Edward abdicates - 1936 - New York

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Edward abdicates - 1936 - New York - i j | Simpson; Brother to Reign Big Empire as G...
i j | Simpson; Brother to Reign Big Empire as G e EDWARD MUST iSays Decision to Abdicate AWAITDIVORCE [ Fina i and Irrevocable; PROCEEDINGS; Signed in Own Hand LONDON 7P -- King Edward i must wait until April 27, 1937, to! marry Wallis Simpson, whose love i he weighed aga'inst a throne, un- j less a "general or .special order" making .her divorce absolute is! granted under the strict british law.; Abdication is not an immediate | solution of the bars against their j marriage. ! Mrs. Simpson's decree nisi of di-1 vorce from Ernest Aldrich Simp-1 son, the London broker and former \ guard officer whose wife she was i when she met and charmed the king, does not automatically become final until six months after j it was granted last Oct. 27. j For specific reasons -- not the i convenience or health of the appli- i cant -- the divorce may be made! absolute before the end of the six j months period but the reasons must be acceptable to both the trial! LONDON (AP) -- King Edward of England abdicated his ancient, mighty throne today. He will marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, as man, not monarch. Albert Frederick Arthur George, the tall 40-year-old Duke of York, will rule over the 495,000,000 subjects the greatest empire on the earth. He will reign as ; ' George VI. In "a message from His Majesty the King, signed his own hand" somber Stanley Baldwin, the kingdom's., first minister, announced the abdication to a House Commons in which tension and hysteria were breathing, living things. . . . . . . Baldwin prefaced the announcement by telling the.--.... members he had "a message from His Majesty tfie.r v " signed by. his own hand." * King Edward's words, in renounc-'' ~~ the British throne, read, were: the speaker ·myself'.and what has led up'to'the RETIRING KING EJJWAKD VIII Edward's Abdication Decision "I. Edward 8, of Great Britain.. Ireland and the British Dominion bevond the seas, King and Emperor, do hereby declare mv irrevocable determination to renounce the throne for myself and my descendants and my desire that effect should be given to this' instrument of abdication immediately. "In token whereof I have'hereunto set my hand this 10th day of December, 193G, in the presence of the witnesses whose signatures are subscribed. Signed. EDWARD R. I. "My execution of this instrument has been witnessed by my three brothers, their Royal Highnesses, the Duke of York, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent. "I deeply appreciate the spirit which has actuated the appeals which have been made to me to make a different decision and I have, before reaching my final decision, most fully pondered over them "But my mind is made up. Moreover further delay can not but be most injurious to the peoples whom I have cried to serve as Prince of Wales and as King and whose future happiness and prosperity are the constant wish of my heart. "I take my leave of them in the confident hope that the course which I have thought it right to follow is that which is best for the stability of the throne and Empire and happiness of my people. "I am deeply sensible of the consideration which they have alwavs extended to me both before and after my accession to the throne and which I know they will extend in full measure to my successor. "I am most anxious that there should be no delay of any kind in giving effect to the instrument which I have executed and that all necessary steps should be taken immediately to see that my lawful successor, His Royal Highness the Duke of York, should ascend to the throne." have the understanding 01 my peo-, goodbye O n Tuesday night at Port The formal wording of Section pies in the decision I have taken and Belvedere- we both knew and i 183 of the Supreme Court of Judi- | the reasons which have led me to and said to each . ot h er that .that ! cature (consolidation) Act of 1925,; take it. - .friendship, so far--from being im| providing for the action that would j ..j ^.jji not onter now into my pri-1 paired' by discussion this 1 permit the king and Mrs. Simpson, va , e t - c . e ij ngs but I would beg that.it- judge and the king's proctor. Under an act passed in 1925 ap- i "I have determined plication for a quick divorce may the throne. If "r " r ^fli? w£° sTXS " After 10nS and anXi ° US C ° nSider "! ^h'a Vr^dship whichlvalue a£i the first decision (it was Su John , , = I have dete nnined to renounce i j ^^ that he would agree with Anthony Hawke, at Ipswich . who | the throne to wh 'lch I succeeded on "^ · """* ' ' - ' - g - ' i-v**ri \-t+-r ft TV/T »r Oi t-»i»"\fnv* f c- rt1t?r\V/*ja I . . . . -- present · situation. to renounce!' "1 would like-to ,say\at the start · j that His Majesty as Prince of Wales j has honored me . for - many yeais granted Mrs. Simpson's divorce) and notice, at the same time, given the death of my father' and' I am now communicating this, my final i I* ^ e J^!:^TM! 1 ,^!? 111 , and irrevocable decision. to the acceleration of the decree, j No such request, it was stated' : authoritatively, j Mrs. Simpson. has been filed for "Realizing as I do the gravity of this step, I can only hope 'that I shall, when j bfigin me. in saying..to you that it was only a friendship but between and man a friendship of .perfection. .Friendship Xtoimpalred, 'T would like", io" Iteil the" "House id to wed immediately says: "Every decree for divorce or nullity of marriage shall, in the first instance, be a decree nisi, not to be made absolute until after the expiration of six months from the pronouncement thereof, unless the court, by general or special order, from time to time fixes a shorter time." should be remembered that the bur- dtn which constantly rests upon the shoulders of a sovereign is so heavy found us more closely together than it ever had and would. last for "Now, sor, the House will want know when it was that I had that it can only be borne in circum- j first interview with His Majesty. stances different from that which I ' "I felt doubly bound to speak, now find myself was mv dut - v as * conceived it, to am not over- ! tlie countr ' and my. duty to him, " Good Buying Power to place in the forefront, public in- 1 tens* when I declare that I am anxieties- the effect. of the conscious that I can no longer chs- I had two i charge this heavy task with efficien- ontinuance of criticism of the that at the time was proceeding the American press and the effect j j cy or with satisfaction to myself." IS AdVOCftteU lOUEV i Around the globe, through- s u n - j i t would have in the dominions i down and dawn, to those who bear j particularly, Canada, where it BUFFALO «) -- Adequate power for the masses was tociav bv Edward A. Filene. Eciton merchant and economist, as the safest check against another "more serious than the . - ,, ] allegiance to England's King flashed | widespread and the effect , j . . . 5! this message from their sovereign: [have i n this country. /tlS tlClVQCfttCCl · , · f . i ' "After long and anxious consider-j nrst, _ ation I have determined to renounce i "I remmdea him of what I the throne to which I succeeded on I often told him and his brothers noted the death of my father and I now final ] n s t"' """^ ·"-·"'"" · - i ^^ communicating this, my ' Iii an interview following an ad- j and irrevocable decision." d:ess at the University ol Buffalo j In that epochal moment of eight last night. Mr. Filene declared that centuries, the Commons, the people the years passed and that's this: "The crown in this country through centuries has been deprived of many of its prerogatives, but today, while that is true, it stands far more than it ever has! .done

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  • Edward abdicates - 1936 - New York

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