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1958/6/11 - A-183 Class 4 A' Names, Numbers, Sponsors Of 13...
A-183 Class 4 A' Names, Numbers, Sponsors Of 13 To 15-Year-Olds Cars Listed Pies Aldridge A-185, Industrial Tool and Supply. Skip Andree A-19, Mrs. Vitold Andrce. · Joe Anthony A-187, Woodward Zuber. Jack Apalategui A-189, Mrs. Boyd Hunt. Manuel Aranda Jr. A-183, Baum Adamson B Anthony Baceski A-21, New York Life Insurance Co. Tommy Ballou A-191, H u g h e x H.E.A.T. Robert Baughman Jr. A-181, De Honey Realty. Ray Bayless A-23, Oestreich Electric. Electric. Gilbert Beach A-179, Beach Maytag. Maytag. Paul Betlinski A-395, Catalina Post 4903-V.F.W. Milton Birge A-199, Sun Signs Neon. Lester Birnam A-25, Russ Plumbing Plumbing Wiring. Jerry Bjorn A-177, Food Val U. Craig Buchanan A-27, Amado's Furniture Appliances. Billy Buffington A-175, Reilly Funeral Funeral Home. ; c Gary Campagne A-29, S e w e 11 Painting Contractors. Ben Campbell A-173, Capin's Automatic Automatic Car Wash. Ronald Campbell A-31, Arizona Court. Dennis Carr A-171, I.A.M. Local 933, Dick^Chapman A-203, Tucson Fire Fighters. Eric Clements A-205, H u g h e s H.E.A.T. Thomas Conroy A-3.3, Frederick Goerl. Mike Cooper A-169, Russell Electric Electric Machine Co. Bobby Corral A-35, Spencer Sons Signs. Greg Crum A-167, Midway Drive- In Theater. Jack Curlin A-165, Spring's Hardware Hardware Supply. D Gary Davis A-37, Lievers Realty, Inc Daniel Diaz A-207,' Arizona State Highway Patrol. Jose Diaz A-209, Park-N-Shop Drugs. Manny Diaz A-211, South Tucson Lions Club. Gamble Dick III A-163, Culligan Soft Water Service Co. Morris Doty A-39, Martin Construction Construction Co. Jim Durant A-161, Midway Lumber Lumber Co. Eric Ek A-41, Korby's Department Store. F Jack Falzarano A-157, Jacome's. Mike Fawcett A-215, Joco Construction Construction Co. Eddie Felix A-155, Old Pueblo Drug. Dennis Fetter A-45, Tom Thumb Grocery. Earle Franks A-217, West Star Foods. G Seferino Gallardo A-153, Rubitom's Record Revue. ett GamW« A-47, Dr. F. 0. GamWe. David Gommel A-151, John Badger Realty. eil Grab A-49, Rainbow Water Co. Tom Green A-223, R.C.A. Defense Electronic Products. Tohn G u t r r e r o A-51, Hillcrest Service. Byron Gunn A-147, DMAFB-Fed- eral Credit Union. Richard Harris A-145, KTKT Radio Station. Bobby Hauge'n, A-53, Do-It-Yourself Do-It-Yourself Stores, Inc. Barty Heald A-143, Arizona Glass Mirror Co. Neil Hesse A-141," Niles Radio TV Center. Ronnie Higuera A-227, Tucson Auto Parts Equipment Co. Michael Hill A-57, Pima. Mining Company. Frank Hubbard A-59, Carpenter Local 857. John Hubbard A-229, Curtis Roofing Roofing Co. Jim Hudgin A-231, Hudgin Air Service. Danny Hunter A-233, Lynn Sand' ers Studio. ' · : O .".. , Mike O'Neill A-5, I.A.M. Local 933. ' . Richard'Oper A-S1, Wood _Broi. Lumber Co. Bill Oppman A-l 19, Arkay Service Service ft Equipment Co. . . filbert' Padilia A-267, Southern Arizona Sports Card Club, Inc. Ramon Padilla A-7, KEVT Music City. Ronnie Parker A-83, Bentz's Variety. . . · ' Bill Parkerton A-117, Desert Ser- toma Club. Dick Pittman A-115, Gene Hamil- R Robert Ramsden A-9, Buxton- Smith'Merc. Co. Larry Rex A-87, Baum ft Adamson. Adamson. Joe Reyna A-277. Rudy Richards A-113, Tucson Blue Print. Arnold Richmond A-89, Merchants Finance Co. Charles Roberts A-lll, Washwell No. 1. · . · Tim Ryan A-299, Corbett Lumber Co. Thomti Scott A-283, J. f w.