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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JANUARY 21, 1898 INTER-COUNTY CHESS MATCH. EIGHTY-ONE PLAYERS EACH SIDE. Rochester was invaded lass Saturday by an army of chess­ players hailing from Surrey to do battle with their peaceful opponents of the county of Kent. The idea of this monster match originated with the Mayor of Rochester, Mr. W. J. McLellan, an ardent devotee of the game himself, who kindly volunteered to put the big hall of the Corn Exchange at the disposal of the teams, and to entertain the visitors. The secretaries of the Surrey County Chess Association, Messrs. H. J. Barow and H. S.. Ward could probably not get together the originally intended'number of a team of one hundred, and perhaps the secretary of the Kent County Association, Mr. W. W. White neither, but the number opposing each other in the lofty and spacious hall—eighty-one each side—was imposing enough ! The visitors brought with them the Mayor of Reigate, Mr. F. E. Barnes, also a chess-player, and previous to the match at 4.30 p.m. the Mayoress and the Mayor of Rochester held a reception in a neatly improvised drawing-room in the front part of the hall. Stimulated, no doubt, by a sense of gratitude for thekindly efforts of the Mayor and his lady, and the chess-playing municipal notabilities of Rochester, Kent made a better fight on this occasion than ever before in their numerous encounters with the formidable Surrey men. Kent was leading all through upon the total of the finished games, and it was hoped that they might perhaps be able to emerge victorious ; but the unfinished games in these matches" are always an unknown quantity, and so it proved on this occasion. When play ceased at 8.30 the scores were : Kent 27 games, Surrey 26—a splendid close fight so far—but the adjudication yielded a majority of wins to Surrey, whose final score was 42 X A, Kent 38^. The Mayor of Reigate, Mr. F. E. Barnes, in a neat little speech, expressed his pleasure at being again amongst chess-players, and the gratification and surprise he felt to see the , standard of excellence so much higher amongst amateurs than at the time when he took an active part in chess. He thanked the Mayor of Rochester and the Mayoress on behalf of the Surrey'men for their hospitable reception. The Mayor of Rochester responded. Space does not permit us to give the names of the teams ; we supplement it by an analysis of the score, dividing the total into tens : SURREY. KENT. The first ten won to 4K ,, second ,, >> „ ^% ,, third ,, )» „ 4^ ,, fourth . >> 6 fifth „ >» VA „ 5^ SURREY. The sixth ten won 5 „. seventh „ ,, b l / 2 The last eleven ,, 3 Totals 42 % The following is one of the games played on Board No QUEEN'S PAWN OPENING. P. Howell. ; White. 22. Kt to Kt5 23. Kt x R 24. P to QR4 25. B to Q2 26. Q to B3 27. KR to Q sq 28. Bto K sq 29. BxB 30. K to Kt sq 31. Qx P 32. K to R2 33. R to KB sq 34. RxQ 35. PxR 36. PtoB5 37. PxP 38. R to K sq 39. KtoKt3 40. R to QKt sq 41. K to B2 Resigns KENT, , "5 , 3^ . 8 my* P. Howell. : F. C. Carroll White. Black. 1. P to Q4 P to Q4 2. P to K3 Kt to KB3 1 3. B to Q3' BtoKt5 4. PtoKB3 Bto R4 5. Kt to KR3 P to K3 6. Castles BtoKt3 7. KttoB3 P to B4 8. Kt to K2 P to B5. 9. BxB RP x B 10. KttoKt5 B to Q3 11. PtoKR3 Kt to B3 12. PtoK4 Kt to R2 13. Kt x Kt R x Kt 14. Pt.oK5 B to B2 15. PtoB3 B to Kt3 16. PtoB4 Q to K2 17. P to QKt3 Castles 18. PtoQKt4 QR to R sq 19. K to R2 Q to R5 20. Kt to Ktsq KttoKg 21. Kt to B3 Q to R3 i\ C Carroll. Black. Kt to B4 R x Kt B to Q sq B to R5 Kt to Kt6 Kt to K5 P to KKt4 x B to Kt5 Q to B7 ch to R5 x R x Q Kt x P Kt to K7 PxP Kt x P Kt to Kt6 P to Q5 P to B5 Q P R Q R ANALYSIS. 