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 - 24 1HE WESTMINSTER BUDGET MARCH lOj 1899 Signor...
24 1HE WESTMINSTER BUDGET MARCH lOj 1899 Signor Dubois' has published a number of valuable works on chess, and thereby contributed in no small degree to keep the interest of the game alive in Italy. .Giuoco PIANO. s Signor Dubois. White. ... . P to B3 SATURDAY, MARCH 4. The Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club publish aii attractive programme of the forthcoming festival at the Queen's Hotel, Hastings, on March 15 to 18. Several strong players, including Blackburne and Teichmann, have been invited. They will play consultation games against each other, joined by a leading member of the Club each side; simultaneous performances ; blindfold display by Mr. Blackburne ; and to finish up, a match of the Hastings Club against the combined Universities. The latter item should not prove the least attractive of the programme if Oxford is as strong as Cambridge, the latter having defeated the City of London Chess Club in a match, twenty players a-side, at Cambridge on Saturday. On this occasion the Cambridge team had been reinforced by six Dons ; but the younger players derived only a moral support by this accession of talent, for the Dons were beaten, so that the match was really won by raw recruits. The Maida Vale Chess Club won a match against the Fitzroy Club by hyi to 2)4 games. ' • . • The American team in the forthcoming cable match consists of Pillsbury, Showalter, Barry, Hodges, Hymes, Baird, A. K. P^obinson, and S. P. Johnston. Mr. Voight's admissibility is being debated. If admitted he will be the ninth, anc] F. D. Marshall (Brooklyn champion) the tenth. The reserve men are Bampton, Kaiser, Young, Walcott, Hannan, and McCalla. The Annual Universities Chess Match will be played at the British Chess Club on Friday, the 24th inst.,, commencing at two o'clock p.m. The annual dinner, at which the teams will be the guests of the club, will follow the match, and a smoking concert is to conclude the programme. The following interesting variation of the inexhaustible Ruy Lopez was recently played at the Vienna Chess Club between Dr..Meitner and C. Schlechter. Dr. Meitner is a well-known first-class amateur, who is approaching the, period when the unenviable title of " veteran" will be bestowed upon him. He is, to a certain extent, the touchstone upon-which Austrian rising players are tested, and by the result of his trial games •with any candidate for high aspirations it is determined whether the newcomer possesses the requisite degree of precious metal. Thus he predicted Schlechter's place amongst the prize-winners in the recent Vienna Tournament (which would have been higher but for a severe cold in the early part), whilst he gave the highest opinion of Charoiisek. RUY LOPEZ. C. Schlechter. Dr. Meitner. Signor Dubois.. W. Steinitz; White. ,. Black. 1. PtoK4 P to K4 2. Kt to RB3 Kt toQ33 3. Bt6B4 ' B to B4 4. Castles Kt to B3 5. Pto Q3 P to Q3 6. B to KKt5 ,P to.KR3 7. B to R4 P to KKi4 8. B to KK(3 P to R4 9. P to KR4 B to KKt5 10. P to B3 Q to Q2 11. P to Q4 KP x P 12. P to K5 QPx P 13. B x P Kt x B 14. Kt x Kt Q to B4 15. Ktx B PxKt 16. B to Q3 Qto Q4 17. P to Kt4 Castles QR 18. P to QB4 Q to B3 Rx P 19. PxB Q to B3 Rx P 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. i 25. •26. 27. 28. 29. 30, "31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. P x P Q to K2 Q x Q P to Kt3 K to Kt2 K to B3 BxR KxP P to R4 K to Q3 K to B3 R to R2 R to Q2 ch R to K2 K to Q2 K x Kt K x R W. Steinitz. Black. QR to R sq Q to K sq Q to K6 ch P x Q R to R8 ch QR to R7 ch R x R ch R to B7 ch Rx3 K to Q2 Kt x P KttoK6 R x Kt Kto B3 R to B8 ch R to #?