Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor  - Ji- Associated Press Leased Wire MIAMI DAILY...
Ji- Associated Press Leased Wire MIAMI DAILY NEWS- t VOL. XXXIX, NO. 138 PobUilttd Bttr? 8Ttaln* (Rtctpt. S*tutd»r) and Sund»r M«rnln» h> Mttml Ntw.-Rmird fablUhlni Co.. (Inc.) MIAMI. OKLA-. MONDAY. DECEMBER 8> 1941 ^•••••••»••— * 3,000 Killed or Wounded in Hawaii Bombing; Old II S DFfl ARFS WAR ON U. J. UL\jLiI\M\LiO TT /lit l/ll * * ' * * ... * . * * * * * * * ^ ^ * <• • American Fleet, Hard Hit, Hunts Jap Warships; Philippines Raided* MANILA IS BOMBED; NIPPON CLAIMING CONTROL OF PACIFIC r f t _ t _ T Destroyer Also Sunk, and Many American Planes Are Destroyed at Pearl Harbor; Parachutists Reported in Philippines (BY .THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) A White House statetnent today acknowledged serious damage to American forces in Hawaii, but considerably less than tlie naval losses which ihe Japanese claimed they had inflicted.. Casualties from yesterday^ attack were expected to niouut to 3,000, it said. The White House said Japanese attacks had resulted in the capsizing of an old battleship—whereas the Japanese claimed two battleships had been sunk—and reported the loss of a destroyer, damage to other vessels and the destruction destruction of a relatively large number of planes. Mighty forces of the United States fleet were reported combing the waters of the Pacific to seek battle with Japanese Japanese Avarships. The White House said several Japanese submarines and planes had been accounted for and that active resistance was "still continuing" against the Japanese attacking force in the vicinity of Hawaii. ^enforcements of planes are being rushed to the islands, islands, the\ White House said. Japan chained she had won naval supremacy over the Unitetl:States' tu-the Pacific* • ' ' , : : *" cV * «• •• ^ From official and unofficial* sources, some of the Japanese arid Theater of War in Pacific Where Japanese Attacked Britain Declares War and Smaller Nations Join in (BY THK ASSQCIATlin PUKSS) Grent Britain formally declared war today, on Japan, allying her- olf with the United Statba. Simultaneously, Australia do- ided to declare war as-Japanese orces attackod tho tiny British- inndntcd island of Naxmi. And allies were declaring war pon Japan even before •Washing- on and London got around to that ormallty. ' Little Costa Rica, n neighbor of canal-bisected, Panama, was tho lollwetner'in.Pan-America, and do- larations of wnr against Japan vere pledged in other capitals to he south in a speedy invocation of he Havana accord against aggres- iion. The Netherlands East Indies, the Outeh Kovernment-in-exile in Lon- Ion and Canada, setting the pace ""or British dominions, were others lecturing the opening of hostilities against Japan. Tha above map shows the theater of war in the Pacific whore the Japanese attacked Hawaii and Guam. Also indicated are distances of Far Eastern hot spots from const of the the'United States. (NBA TELKPHOTO) REDS STRIKING BACK AT NAZIS •Jouijtcr-O^fensi-ViB iContinues Near Moscow—Tanks Battling Battling on Libyan Desert Markets Calm to War; Stocks Off, Grains Leap Up NEW YORK, ,Dec. s._w-)_Tho securities and commodities roar- jkets of the '.ountry weathered in JAPS POURING INTO THAILAND Tiny Nation Capitulates tt Invaders—British Troops Go Into Battle There CONGRESS VOTES OVERWHELMINGLY FOR DECLARATION WAR BULLETINS MANILA, Dec. 8-4/Pt—The Jap- niH'se Radio at Taihokti, formon, cported in a broadcast today that Japanese warships have surrounded surrounded Guam and mtld all big buildings n the island were ablaze. NKW YORK, Dec. 8~WP>—Radio messages heard here at 2:10 p. m., .1. today, indicated that an all- raid then WUM in progress over Manila,'- • 'r >;,„. ,,-.-•,,••,:;;/ BKRUJSV Dc<>, ,8-J/B—A DNB Congresswoman Rankin Is Lone After President Reveals Heavy Dealt in 'Dastardly Attack.* WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.—(AP)~Congress voted a mn! declaration of war against Japan today after President 1 ^ Jtoosevcit requested immediate action asrttu answer tO'Ja> pan's "unprovoked uud dastardly attack" on Hawaii, A United Congress acted swiftly after the President luul revealed tlmfc American forces lost two warships aiijj ti,QOQ'di>ad and wounded in Ihe surprise dawn at,ta«,fe..vest< ;erday. The Keuule vote was 82 to 0. The House vote 588 to :l. As a matter of fact, the army and navy tiaci been ing since a few moments after the surprise attack yestei; day and the nation generally had taketf on o-Mvfei' """ tempo. • ' ' ' " The Wliite House Volensed the first officials < lion on the scope of American losses at Pearl Hp'boi* ly before President Uoosuvelt wont to tile Captto),. - '' £ "^"" i ""~ A ""' '^" v An evidence of the protective measure was Seen In AU ornoy-Cieneral Blddle's unnounoo- mont- that 781) Japanese aliens had •oca arrested during'tha night in the United States *jid Hawaii. Troops had assumed ; througlioiit'thtrtiatlwi _ tidu§lrleB,'kcy buildings, otruteglc bridges and public utilities, Jll Message Aping.'! K1TT ' TTV • •« » <*^'V*\'.?*-" Doc,

Clipped from Miami Daily News-Record08 Dec 1941, MonPage 1

Miami Daily News-Record (Miami, Oklahoma)08 Dec 1941, MonPage 1
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