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Calvin Cook KKK - Tho Convicted Ka Klux. Yesterday afternoon,...
Tho Convicted Ka Klux. Yesterday afternoon, says tbe Charles? ton News, a band of forty-nine of the so-called Kn Klux prisoners, who were oonvioted at the late term of the United States Circuit Court, held in Columbia, arrived in the city by tho 3.20 train from Columbia. The prisoners woro accom? panied by a military guard of thirteen privates from the Eighteenth Infantry, under the command of First Lieutenant Potter. They were mot at the train by a detachment from the Third Artillery, oommanded by Capt. Davis, who were to set as an osoort through tho streets o? Charleston. AB soon ns they could gather together their blankets, ?tc, tho prisoners were formed between liles of the soldiery and took up their march down town. They were all apparently white, but a more forlorn, woe-begone, haggard looking crew oould hardly bo got together. Many were imperfectly clothed, some hud gaping shoes, and their persons and clothing seemed to have declared eternal war with such do? mestic ap p li anees ns soap and water. As thoy entered upon the march, a few cu? rious urchins began to inspect them, nnd soon the news, caught up from tho sol? diers, spread liko wild-liro that tho real live Ku Klux were marchiug through the city under guard. A crowd of blackt soon gathered along the line of marah, and kept following the dreaded Ku Kim with curious eyes and questions. Thc bayonets of the soldiers, howover, warned the dusky throng not to bu UH pressing in their attentions, and tho cor togo passed quietly and silently olou{ without interruption. Twenty-four o the prisoners were murchwd down Meet ing and broad streets, and put on boan the steamship Charleston, just about ti sail for New York. Thence they are ti go to thu ?State prisoti ut Albany, wher they will serve out their various terms o imprisonment of one year nud upwards In this lot was an old man of veuernbl aspect, whoso gray hair Moated arouui his shoulders iu u manner to claim th pity uad reverence of all beholders. H is over sixty years of ugu, is the head o a large family, and bas been visited wit one of the heaviest sentences, viz: Fiv years' imprisonment and Si,OOO hut Iiis name is John \V. Mitchell. The* prisoners will be escorted to Albany b Lieutenant Potter and a detachment t the Eighteenth Infantry. Their name and sonteuces are as follows: Sher. Childers, couepiraoy, eigthee months' imprisonment and $100 hue. Hezekiah Porter, conspiracy, eightoe months' imprisonment and $100 tine. William Montgomery, conspiracy eighteen mouths' iinprisoument aud Sit fine. EvauH Murphy, conspiracy, eighteo mouths' imprisonment and $100 Une. Robert Hayes Mitchell, conspirar; eighteen mouths' imprisonment aud SIC fine. Wm. Shearer, conspiracy, eightec months' imprisonment und $100 linc. Sylvunus Shearer, conspiracy, eigh oon months' i inprison men t und $100 hu Hugh H. Shearer, conspiracy, eigh een mont hs' imprisonment und $100 tin Jas. B. Shearer, cou?pirary, eigbtet months' imprisonment and $100 tine. Henry Warlick, conspiracy, eigbtet mouths' imprisonment aud $100 fine. Milos Carroll, conspiracy, oightei months' imprisonment ami $100 line. Eli Ross Steward, conspiracy, eigl: eeo months'imprisonment and $100 Un Josiah Martin, conspiracy, eightei months' imprisonment and $100 linc. Thomas li. Whitesides, conspirne twelve months' imprisonment und $1 fine. John W. Mitchell, five years' imp sonment und $1,000 fine. Samuel G. Brown, five years' imp jon ment aud $1,000 tine. Tibiou Cantrell, ono year's imprisc ment. Charles Tate, eighteen months' imp sonment. Stephen D. Splawn, two years' imp sonment and Sol) liue. Ju mus B. Tindall, ono year's imp sonment. Aaron Ezell, ono your's itnprisonmt and $10 lino. John Li. Moore, eighteen months' i prisonmout. Alexauder Bridges, one year's inq sonment. Jonas Va.'scy, ono year's impriai meut und $10 line. Tho othor prisoners, numbering twi ly-five men or more, were marched do King street, and turning off itt Cliffo were taken to Ibu Charleston jail, wh they will remain uutil they have ser out their various sentences of impris mont for six months and under. Tl) names and sentences are as follows: Napoleon Miller, three mont bb' prisonmout aud $20 tine. Wm. Jolly, six months' imprisonmi W. Slit Ulm Blackwell, six months' prisonmout. Tho?. J. l'rico, six mouths' itnpm meut. Taylor VusRoy, six mouths' impri* ment. King Edwaids, three mouths' im sonment. Wm F. Ramsay, three months' prisoumeiit. Christenbury Tate, six months' prisonment. Frederic Paris, six months' impri munt. Marion Gardner, three months' im sonment. Joint Cantrell, tinco mouths' impri ment. Melvin C. Blackwood, two months' prisonment. Wm. P. Burnett, six ni milis' in sonment. John F. Burnett, six months' in sonment. Chesterfield Scruggs, six months1 prisonment. Henry .Surall, ono mouth's impri u ent Louis lleitdt rsou, three mouths' ptisoiiim nt. IM ou rou Scruggs, six mont hs' ii! si ninent and SlO line. Wm. D. Self, three months' impri? sonment. Andrew Cndd, three months' impri? sonment. Martin Hammatt, six months' impri? sonment. Columbus Blackwood, six months' im? prisonment. James Wall, three months' imprison? ment. John C. Wall, three mouths' imprisot ment. D. C. McClure, three months' impri? sonment. Calvin Cook, three months' imprison? ment. A. P. Clement, three months' impri? sonment and SH) fine. Dillard N. Cantrell, three mouths' im? prisonment. I BRIDAL OUTFIT.-The briant outfit of the celestial young woman who is about 1 to marry the Emperor of China will cost, it is said, $1,000,000. Her father must hold a Government office. MARRIED, On the 18th inst., at tho roaidenco of Mr. George Hilber, by Rev. W. D.; Houck, GEO. BE ARDEN, of Columbia. H. C., to Mr?. E. C. HILBKR, of Lexington, 8. C. A CARD. COLUMBIA, 8. C., January 25, 1872. Tho undersigned desire? to make tho follow? ing explanation of the difllcalty betweea P. M. Porcher and himself, which occurred laat ovening. in front of the Columbia Hotel. P. M. Porcher having benn ono of ibo firm of Black, Porcher & Co., General Agenta of the Carolina Lifo Inauranco Company, but not rultilliug bia part of tho contract, Colonel Black and myself thought it necessary for our own protection, aa well as for the interest of tho Company, to dissolve, tho firm, as many persons applied to nae to pay his private ac? counts. 1 refused to do ao, and did apeak dis- paragingly of bia financial condition and of bia promises, llu demanded that 1 should withdraw what 1 had said. 1 refuaed, and he aueaulted me quita unexpectedly. HaviDg on my glovca ann a heavy overcoat, I fought as beat 1 could undor tho circumstances, until wo wore separated. Ho ia welcome to all the honor be achieved. Any bruto can assault and strike A gentle? man unawaroa, with a whip or stick, especially when he knows kbo gentleman ia not armed. _E W. BEIBPLH Horses and Males. ~ PARTIES deairing to purchase "?EP-sHORSES and MULES at very reduced j_L2_l_!