July 4, 1894: Republic of Hawaii declared

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July 4, 1894: Republic of Hawaii declared - XXIX. . 2sX). 54. nOOLTTLTJ, H. I., JTBIDAY"....
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SCHMIDT & SONS, &!c:lsit IT TRUE? Mary Ailau Said to Have Been Arrested for Shoplifting. Mary Ailau, a Kntiakn woman, is in a fair wuy to bjeinl a few moutlia s a truest of tin" Government, says the San FrauuUco Call. Mnrv lias two booths iu the Hawaiian Village at the Midwinter Fair and bas been coining money for the reason that fhe did not pay anything for a considerable quintity of the goods she has been selling. About live o'clock yesterday afternoon Mary paid a visit to the btore of J. J. O Brieu & Co. She went to the silk counter and expressed her intention of buying some j;oods. She look ed at several pieces of silk, but remarked that none mited her. As she walked away Harry F. a floor walker, observed her slip two pieces of silk under her cloak in a manner that took his breath away. He miide for the door and reached it before Mary. When she found him there sho swiftly mude her way upstairs to the ladies' Meagher promptly sent one of the girl cle ks after her, telling her what Mary had coucealed under her cloak. Thegirl was just iu tin e to see Mary trying to hide the two pieces of silk, and when the found she wtw discovered she collapsed. telephone message was sent to poire headquarters and detective Kgan went to the store and arnsted the woman. He took her to the City Prison and booked lie. on two charges of petty larceny. Mary conlrSseil to Egan that on two previous occasions had lifted from O'Brien & Co.'a counters. A- soon as Ejjau had booked her he went made a of NEW LIFE FOR HAWAII NEI. The Young Republic Dawns in a Most Auspicious Manner. PRESIDENT DOLE DECLARES A NEW REGIME. la the Presence of a Large Crowd, the New Ship of State is Launched on Its VovageThe New Republic Proclaimed and the New Constitution Promulgated A Large Number Take the Oath of Allegiance. jk more glorious sun could not have risen over the Republic of Hawaii than that of Wednesday. At eight o'clock, from the front s'epsof the Extcutive Building, the new Hawaiian Ship of State was launched on its voyage. The ceremony was essentially a civil one. No attempt at display was made. Not a soldier was ordered out, and the only uniforms in sight were those by the staff and line officer. Everything passed off quietly and according to the programme arranged. The crowd began to gather long before eight o'clock, the time set for the proclamation. At that hour th re was a large crowd in front of and J never come to mean license in the vocabulary of the Republic, and that the spirit of traffic shall never iuvade the Council Chamber or the halls of legislation And now, in behalf of the men who have carried this cause along and who have stood reudy to defend it witn their lives, in behalf of the women who have given it their prayers and their husbands and son-, for the benefit and protection of all the people of this country, of whatever race or name, and in gratitude to God, whose hand has led us, PROCLAMATION. I, Sinford II Dole, President of Hie Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Islatnls.by virtue r.f the charge to me given by H o Executive and Advisory Councils of the Provisional Government, and by Act dated July 3, 1S91, proclaim the Republiu of Hawaii as the Sovereign Authority over waii, CONVENTION. It Adjourns Sine Die after Completing its Labors. HEMBEBS INDULGE IN A LOVE FEAST. An Hour Taken Up Yesterday in llrlef Speech Commemorative of the Fast Elthteen 3Inths President Doll Speaks Touching; Words of Farewell. Day. Thursday, July 5, 1894. The Convention was called to order at 10.05 a. m. Prayer by Chaplain. Roll call. Minutes of the twenty-third day read aud approved. Delegate Kalua presented the report of the Committee ou Arrangements for the promulgation of the Constitution. The Committee reported that the Constitution had been promulgated ou the of July, as recommend d. Adopted. Councillor Brown said that the work for which the Convention had convened was finished. Thu Republiu of Hawaii was launched among the nations, with as bright a future as any. He believed tnat the future would look back on the work of the Convention and regard it as one of the grandest ever

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  2. 06 Jul 1894, Fri,
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  • July 4, 1894: Republic of Hawaii declared

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