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Chess And Checkers Players' Corner » * * Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites tl/tDESPREAD interest in checkers and chess over the South Plains IT area has prompted this "corner" of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial page Several score persons are actively engaged in chess play and chess clubs: several hundred belong to checkers clubs and play that grand old favorite. Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problem* and comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board Every prrton tnt»rc.'ird In chw Is ;n- ••••.tetf to attend a mceiusi; o! Lu^n-ii: 1 : Cliesii club in Hlltou hottl at '-:30 oVioclc Monday night. A rapid transit tournameut v/iil be conftucwd. fot the benelit of piaycrs unlamiliar with iSie rapid trunsit typt ol play ili» iystem will be explained. Ten-iecond moves »rc required. A tmn 1 - kceper will call "white" c:id "black" alternately alternately at the end of 10-r-econrt pi;rlod:. "White." ol course. Iirfrt Is culied player with the while pi:-;:s mafcn hi.- move luiracdmtcly. At'.cr 10 tecou&f na/- Upud. the time-keeper wl Icall -blnci: The player ol the bluet plecjs thm w I move. >-»ilurc to move when Jt Is your tu M will torlrlt \t\r-. game. A piece loijchu! must ol course. b« moved 11 l"i;i.l!y ^i cau be moved, or 11 U it y?ur oppnneni i. you must capture u II you Sdtully cim do so. Any person withMv; u> par:lclp.iir tun-. do so bv »ttpjifiin(t t".L Kii:etin;. Nu '"• trar.c-j lee will bo chnrg-:<i. Dr. R. S. Underwood again it, Lubhu.-!: .s lUiess chiimplou He retained the title hy Jelrallni! Dr. Al»n L. Strout. u former ckaraolan, in iho second ol their final round roijir. game:.. Doctor Strout had won the Ilrs-t. Doctor Strout Iml.-hed second. Gordon We'jb third. John Spencer lourth, Rod O'Ncall illtli. und V. o. JcnnmK' slxUi. Ic a letter to Otho Clendenuen. Newell ••V. Bxnkt ^t*tei Iroro riorlda ihul lie •.Mil likely he in Lubbock about Jan. H or 35. Tor hit scheduled exhibition. Players Players are u?>.rd to Keep the date in mind. :ir the type of exhibition he gives will bi; long remembered, and we would like ;or every player in this local to gel a chance to sec the wlrwrd In action. Entry ir. the countrywide round robin tourney hus. been closed, und the following following cuind:r,p!> do not include players »-)io have been unable to play in the last two weeks; W. L. Dr. Pet. Otho Oi.denr.en 38 14 IS .U"! B. J. Grtrr 37 21 12 .6H A. L. Amburn 20 15 5 .562 Wayne Ar.hify ._ 22 18 10 ..1<0 Chas Graves -_ 20 31 9 .490 J. C. Willinmson 14 16 10 .475 ./ V,'. Ackard „ _ 2 3 5 4»n H A. Oioppr U 19 16 .413 Liontrti Warr _ 15 34 7 ."1.10 Hugli Ar,d<:!*0ii 7 21 6 .SOU Dr. Alexander Alekhinc, former world chess champion, nosed out Reuben fine o imi. ijtc^t.. ".••./ , j^_ v t!ic two leaden-. wir.ninn :,n1uuon to laft week's prob- '.eni cumc from Raymond Phillips. Lub- iXjcV:. Hi.- jnovet W/TC corrrct lor ihn poi'tion. BKirk on o 12 'T. <lrn;s fn 27, 31; Whin- on 13. 23. 36. 30. king on 1« Whitf draws by 28-23. 17-26. 13-9. S-14. J7-U, 30-14. Drawn. -A'r. have u piftaj^nt. iurprUr lor the rrobyjn Wurrt this vefk. Joe DuIJy. tho Chlcsgo rsjwrrt. anrt author of many bn.^ka on th' i?.'in\f. hns .sent Ub two coplp* of !v..v },in-: boon "Standard position*." Part 3. ThCM 1 copies »rc compllmeiHarv and lie !,< Kivip.jf to be uted a^ premluims plea.wd to accept this fsvor fbown the readers ol our column, for Duffy's p!iy is niwavi high class. Ht <s one of thr b«t criii-s of '.hp game, anrt fiK I*t«t book deals with the fcl^icf of the same ond'ncs It u In pl'.yl^S ^" ' nd K° mc thai most of the Bm«f«r player" f»!fr. «r,d th^t Is why Duffy compl-cd tht ••Sta:-.(!»rn >.,':-,t:ons." purl ^.'10 ti-.e v-;n- r:fr o: 'orlj'.^ c:on'r5.t probleiTi. 'i'-* 1 i :, i] , . . Black *:t,p, on 6 IS. White. m*n on 2J. kirift or. ;, Biaek !o pioy «n" wln So ™' Mon t . 7r.:i.--. t,f m the malls by •'*"• '»• •nd; »-i;i be announced next ir««. !:c•^e^nJ copies ol the DccrraDtr edition of Ch*!. Uie Ennllsh inaRazinc. » r< =J™;V, ablr TlifV may oc obuuned from Gorrir. i Webb, in c^rc ol the Av.lancnc-Jourr.*:. ,rom the Cohen 1 \ P-K-! 2 N-KB3 J P-B4 4 KPxP 5 P-Q< 6N-B3 TKNxP 8 B-NS 9 BxP 10 Q-R4 ch 11 N-B5 13R-G 13 O-O 14 B-Q3 IS Q-KRt 1« KNxP Knpr.hllt P-QBl" P-K3 P-«4 P.\lf)-KB:i P.\lf)-KB:i PX^P P-QR3 PxP D-K2 QN-VZ O-O B-B-t «-B2 P-^JN4 B-Ni Q-B3 Cohrn White 17 N-Oi 16 BxP ch I'j R:-.Q 20 R-« 21 IUS 22 P-KR3 23 B-Q2 34 R-R6 25B-B3 ch 26 R-N5 ch 27Q-KN4 •>.S K.-WI 29 P-N3 30 lisft 31 Q-Qt eh Kuuriiu Blari. OxN '• N!^ RxR K\N KR-K H-KJ N'K ji -J'. i'-I.i R-KB ''h B-C<.1 , . ••'-I, p\i: Rc;'i^..^ Mail to H. A. Cooper. i=ii.i.!.iv r,:-r. i:. ef.i.c of n tie. tin. .-...iiKion M.I !• -1 tr.:; vlll 'oc given preffri'.ice. unle.-.. i!'s ..\ out-of-towr. iolution. '.i ^.'Lic ! i t.'i..: L/. copiet, miflit br. nwar^rd Si tt-' .;n:,. • Mlvera—ihe pioblem i$ *ortu o: .•• ;<\; and »> is '-he book.

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 17 Jan 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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