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 - Q o 1 £ a. CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS Stevens By DLAKE...
Q o 1 £ a. CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS Stevens By DLAKE STEVENS United States Expert Al last Iho long awailcd World Candidates Tournament has begun begun at Bled. The lirst round pairings pilled Tahl and Smy- slov, F i s c h e r and .Keres, Pe- trosian and Gligoric, Gligoric, and Benko and Olafsson. The informa- ,..,., , turn is sketchy ','-'%S at this point, but Fischer is reported reported lo have . the upper hand againsl - Keres. However, in the second round he is believed to be in trouble against Petrosian. Keres has an edge against Smyslov, and tahl beat Gligoric. Several monlhs ago we stuck our neck out, slating that Fischer would place 4lh or belter! We will .slick to our guns on this, adding that ..the' players who will finish above him will be Tahl, Smyslov, and Gligoric. The Modern Dutch When White plays bis King Knight to KR3 (or K2) againsl the Dutch Defense, Black's best pawn formation is the P-Q3 set up, which is considered more fluid Iha.i (he "Slonewall" build-up with P-Q4. In (ho following game, While employs P-K3 (instead of P-KN3) which leads to a keen struggle and makes one wonder if llu's old move (P-K3) is not really better than the fashionable P-KN3. lern Opt* . I'-Km' V-K3 N - K n X n-Kz , 0 0 o-o r-qs N-Kl -k1 I'-Q1HI ( ( N-N5 P-K4 ( « ) N-N5 O K I ! ( b ) ll-BJ XiXr (i) bit, is very strong here. (b) Black has a problem which is almost insoluble. He wants to be able lo play P-K4 anytime that While plays P-QS, but his KB Pawn would be twice attacked and lost. Therefore, he removes the Knight, allowing his King Rook to serve as addilional protection. protection. To be considered was 7 . . . N-N5 willi the same- idea. Possible, too, appeared 7 . . . N-B3!?; 8 P-Q5.N-K4; 9 PxP.BxP; 10 BxBP.BxBP; BUT 10 NxBP is dangerous for Black, though not necessarily leading to a loss. In fact 7 . . . N-B3 deserves study. (c) Creating a target. (d) 9 00(?),PxP; 10 PxP,Q-N3. (c) Realizing his plans at the s l i g h t expense of dislocated knights. (() Important if not vital. .It 12 0-0,P-K5 and Black's Pawns d o m i n a t e a l l t h e squares. (g) White must make a noise on the Queen side, else Biack has everything his own way. (h) This encourages the Knight to go where it wanted, but the Knight can be driven out (P-KN4). Black's move also overprolecls hi. K3 and QR5 squares. (i) Overlooking the trap. (j) The knight is immune. 24 QxN?,B-Q5. (k) The knight can be maintained maintained and White's game falls apart. Problem 16 I'-QNS II 1I-N2 IB q-KJ 10 I--QN1 d) 20 I1-K2 21 N'-K5 22 N-H4 13 P-KH3 (I) « ttesltiu Ik) (a) 2. P-K4, the Slaunton Gam- White lo Play and Draw

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 27 Sep 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 90

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