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John Simmons - *» W 3*n. ..,> «» . C. J. Burr ftnd John...
*» W 3*n. ..,> «» . C. J. Burr ftnd John Banner, under tho Afct of As«emMir of the Commonwealth of PWinaylvftnltt entitled,. "An act tc provide for the Ihcorpornllot; and ifgn- IrUlon of cnrtnln oorpSrallons," approved Apt II 29th, JR74, and tha oupplementii thereto, for tha fihurter of ftii Intended corporation to bo railed "Lebanon Vitllfiy Iron'Arid' fifte«l Uompnny," the cliarttcte'r and object of whlcb in thn mannfflt;tiir- ln« of Iron nntl Bteel, or both, or any other tneltt), or of nny article of commerce, commerce, front irtotnl or wood, or both, with tho poworn nntl prlvlloRPH r.'onfcrrcd by section 38 of thn HUlil Act of A«S(!tn- bly nnd tho sovornl mipplotncntB thereto ntid frtr thftje piirpoHcn to hnvo, ponnnBe nnd finjoy nil tho riglitH,. bormfttB and prlvllopcn of tbo naUl Act of AH«cmbly, nnd Ha Hupplemcntii. • H. P. LIOMT, Solicitor, ft. x M ft, tarye fro NO. 7. Being all l!; 17 ft x it> ft., tvith « twe.«tory tin-roofrd kitchen uttJthcd 14 lhat cettain . . , Krnement houn* ami l«l of Rrmiinl known 3« N'n. j,8 South 1'ifih viol, PI fnW ( ity of (ollovvt, bounded i-cbatir/n !n will K ranting on the ••,,' «trei-l, nn' which i! iiivi pnd.exlehdlhlt of thai .ud and five feel hunr dm ribC'l le of Kcntli Fifth twcuty-/ivo feet, enxtward nnc him to other JANtTABY CIVIL COURT MATION. PBOCLA- Whoroiwt, the lion. Allan W. Khrsond, Pre»!dont .ludRO of th« ttnvnrnl conrtn of ('orrmon PIcaH of tho C.v.iuity of L«b»- non, in.-l .ludfjc of tlin CotirlH of Oyor and Termlnnr and flRtieritt Jn.ll Delivery for the trial of uaplla.1 and all othnr of- fnn«ns of Bald county, thn Jndffe of thn (Inncral Court of Quarter HoBHlons of the Penon nnd (Iciif-rul Jail Dollvnry In thn County of Lulmnon, throuffh hln pr«- cnplH to mo fllrmitod, thin nth day of I.)(>cmnhor A. J'),, IdOli, to hold n. Court of Common Pleas of the County of Lebanon, Lebanon, on thn Third Monday of January, 1910, which will ho tho 17th of nald month, to nontlntie ONR W13IOIC, aivun unrtor my hand In tho county of Lobnnon, the Ifllh day of Uncembor, A. 1)., one thotiHarid nine hundred and , nine. 1U-1S HLTAH Sheriff. ESTATE Or SUSANNAH WABTXiVI'T. The ttndcr«lKnr>d Auditor, appointed hy tho Orphann' Court of Lobanon County, County, to mtiko distribution of tho balance In hamlH of.Adttm S. Mark, executor ol thn hint will of Wartlnft. late of North Lebanon towiiHhlp, Lobanon County, Pa., dcoea»od, as per hlH flrflt and filial accounln of nald OHtp.m. to and among all partlon loyally entitled thereto, will meet for tho purpose of bin appoint.mont on Weanenday. Dooem- bor 89. 1000. In rorim No. 4, Of the Court HOUBO, Lebanon, Pn.., at 10 o'clock, a. tn.. v/hon and where nil por«oii8 Interested are required to mako nnd prove ,tholr clnlins or ho debarred from comlnff In upon said fund. CHARLES H. KILLINOHR. 