*ch R x R ch P to B4 Resigns Early castling in this opening by either side is not good; but having castled, the pinning of the KKt should be omitted, as it enables Black to advance the King's side Pawns with a counter-attack, as the Knight cannot be safely takenl 8...P to R4 is a fine move, and the really interesting variations arise if White replies 9. Ktx P, for Black can proceed with 9...P to R5, abandoning even the Queen. The variation having been sprung upon Signor Dubois for the first time, it speaks highly for his judgment of position not to have been tempted to Kt x P, but to have replied with 9. P to KR4. But having been taken by surprise his game was necessarily compromised and he made the best of a bad bargain, till 28. Q to K2. Somewhat better would have been ^"28r-B to B5 ch, K to Kt sq ; 29. R to K sq. After the text-move the game could no mote be saved. Mr. Steinitz playing very Cleverly, especially 23...Q to K6 ch, this being the winning move. PROBLEM NO. 148. By " Einsam." BLACK; Dr. Meitner. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. B to R4 7. KtxP PxKt B to Kt3 10. RP x Kt 11. Kt to B3 12. RtoKsq 13. B toB4 14. B to K3 8. 9. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 KtxP P to QR3 P to QKt4 Kt x Kt Kt to B4 Kt x B B to Kt2 Qto K2 Castles P to Kt4 Q to K3 White. 15. Q to R5 16. QR to Qsq 17. B to B sq 18. Q to K2 19. PtoB3 20. K x R 21. KtoKtsq 22. Q to R2 23. B to K3 24. R x B 25. K to B2 26. Kt x B 27. R to K2 C. Schlechter. Black. R to Kt sq R to Kt3 ; R to R3 BxP RxP Q to R6 ch BxP B to B4 ch B x Bch Q to Kt5 ch BxR Q x Kt Q to Q5 ch" Black won i; 1. 1. 6. B x Kt, QPxB; 7. Q to K2 gives White a shade the best of it. 7. B to Kt3 is a sound continuation ; but the variation in the text is more lively and full of pitfalls against a less careful player than Schlechter. He avoids 8...P x B; prevents .with 11...Q to K2 White's 12. Kt to Q5 ; preparing at the same time to Castle QR. White could have played with better chances 12. B to B4, Q to Q3, and KR to Q sq • but the transposition of the suggested moves gave Schlechter the opportunity for a pretty King's side attack, sacrificing two pieces, which he got back, and a number of Pawns gained by the transaction. The game is both pretty and instructive, The death in Rome is announced of Signor Dubois, the doyen of Italian chess players, at the age of eighty-one years. Signor Dubois was a competitor in the International Tournament, London, 1862. He obtained the fifth prize, in spite of having had to abandon two games owing to ill-health. The following is one of the games played in that contest, and we give it because it is a milestone in the theory of the Giuoco Piano. Previous to the above tournament Kolisch and Paulsen played a match in London, and a large number of Giuoco Pianos, with the same variation, resulted in draws. To Steinitz belongs the merit of having detected the ingenious counter-attack of 8...P to R4, and to the late Lowenthal the merit of having exhaustively analysed the variation and proved its soundness. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 147. B x P, K to K4 • 2. Q to Kt3 ch, K moves ; 3. Q mates. R to KR8 ; 2. Qx R, Any move ; 3. Q mates. * ....... R to KB sq ; 3. Q to Kt4 ch, Any move ; 3. Q or P mates. ——-1- ^ MR. EDISON'S SON AS AN INVENTOR. ^ A discovery which may revolutionise the steel trade is attributed by the Washington Herald to Mr. Thomas A. Edison, iun., son of the great inventor. It is claimed that he has made important improvements in hardening steel. A six-inch plate, treated by the new process, is superior in power of resistance to Mteen-mch Harveyised plates. Edison's is said to be also much superior to the Krupp process. The steel rails, Mr. JKdison declares, manufactured under his process, will not spread, lools and bearings are made practically everlasting. The Utrontcles Washington correspondent says the process is be kept secret until after the Government has experimented with it on armour-plates. Mr. Edison is twenty-two years old, and was brought up in his father's laboratory. 10o ft ?^l S i / I ^ OS, T^^ rcen b Discoun ^ Cash, or 14a. 6d. per Month (second-jnnd, Kl^i 9pe cS th) % on tbe ^ r «« Yea«'Hire System.' Lists tree of C. STILKS and CO., HO and 42, Southamptou-row, London, W.C f ianos exchanged.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 10 Mar 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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