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whitechapel mary kelly - - n Sul' tho 9, near beea ex - JTOEMBEII 10,...
- n Sul' tho 9, near beea ex - JTOEMBEII 10, V1888: Inuring Ui early boors of. 7aterday morning another tnorer of, most nroltlng and fiendish character took plaeo In Spitalfielda. This is the serenth which has occurred in this, .immediate neighbourhood, and the character of the' mutila - tiona leaves rery little doubt that! the murderer in this inttance is the tame, person who has com - at - n"lUKl preTioutlones, witb wbicntao pnWio I - ro ibuj - cauaiuiea. - v Th BPftnii nf fhU T..f. - inm. Iili Va "rt I DorseUtreeti Snital fields, which is about 200 ' i t ii 1 yru "iwu jrora x, xxaiuiarj - i.rec.,waere iuo ANOTHER WHITECHAPEL MURDER. unfortunate woman, Mary Ann Nicholls, was so foullr m'urderod. Althonirh the rictim.whoiename 0. Mrr Ann fn M.r J.n. .;,u. .t (,. uea I - t 1 .1 . . 1 i mwt uuuikic. iu samace wug room u occnpiea I, . . . 1 t im uji.inHuw cuuit,ia wtuca are aomo aaii - a - uozsa houses, and which is known as ililler'a - court ; it is entirely separated from tho other portion of the house, and has an entrance leading into the court. The room is known bv the title of No. 13 The house is rented by John M'Carthy, who keeps a tmajl general shop at No. 27, Dorset - street, and the whole ot the rooms are let out to tenants of a Very poor class. - As an instance, of 9 tho porerty of the "neighbourhood, it may be the mentioned that nearly the whole of the house, in Four this street are common lodrinr - houses. and the one opposite where this murder was enacted has accommodation for some 300 men, and is fully occupied every night.. About' 12 months ago Kelly, who was about 24 years of ago, and who 9 .to. considered a good - looking young woman, of I . . j 1 , . . . - - was fair Md freahloured compleion, came to Mr. USJClTC edto'reeeiri letter, from her later ""nff in tho court opposite, tol the roorr, occupied nifortuMte woman had not raid eeeaaionally. The 7 .2, ,. j ... fu" 1 her rent for sereral let phejrerbed that she had, whereupon me; 30.ritcjeiW.wthi. raan grinnea ana saia, - .x snow mor. I I ..v v I about it than you. He then stared into her faeo At a quarter ..to'u rilr morning, a. the & pro' wonianWsSs. in arrears ith her rent, Mr. I 5 . Tt 0B bed eoTered with blood. 1 1 - j then ranii mon rnnn AuH h him in hi. I ! I 1 1 Vl. - V i I - v - tA ti ; n it he had aeen. Mi - r.rjV - 'A n x j T T v - - e, ,nd j t jtb. him to the hoose and looked in at tbe ," " room occunied bv KelM and try and eet some . . . ... r V I arkled tronsers. lie Knr, knock nn atl'the door waS Unable to obtain an r "P Jf " - .'V I 1m - th. Jfr.. ii.ii I 1 . .L ji. .. .i..; j I mT man bad told me. whilexthe table waa nrmd I I JUKI lilBir Lloyd I windows' question. steamer raued I corerea .u,vnnis lopnineii yerter - f'ljht presented itself . He iron ijinii uu mo TO.tuuinr for eP"Jc; j 9 I rV " " ii..j .v - c:.ictj f:.t. same in wnicn . tne poor woman was murdered, at a rental of 4s. a week. It had been noticed that the deceased woman was somewhat addicted to drink, but Mr. M'Carthy denied hiring anyl knowledge that sho had been !leading a loose or! immoral life.. That this, was i howeyer. thero can bo no doubt. 'for about fortnight ago sho bad a nuarrel with Kelly, and, after blows had been exchanged, the man left the house, or rather room, and - did not return. It has s in co been ascertained that he went to lire at puller's common lodging - house in Bishops - Kelly, rasstnj as his wife. They cait - nucoi. ..Biaco men mu womau nu auppuiicu i .ometime back and MparatedJ berseu as Den .no coal a, ana tne ponce nave as - 1 HarrFy slept with her (CTeral therefor, had a eood ehaziea of mttfnv anr tm. 1 10 rftfir TW.t. - .J..t .. obserred. '""' I ranrdered woman ,T y'soremenU just beforw who said to hertssohadrjoBeaaAd, 3 tho,toarder,a, report says (hat she was seen, as sho could not get. any, would nerer m oiaa ttstul .la. tho MighVjouihoodehontlOo'ciockon