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 - Alter loss el arm en 'Twister' ridt at County...
Alter loss el arm en 'Twister' ridt at County fair JEAN MILES WAKES COURAGEOUS COMEBACK ".t»«n I* A VIM-V food Dlnver and All (ho tlrl* Ilk* her By BRONSON HA YARD "C'mon Jean. You can do It Jean." that's what her teammates were shouting as the Clute Twisters' star pitcher led her team to victory. "' The coach says with Jean's help the Clute girls Softball team la going to win the championship again this year. From the results of the last two games, It appears the Twisters may very well wear the crown for the second year In a row. A lot of the credit goes to Jean for her pitching. She throws them fast and straight. She has a lot of no-hitters. You can't say Jean Is like every other 16-year-old Bra- zosport senior High girl. You can't say It because she's a "Outstanding player," Is what is inscribed on several of the Atrophies In the living room of her home. ' But there's more to the story of Jean. For you see, Jean was In an accident a few months back and lost her left arm. Now something like that might discourage alotof girls her age, or most persons for that matter, but not Jean Miles. No sir, not Jean. "She's a pretty determined girl," her mother says. For Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Miles of 520 Shelby, the road to recovery from the tragic accident has not L been nearly as long and difficult as one would normally think. She was Injured on the opening night of the Brazorla County Fair last October during a ride on the "Twister" In the carnival. carnival. Jean was partly thrown out of her seat. Her left arm was severed when It struck a rail. An Interesting footnote Is the Ironic coincidence that both the carnival ride and her Softball team have the name "Twister." "Twister." After the accident Jean was under care In Brazosport Community Hospital for three weeks. I "One of the first things she said to me was that she wants to play ball," Billy Barthelmess says. Billy Is Jean s "special" friend, "Everybody was telling me I could play. I didn't think I could, but after a lot of encouragement I just got out there and tried," Jean says. began working out by lust about anyone she Could find. doing It, but 1 didn't know *irs and catching the ball with the left hand. In batting this way, Jean has broken three Zgera of the artificial hand. But that hasn't stopped her To understand how Jean managed to go back to playing for •ho rinto Twisters, you have to know her. ^Se are tw "hlngs about Jean that 'veryb^y-paren s girlfriends, coteh and a boyfriend agree on. She Is & pretty i a , n SXout all she talks about ," 1 when she was 10 and has liked pltehlng"ever since."she's been playing for thei Clute Twisters Twisters for the past four years, leading them to the championship championship crown at tournament play In Galveston last year. Jean says she got Interested in softball because "one of my friends was playing and 1 didn't have anything else to do, so I went there and tried out." you so successful at pitching? Do you have any ••ies sir, but those are secret," she said tersely. Jean said she and Mary Martin, the Twister catcher, have worked out a few pitches that account for a lot of her no- games "Jean Is a very good player and all the |lrl* Hk* her. She Is a real leader," Shellon says. When the Twisters are playing a game, Jean Is always moving around giving encouragement to her teammates. Undoubtedly Undoubtedly she Is one reason why the Twisters have such high team spirit. Between playing for the Twisters and practicing, Jeandur- ing baseball season will probably be found watching the games on television. She's a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, who won the World Series last year. Mrs. Miles says, "She's not much good around the house, Jean admits she doesn't like house work. . .and geometry. Sports Is what she likes. Physical education courses, or P.E. as It's called, are her favorite at BHS where she Is a Junior. The future for Jean Miles seems a little tar off right now. Although this week she was awarded $227,500 in a settlement settlement of a suit for damages, she's more excited about the possibility possibility of winning the softballchamplonshlpthanaboutbeing a wealthy girl. Mrs. Mrs. Miles said the money will be held In trust for Jean until she Is 21 or gets married. "She told me the other day she had so many proposals she thought she would get married so she could have the money now," Mrs. Miles said jokingly. Jean says she wants to use part of the money for a college education at San Marcos State. And what Is she going to major In? Physical education, of course. She said she decided on that In the seventh grade. Jean Is also excited about getting her driver's license and a new car. She plans to drive to school next year In a '64 Mustang. But the most Important thing, Is Softball. She's getting the artificial fingers repaired In order to help her out In batting. As determined as she Is, Jean with her bustling energy doesn't see any obstacle she can't overcome. For her, Being JEAN MILES Is all smiles as she wall-lies ono nf nor teammates get a hit. The star Cliilc pitcher Is back on the softball fleUl playing for the championship nfter recovering from a tragic accident In which she lost her loft arm. —Facts st.iff photo '. a 3 nd Mrs. Don Shelton of Clute coach the Twisters this a girl like Jean Miles may be a bit greater. FREEPORT, TEXAS Men.. Jun, 7. 1965 PAGE 5 E3MAJORS AT LAKE JACKSON

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