Hadassah in Silver Jubilee- 24 February 1937

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Hadassah in Silver Jubilee- 24 February 1937 - 4 Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1937 Esteem never makes...
4 Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1937 Esteem never makes ingrates Rochefoucauld. The Altoona Tribune Local Chapter To Join National Had assah In Silver Jubilee Celebration r . ... i Mrs. Henry Goldberger, President, Plans Program .' Joining with the hundreds of chapters of National Hadass&h in celebrating the Silver juDjiee anniversary anniversary of the founding of the Hebrew sisterhood, the Altoona Hadassah, Mrs. Henry R. Goldberger, Goldberger, president, is planning to participate in the national program. program. The Altoona chapter, founded here recently, has as its charter members the following: Mesdames Sally Bernstein, Nathan Brands, Jacob Brett, Sol Brett, Louis Burrows, Burrows, Paul Colbus, Harris Dem-bert. Dem-bert. Dem-bert. Rose Diamond, B. Friedland, Nathan Friedland, Charles Fur-man, Fur-man, Fur-man, Henry Goldberg, Jules Goldberg, Goldberg, Henry Goldberger, A. D. Goldstein, Annie Goodman, Harry Halpern, Pearl Halpern, Edgar Henderson, M. Henderson, J. Isaacson, Isaacson, Morris Karasek and Sara Xarasek. Mesdames George Kitter, A Klatzkin, Sidney Koch, Charles Kranich. Samuel Kranich, LeVoe, Louis Lenson, Morris Lenson, Jo- Jo- enh Levine. I. Marcus, Harry Mil' ler, Pincus Penner, E. L. Piatt, Fannie Ratowsky of Patton, Har ry Reese, Isadore Rosen, A. sacna L. T. Sax, Isaiah Scheeline, Leon Samuel, Clarence Schulman, Julius Sender. Joseph Sherman, Ellis atPin. Frank Titelman, Jules Keinberg and Walter Widter. The Hadassah was founded twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years ago by a group of 36 women who dedicated them selves to "the fostering of Jewish ducation in America and the promotion promotion of Jewish enterprises and institutions in Palestine." In conjunction with the observ ance of the Silver Jubilee will De national radio broadcasts spon-'iored spon-'iored spon-'iored by Hadassah. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt will participate in the Jubilee by broadcasting a message message from Washington on a program program to be heard nationally over NBS from 10:30 to 11 o'clock on "hursday night. Mrs. Edward Jacobs, Jacobs, national president will be master of ceremonies. Other Speakers will include. First Lieutenant Lieutenant Rae D. Landy of the United United States Army Nurses corps, speaking from her station in Manila Manila on the public health work she did in Palestine in 1913; Miss Bertha Landsman who organized the child welfare service in Palestine Palestine in 1921 and Mrs. Alexander Lamport membership chairman. ... Two additional radio programs earlier in the day will mark the anniversary. Mrs. Herbert H Lehman will contrast women of 1812 with their modern sisters in a talk from 3:45 to 4 o'clock over WOR. James G. McDonald, former former high commissioner for refugees from Germany, and Mrs. Felix M. Warburg will speak on the Columbia Columbia network from 6:15 to 6:30 o'clock. o'clock. National Hadassah is sponsoring a membership drive at the present present time, the totals to date reaching reaching 55,000 members exclusive of the new Altoona chapter. Hadassah has received support from such outstanding men as Supreme Supreme Court Justice Louis E. ' Brandeis, who established the first research stations under the direction direction of Hadassah in Palestine, Nathan Strauss, who financed the construction of two health centers and Baron Edmond de Rothchild who donated the first hospital, still in use. Among the activities of Hadassah Hadassah in Palestine is the new Rothchild Rothchild hospital and University center center in Jerusalem and clinics in connection, the Community hospital hospital at Haifa, medical services in "53 communities, various child welfare welfare and school luncheon programs, programs, the Straus Health centers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Six ' -Geggenheimer -Geggenheimer playgrounds, and other colonising programs. j A jpS i MRS. HENRY GOLDBERGER Modern Etiquette By WANDA GINGRICH Q. What rules govern, behavior on the street A. It seems odd that so many people who make a definite effort to be charming in their homes and to their friends and acquaintances, acquaintances, forget that public manners are entirely as important aj those they may reserve for private occasions. One has only to pass down the avenue to see people crowding past others to get into stores, brushing fellow pedestrians aside, and