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Terry Hale 1960 - 11 1UN-NEWS, Las Cruces, N. M., Sunday, Kov....
11 1UN-NEWS, Las Cruces, N. M., Sunday, Kov. 13, I960 Kn. . . . . 24 Teiaeuee . .3 P_J_. }· riroie . . .AO HUH 11 HIBR. . . . . I* Iowa . . . . 35 Ohio Siaie . 12 Ml««nnri 4! Dlda 19 Auburn ... 9 Georgia -- 6 HlVY 41 Virginia . 6 Dikt . 34 Wake For«il7 Arkuiu . 26 SMU : .... 3 Army -- ' Pilisbnrgk . ' Yale 41 Princeton . 2! Washington 27 California .. 7 Mich 29 Indiana ... 7 Penn Siaie 33 Holy Cross Harvard . 22 Brown . . Aggies Defeat West Texas, 35-15 Johnson Plays Starring Role In Border Conference Victory By ABE J. PBHILMAN Sun-N«w« Spoilt Editor CANYON, Tex. -- Charley Johnson passed for two touchdowns touchdowns and scored one himself »» the New Mexico Slntc AgRlos defeated the West Tcxn« State Buffaloes, 35-15, in n Border Conference gamo hero Snturdny night before n chilled crowd of 12,000. ' · , . . , ' . , . For -the undefeated Aggies It WM .their eighth »lrngm victory of the scn»on nnd cxlcnded their wlnjikeln to 12, Iho loncest omonj! rnfijor collcceB In the tuition, Tlie Angle quartcrbuck, the ration's lending touchdown passer with I I , connccled with 13oh Kelly and Porvla Atkins lor aU pulnlcni ru*l tallied one himself, hi I flnl of tho «ca»on. i rollsj up 331 on Ihe ilnwn, t'rwin.] ami another Ml ynnla In tho nlr. Ag»ln 11 VM Unite" tho nation's l*»illn(t mihei 1 and icorcr, wto Dated Iho A»«1e jjitxinrt nt- UcH wllh 151 ynrili U: IB "rrlca Brtil ncored B polntn. Johnion «m- Mdcd for 1S of 21 |l»soi for SIM yanlB. Atkins picked un M y«rdi In B cnrrUi nn.l Uol) Jnckjon 67 yanl.i In 13 trim. Ill*, Aggi':» l/roko into Hit *C6£ Ing column In the first iwrlixl o" n rwiilalne.l 73 yard drlvo that InK over for Iho icore nnd ml'l- Inf Iho oxlra point wllh 10 mln- ulei of Ilia quarter none. Tlie Ilnffulocit won the lo.ia nnil olecleil lo .rccclre. A f t s r pulling Die Ijall In piny on tho J3 on Iho kl'Anlf they ground out yrmligc cm l m l l - l l k « nuhe« nil the wny down 10 Iho Ag|;l« s Bl which pahll ciunrterlmck Jim Dnwnon tried two pMflea llial were incomplete incomplete am! whon Wed Jolly ··onl'l only Ket 6 y*n1n on third Iho Iluf/» had to punt. Tho Aggie* »larl«l on their own !} nnil rolyliiK on ground ftrxlnt -Kcrpt fur ono 10 ynM !'««» '«"" Ohnrlny Joliiuori Hi E. A, Hlm», Ihe New Mexico BlnlBrn rcncliecl Hie promliuM land. Tho two Icoy ftrmmil (!nln» weie mmle liy Jncliimn who plckctl up 10 drnw piny nnd Onllcrs who put the hall on Iho Ilutf 2 wllh « yurtl pIlclKail i" 1 " 1 - On I h o i jilriy lie went OVIT for the ni 1 \Ve«t TtxiM! put tho kleli-off In play on Ihelr osvn 311 nml sturln Another driva th«l lhl« llmo cn.l fd In ft IfHlchilown \vlih lew* tluii Iwn Illlllllteil Of tho Ki'nllcl |criTM Hcrfir. liny McCown Iwk n pilch oui iir.d u-enl over from ihe twi y«rd llr.n for Iho ncore. Chnrll Wlllliuni' hick wn» ROOil »nd 111 score WJia nil tied up, IMe In (ho ptrlod when, u H»r drlvo was hflUetl on tho AffRlo 21 Ihe NMH1I li«y" went lo work «n worfd Iholr ec.conil IDLiclldown 0 llin K""^ wllli CH.ii ley .lolinaor Knlnx river for Ihe TD, hU flv« of Ihe naiwon, Onller* ngiiln con vcrlC'l lo maUa the Rroro H-7. A l k l n t plcke-l up 10 »nd JM «mi 10 nnd then Atkins went To 31 miitn lo lh Wwl Texnj ! A l l i l n n Sid ft more nnd Ihen pmr frimi Johnwn lo Hlrii" pi Iho la\l on Ihe tliif( «, II look Ih AKt'e* four plnyn lo rcflch p\ i^ did with Jo^n»on Kolii| lJtn-iwr on » mlloui. , over