright machine n. H im Kte(j commons today and capsized whim at a height of 30 feet. The iiim-chlne iiim-chlne iiim-chlne was badly broken, but Keidel was not seriously Injured. Hasty Descent. College Park. Oct. 19. The sudden failure of a magneto caused Wilbur Wright to make a quick descent this morning while making a flight with Lieut. Lahm. The machine was undamaged. undamaged. Godfrey Takes a Tumble. Juvisy. Oct. 19. Aviator Godfred fell with bis aeroplane today. His machine machine waH smashed, but the aviator was uninjured. Mile a Minute. Blackpool, Eng., Oct. 19 At the aviation aviation meet here today Paul Han made u magnificent speed flight, covering lifteen miles at a high rate of speed, At times he reached a mile a minute. A great crowu watching the manoeuvres manoeuvres gave him an ovation. Is Improving. I-ondon. I-ondon. I-ondon. Oct. 19. Hall Caine, the author, who was seized with an attack attack of heart trouble Thursday night. Is reported as improving. GAL1CIAN GETS NINE MONTHS It Was the Altennath ot a N eliding to W liich the 1'risouer Was iot Invited. BUAKDIXtl HOUSE WOES MiniK'apulis I'liauii'tT Charged With Wife lk'sei-titm lk'sei-titm lk'sei-titm is Ke-niamled Ke-niamled Ke-niamled lur a Kay Other Cases. ! Nine moths in the provincial Jail was the sentence handed out tooay by Police .Magistrate Daly to Thomas Usl-afij, Usl-afij, Usl-afij, a Gailcian who generally broke up the festivities at a wetldlng of one of his countrymen. It all happened Sunday night in a hall at the corner of btella and McGregor. McGregor. There was music, dancing and the ushual Quantity of beer which generally generally figures up to a keg for each guest. However, the guests do not drink a keg of beer apiece, for there are inevitably a number of uninvited guests who are generally the cause of the disturbance. Ostafij was drunk, and told the magistrate magistrate that much, but further he knew nothing. However, a number oi witnesses witnesses testified that OatafiJ hit Steve Sawula with a chair, but he looked as though a traction engine had been over his head. What OstaiiJ hit Sawula far was not made quite clear, for at the time of the assault Sawula was talking to "a girl and a lady" he told the court. In passing sentence the magistrate pointed out to OstafiJ that lie was Ila- Ila- ble to three yearB in the penitentiary, but would look leniently on his case and let him off with nine months in the provincial jail. Incidentally, he repealed repealed his remarks made on several previous occasions to the effect that he is determined to put an end to the fracasea which make these Gailcian weddings fly with blood. Harry Greenberg is a chauffer by trade, and some three months ago he came up from Minneapolis, bringing with him a young woman, while he left his wife unprovided for In the Flour Clty. Yesterday he was arrested on a charge of vagrancy, and when he appeared appeared In court today was surprised to find his wife with a baby In her arms. facing him in the witness box. He was remanded until tomorrow in order that the police may look further Into his record. Four cases ended In fines of J-0 J-0 J-0 and VICE-REGAL VICE-REGAL VICE-REGAL PROGRAMME. 4 A reception ill be held thin afternoon at 4.30 o'clock by their excellencies at (?" eminent eminent house. His excellency leaves this evening at 10.40 o'clock for the east, her excellency leaving tomorrow tomorrow morninjj at 8 o'clock. ELECTION DAI DRAWING iNEAU iSeven Aldermen, Four Con trollers and Mayor Will be Elected. With election day less than two months off, interest Is beginning to be shown in the apporachuig municipal campaign, and although no definite announcements announcements have as yet been made, a number of men are preparing to enter enter the fray. According to the charter of the city, election day falls on the second Tuesday Tuesday In December, which is December 14 this year. Nomination day is a week earlier, on December 7. All of the controllers will have to seek re-election re-election re-election and one alderman in each ward. The aldermen who retire are: Ward 1 Alderman Adams. Ward 2 Alderman Fowler. Ward 3 Alderman Riley. Ward 4 Alderman Douglas. Ward 6 Alderman Willoughby. Ward 6 Alderman Cox. Ward 7 Alderman Midwinter. rham haa lutfin till tAllt US vet of AIIV candidate to oppose Mayor Evans. It Is understood that His Worship will again offer his services to the city. Ten Line Talks G. F. Somcrs. president Sterling Bank "The Sterling Bank will locate a branch in Winnipeg. This will be its first branch in Western Canada. I am not able to state definitely when or where our bank will be opened. I mav sav that within a year wc shall be doing business here, probably much sooner. It Is likely that I shall be able to make an announcement In a few days." London: "I MASS OX World's Fair Call Citizens Who EMPHATIC Nelson Hoard More Tribute To The adjourned tennial committee noon today in the Hugh Sutherland After the transacted a from the Nelson enclosing a copy follows: "Moved by S. by J. L. Buchan, of trade heartily holding a exposition in desire to express an exhibition of the Dominion to the able proposed plans are believe that It will beneficial." Letter The draft of government of approved. It taken by the as regards provinces and plainly why the fair . The secretary, Roland, read a letter that has the six hundred Canada. So far of trade have favor of the and It is hoped this will bring the centennial Dominion. It Winnipeg board cn-dorsation to the forwarded Will It was resolved delegation to proceed government of without delay.

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