giving a fair imitation of a football player breaking through the line, jn their attempt to reach some important (to them) destina-ion, destina-ion, destina-ion, at which they will probably wait for minutes. It is decidedly not good taste to draw the attention of lie passers-by passers-by passers-by with loud laughter or conversation. It is really amas-Ing amas-Ing amas-Ing the amount of very private affairs one hears continually broadcast broadcast to the amusement or disgust of others. Rudeness or accident is treated as an every day affair, and the nicety of conventionalities, conventionalities, observed by a mere, "I'm sorry," sorry," is rarely seen. Any display of affection in public public is in decidedly poor taste. According According to Vogue, "a young man who holds a girl's arm too closely, who conducts too devoted and clearly sentimental conversation in a public spot, or puts his arm affectionately across the back of a theatre seat, is showing his feelings feelings not only to the girl, but to the whole world. Affection too clearly displayed in public Is as amusing to the onlookers as a heated quarrel would be and Just as bad manners." Altoona Woman Marks 71st Anniversary Mrs. Dora E. Skelly, widow of John A. Skelly and residing at 202 Walnut acenue, observed her 71st birthday yesterday. Mrs. Skelly is in excellent health and very active. Mrs. Skelly has been a resident of Altoona since 1902 and has resided resided at her present address for the last 32 years. She is an extensive traveler, having spent several winters winters in Florida and a summer on her son's ranch In Idaho. In addition to the longer trips, Mrs. Skelly also spends some time with a son in Washington, D. C, and with a daughter who resides in Harrisburg. Local Jewry To Celebrate Feast of Lots Frustration of an ancient attempt attempt to persecute the Jews will be marked by Jews locally and all over the world with the celebration celebration of the festival of Purim, the Feast of Lots, which begins at sundown this evening. In memory of deliverance from a tyrant's power, Purim will be observed observed with feasting and gaiety in the Temple Beth Israel, VRabbi Eugene E. Hlbshman; Agudath Achlm synagogue, Rabbi Henry R. Goldberger and Ohavei Yoaher synagogue, Rabbi Samuel Strauss. Rabbi Goldberger will be in charge of services . at Agudath Achim synagogue at 7:45 p. m. today. today. The Book of Esther will be the subject of the service. Thursday Thursday morning, service will start at 7 a. m. After this evening's service, service, the Sisterhood wil hold a Purim party. Temple Beth Israel will mark the celebration with a Purim circus this evening at 7 p. m. under the direction of Mrs. Harris Dembert Young people and members of the Sunday school will participate. Rabbi Samuel Strauss announces a special service will be held at 9:45 o'clock tonight at which time reading of the Book of Esther Will be begun. The reading of the book will then be completed Thursday Thursday morning at services starting at 4 o'clock. The Ladies' Benevolent Benevolent society will sponsor a Purim entertainment Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Children of the Hebrew Hebrew school will participate. The story of Purim has its roots in the ancient kingdom of Persia four centuries before the beginning Lof the Christian era. According to the Book of Esther. Ahasuerus, King of the Persians, was displeased displeased because his wife, Vashtl was disobedient, deposed her and married Esther, a Jewish girl, and a cousin of Mordecai, one of the important men in the kingdom. King Ahasuerus selected Hainan, a favorite general, as his prime minister and trouble threatened the Jews. Because he had a quarrel with Mordecai, Haman plotted against all the Jews in the kingdom. He went to his sovereign with false tales of Jewish disloyalty disloyalty and convinced Ahasuerus that he should issue an edict for the annihilation of the Jewish people In his domain. Armed with this royal order, the prime minister, Haman, drew lots to decide on which day the massacre massacre should occur. Hence the name "Purim," which means "lots." When Mordecai heard of the impending impending peril, he hastened to Esther and begged her to intercede with the king in behalf of her people. At first she demurred. The king did not know she was a Jewess, and besides the death penalty penalty hovered over anyone who came to the king without his express express command. Unless he extended extended to her, when she entered, his golden scepter as a symbol of life, she knew she would be doomed to die. But in the classic words of the Book