tro eight before U tlr.tlt,] out I Ilia New Mexico Btoitori toik er wllh 3:03 left. Jnal like they dht two wccka againnl Arleonn Blnlc, hill n lime IjeJng on Ihe long end of acora Inilead of bchlnt), Iht lef Blnilerl lo move gonlwarc Iho dying momcnlfl of Iho gnme Tliey reached Ihe ?nd i:onc vvltl ly 1:17 lefl lo play at Oiilcri Iho draw p[i\y howled over reo H u f f * nnd scored from 10 rda out. Prior to thin, Caller* 0 flleppcd off A 41 yflrd urn lha oughi Iho bnll from deep In Ag territory lo the Bn/f 42. A yard poaa from Jolmaon mA nflcr n 3 ynrd pfckup by Allcrx, pul Ihe kinll in poalltoi r hl5 Korlug gallop, .fohnaon row lo Alklnv for Ihe Iwo point milking It 26-10. The lluffa' Insl hopen for nh icr ncoro died nn Ihclr own 4 in; Hnljhy I.niiRfonl Intoi^c-'ptc |in.t!i and tho Apgfcfl took ove Ih half u mlnule lo fo. llul the Agglfi weren't finli ryinjr an Johnson to^acd Iwo pnaa nfler 10 yanU In ixmnllles hnll on tho BO. He conneclc Hi Sal Gonrnles for one tklnx for tha other and lha doc xn onL wllh Ihe A g g l f a on Ih H i t 7. llul IH 101 lit, tin 20 H 10 di. Rilln, pruiii, 201 it. ytl^. gain. DM n«. nil IH .ii. conijil IS ·iN. jx-imll/, ..M NATIONAL, CHAMPION gymnast Ernie Montesantl shows form which has won Conors in West Coast, national intercollegiate, and AAU competition. He will accompany U. S. Olympic gymnastic team to Tas Cruccs for show Saturday evening Cruces Kljb School gymnasium. Bellino Sets Navy Record ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov. 12, CT1 -Joe DclUno, scoring four touch- owna in one of his finest Individual Individual pciform/mcca as a Navy player, player, jwwcred Iho Middies to a ·il-Q football victory ov* Virginia Hat- ttirtiny nnd »cl Iwo new Naval Academy records, One of the runs by Ihe Win- Chester, Mas.i., rocket wns for 00 yards, his longest run ns n var- *lty play or. His other touchdowns CMHC on nn eight-yard pass piay, ft tlnnh of 30 yards, nnd a plungo Haivkeys Smash Ohio State, 35-12 of one yard which took him four aka at a stubborn Virginia line make. Hclllno gained 103 yards In 17 rrlcj againsl the Imptes Cavan. Cavan. wno-loat their 25th straight ame, giving him a new gcason ngr record Jor on Academy ayer. rlls 749 yards for nine nmca wiped out a previous mark D91 yards set by Fred France 3B52. His 24 points were the- highest ored In a alnglo gamo by a Navy ayer and were added to the S( c already had jeered thEs season ir a modem Navy record. Vilth RjVfnilfl Irfl to piny In t' n.ilf i\nd drove frnin Ihclr uwn lo Ihe Huff 5.1 l*tove Ihe ji HUIdC'l, Tho Idghllghl nf tho drl wm rt 21 yard pn^n from Johnn to A l k l n « »nit n 2 yiml off t a c k ll«nl by Clnllcri. The Aglflti «l»rlrd Ihe t h i r d ' period wllh ^ '.onrhdown ilrlvc ihul look 0 pl*y« lo coverCG y«nl^ pjid XVRI ended when Johnnon threw lo Hob Killy for tho «cnre tnd nulliri «(iUn ccnvtrted. aallert AtMn ind Johnten mndo · lint down on the A(nl It, Johnwn nnd Atklni mtdi three each'and ihen Johnton hit AlVIni vrlth Jinnp pou rood for 18 fn41mvr1 by « p*u In 81ms (or K.AST Army T, rill 7 (tto) Nnvy 41, Virginia 0 I'cnn Htoto !I3. I Inly Cms* 8 Ilanortl », llronn H hoMotl.'t'Ol, 33, Motion Univ. 1 1 HtltgerE 8t r IK-lnuarn 0 Vftta 4S, Princeton VI Darlmnulh 46, Cil)?tlQ 6 Colntuhla '16, l'r:m 0 Ohln'tl. H, Bunllnif (Irccn 7 , Amliernt Jl, \Vllflin 0 Ijtfnyrlto 3(. Tull, 1 Mmirtlimn'ro,)!, 1'enn jimtivry 1 llurlinrll 33. Trmpto 0 Connis-lkilt 41, Ithnle KInnil C txirolt II, \'lllnnov» 1 l)«vlJi«i 11, I^hljh |x MilhlrnlvrK 80. 