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 - Championship Chess I ·"' - - ' · - · . ' i...
Championship Chess I ·"' - - ' · - · . ' i By BLAKE STEVENS Southwestern Open Chess Champion I P-K4, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 B-B4, B-B4- inln nintiVin *V.= r;..,,-,., p; 0 ' .· . ' - joco i iano, against which Black moves, each The best reaction is 4 ... N-B3 leading to 'an aggressive counter action against White's KP and giving rise to almost unfathomable unfathomable complications, some favoring White, some giving giving equality, and |Jj many rewarding Ha Black the od-g vantage (usual- J3 \y after suffer-?f ing hair-raising'" difficulties). ; Solid, but re-7- strict Jve a n d A s o m e w h a t T cramping is 4...V P-Q3 re - enforc- «,,«.,- ing his K4 S' 6 '""* square and preparing lo attack White's extended QP and preventing preventing the thrust P-X5 at a later date. The move gives equal chnnccs to both sides, provided White is even tempered and resorts resorts to a slower pace, otherwise, Black, again, comes out with an edge. Less fruitful Is X . . . B-NJ followed followed by 5 ... Q-K2 (if 5 B-Q4). Some books interchange these moves: 4 ... Q-K2, but 5 P-Q3 (!), B-N3 favors White. Any other 4th move by Black yields to White a big advantage. If 4 ... Q.K2; 5 P-Q4, PxP (changing plans In mid-sfream); 5 M gives While too strong an altack, e.g., t . . , N-K4; 7 NxN. Q*N; a P-B4I. Pxp discovered check; 9 K-RI, PxP; 10 PxQ, PxR (becomes Queen); HQ-Q5! wllh a win in sight The Interesting qtiestfon is: if Black plays 4 ... Q-K2 first (which is a minor inaccuracy), should While play the slightly better 5P-Q3, or move 5 P-Q4 hoping hoping Black is not familiar with the correct scheme? Chess is always (ull of psychological psychological nuances. Carrying t h i s one step further: 1 P-K4, P-K4; I N-KB3, N-QB3; J B-B4, B-B4; 4 P-B3, B-N3(1); S p.Q3, P-Q3 (transposing into a favorable 4,". . P-}3 line). Pushing' on 4 P-B3 B-N3; 5P-Q4, Q.JJ2; 6 fl-fl, N-B3'' ..l** l p -Q'; 8P-QR4, P-QR3; 9 P.-*?'.J-0: W P-Q:.'4 (inferior j s 10 B-KN5, P-R3; 11 B-K3 Q-Q1- 12 B-Q3, R-K1; 13 QN-Q2, B-R2! Tarrasch-AIekhine,- Baden- Baden, 1925, slight edge to Black). P-R3- 11 B-R3, N-Q2; 12 P-N5, N-Q1; 13 QN-Q2, Q-B3; 14 N-B1, N-K3- 15 N-K3, N-N4; 16 NxN furnished Spielman a slight plus a g a i Eliskascs, 5lh Malch Game, 133$. 37, While has another good choice in 7 P-QS (instead of 7 K-K1) N-QN1; 8 B-Q3, P-Q3; 9 QN-Q2 P-QR3; 10 N-B4, B-R2; 11 P-OR4 0-0; n P-QN4, N-KI; 13 Q-B2,' P-KN3; 14 B-R6 with a small pull. Precipitous for White is 6 P-Q5 (instead of 6 0-0), N-Q1I; 7 P-Q« QxP; 8 QxQ, FxQ; 9 N-R3, N-K3- JO B.Q5, N-B3; 11 N-B4 B-B2-*12 N-R4, P-KN3; 13 B-R6. NxB; 14 PxN, N-B4 and Black has tilted the balance in his favor. If White does not fall for Bits line, we have 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 B-B1, H-B4; 4 P-B3, B-N3; 5 P-Q4, Q.R2; G 0-0(1) Black must try S ... p^)3; 7 P-QR4, P-QR3 (providing against White's P-QN4 and P-QR5 winning winning the Bishop); 8 B-K3/B-R2 (if 8 ... B-N5; 9 P-Q5, N-N1; 10 P-RSI, BxB; 11 pxB, KN-B3,; U QN-Q2--a minimal advantage accrues accrues White, Atekhine-Tarrasch, Mannheim, 1914. Black, by his fth move, anticipates 9 P-Q5);'\ 9 P-Q5, N-Nl; BxB, RxB: 11 ON- QJ. N-KW; 12 P-KR3, fl-O; 13 N- RJ, QN-Q2; 14 B-Q3, R-Kt with «qual chances. Backing up to While's Sth move, h* does better by 8 P-QN4, N-B3; 9 P-R3I, 0-«; 10 R-K1, P-R3; 11B- R3 and While has transposed into the Spielman-Ellskoses Sth match game. The 4 . . . B-N3 system a little wxak and Black should self Inflict this onus only If he feels (hat While will falter by not moving moving along carefully enough.

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  1. Express and News,
  2. 12 Jan 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 90

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