>riceB, can do BO by calling upon the undersigned, at the Dexter Stablea, Assem? bly street, near the new market. _ J"* 20 3? _J. J. PAY. Regular Lino Liverpool and Charles? ton Packets. THE undersigned have now FOUR BARKS, of light draft, in IV addition to tba VINCO, already l& rn ll known in the trade, which they propose to run regularly be? tween tba above porta, leaving Liverpool every month, or oftener, if auflicitrnt freight offers; and it ia earnestly requested that im? portera will order their gooda shipped direct by thia line, thereby saving extra treiglit and other exnen.ies, now paid on gooda tia Now York, and also increase tho commerce and prosoerity of our port. All orders sent to tho principals, in Liverpool, will be carefully at? tended to an4 executed on tho moat favorable terina. For full particulara, apply to Metiers. JOHN S. DEWOLF& CO., Liverpool, England; HENRY CARD, Accommodation Wharf, Charleston. H. C^ Jan 26 12mo_ Wanted to Rent, A SMALL HOUSE, containing from pJuV four to ?dx rooma. Possession to be ?Sdiitl given on or boforo the 15th of February. Send price, with particulara, under letter "S," to thia office. Jan 25 2* O $00,000 to Loan, I OOOD COLLATERAL. Applv at Jan 23 GITHSKNK' SAVINGS BANK. To Rent, A STABLE and CARRIAGE HOUSE, iotivoui'jntly located. Apply at this .ftice. Jan 23 8 WM. H. ORCHARD. I'rttftasorof Music anddealer in J'?mw Tortes. APPLY at his residence, corner of Laurel and Henderson street*, or al the book? store ot Dollie .t Chapman. Piano Forte*. Organa and Melodeona Tuned and Repaired. Jan 23 3mo New York Exchange BOUGHT and Hold, at THE CI fl ZENS' SAVINGS BANK. Just Received, A LARCH number of Hue KENTUCKY /V M-J LKS. which may bo soon ut Charlea Logan's Stables, corner Senate mid Assembly streets. Vt.'H. & J. M. TALBOT. Jan 13 Kentucky Horses and Mules. ?\ A FINE lot of Krntuckv?|. AfcTTV^tock-H O lt S K S A N ft/S M ULKS--just received and?JJ? for nulo. Cunha sei n at Mr. u wen Dal\'a Stables, on Assembly street. .Lui 12 JOHN N. LONG. Mules and Horses. A etoek ot lino MULES nndfe. IIORSKS coiiritantlv on luiiid^HB? at tho NATIONAL HOTEL J *r {TABLES. Libera) advances mane on horses on consignment ter salo. Jan 13 Imo 1*. HAMILTON JOYS'KR. Potatoes! Potatoes! ! BARRELS POTATOES, conHiating Jt\)\.) or Pink Ky.s, Karly Rose, Peach Blows, Jiii-t received ami for sale low, bv Jun ll JOHN AGNEW A SON. Qhoice Potatoes' Choice Potatoes! ! UR KS EE'S PEERLESS NO. ii ami EA UL y lt OSE P 0 TA TO ES. WITHOUT exception, Blt ES EE'S PEER? LESS and EARLY BOSK are tho lindi seedlings for main crop. No better potato eau hi' planted. 1 h A vu ii fine lot selected tir.-t willi regard to six? and quality. For ? rai? by E. Il. HElsi rsH, .(..ii 24 Dnnrui-t. Powder. Shot, &c. 4 FULL ASSOR'I MENT nt (inn and Blast r\. in? POWDER, Shot. Lead, Percussion Cups, Guu-wude. Ac., nu lui nd and tor aale I low. ut wholesale and retail, bv Dee'.'il JOHN AGNEW A SON. 1 Wood! Wood!! Wood!!! I ritni'. undersigned hon? leave to inform th? I nili/.i na ol Columbia lhat he han a WOO'l Y M : I > ;i> his old t laud, ul the Charlot le De? pot, iv li re i.e keeps constant li on bund the he-t ..minie? of PlN f and OAK WOOD. .vliielt lie will sell, UKI IVKIIF?? to any pari ol the eily, al I he following ex'r lordiuai > low pri?es, vi/.: Pine, H; Oak, ?5 per cord. Oiiod i ..M i ui<- ifiiurantei il Orders iiia,\ be b li . ,iln r at my alore or al '. l*H!i?'. Sul'/b;ich< rV J?-wHl \ S'oi e. Miin al let I. ! Jan

Clipped from The Daily Phoenix26 Jan 1872, FriPage 3

The Daily Phoenix (Columbia, South Carolina)26 Jan 1872, FriPage 3
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