12-11 Auditor. propci.iM of estate "f Jolm Simmons, dcctassdi lounded on (lie rioitli hy tut no* or lute of John Rimer, ami mi tlif tuuth by lot now »r late of Cliarlcs McKcnzic. The ImmovimtnH consist of B two- *lojy fr.'iinr slfttc-ioofrd dwelling hou)p; 78 ft. <| in. TC 24 ft., with two- dlory fr.iini- tin-roofed kitchen nt- tnclitd id ft, x 13 ft. 8 mclicB. There is o .iifiim heat plant in Hit house. Chiclirn house, Kiniie viiieo and fruit trrcs on the preraiicn, NO. 8. TleitiK nil that certnln inessuflftt, tcneuietit, lloude nnd l"t or piece of ground known a« No." 255 Smith Cherry idlcy, in Baid City of Lebanon; (nmiinj; on tlie went side cf l-'ltcrry alley, on which it c*(cnd» ti'/i feet 'more or lew) und exleiiding wcstwnrdly gt («•«( 8 Itichts (moip or les<<) to tiropcrt^ nhovr nt'Hrrihcd an »No. 7 nf e-MJitr of John Simmons, lintintler| on the north by lot now or late ol John Kisser, nnd on I ho south hy property nl John Simmons' estate hereinafter dcRcrihcd »t, rii.i. g. The, Improvpuirnts consist of a two •lory brick slate rimfrd dwelling house i(> ft. x i i\/j ft., with two-siory hriclc kitchen i^xn> fct'l and onc^tory frame !*CHilery attached ftxio fret. An alley or ji.v-i.'iKe-wny to he used In rommoii with'the owners nnd occupiers of this property find the ovvm-rs anil occupiers of prop 'Hy No. 257, adjoiniiiR. Cement walks through nlley-way and in front and rear of house, Front porch at housi-. NO. 5). Being all that certain messuage, I'.'iicmcnt, house and lot nf ground known a; No. 257 SoutJi Chi-rry alley, in said City ol Lebanon. Fronting on the west side of Cherry alley, on which it rxirmls \2>/, feel (more ot k'Mi) and cxlemllnu westwardly ya ft. g In. (more or ICHB) to niupcrty atxivc described m No. 7 of estate ol Jolui Sittunons, dcccascdj I'Oiindcd on the north by property of Kstati! ol John Simmons, drct'iisftl (described aft No. 8), anil on the south hy lot now or late of Charle.' McKcnile, The tinprovcmenU connlkt of a two 'utoty hounc hrick alnle-roofeil dwelliiifi at,xi.'</i feet, with two.storj PTJBI.IO 8AI.B OP VAI.UADI.B PSBSOnAIJ PBOPBBT'SM Will bo Hold cvt publlo sale on TtTBBDAY. DBOEMBBB 30. 1909, At tho lato roBldonoo of t>r. Huber. nt tho' "unur of CumtniiiAiid Struct and Doo Alloy In tho City of Lebanon. Pa., thn following personal property, viz: A full dental outfit. Including a mod- pvn nnrt up to <lato olootrlo switchboard with all appliances, dental chairs, tools, laboratory outfit, motor nnd supplies. Hod HtoadH, burontjs. ahalra. wardrobes, clients, carpot. BUS rango. gas heater. BO.B water boater and othor household and kltohcn effecta. Also plumber's tools, stop ladders, doors, shutters, window sash, screens, offtoo furntturo, typewriter, large ,lron wafo, porcelain tub, lnwn mower, rofrlB- erntor and many other artloloa 6'alo to commence at 1 o'clock, p. m., whon conditions will bo made known by L. SAMLWU. Administrator of tho estate of Dr. Win, S. S. Hvibor, dodoafiod. -, •• • Bxnouw>it'S NOOPIOH OF VAIjUABI/B BBAJj ESTATE The undersigned Executor of the Inflt wjl and tustalnent of John Siminonii, deceased, wll offci' nt public sale, on THURSDAY, DEC. 30, 1909, nt Ihe William Penn' Hotel (Win. llollman l'ro]i.), nt the Bouthcrmt i-ornur of Seventh nn< Cumberland strceln. !n the City of Lebanon Lebanon County, I'd., the following dcucrilm Ken! ICntuto of said testator, vizi NO. i, UeliiK all that certain messuage tenement, house and lot or piece of