1'mnlilln H M.ir · tlmtl 7 . ' , MM«. 93, Nrw llhdiiip. 13 SOUTH AteUm* It, Cltorjtln Trrli In IOWA CITV, Iowa, Nov. 12, LT1 ouglng cliunka of ynrdngo In a rlous running attack. Iowa ahol ch Into the Dig Ten load ant nlenUon lor tho national foot II title wllh n 33-12 conquest o: tio state Saturday, Junior halfback L a r r y Fergu rlnahy 91-yard scoring dash wn the sideline* fini] aophomor lllxick J o o ' William*' 49-yarc uchdown burst highlighted th a w k e y e s ' natloncilly-televlsei dory. ' · The atunnlng Irluniph nssuret o Uawkfl nt least n tie for th Ip; Ten crown wllh n 5-1 recor i previously unbeaten Mtnnosot na upset 23-14 by Purdue, ophars mUKt bent Wlsconlfn ntx eok to pbnro the championship. Iowa built n 58-0 halUttne lea n j used a stubborn defcnis irn bnck the Uucktyek' aecon Hit bldi. neoky TD ' '· -' llllHnis alad tcored on a two arxl plunge. CJuartaiback Avilbiti Washington Beats Bears, Near Roses SEATTLE, Nov.. 12, UP) -- Th niscle men of Washington crunch d out. A 37-7 football victory ove aliforntn'i Bearc to win the Bi[ M v o Championship'and All bu Hnch, a Kcond hlral^ht Rose Id Saturday. ,' car H wo Howl ' Thft Big five names the \V^ rn ropreaentatlva to tha bowl. The favored JUnhlea hamn\crc '2 ynrdi In a dozen 'iplya fror he opening k l c k o f f . t o icpre, ah -nn up aH their point i before Cal ornla made a .Mt.qu'artari tally r sh)nfton^ gave tho big Cal ilft'llne a worttnyover In II Qp»rilng d rl v«, throwl ng Ita bl }(· up tha mldtllo for short bu «tlva galna, Ray J a c h a o alUifgetl the l»«t two ytrAs. Sew oil Tally Ttikt fUlt drive used up on [Eve mlnutn xntl Washington ht second tally lew thAn four ml 9 later, going 1 4Q yarJs In ju 2 pliyt. - ' x Top Gymnasts Dn U.S. Team To Perform Among top gymnasts coming is Cruet a Saturday evening e U. B. Olympics gymnastic ill bo Ernie Montesantl, national inrnplon gymnast from I^os An- cles. Tht U. S. Olympic gymnasts ·am plus nattonl champion aata will appear In'Las'Grace* /1th a show beginning at S a turd ay In Las C r u o chool gymnasium. nllonal Champ MoncBantL In 10C9 WAS a f the national champion Los cles Turner gymnastics team. ttcnded East Los Angeles ollege In 195B and 1058, taking irst placo In 1958 "m ildo arallel bars, and a41-aro'und In outhern Callforntn Junior.College iiamplonshtp. He r e p e 958, In 15D at Los Angeles gtato College he was California College Athletic Assn. champion on bars, itd« hone, rings, and around. ThEa y e a r he won events in tho California State ege Championship. In the CoUcgo Conference meet at University of California at BerXalcy IB won third in both s!do nd parallel bars. . -, Top Scorer* Members of the'U.S, 01Tnp!c jymnasties 'team who win n the Las Cruccs show art Banner and Jack Bcckner t the :op scorers on the Atnedcari The touring t e a m also Matt Tracey; R one-legged champion on the rings; Terry Hale, btrt. Lynn, and Bueh TJiylor. top CjOntendcrs for the 1964-.U. Olympics team, and MonU Saturday evening's fihow 'Is Bponsored' by tho athletic-departments athletic-departments of Las Cnicea Public and New Mexico State Admission will be $1 Cor CO cents for children. Tickets being sold In advance by the physical education department and be available M the gte.

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  1. Las Cruces Sun-News,
  2. 13 Nov 1960, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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