-i chell. , : , ' Mike Sloyan A-1I, Arizon* Trust C O . · : ' . , : ' · · . , - . Phil Sloyan A-93, F. Ronstadt Hardware Co. Charles Snell A-109, Randolph Golf Course. ' Richard Soulvie A-95, Cootiettes No. 116. Jimmy Spagnola A-107, Spag'i Auto Sales. Donald Stephensbn A-97, A.M.C. Amusement Co. · Dennis Stogsdill A-285, Gram'Ma. Mikey Stump A-287, Desert Air. Air. man Publishing Co. Steve. Sweeney A-289, Arizona Mortuary. Victor Thornton ', A-13, Garrett Building Specialties. ; . ' - . ' . : · : v John Vallentine A-15, J. R. Schwartzman, M. D. Richard Vasquez A-99, Tucson Title Insurance Co. Leo Vath A-305, George Pricco. Frank Vergara A-101, Murray J. Sniff Construction ,Co. Mike Vuke A-103, Beiser Aviation Corp. Eric Jacobson A-137, San Xavler Rock Sand. Armando Juarez A-61, Emil Bien Plumbing Heating, Inc. Albert Jurado A-135, Terry Atkinson, Atkinson, architect. K Pete Kalb A-63, Crown Hardware. Henry Kaldenbaugh A-133, Kalden- baugh-Zimmennan, Inc. David Kappler A-237, Horseless · 'Carriage Service. Mike Kelly'A-239, Anonymous. L Tony Landeros A-65, Mitchell Furniture Co. Lindsay Lane A-131, Tucson Glass Mirror Co. Danny Lawrence A-245, A. B. Lawrence. Tom Lemon A-129, State Construction Construction Co. Tony Leyva A-247, DMAFB--Ari- zona Aircraft Storage. David Lovitt A-251, Tucson Merchants Merchants Association, Inc. John Luzadder A-69, Shamrock Dairy. Duane Lyons A-253, DMAFB-- 64th Bomb Sqd. M Richard McArthur A-127, Parents. Francis McVey A-7.1, G. W. Motors. Bennie Martinez Jr. A-125, Wash- well No. 2. Frank Martinez A-73, Santa Cruz Mass Servers Society. Jim Marum A-297, Southwestern Tech. David Meyer A-123, Southern Arizona Arizona Bank Trust Co. Eugene Moreno A-75, Mik* ft Shorty's. Charlie Morgan A-259, Leo's Auto Supply. James Murphy A-l, James M. Murphy. Jerry Murphy A-261, Fraternal Order of Police. Dennis Murray A-77, Pioneer Paint Varnish Co. N . . John Newsome A-3, Roy H. Long Realty. George Nuttycombe A-79, vendo- matic Co. Mike Nuzum A-12I, Coca Cola Bottling Bottling Co. Douglas Sauer A-28I, Clark H. Johnson, Fred Webster A-17, Dairy Queen No. 7. Bill. Wright A-301, Capps* New Way Manufacturing Co. CHEAP POWER L*yva Uvitt Cars Coast All The Way Gravity is the only propelling force in the Soap Box Derby racing racing car. The cars are designed to coast freely from the starting ramp past the finish line. No kind of a boost or push is permitted to get them started. Although the racers seem to start slowly, they soon achieve surprising speed. The starting ramp and track offer sufficient grade so that well-built cars can attain speeds of more than 25 mph. In fact, they will average close to that speed over the 975- foot course, hitting peaks of around 30 mph in the final stretch. To start a heat, the cars are placed on the ramp 1 with their noses resting against metal barriers barriers which hold them securely in place. One lever drops all three barriers simultaneously and the cars begin their downhill roll from a standing start. Since the cars have no motors, spectators frequently ask what makes one faster than another. The answer lies in the design of the car and the painstaking workmanship workmanship of which many boys are capable. There are many factors which affect the speed of Soap Box racers. Perfect alignment of the wheels to that the car coasts straight Is perhaps the most important. important. Weight Is important and to is the even distribution of the weight so that each wheel c a r r i e s . a n equal burden. Vibration and friction friction slow the racer. The tight, strongly built car is usually faster. A good steering system is vital. It gives a boy the control needed needed to hold a itraight course, which is the' shortest distance to the finish line. Streamlining adds «pe«d by reducing air r*««tanc«, Webster WritfU

Clipped from
  1. Tucson Daily Citizen,
  2. 11 Jun 1958, Wed,
  3. Page 25

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