Don but.wocdddosway wMssiMlUaW sitor.' TBdayoroning in company with 'a yaaaof wards they parted, sad man, who is described at whom, howerer, no. description" can be obtained, respoctabiy drassodVeasao up sad spoke , to ftae Sherwas last seen, as far as can be ascertained, murdered woma' Kelly and offend Tier .seehoj u .vwmneraaMBwi loout .iaU'ptit n. boo rooooj. loo man taoa aeooerpaaied Mso woeaaa was then alone, and was probably making her way home to her lodgings, which are oo cao meeead home. It is supposed that sh met tiro murdsrer floor, and tho iitUe boy was remored from aha m (3ommeTcial - treet, and , W probably induced room and taken to a neighbour's house. Koth4ag her to tako hint hcno without indulging in more more was soon of the woman Basil yesterday rJ. uwamg wss - seen oxruo morning, wnen is is qsq iso iibis noy ; was seat couple in the neighbouring publiebouses, nor in back into the house, and, the report toe, ho was the beerhouse at the comer of Dorset - street, sent out subsequently on an errand by tao xaaa The pair reached Miller Vcourt about midnight; who waa in tho house with bis mother. There la but they were not seen to enter the house. The no direct confirmation of this statement. A airvctooor waa ciosea, out jtno woman naa uuer named lewis says no saw juiiycomo out latchkey, andas'the mutt hare been fairly sober, about 8 o'clock yesterday morning and go back, she and her companion would hare teen able to Another4 'statement is to tho effect that Kelly waa enter tho house and reach the woman's room seen in a publichouso known as tho Ringers, at without making a noise j A light was seen the comer ot Dorset - street and Cooimerciai - treet, shining through the window cf the room for some about 10 o'clock yesterday morning, and that she! time after the couple must hare entered it, and there met her lorer. Barnet, andthad a glass of, one person asserts positively that the woman was beer with him. This, statement also is not sub - heard singing the refrain of a popular song as stantiated. w late as 1 o'clock yesterday morning, but hero A coiewht important fact has beei pointed otrL again there jis a conflict of testimony, which tho which puts a fresh complexion on thei theory of police are eyen now engaged in endeavouring to the murders. It appears that the cattle boats reconcile. , j bringing lire freight to London are in'the habit The' same reporty'describing - the 'remoral of tho of coming into the Thames on Thursdays or mutilated bodyr says at lOj minutes.to 4 o'clock a Fridays, and leare again for the Continent on one - horso earner's cart, with the ordinary tar - Sundays or Mondays. It has already been a paulin cover,: was - driven . into Dorset - street, and matter of comment that tho recent revolting crimes halted opposito Miller's - court.j Fromtho cart was have been committed at the week's end, and an taken a long shell Or cofin, dirty and scratched opinion has been formed among some of tho with conjtant use.) This was taken into tho death detectives that the murderer is a drover or butcher chamber, and, there the remains were temporarily employed on one of these boats ot which thero coffined. The news that jthej body ja - as about to are many and that he. periodically appears and be removed caused a great rush of people from disappears with one of tho steamers. This theory the courts running oat of Dorset - street, end there is held, to be of much importance jby those was a determined effort to break the police cordon engaged in this investigation, who believe that at the Commercial - stieet end. ' The crowd, which the' murderer does not reside either in the locality pressed round the ran, was! of the humblest or eren in this country at all. It is thought that class, but the demeanour of the poor people was he may be either a person employed .upon one of all that could be desired. Ragged caps were these, boats or on who is allowed to; travel by uoueu ana siaucrniy - ioosiog women snea tears i tnem, ana inquiries nave