grpum situate in the City of Lebanon aforesaid, .01 the northwest corner of .Second nnd Cliestnu nlrccU, bounded and described ns follows, to wit: •' . . •.";' HBOINNINO nt the northwcut corner or Chc»t nul and Second atreetn, nnd extending north- waritly along aaid Second nH'cet ninety-nine feet to lot late of L 11. iferliel, along which It extends weittwnidly nineteen feet lo lot nou or lain of Hichnrd Kogcra, nlong which it ex tonja southwurdly ninptv-ninc fuct to snlil Chi'atnut ntvncl, along which it extends east- wnvdly nineteen feet to the place of lieult Thn iinpiovcinuntH consist of a two mory "L" shaped, brick, slato-roofec dwelliiiK hounc 14 ft. 3 in. x >> ft,, nnc 19 ft. x 24 ft. 4 in., and two-story brick, tin-roofed kitchen attached, 17 ft, 6 in. » H ft,, with porch nnd balcony nnd one-story frame tin ruofed scullury attached ia ft. >; 6 ft., With balcony on top. 1'orcli nt front corner of house, hot air heat system, bath room and NO. j, DeiiiK nil thnt certain messuage, ii-netncnt, house and lot of ground kn«w» u No, »6o South .Second street, in Uic «.,u/ Lebanon aforesaid, hounded and described follows, to wit: UIUIINNINO at a point on the cast olue of South Second struct, al corner ol lut of Win, J. llackctt, thence extending alons the trust side of Smith Second street in a itontherly direction twenty feet to corner of lot late of Ulram llnchmoycr, thence cMcndmy along said last mentioned lot cnntwnrdly 100 fcot to I'linn alley, thence extending in a northerly direction _ ulonK tlie west side ol ounc at,xi.'i eet, wt two.storj brick kitchen i.txio feet attached, and one-fttory frame kcullcry attached C x 10 ft An alley or paos?K<--v.-.-iy to he u-icil In com r.ion with the t)kvnt-in and occupiers of tlih property and owners nnd occupiern of prop i-jty No. 355, adjoining. Crmsnt walled througl' and in front iincl rcur of house. 1'orch at front of house. NO. 10. All thnt certain messuage, .one merit house and lot of piece or ground known an No, 13 North Slxth - street, in said Cih *if 'Lebanon, between Cumberland and \\'if hnv street)),, bounded and described aa follows, to wit: On the north hy property of Ham Chillier, on the south by property of I', rf. KciBcr, on the west by properly of Albert Ward mill on the- cant by Sixth street, fronting 16^5 fuel on Sixtli Klrcrt and extending 90 feel (more, or lens) in depth. (The improvements consist of a two- story tiaiite hlale-iootcd dwelun^ ImiiBC 16^x26 feet, with a two-stor) ___ .frame buck building 10 feet 8 inche! 16, feet, with balcony attached and one-ston frame kitchen attached 5 ft. 8 inches x i> ft NO.' -I I. 'The undivided one-half ,nt all thai Int, known (is No. 78 on Plan of Lots ol Kast Lehman Street Improvement Co., situati (in the Northwest corner of Tenth Avcniu and Eatit Lehman street, in North Lebanon township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, front ing 50 feet on Lehman Direct, and extendinii (Ho feet (more or less) in depth to South alloy,. .Hounded on the cant by Tenth avenue on the south hy Lehman street, on the wesi hy lot No, 79 on I'lan of Knst Lehman Strce- 1 Improvement Co., and on the north by SoutI 1 ' alley. N'O. 13. ' • The