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Elizabeth Elaine Clark Bradford - THE CORWJS CUR1ST1 CALUCR-llMiiS. SUNDAY....
THE CORWJS CUR1ST1 CALUCR-llMiiS. SUNDAY. APJBtL 11 ! \ ! - H \ i i - "" " c ' 5 c *-i c t;r i ·- of ^, L " · i" i n Si ^on K. JUNIOR HIGH ART STUDENTS FOLLOW-UP CLASS WORK--$f,,ae^ d Cc^uS C l v s? ; ^ u ' l c r Sehoa s ''c^e tcpcrTfiit^ in earn fundcr^c^tcli r f design OICA °i o'^d DC "V'pq c'-.d t- ceve.ro rc."i a,.? ^ ~ C A C ' -g c d^^sn c^co c -icluomg pe'' I c'^a'c^c , v.ater cc'o' ienipe r c ocsfc c r c \ ^ CTT i - \ Or c'hsl c;os c - d '-.d .'iJ" 1 *'0ics a-e c i n - ^c^rj^cc / A T s 'ecu 'c L * ^ o c i t ^ grades O'"d r-^it cr fhc^ c cv* it j^c fol o»\ '"3 C ^ " pCCe"" S 1 " C n CJ * " i h 'CO 7 "e c ' c S S ^ C ' k QSb'Q'ICd G ^ C I S ol'C^'-^Ci 0 p Q s \s ' tf* C ^ t C Q - c^ r r cu o r p'c,^;^ T^c s'. z^c c ejected 'igL'C s ^ o ciro^s ii t \ p c n o' the deigns Jc"e r^cdc *c r r-c re a ' c ^ e - ' ! ! ej V c citmc oosre-'S i :cq ro aecorcie t-ic Courtrv Club ·c r me Coee' Vc CT.°C Ofcc l v' ^s buscn laoe S r^-YTiiS' mitruc'cr uho has taught n se\e'o' sc^oc 3 rc r c coc'c r cs \:'th;icc's have c bor-i i'o r c r ^ r cu o r Miss Perrv and M ^s Mi-rhc CUT. --grc^ 1 tecch n ,nc c-1 acpcrtrse'-t here, aisc-- ipnolos bv Kay By- FINGERPAINTiNG IS FUN--Art students T Ncr.hside Jun cr Srhcci erjo. ·nc because f c'lo-'S c/'sorer freedcn of c i rres5C r than trcsr ^ed a Ramon Boroi- d^; 6 cents' SD^eaas o sheet cf paper .·-·'·i o Tftrea paste-'ic rrxn,re, inert, wh'le ir r st ' --C'S* ~e v i ' i ^o'k Out r picture i- I'gh* a^o dcr'-^ vo ues uS'ng fmgers oaLm C-Q i " to ;ec^rc tie enec*s desired r tnc center STTID or T^C wail o r e three f'n'shed f "c;e'-cc ^^ea icndscc-es Fo'on hceoer '5 icf*, era JaP"e5 Roj :3 c3rkcr^ i4 ore e n v o ed · T° reoectcd d£iC'.5 .·hf' u i tnc. C'k ou* ^ ^ater color or '·emoera, ^rsr with ^r nor, cc'ors ocrrTotng, -r-"ed cci^' -"c oe .otrcducsd later Des'gn is stressed m a! 1 \c'K - T-e depO'TTenr On the v-a'l ere a-sofaved examples cf reoeoted designs using t-is "j-ia i t.aure c'-c corv-c-nficna! '"ictrs Rairo.~ pcini-ed A OC menu covers for the Red C r cs5 Cnnstrrcs ocrt, at -^c U S Naval Hosp.toi ot the NA i C CHARCOAL DRAWINGS MADE FROM LIVING MODELS--Fundamentals of drawing ore taught in pencil ond chorcoal with living models for the subjects. The students begin w i t h the hands, later work on heads and whole figures. Pot Bertsch, left, Carolyn Carolyn Guidry and Richard Thompson- all 9A students ot Robert Dnscoll, are completing head studies Still life problems are worked out in water colors ond pastels, as ore memory landscape sketches mode from field trips. Mrs. Bradford.ond Miss Ella Grokc alternate in the art classes 01 Driicoll. Beginners learn lettering ond spacing as well as the qualities of linos ond values as o basis for design to be used later. The art classes of all junior schools make parly favors, menu covers and lace mats for Junior Red Cros-s affairs at the Naval Air Training Center, NINTH GRADERS CUT LINOLEUM BLOCKS--A favorite method with junior school artists of utili-ing design ideas is m block printing Patterns cut into