ior some ume neen ss the shell, 'covered with a ragged - looking cloth, I directed to following np the theory. It is pointed coined that she has been walking thestreets. separated from her. but M A noti wit her waa nlaced in the ran. Tha rrmaln were taken I out that at the i nones ta on - the trnviotia vffctima to tho Shoreditch Mortuaryi where they will I the coroners had expressed the opinion that the remain until they hare been viewed by tho I knowledge Jot anatomy possessed . by a batcher coroner's jury. f ' (would have been sufficient to enable him to find and cut out the parts ot tho body which In several cases were abstracted. Dorset - street has made the following statement The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, who as to the murdered woman!: j Ihave recently relaxed their effort to findthe The victim if thi. terrible reorder wis about "23 or murderer, have called a meeting for 1 Tuesday a coal porter named I evening next, at tho raul s xiead Tavern, . however. Quarrelled I Cris'pin - straet, Spitalfields, to consider what A woman named I steps they can take to assist the police. nighta since KellyA A ilrs. faumier, a young woman wno se Us 21 years of age, and lived with roasted chestnuts at the corner of Wider to - . tree t. None of .those living in tho court or at 2C,Dorset - Bicht. - The"deleeed, Chrirtlan Ume was Marr SiW. narrow thoroughfaro about two rninutes' watt street saw anything ot tno uniortunato creature and tJle). hti Btrfer i uVe ducovered that she rrom thoVsceno of the murder, told a .reporter tter about 8 o clock on Thursday craning, hut ,ike4 lhe ia .twhood cf Aldrt yesterday afUrnoon a story which appears to Pem - she was seen in Commorcial - street shortly; before trer j,.biU were irre - ui ..j h - often, came home afford a clue to tho murderer. Sho said, that about .i.:,Kt tv. . Iti .v is 1 12 o clock that mornlnz a man dressed una Ireland, but In what county I 'do hot knoiw. Deceased gentleman came - to her and said, 4,J. suppose Cape I the closing : Of the publichouse, land then had I kt B; vt .v the appearahce of beine the worse for drink. I song, " Sweet riolcts," but this person is unable I TLjn !!kn! 1 1 - iv i 3 ? "7 WSLMI!?e e16' Tt.".6!,", v! '"Id Wi tl. money. He knocked st the door, ? wt. down Sy's - row, another narrow uuie. . iiuiuiuc n H.rau vt uwuu v 1 1. frvi.l .nj I tnorouzniaiw woica cuuscmi n luenwwraa. found it was locked. On looking through kevhble he found the key was missinzi The eft - hand side of the room faced .the oourtjj snd in Svk replied, "Somel it were two large windows. Bowyer, knowing ?f bekJI?Tjtot '1 7. j - . VT , One of the three Lloyd that when the man Kelly and the dead woman ow wed done. Ho . thenjepatehed a te e - B . t. - j t' r i ! ' .1 mm to Baoerlntendent Arnold l but befora homtIb. jlL . I When no ; had got some way off, however, he i see wnesner .no .was wascniog shed. Mrs. Paumier said thei . . ' J. v.. I man naa a oiacx moosiacne, was aooux or, oin. I was. of course, a horrified as be was, I . . , - . vi.v .;iv v.. . kl. - v A also carried a black shinr' depth and a foot and a half Paumier stated further that tho , i , . . , . , , , . same man aecostea ureo young women, wnom w.th what seemed to me W be. lump, ol fieh 1 .aid h on Thursday nignt, ail they chaffed TZ Btn v C'eavr PoJ'atfon and Um M(l what he had in the h, and he fetch some one here." He went off, at once and u s .vs t..s i.:.. aZ ut - young women sho named, barah ouarrelanane of class in ono bf the ? Superintendent Arnold but before Srrln - Lho j, m burUT nj - ht was broken, went round to! the side in 1 tendent Arnold arrived Ir.pcetoi JtbberUno eame and ja Brushfield - etrcet, which is near DorseVstreet, He put his hand throueh the aperture 8T ordthat no one houJd bo allowed to enter i,en . rine a tall hat and a black coat. pulled aside the muslin curtain ; which tbe'eourt. The j inspector waited a Uttle carrying a black bag.came up to her and aaid, loino rooms luocuug i .. , ...u... 111 you