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NY Times 11-3-1858 section pg 8 - eagera Arrived. 7a steawixkin Fttltmn, from...
eagera Arrived. 7a steawixkin Fttltmn, from Hamr Mrs. Lohmana Mrs. :. Marlette. Miss Kllaa Mlchot. Miss Vtnavri. Mrs. Vinar. Miss Roll in, Fanny Bahnheisa, Mrs. Iterator and daughter. Mr. F. Merwin. 6. Inconomin, J. Kahn, Mr. Jalabot, Mr. Burger, If r. Frilelliere, Mrs. B. del Farrier Farrier and daughter, Miss A. C. Cyrmann, Mist Sckiel, Miss C. PeickArt. Miss Roenoa, Miss Berger. Mr. Gara-balde Gara-balde Gara-balde snd boy, Jean Papi, A. Rosse, Jean Jung, Jean fiuth, Lenis Weye, Jose Kalun. F. Htrelieg. Ana. Bock-hardt, Bock-hardt, Bock-hardt, A. Him. Jacob Striker, Max Hh-n. Hh-n. Hh-n. CarlHirn, P. H. Heinrich. Miss R. Meyer. Miss U tiraf. Mirs V. Ster-lelg. Ster-lelg. Ster-lelg. Miss R. Wolf. Miss C. Nevmann, Miss E. Curlin, Mrs. GsrahsMl. Mrs. Notter and child. Miss J. Lang, Miss B. Laos-, Laos-, Laos-, Miss Rothfelder. Miss A. Heine, Mrs. Roc co and eausrhter, Mr. 6. Mare, Mr. Lang. Lr. Brunar, Cbas. Caillier, Geo. Winkler. Mr. Legras. Mr. Rothfelder. Rothfelder. Mr. Bohl. Mr. Makers and servant, Mrs. Ghor, H. Panlin.J. M.Bauer, F. Desheler, G. Row, Mr. Gallo, Mr. Vattnone, Mr. Vascio, Mr. Stagnarn. Mr. faushnor, Mr. Lmsik), Mr. Oajtery, Mr. Ferrant. J. P. Ferrant, B. Papi. Mr. Peyrefile, Messrs. Faon t, Faivre, Baron gaden, Hocheetter, Hlrscta, A. L. de Laforest and lady, 3 ciiil-dren ciiil-dren ciiil-dren and governess, 8. Breton, Mr. Crestin, Mr. and Mr. Morse, daughter and child, Mr. and Mrs. 8tryker. J. 8. M. McCall. J. V. Clay, Mr. Usereau, Misses A. and P. Pelney, Mr. llonod, J. C. Bates, A. C. Porter and lady, Hoflman, Mr. Colville. Ed. Mayer and family, servants, Mrs. Stasrt, Mis Rose Kennedy, Col. Hamilton. Mr. Potter, Mrs. J. Sheldon, Miss McCall, C. R. Coster, Mr. Putnam and lady, son, daughter and servant. Miss Alai-mo. Alai-mo. Alai-mo. Miss rarlamsgne, Mrs. Gardner, daaghter. child and servant. Charles Pepper and son, Mrs. Dnftlho and servant, servant, I.. Jeanet, Pargond, Miss Forbes, Mrs. Boudoin, Ssntos, Castsr, Ourtier, J. Biddle, Mrs. Laborde and daughter. Miss Paincott and companion, Messrs. Goodwin. Goodwin. Gardiner, Turner, Dr. Sim;on. Mhw Patterson, daughter and wrrast : Mr. Gerad, E. Cosnmcrlong, Capt. Smith. I spt. Wilcox, Miaes Lee (two.) Mrs. Lord. T Itcroix, J. Hopkins, Rev. Pelamanarques, Rev. Laurent, rha. A. Haell, S. K. Kuhinson, Lavutor. Gilpi, Raonlyx, Rev. P. Snieely, Mr. t'oiicns, Litort, Mr. Porter, inf.uit, ssrvsnt : Mrs. Marshall. Miss Dasen berry, Mrs. Ionise Abel and child. Miss Itcr, Miss C. V. r'inckney, W. V . Parker. lsT and servant ; Mr. Brahnev, Mr. Sallg. Miss Buckner, Mi.s Emelie de Angel.e, Mrs. W. Marshall, 2 children and servant ; Mr. Garcia, A. P. Francis, ka PbHps sad danrh'.er, Ede Escariasa,wifeand 2 children, G. W Forbes W. J. Forbes, Mr. Desaorter and lady, Mr. iiaseltlne. A. Vincent, Mr. De Ia Tala, Jas. Lal-landc, Lal-landc, Lal-landc, Mr. Tree and daughter, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Marsil-lln, Marsil-lln, Marsil-lln, P. Dor.Hli nd lady, Mrs. Psirer, A. llanemont and family. W. V. Parker and lady. Major Biddle, Mrs. Bid-die, Bid-die, Bid-die, Col. Porter and servant. Mrs C. A. L. AIdoux, Miss I inirofn. Miss C. D. Forbes, Mist A. L. Forbes, Miss Bunt, Mr. S-hcll S-hcll S-hcll and la.lf. Total. 291. in bark Ama-tdayroiH Ama-tdayroiH Ama-tdayroiH Havana Mr. Roman Castro.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 03 Nov 1858, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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