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Babi/Baha'i history - Russia, such a Eng- und suggests of the not is...
Russia, such a Eng- und suggests of the not is any psrt of ihe It is of its enthusiastic h?. to and, attempt on was reecho Eussla. document form upper this of participating Muscovite would engagement MUZAFFAR-ED-DIN OF PERSIA. importance. 27 for the to lady us- A»w Sliuh the Alont l,«»rac(l Monarcb (be E»»t nnd Authority lu T'»f«lO(ty. According to 1'erslan occouats, offar-ed-Diu, the UKW hhab-in-slmh, eidcs having 1 the largest private of any monarch on. earth, is tbe learned of all crowned heads. I Dia left behind bun the most collections of jewels in the. world, about $20,000,000 in coin, lie-bud out his second son as bis successor, because this son was tbe issue of a j marriage with a royal princess, ! the oldest son's mother was one I v,-omeu of the harem, and be in part for political reasons, that son should not suffer from the Jaiflt education which bad hampered him. The Kadjars are of Turkish or'lgin, and on that account suspected by Iranians who form the most influe portion of the people of Persia. ed-Din himself used to talk a dialect within the precincts of ace. He was determined that the. to his throne should be an educated Persian of the old school and able bold bis own in any theological Muzaffar-ed-D5n's education began vihrn he was 12, and before he*v.-as besides speaking the national lar of 1'ersia, lie knew Kurdish, Tjjrkisb, and Arabic. There is probably no in the orient to-day who has; a thorough knowledge of tbe -classical literatures of the east- EC then devoted several years to the stu 3y endless problems arising out ccf the interpretation of tbe Koran. J!e read works of the chief commentators SMlte sect, and before his accession the throne liad become an authority matters of religious doctrine. This study of theology he engaged in his father considered it the best of resisting tbe Babists, whose find political opposition, forms the est danger to the.absolute'po-wer of Kadjar dynasty. Tbe new shah, is a thoroughly Mussulman in practice as ivell as theory. He observes with, the -utmost scrupulousness the rules laid dovm the librae. Five times a day he through his ablations and recites pravers obligatory on. all faithful mites. He has ne*er drunk wine spirits, which is tbe more remarkable as ibe Persians do not always precepts of the prophet in this Their poets have sung the delights wine as vrell as the perfume of the bulbul's song. The Persian monarchihas also the philosophy of the west. He Aristotle and Plato and is acquainted ·with the ideas of LeibnitoanclKant. kuovrs French veil, and does not his reading to scientific, works, but to follow all the phases of Efe In. He is fond of astronomy, and had sent to him from London, a telescope and other scientific instruments. Besides this Is is a rifle shot and a bold hunter. His and the turn of his mind are Europftan rather than, oriental. One wav in which this is shown is the 1 influence .wrhich he has allowed his to obtain over him. Disregarding- iermission. of tlw* prophet and the temptation of his position, he has become a polygamist. His wife is of his cousins, a. princess of the blood of the Kadjars, and she was powerful within the palace of Tauria, and made her influence felt in» the administration of the province of jan, over which her husband was governor. Muzaf?ar-ed-E*in"s first step on ascending the throne was to abolish the oa bread, meat, and other necessaries life, a measure which, however made a big gap in. the revenues government. It rerncins to be seen whether learciag' and philosophy on the throne will suffice to keep in been tbe despotic will of the and brute force.--?C. Y. Sun.

Clipped from
  1. The Davenport Weekly Leader,
  2. 20 Nov 1896, Fri,
  3. Page 7

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