oomswua me I - o wm mo ins could see the woman bring the bloodhounds, so ks j.to trace the murderer notand asked him what ho had in tho bag. naked, covered with if possible. ,So soon as Superintendent Arnold arrived an( aB Something tho ladies don't like, 1 noanv's I blood and annarentlT dead. Without waitinir to ne gavo unncurai ior 100 aoor w oe ddtsi open, .in, then walked inr. Dock ; make S closer examination he ran to hit at onee forced the doori witb ia piekaxe, and wel further report received' lata last nirht - mnrm - Bri 'and told him hi believed the" entered the room. The 'sight "we. saw I cannot drive I .... Vnt thV.1iVht.t donht annirtU Line woman'Kelly had been murdered. M'Carthy at away froinny mind. It looked knore like the work of I entertained in official quarters that .this fresh Lino I once went and loolcea tnrougn the broken a aevii inaa ox a man.. The poor woman's bodr. was I crime is br tho same hand which committed tho window, arid, satisfying himself that something I lyinc on the bed, undressed. (She had been eompleteiT I othra. There is also, it is to be noted, a Facile I va. wmmir. da.natehed Howrer to tha Com - I disembowelled, and her entrails sad been taken tmt I .V4n. .tmil.ntv ! th neriod of th month in mercial - street Police - station, at tho tamo and placed on the.table. It was those that I had seea I which tho crime has been committed.for while two V I .. ... '.... ..I . .. :t .:.'!!.: . - . . . t - - - r. . - . ... .i , ' "r" ? I lime cnioiniru:' mm not to ten .any oi i wnen i loovea - uraugn - ue wiaaow ana took to be I of tne most atrocious oi me ouor maraers in vne the neighbours what he. had discovered. I lump, of flesh. The woman's bom. had been cut off, I same : district were committed on the 7th of the arrived to - l eommittedi at once sent for assistance. Dr. I her liver and other entrails n the table. I had heard I to indicate that the murderer was absent from the . I Phillipt.' the divisional Sureeon of police, and 1 a ercat deal about the JIThitechapel murders, birt 1 1 sm Massiua, I Superintendent Arnold were also sent for. I declare to God I had never expected to see sueh a I his return wss always about the same timer. The . Dnrine this time the door had not been touched. ,iht a thU.i Thebody was.iot1 course: eorered with late storma mieht account for tho crime on this n. ,1. . 1 n BnMMfitimHMit ImiaM hal.t... 1 . .1. - 1 I t - V l 1 : r . ' I Vn; . ,4. v T... th. .r.AM.iwi ', ' I caused a telcrrram to he sent direct to Sir Charles I v. i - .n )MrriK. I'hnna 1 mr mt im . I rnnru. beinff that the murderer iournevs across Navi - Warrenl Informing him what had happened. sight sgain. ' It is most exiraonUnarv that nothinc 1 the sea on some of the short passages. .... - j , TT l Lmm nisns nntninz luruier wu .umb m no"o YeTrdm:ch..00A ?I - yard. In fsct,! ftho inquiries centre Kelly' singing "t Sweet Violet, ".at 1 1 m tbe east cilXJnaonjWnimernavo oeen sens soma Mr.. ArnbldhaTinff satisfied himself that the should Eave been , 1?" d&3 Hf 7 r - " .MOT steamer be entirely remoyed.. A horrible and sickening 0n Ke I ... - l..ir Tt. . . . sight ;thenj presented itself. The poor woman I o'clock, thi. morning. So upl to that time, at all I of the keenest investigators of the country. . The do! isr as. i can I murders, so cunningly conunuea,' are camea ous. man Into the house 5 th a. enmnleti - neaa which altocother hsffles , .1 investi raters. Kot a trace ia left of tho murderer, saw the room in I .i .," tn tt,. rimm a mWrt th was committed, says it wss a .lightest clue, such as would be afforded in other If. - hannt" Immprlr hiwn hi. I - . . ?.t. . an. v.. .1 tnd lay on her back Vn tho bed, entirely naked, events, ate was alive and jwell. here Her throat wss cut from car to car,, righi down ascertain no 1 one saw ber talk a s to the spinal column. The ears and nose with ber last night. V steamer . . . - r . .... - X - - .ti,. Wud Wilm A corrcpondont who last; night ,5Ir had - been lout clean B. The .breasts had also A