of Esther which is read on every Purim in the synagogue, Mordecai refilled. "Think not with- with- in thyself that thou shalt escape in the king's house, any more than an ths Jews. For if thou homest thy peace at this time, then will relief and deliverance arise to we Jews from another place, but thou snd th father's house will perisn; and who knoweth but that thou art come t oroyal estate for Just such a tlms as this?" Sn F.sther went to the king. He extended the golden sceptre to her and promised her any lavor sne desired. She asked him to come to a banauet she had prepared, and when he came she told him the storv of Haman and his false ac cusations and his plot against the Altoona Girl Earns Place on Honor Roll Miss Dolores M. Boland of 918 Fourth avenue, this olty, was one of the 18 members of ths freshman class of Gettys- Gettys- w-v w-v w-v bur8 college, to earn a place on the dean's honor roll for scholastic , - attainment, reo-ITksJr reo-ITksJr reo-ITksJr ords from the ad- ad- -f -f ministration of-Wkn of-Wkn of-Wkn flos disclosed yes terday. The qualification qualification necessary for mention on the honor roll is an Dolores Boland average of 2.5 or better. Miss Boland Boland is an honor graduate of the Altoona High school, class of 1936. i University Women Mark Anniversary Ninty-seven Ninty-seven Ninty-seven members of Blair County American Association of University Women celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of the founding of the club with a dinner dinner party held last night in the Logan room of the Penn Alto hotel. hotel. The committee in charge of arrangements arrangements for the affair was as follows: Mrs. David F. Miller, chairman assisted by Mrs. H. O. Jones, Mrs. Marian D. Patterson, Mrs. Robert Smith and Miss Helen Helen McCartney. Miss Eleanor Wilson Wilson was in charge of the program. program. The tables were beautifully deer orated in a color scheme of yellow yellow and white with yellow candles and daffodils, adding to the festivity festivity of the scene. A large birthday birthday cake with 19 candles, the gift of Mrs. Marion D. Patterson, formed the centerpiece. Mrs. Patterson acted as toast-mistress toast-mistress toast-mistress and Mrs. H. O. Jones opened the dinner with a toast to Mrs. Isaiah Scheeline, first president president of the club, who was unable to be present at last night's affair due to illness. The following program was highly enjoyed by the members. A folk dance interpreted by Misses Martha McKerihan, Virginia Pfeif-fer, Pfeif-fer, Pfeif-fer, Ruth Remaley, Geraldine Smith, Harriet Falter, Pauline Geist, and Martha and Eleanor Wilson was followed by two vocal solos by Miss Elizabeth Holley, who was accompanied by Miss Harriet Harriet Hoenstine. Three skits were performed by Misses Fannie Magee, Virginia Pfeiffer and Eleanor Wilson, with settings by Mrs. John B. Keim. Group singing was directed by Miss Maud Minster with Miss Helen Helen McCartney at the piano, Miss McCartney also directing some games. Featured at the meeting Was an exhibit of twelve full size reproductions reproductions of paintings which have been bought by national museums and art institutes and sent to the local club by the Living American Artist's group. It is interesting to note that one of the pictures in the ehibit is the work of John Sloan of Lock Haven, The group will be placed on display at the William F. Gable company store, during the latter part of the week. Dr. Townsend on Trial In IT. S. District Court WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. VP) In the United States district court here, Dr. Francis E. Townsend went to trial on charges resulting from his defiance of a house investigating investigating committee. Counsel for the old age pension leader told the court that Town-send's Town-send's Town-send's "walkout" on the committee Barbara Bell Fashion Patterns BARBARA BELL PATTERN No. 1252-B 1252-B 1252-B can be procured for FIFTEEN cents. Fill in the coupon coupon accompanying this story and mail to the address given in it. THE BARBARA BELL SPRING AND SUMMER PATTERN BOOK IS AVAILABLE. SEND FIFTEEN CENTS TODAY FOR YOUR COPY. The New Built-t'p Built-t'p Built-t'p Waistline In A Two-Plece Two-Plece Two-Plece Frock The new built-up, built-up, built-up, "girdle" waistline waistline is the Spring sensation in styles, and here it is presented in a delightful frock for twelve to twenties. The waist buttons in a mannish vest effect, but the collar line is high and rounded. Puffed sleeves add to the debonair air of the outfit A very simple, slightly flared skirt finishes It neatly. Note the gathers above