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Chess - CHESS PROBLEM No. 685 liy J C. Morra (Argentina...
CHESS PROBLEM No. 685 liy J C. Morra (Argentina I Black (9) m mm- , "'. " .... g w gin . While (b) White mates in two moves SOLUTION No- (f m uus stlrtciive muuie ictisdsmj mi prooico aut aw resd lor si, Siack'i muvu out Li Wrim Da qo wutlus move ho na to chioee WJ platu, oompij Tt key I Kt-m chanfei tn- ii male allei l B-rttS from 1 KucB 10 3 ICtiP ano atiet 1 P-B4. frcoi a p.cjt to 2 Ki-CS Tnt set matt 1 . B-DS. s KliB dliappean. oul li ita plac Uitr u ao adot mat t KsKt: 1 B-06 More Interzonal games Two notable features oi tne earlj rounds of the Interzonal tournament at Stockholm have Seen the surging ana confident play ot Bobby Fischer, and the fine form! of D A. Yanofsky. who won the British Championship in 1H53 while at Oxford University Yanofsky's excel lent recovery from a bad start has brought mm nearine leading group This week's games comprise a win b icmoisKy and two forceful victories by Fischer. White: O A ruottk Canada I liadr w Uhltnano tEajt Rrmaiiy against a leading grandmaster L. H-K i P-tH S Kl-QB- P-K! 4. P-OR.-5 Pi b Q-Kt i B-03 i Q-B4 .0 Par 11 i 13, B-KXS 13 KtK3 14 P-OB3 is. Kt-a IB. B-iU 17 B-B6 IS B-tttscn ty UIHCD . KI-R3 fl tt-K? Blaca r-KJ P Q4 B-KU Kl-Kl BlKlub -QBa Kt-B P-KR P t P QRS Ktit. KI-B4 Kt-Bj Kt-R4 Kt-KJ P-EtKtt B-B7 B-Q2 RIB P-RJ Kt-KO i IS-Klt 33 K-Q3 S4 P-Kti 15 BlP a p-m 37 Kt-a, VS B-BE diao rt Bl H-Bi Et-Br Kt-iCi B-Rl KIKll-QB 2 KR-OKtl R.B1I-BJ jo --Kta Kt-Bl il P-KRa 33 R-R2 34. R-QBl 35. R-KO 3 P-RS 37. P I P 38. R-KEU 19 St i Ct 40 RiR 1 K-07 Kt-R4 Kt-Kti KI-R9 Kt-BJ K-Kl Pi P K-Bl KtlBSI-Kr to. R i P en R X R cfa Realioa Whltr. M Aaron flndlal. liacli R J PUclier lUnltrt Stttnl iVnn. . P-CJ a P-OBs i. Kt-ge 1 P-KJ P-BJ i B-rCi i KKl K. J Kt-Kt3 0 B a P 11 B-KV ,2 Kl-q il tlf H B I F US Pi Kt KINO'S tWlAf UKYTtSCr Rlaca t KB3 J KKC- B Kli u 0-0 3KIO. P.B P-QRJ p i P Kl-R B-H.3 P-C)KI P a P lt a Kt 8 I P wmu lb P-OR 17 0-0 IS Kl-Ki 19 B-KJ an B k Kt Jl KR-B1 2 R x H 'a a Kt-B? 24 P-B4 IS B-Q1 as. oib It. Q-B3 as R-oi 29 R-Q2 t TO Reslrtu Ulau r-Ki Q-RS KR-B1 Kt-Br sx 0-H3 R B H-BS P-CM B I B dl 0-K12 B-R3 R-BJ 1 i lit 1 White: i. Bllea iHunjam. "lad: ft. J. Plichet lUnllerl Sutntl niu .. PH. Kt-KBi 3. P-Q l. Hi i r 1. Kt-QBJ j B-RKli I. P-B I. O-Qt R-QKU lO. P-K5 II. P I P a. B-QBa 13. B i KP 14. Caitli 15. Q I B itrlLIAN WFEttrt r-a K-QB4 P.i P I P Kt KU!-P-OR? P KJ 0-K13 J K Kit O.I'F Pip KKr-05 B-K) C 1 ! Bib PR3 rJlacr-DlKI K I H IB Q-R4 17. R RP 10 Q-QP cn Kl-Bl is Biacn k a b m r-bi cn K-Kt; Jl. Rx Klla) B-Q2' 72 Rt-B3 Q-KO Oi 23 R-Ftl 24. Kt-KU 25. R-KI8 R-B8 27. R-B3 Q-BSch Dip Q-KB7 O I R K-R2 vTtuut exomsra tba tust USUI.

Clipped from
  1. The Guardian,
  2. 15 Feb 1962, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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