correspondent Janeiro' been cleanly cut off arid placed on a table which which the murder. Janeiro, been cleanly cut off and placed on a table wnicn w., . . w .lightest clue, such as would bo aaoroea inouier !T, h tenement by itself, harinri formerly been the I :.. .1 - .r, Tir,Hn. ill tW tK. ,v: "J . r . . .v . T 7 I k. - i. TV,,..ff i I r "e. i abdomen nad oeen rippea open, wruie tne race t,"1" - i " , police can Dope is mat some acciaaniai eircum - Lanfrane, .lashed about, so thatihe features of the poor had been erected, catting it off from tho, house, iunee willleid to a trace which may be followed The and the entrance door opened into MilIer?s - court. to a iucce'stfal conclusion.' .. . tre.lUIV WCTO wyuuu i uvu.liuil. AUVI ' ..... 1 I lO m IUCCC3I1U kidneys and heart had also been removed from The two windows also faced the court, and, .as The latest account states noon what professes wo the bbdy, and placed on tho table by the side of the body could be .teen , from the , court yesterday to - iadi.puUble authority that no portion of the breasts. The liver bad likewise been morame, . ".".I".' ""H"1" the nurdewl vasu l body was taken away by steamer remored, and laid on the right thigh. The perpetrated; bis crime With the lght, turried out, , ,0. As already sUted, tho w - ssortcs v 1 1 : - .1 v. ki. mA v,t, h. 1 anr neraon Tuuiirur dt couixi uavu wimeasea tne : .1 f k steamers Keen ent out. and these ar.nea.red to be missiric. deed. The look of the door was a springxme, smi. I .nd thii .nnTeona did not emit their work until Th? iga.: hl boon - cut. . A morehorribIe or tho murderer apparently .took the , kos - away with tiy organ had been accounted for aiv placed as I sickening ; tight could not oe imagined ine "y5")" r : . , I closely as possible in its natural positic creature wero beyond ait. recognition. steamer clothes '.of,1 the woman were lying bythe side of more, thel facU are investigated, tho moral - a man's pilot coat baa been found in (tha Llojd the bed. at thouirh they had been taken off and apparent becomes the cool dar ' 1 i 1 i il. 'j;' . . TPVM. 1L!. TImim n! .IT hnn.A tn I tho mrt he.lrfn. thi I . ' . m . .1 ' 1 L . here. ' laid down in the ordinary manner mile this There arej six .houses inj the court besides tha toono of her paramours or to tho mardererhaa n took nhotoeraphs of the body, the organs, the on entering irom tne street, - ana tne omer nouses beinz concerned in tho murder. Ho tvl II ' . - Vii... ana the in ,v t - Jn - had boen aent for. arrived and of Kelly', room is the nxst pn the neht - hand tide m.n c.m.iWl near TJoraet - atreet on knanicion lokortama I . .v : : . ' . .. . . .. . I . ": i - t . . i v. - .1. v I rv : . . .. . z .j r took Tjhotoeranns or tne noay. tne orsans, tne i on .cnmiug r"" I of beinz coricexnsa in tne morder. rle was tasen o I 1 if ivntlmt Nniwinfanri.m IniAld I tnrCO OD ClUlCr UUK - ini UIKUBr UD US t. r.n.L.h.. t.Kin UIamH . 1 4t,n itn At nt th. mom fnrrA. Tt - mrxx a I nassajre. i I rK i. .till A',tA thr. I .i rs.i,,i . - .m.r.t I .Knt lKt I The vounir woman Harreri who had" sleet with I - .... A A . Myles tquare, there being only an old' bedstead, two old the deceased on several .occasions has : made a f ,lch hat and carrriri a black bac. was arrested night in j.. tahlos, and a chair in it. The bedclothes had statement ito the effect,1 that the hadbeeri Ion good Lnj uken to Iman - street station.' Thefliag was - - " I " - same been tdrned down, and this was probably done by I terms with the deceased, whose education was 1 - Tmined. but it content the murderer after he had cut his rictim's throat, much superior to that of nost persons in her I iel3f jj tb8 man was at once released J wero perfectly Sarins Harvey, however, took a' room in "r.,.f.rfn,.' having nosition 5 life. Hi comnilmi di.n iiUm: in. .Itlioiurli a eartfu liesrch of the Kew - conri, off .tlie same street, but remained if. .Mil.. ......:.... i , no smie or iniirameni di any 1 " ...ii7. Heicrrspb that Mei L Dr. Phillins. ori