the "girdle" in front, which are being seen in many variations on many smart Spring models! With the vogue for "color families" still growing, a clever thing to do might be to use two tones of crepe or linen, for skirt and blouse. Altoona and Mercy Nurses to Meet Friday A meeting of all private duty nurses graduated from the Mercy hospital, Altoona, nursing school w)U be held in the board room of the hospital Friday night, Feb. 26 at 7 o'clock. All private duty nurses are requested to attend this 1252-B 1252-B 1252-B Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1252-B 1252-B 1252-B is designed for sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Corresponding bust measurements measurements 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38. Size 14 (32) requires 4 IS yard 35 inch material. 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BARBARA BELL Barbara Bell Pattern Service Altoona Tribune, Post Office Box 140, Times Square Station, New York, New York Enclose FIFTEEN Cents In coins for " Pattern No. Sixe Q Mrs. A. M. Dear Unseen Advisor: I got the shock of my life when I found out my husband was unfaithful to me. I know I can't believe all the rumors but I saw things that made me suspicious. He denied it and still does. Is he sorry now for what he has done as he tries at times now to be so nice to me? Where have I failed as a wife? I don't want to be perfect as no one is but I got this shock when I least expected It.. I love him dearly and have tried to please him and give every possible comfort in our home. Have always tried to be neat and attractive but it seems he no longer loves me. He was always affectionate but now seems so indifferent. Wlttn he is cross he says I am not like other women. I don't know what he expects of me, as I have always tried to make our home a happy one. He is no longer jolly when he comes home and complains of not feeling well, but when he is out he is full of fun and life. It seems sometimes as though my heart would break because I have failed so miserably in trying to keep his love, I stuck to him through all difficulties and have overlooked many mistakes In his past but can't seem to forget this day or night. When he Is cross he tells me I should leave the sooner the better. better. Should I take this seriously and leave? I do love him. He told me he stepped out a long time ago and I never found it out when I told him afterwards he said I shouldn't believe everything he said but he usually spills the beans when he is cross. A Mrs. K., you and your hus- hus- band never should have married in the firs tplace why? Because you come from very inharmonious birth signs you are sexually mis-mated mis-mated mis-mated and when such is the case sooner or later the husband or wife as the case may be seeks out those who are in harmony with him or her. From then on their marriage becomes a farce hypocrisy hypocrisy at its zenith folly at its height. Yes, what is in the heart usually is on the lips when in anger so you can be sure your husband was telling the truth Concerning this affair he had long ago and he has had many since. Q Jerry Will I ever get my former position back? A-rYes. A-rYes. A-rYes. but not until this coming coming summer. Q Carrie N. Unseen Advisor: Would you advise me to make the investment I am contemplating? contemplating? A Yes. Q Mrs. G. A. Unseen Advisor: Five months ago my husband lost his job in Pottsville. We had no money saved so we had to come here to my people. We have two children of school age and I know we are a burden to my family even though they treat us very nice and I do all I can to help out with everything. We are so anxious anxious to get out for ourselves again and build a future for the children. Will my husband get work soon? A This unfavorable working cycle your husband has been passing passing through terminates the end of this month. So have every reason frrsrmi ACROSS FROm THE Directly scrois the plesa from the CspHol; around" the corner corner from Union Station. All outside rooms. Good food st moderate prices in Coffee Shop and Dining Room. With Bath 2.50to '5.00 sfnoje M.OOto (7.00 double Without Bath 2., 2.50 single, 3., 3.50 double Own garage in building. Will call for and deliver deliver car at main entrance. Rates 75 per day. C. J. COOK, Manager to believe he will again be employed employed during the early part ol March. 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Clipped from Altoona Tribune24 Feb 1937, WedPage 4

Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania)24 Feb 1937, WedPage 4
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