30 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette

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30 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette - EASY, learns of Miss to a mud in land....
EASY, learns of Miss to a mud in land. serenaded in FRANTZ MOST DIE FOUND GUILTY OF MUEDEE, The Jury Was Out Only Two Hours—Exciting; Scenes In the Court Boom, ago his a a by DAYTON, O., Dec. 29.—At8 o'clock this afternoon, Judge Brown completed completed his charge to the jury in the Frantz-Little murder trial, and the jury retired. It returned in two hours, bringing in a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree. The morning session had been occupied occupied by the finish of the address of W. H. Van Skaik, begun last evening, and that of Prosecuting Attorney Kumler. The usual large crowds were swelled by hundreds, who, abstaining from any attempt to obtain entrance to the court room during the trial", were anxious to hear Prosecutor Kumler close on behalf behalf of the State. Prosecutor Kumler talked for over two hours. Hia address to the jury was a masterful one. He flayed the prisoner in most cutting language. He depicted the life of the poor unfortunate unfortunate girl and the cruelty of the man who had robbed her of that dearest to woman, and then deliberately deliberately led her to her death, while at the same time, on the very night of the crime, he was writing love letters letters to other women. With eloquence eloquence and pathos he held the closest attention of his audience, which hung spellbound upon his words. PEN, POINTS Paper Penitentiary When Judge Brown completed his charge and the jury retiied this afternoon, Frantz was, perhaps, a ifetle paler than at any time before. Ho did not fcalk to the jailer, his old father, who sat beside him, or lis sister. He was probably bracing limself for the more trying moment when the verdict should be declared. MURDER IN FIRST DEGREE. The jury was out two hours when it came into court and returned a verdict finding Albert -J. Frantz guilty of murder in the first degree in killing his sweetheart, Bessie Lifctlo. During the two hours the jury was absent, attorneys, court attaches and newspaper men waited patiently for its return. When the twelve men filed into the room and Foreman George W. Davii handed the verdict to Deputy Clerk Hoskot to read there was absolute absolute silence. When he finished the reading Judge Brown instructed Warden Coffin, of the Ohio Penitentiary, has already that he is a model olEcial and excellent business man by the economical yet prosperous administration affairs at the big institution. has instituted reforms that proven advantageous both convicts and the State. The abolition of some barbarous punishment in vogue when charge and substituted more ones, is greatly to his credit, appreciated. About 400 men find that hangs wearily on their hands idle house. About 75 of the prisoners here go to work for at portion of the day in different Two hours are devoted to each day and two to talking, irksomeness of idleness is thus greatly relieved. When I was idlehonse I knew every nail knot in the planks next to me can shut my eyes and see now. President Cleveland gave a Christmas gift no-^on to Mrs. Mary the Unioed States prisoner from Florda, whose sentence wae 18 for moonshining. Her who came here with her, died hospital. Her baby, about a old, was admitted with her pardon was granted on account the baby. At the opening of the him to poll the jury, after which he thanked them and they were discharged. discharged. When the verdict of guilty was announced, Mattie Frantz, the sister of the prisoner, wept bitterly. The Rev. Isaac Frantz who sat beside her, wrung lis hands and cried, while the poor old father was not at his son's side, laving gone to another room. PRISONER BROKE DOWN. Cornelius Frantz, another brother, ;ave a sharp cry and fell fainting to he floor. Then for the first time the prisoner broke down and wept. The sight of the distress of his relatives relatives was more than he could bear. Four Deputy Sheriffs were required to carry Albert back to jail. His spirit was broken. All his bravado was gone. The ambulance conveyed the brother, Cornelius to the Frantz homo, at the West Side. Attorneys Nevin, Van Shalk and Kreitzer said entertainment, the Chaplain, called Isaac Smith to the stand, to the audience: "Gentlemen, plays brought on the stage are comedy or tragedy. While I am in the show business, I am perform the greatest act that be presented on this stage Brother Isaac Smith : It is made privilege, by the clemency of Chief Executive of this great of Ohio, to present to you this pardon that restores you to and to citizenship. As you go may the blessings of God attend If the way should seem to be look up to Him who is the friend tho unfortunate. May great and prosperity attend your may the blessing of God abide you ! TEIED TO UNDRESS Constable Charged With in Trying to Seize Clothing, MARION, OHIO, Dec. 28.—A. 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Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio)30 Dec 1896, WedPage 5
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