linoleum blocks print equally \\e!l on paper ond fabnc r Attractive greeting cords and book plates ore made with a wholly individual theme Ninth-grade boys at Wynn Scale are shown working on the various steps in making o linoleum block Eddie Scholls, H, 'en, sketches his picture idea m black and white before transferring it to the block Dole Lockett, H, right, is cutting a ship design into the linoleum \sith small scoops and blades- while Donald McOure, 14, spreads the ink to o smooth paste with a roller before transferring it to a block for printing TEXTILES ARE PAINTED FOR WALL HANGINGS -- Furthe ct ;o!c' r, pcmnna textiles with brush d.es ond tempera ab'e fcr scarves ond wc | f -ricnging end rro, rl^p ' t 'c'l.j beech p crure pcmted bv Pan-a Lou rijntor ': ': Uri, m t-'ot or Qiga Lou Faulk, 13, nghr, cr o g c ' t ^ n a ..rr^ent Burger, 13 is working out at the table The, arc i f . ; A The r n^hcd ore n. 1 .1 ar WYNN SEALE STUDENTS DESIGN WALLPAPER--Members of the 9A doss at Secie School ore working now on criginc! designs for woliDOper, de\eioD-ng them in ter color end terrpera At the easel Eca'e Jo Conne'l. i3. camts H a success,on oi scenes the cfcKenvu-es o f - a duc^ hunter, beginning with h-s assembi-ng of hunting eauip-r.ent and "ccntinu'-ng u-r,i he begs rnc gome, Ann "Davis, 1 J His olTcrnatir-g d-cgcra! squares wrh o v a r i e t y of Mexican motifs in primcrv colors On sauore:, C "A Benson, 14 soaces unevenly bur w.th lepcatcd balance o pattern of end D rds. Miss Edith Phill-os is instructor cf the class. T I I ' | i · vl 1 , i i sho ']''",! | i \ 1 ol 1 1 Ail ' - - \ ,,, ! \. u THREE-PANEL MURAL--Students hove spent the past several weeks working on crayon or tempera murals m three panels depicting the "Four Freedoms." The pupils m groups of three, designed their own conceptions of freedom freedom from want, freedom from fear ond freedom of speech and worship. Maria Flores, 9A, ond John Zerr, 9A, consider consider the next step m the poster showing a land of plenty and peace. They were allowed to develop any subject but were required to use ot least five figures Mrs. William William T. Bradford, instructor in this class, declares that the characters of the young artists are revealed in the work they do. Tuloso-Midway P-TA Convenes BUY WAR STAMPS AND BONDS j TUI.OSO--Tuloso-Micivvsiy P?u'- I cms :ml Touchers met ThmxUiy I nlternoon. with 2"i numbers nl- j tending, Mrs. S, F, Hiuvlcy gavo i ;i J.'ilk '"it ".SjicrilicinK ;nui S.'U'illR in 1ho Jloine,'' .Slnde-nis of llift .seventh unrl e i g h t h snides gave a group ftf sons?. Refreshments wore served by tcdchors. LEONE and MAE DANCE STUDIO f.Usv l.estnnx in O.illfdOm Every Mnnrtfly uni F Gvenlnp A t R:30. 100 MESQUITE fv P H O N E 9HI 00 EVERY WILL WA!\T APRIL SHOWERS THIS WEEK Girls regular Si.Ui ami S2.0R Red, Green..' Bltu---Sizes Jusl Arrived New Coot Suits for Sizes 1 to 6, very fine quality The CHILDREN'S SHOP 415 STARR ST. CORPUS CHRISTI

Clipped from The Corpus Christi Caller-Times11 Apr 1943, SunPage 22

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, Texas)11 Apr 1943, SunPage 22
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