3...B to Kt5 is not good: 7, Kt to B3 is inferior on the Dart of White. He should have played 7.' K ,t to Kt5. If 7...P to KR3 then 8. Kt xKP; if 7...P to B5 then 8. B x B, followed by P to K4 ; and if 7...Kt to R4 then 8. P to KB4, &c. Nothing is toTbe said till 17. P to QKt3, as he could not capture the BP • 17. P to QKt4 would have saved a move. Black's 20...Kt to K2 should have been preceded by 20...P to B3, so that White could not advance (after attacking Queen with 21. Kt to B3) 22. Kt to Kt5, which won the Exchange. He played rightly at once 21...Q to R3 because 21...Q to R4 would have lost material too. White could have won a pawn as well as the Exchange with 23. Kt x BP. He need not have lost the game, however for if 33. Qx KtP Black could only draw, and afterwards he should have played 36. R to K sq to prevent the decisive 36...Kt to K7, after which White's game cannot be saved. If 37. R to Q sq then 37... P to B6, and this pawn costs a Rook, Black played this interesting ending very well. • •• v '. SATURDAY, January 15. The leaders in the Championship Tournament of the City of London Chess Club are Serraillier won 1 X A games out of 9 Ward „ 8)4 „ „ 11 * Trenchard ,,8 ,, ,,11 Physick „ b% „ 9 The following two games were played in the above tournament: RUY LOPEZ. Barlow won 6^ games out of 10 Griffith ,, 5 ,, ,, 8 Wagner 6 „ if 9 Dr. Smith. ,, iy 2 • „ „ 12 L. Serraillier. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt 5 4. B to R4 5. Castles 6. R to K sq 7. B x Kt 8. Kt x P 9. PtoQ4 • 10. P to QB3 11. Q to Kt3 12. QKt to Q2 13. QKt to B3 14. Kt to Q3 15. B to Q2 16. R to K3 17. QR to K sq 18. O to B4 T. F. Lawrence. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 P to QR3 Kt to B3 KtxP KttoB4 QP x B B to K2 Kt to K3 Castles B to Q3 R to K sq P to B3 K to R sq P to QKt3 R to K2 Q to Kt sq B to Q2 L. Serraillier. White. 19. P to Q5 20. QxQP 21. P to B4 22. PtoQKt4 23. BxP 24. Kt x B Kt to B6 Q x B Q to Q5 P to KR3 Kt to Q4 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. R x Kt R x R ch PxR Kt to K6 Kt to B8 ch QR to K7 T. F. Lawrence. Black. PxP QR to K sq P to QR4 P x P BxB Q to B sq B x Kt Q to B2 P to R3 K to Kt sq R to Q2 Rx Q K toR2 Q x P P to KKt4 K to Kt sq Resigns The first ten moves are theoretically correct. White's 11. Q to Kt3 does not appear to be best, since Black could reply 11...Q to Q4, followed by B to Q3. 13...P to B3 looks somewhat dangerous, because it opens the diagonal occupied by White's Queen; this necessitates 14...K to R sq (K to B sq seems better), and White contrives immediately to get up a good pressure upon the weakened centre position. The next point to be considered is 17...Q to K sq instead of Q to Ktsq; but the text-move does not compromise the game either, as he could have equalised it later on with .21...Kt to B sq, forcing the exchange of the dangerous pieces, and the game could have been drawn easily. Instead of which he allowed his Knight to remain pinned and his pieces paralysed, finishing with the inferior 28...K to Kt sq, which enabled*Mr, Serraillier to terminate the game brilliantly. GRECO COUNTER.GAMBIT. C. T- Woon. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. P. to Q4 5. Kt x P 6. Q x Kt 7. Kt to B3 8. Castles 9. B x Kt 10. Kt x P 11. B to Kt5 12. KR to K sq 13. KtoBsq 14. PtoQB4 15. PxP W. Peach ey, Black. . P to K4 Kt to QB3 P to B4 KP x P Kt x Kt Q x K2 P to B3 PxP RxB P to Q4 Q to KB2 B to K3 K to Q.2 P to QKt3 B x, P 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. . J. Woon. White. QR to Q sq Q to R4 B to R4 R to K3 Q to Q4 P to R4 B to Kt3 Kt to Q6 ch Kt x Q R x R ch KttoQ6 Kt x R K to Kt sq R to Q 8ch H. W. Peachy. Black. R to K sq K to B sq K to Kt2 P to QKt4 P to KR3 P to Kt4 B to Kt2 K to R sq B x Q R x R B x QKtP B to B5 ch PxP , Resigns 3...P to B4 is bad, and leaves Black the inferior game at starting. 4...P to Q3, yields a somewhat better defence, but not adequate either;, in fact, there is no good defence. White of course gets a strong attack, and the Black King being fixed in the Centre defenceless, he could even afford to sacrifice the Knight with 11. R to K sq, P x Kt ; 12. R x P, B to K3; 13. B to B4, followed by doubling Rooks. White's- 13. K to B sq we are unable to explain. It is a clear lost move in the middle of the attack, so that Black nearly got out of difficulties, if he had changed off pieces with 20... B x Kt ; 21. RxB,R x R ; 22. Q x R, P to- Kt4, &c, instead of the roundabout way, 20...P to KR3, P to Kt4, and B to Kt2, which latter move loses the earne. as he eomes out minus a Rook. The following is the result of the amateur meeting at Llandudno : Cup Tournament : First, Mr. Amos Burn, of Liverpool ; second, Mr. G. E. H. Bellingham, of Dudley ; and third, Mr. E. O. Jones, of London. Not

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