undivided one-half of lot No rtlierly m all - 1'lum alley twenty feet to saiil lot of \Villiair. J. llnckett, thence c*Uiidinx ' said Hockell's Hockell's lot wCBtn'anlly 100 feet to the place ol . Tlie improvements of a story inline slate-roofed dwelling house 1^ ^ ->^ feet, with twu-storj f i. une lin-uHil'ed kileheii attached H f(, x o ft, 4 inches. Fruit trees and grape Vinca on premises. NO. .1. All that certain lot or piece of ground bitualo on th« east aide of Soulh Sec ond street, in the City of Lebanon aforesaid, being lot No. -'" uu I' uf South I'.uk li ing said city to wit: bo muled and described as follows at a post on the caai aide nf Srcontl street 106 feet north of Sehncf fcrsloivn Road, thence eastwnrdly aloim liin.l now or late of Win. W. Mlah too feet lo I'liiin alley, thence alons the west side of I'luiii alley northwardly jo feet to lot of Hugh K. HuKlu-i, thence along the lot of Hugh K Hughes weslwai'dly loo feel to Second sued, llutiiec aloiiK Second Mreet souihwnrdly t\veut> f 'el tu plr.ce of beginning. New cemciu cnrhstone at this lot. NO. 4. All those certain lots or piece ol lund situate on the weut Hide of South Sucotu) litrcel, in s.iul City of l.chnnon, anil bciiiK lots numbere,d 37 and JK on Plan of South raik. bomuleil and descviued as follows, tq wit: l!e WINNING al a po;l on the west side of Secnml street 160 feet south of Locust street, at coi utr of land of .1 nines Uastian. thence alons said land of James llMian westwardly 94 feel to a ia foot wide- alley, thence jilting the easi side of said alley southwardly 40 feet to Inncl now or late of Jacob P, Oliver, thence along »aid land 'of Jacob 1\ Oliver castwardly vi feut to Second street, thence along said Second street northwardly -10 feet to place of begin ding NO. 5. Being all that certain messuage. tenement house ami lot or piece of ground known as No. 331 South Second street, lu the City of Lebanon aforesaid. (Sounded on the east by Second street, on the Mutli by other property John Sinmionj' cs late, on the west by a twelve foot wide ullev. and on the north by land sold to Jacob IV Oliver; having a frontage of eighteen feel nine inches (more or less) on «aid Second street, ami extending in depth of equal width 94 feet to said alley, —"-" The improvements consist of » two- Moiy prick ilatc-roofed dwcliing house Ki (t- 9 in. x id ft., \\ith two Hory 'ftricit tiu-iostfed kitchen O t ft, xia ft. Large front porch, ce- ~ , j »io HufssHage. lc«e- niecx O/'grouna known ^etl, Its Uje Cily •){ fti on'l^lntt of Lota nf Ivnst Lehman Streei fniprovcmeiit Co. on ICaat Lehman street, ir North Lebanon Township, Lebanon County I'a, Fronting so feet on said Lehman street nnd extending lit depth 180 feet more nr lest tn South alley. Hounded on the east by 1m No. 79 on .Plan of Lota of Kast Lehman Streei Improvement Co., on the south by Lehman Rtrect, on Ihe west by lot No. 81 nf said Pl;n •if Lotii, nnd on the north hy Soulh alley. NO. l.v The linrllvlilrtl nnr-h.llf of ,1 Inl o( ground on East Lehman slrcct in North Leh.i non Township, Lebanon Connly, I'a., fronting sj feet on -Lehman iitrect and extending 181 feet (more or less) in depth to South alley Bounded on jhe south by Lehman street, or (he west by a t3 fool wide alley, on the norll hv South alley, and on the east by lot o' Cm). W, Dllzlori It hciiiK Ihe undivided one 'nlf of the ^'Mtcrn half of lot No. 8r or Plan 'of Lots.' o£ Kast Lehman Street Inr I ;novemcnt Co.;:f,' : Sale to commence nt 2 o'clock P. M., whei I'ondillonn will' bo made known by 1'. S. KKISER, , Executor of John Simmons, Deceased, A. J. H. J. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Notice Is:hereby given that loiters testamentary? Qri -the estate of Daniel Walmor, late of the city of Lebanon, Pn., decoasod, have boon gran tod'to the uudBrBlRiiod executor. All persons therefore, Indebted to said estate shall mako prompt payment, and those having Just claims will ~. present the same duly authenticated, : without delay, for settle- mont to JOHN GRIMES, Executor. 101 Lehman Street R w. Minor. Atty. 12-0 NOTIOH IB HHBEBY OIVBW that tlio following unmed porsoni liuve made application ana filer) their petltloilB and bonds witli tlie Clerk of Quarter Sessions or the Fence for the Oounty ot IiBbauon, for TAVEKJT, "• BBSTATJBANT, WHO1B- 8AIiX2 IiIQUORB. BOTTI.EBS, BBEW. BBS' or MANUrACTUBEBB, BT.OTIL. IiBBS', QUART, BTO., HOBNSES which wnit ba preieuted to the said Oourt on THUBSDAY, JAWW^JBV 13, A. »., 1910 TAVBBN I.IOBNSBS. FIRST WARD. CITY OF LEBANON. :. L. Wesley, known as the Colonial hotel. MIlliinT'stalns, t,tifuyotto hotol. John 11, Stokes, Park hotol. SECONP WAIID. Violet Klelsor, American house. John It. ObarhpUoor, Hoto) Wallace. H. 0. Horgnor, Easle hotel. U. V. YouU, Farmers' house. THIUD WAUD. Hubert J. Bohnoy, tho Railroad house, luliii S. Knoll, Nos. 1021 1028 West rumlmrlawi St., Cumberland house. 'i. IAHI Mlohaol, Majestic cafe, nth St. "Jotirgo Kos, tho Hotnl Forijo. FOURTH W A U», ' Ooorgo H. Horshborger. 7-18 Willow St. Wm. ll. Bollman, Win. Penn hotel, lovvnril M. Bright, Keystone house. I«rry R. Hellmnn, Central hotel. Ellen Holland, Nos, 203, 206, 207 and 209 North Eighth street. Inrry AVunderlloh, Washington houso. I'hoimiB B Stains, V6 B Cumberland St. lurry S', Weaber, west sldo N. Sth St . W. Sperry, Blngham hotol. I. M. Tallmun, Tho Willow. •• V. Spreohar, Drovers Excliangc hotel. FIFTH WARD. ooob A. M>imm», N. Lebanon hottsa. Vm. a. BlelBtoln. also N. Lebanon house n. Klolnfeltor, Lobanon Valley house, rlcB E. Ebrlght, St. Charles hotol. G. Walter, Commercial hotel. loorgo Ciress, No. lOa. corner of Lehman Lehman and Fourth Sts. SIXTH WARD. ohn S. GocUloy. West End hotel. oSS N. llth St. SEVENTH WAliD Clinton Stroh, Mansion House. JONESTOWN BOROUGH Allon TT. Waliner, H«tlma<\ house. . turlo Samlholm, Whlto Horse hotel larrlson Sfhartel, Buck hotel. UlCHIiAKn BOROUGH larry R. Miller. Union house. F. S, Hodman, Rlphland hou««. 'NORTH LEBANON TOWNSHIP. F. n. stoovor, Exchange hotol. "•rank P. Spiingler. Canal and Fifth Sts. Vinos H. ulover, Kast End hotel. \VIQ8T LEBANON TOWNSHIP Vm. H. Bleaker. West Lebanon house. JOl'TH LEBANON TpWNBHIP." Clinton Smith. Rvxmont *aul f. Leveneood, Avon Inn. Danlol Folmer ^nd Aaron" C. Fojm«v, a »»ni«l- JPolmer «mji S^itt, J. U. to a O. L. the of the a the

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