his! srriral. her in New - court on Thursday night. After.dnnk - 1 fi.imitru the alkali krwlv f tha rto.rl mm.n linir tocther theT Viarted at half - nast T o'clock. Mnwl aBTDTjlT af br .. land later on again maae a secoau examinauon in i acni kuu8 " u"'r'uu hthliiucth, o . tbe TTV. t - tjj 1 , - . w. in the hahit of frennentin HV. I annum. This thety. IhTDuk;: .tly sob, at th.ltime? Harrey rie as to room wat made, ,, fmine annual carefully examined wiii oe i irom opiuiiuui iu . a ......o .oa.ow. . j saw her alive afterwards. Joseph Barnett (called I thooghit , I in other! reports Kelly), as! Irishman, at present I had been ai Tax Salt Dsioir. Our Chester Correspondent Mrs. Bmnner. jtoad, and Uo. company of Northwich, Bare dia ine at the Anderton Works capable aeveral hundred thouMad tons of salt per firm i at preetat the only powenu mo. competitor of the Salt Lmoa la Ureal Bntao. lent baa oeen maae uj tue uaiua .iwi iscia. ... heliered tlLil aa amicable mderstaadisc Tbe straggle net ween ua. I. his duty for tho opening of the inquest,which will bo held Another account gives tha following additional s work sear tbo sceaeet tae 75. d.JT 4t tho Bhxirediteh Town - haU. It was reported I deUUsKeHyr a umaooyj araow that bloodhounds would 'bo laid ori to endeavour years llyinglwith her, and;iatterly sho had been Bs - sft - sfj. TSTX. we i a aw, ika tnnt1Mr Ptn fn waataasMt 4Mr PpS that each would haro had no pracfical result. The street I Mrcel I being'1 principally composed cf coramori lodging - 1 along it during aU I hours of , tha nizht. so that Uttle notice ia taken 1 1 . .e,;rialV i ,ttil m.n. . Thai WmieTwr - f - 1 T . iioi"yi r .. , " h Z uJll J . . . Tb 1o '' - M.il .Tuesday ' weeV Prwriosly io7JSi TOK'a3 aeeom: sholl, which was put into a tan and conveyed to that he had lived in Jl UlerTs - cc Dorset - .treet tl( Beaeh. in the Shoreditch mortuary to await .an, inquest. for eighior nine monthsiwitJi tho 'nrudcred I Tao taroaraMo oreaJ J from inquiries maae among tne pers living wornan jiaxy wane xveuy. aney were Tery aapny i trfNe Jcni. h. merebanU wti JtiljiTsi also thoseJ and ccmfcrtable together I rmtfl ,an of main - he 1 or strange - looking man was seen to enter or leave there two or three nights he quarrelled with the 1 aow betar onereq ior saie as ..a. oo. ior Jt - xe.s be en - 1 tbe murdered woman's room, and .up to the pre - woman whom he called his wife and left her. I I"t' "crwT .T. flT.v. oowtranba' I - enveloped in ., much The next day.howeve tarned and gave Kelly YTLSoa. TaTawliftiSS when" the 7?.terT preriou. murders. 1 be man money, uo cailoa aaverai ptner oays ana gave U aeUve.aad there are good isquiries.m the steel .hoaid i Kelly was quickly tound.and his sUtementascer - her money when he had it; On ThursdST nntbt trade. Thera U notimr fresh, and prices remata present I tained to; bo correct. Alter tho examination tbo I ho visited her. between baif.post J ana o ana una 1 naaiiervo. fni .a isipwwn wwkm j suggested windows were boarded np, and tha door padlocked 1 her he Iwas sorry he had no money to gfre her. ""S;.," ? U"Zm' . tam duet orertb. Msy at Ray..b. ha wh0M diatrict, the a friend who, was ia tha same position of life as I Mt yet become knewa. fell from ooe e( th cartiagee rOMnl,' I mntirr ha. har,r.ned. ha. fired Mondaw momin Ueraelf. laoeaa the earallel aaetals. Sessa sfcUUrera waa wero in narrow sxraiu, mv uuu. mpaiac sbo was sssu a re. ous aaa waaterrtoty eas to have stated to a companion that sho would abeat the left aide ef the head sad was oaste aasso make away with herself as she could cot bear to seiees. ghtf Is daecrHeda. beiaf weg ssasssd aad but tlut nDon.whieh most raliaaca appoara to be ke!x,WB' 5 placed ' - - - - j r 1 .Mrf.i. I j La otiign u fm II111 Isi'siTsi saa .cuceaaou. wnt - . raws snas at anyus aair - paat j egad two ys, at uury, aymaira.

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 10 Nov 1888, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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