Destin Interest High in Eastern Bridge Feb. 6,1970

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Destin Interest High in Eastern Bridge Feb. 6,1970 - Year No. 259 16 Pages Fort Walton Beach, Fta....
Year No. 259 16 Pages Fort Walton Beach, Fta. Friday Morning, February 6,1970 Single written who for telephone. today's served 10- sponsor Grlggs go Fort to which Niceville, of Commander, Florida their to attend disabled is A home Phone an play, be the February the com- A Virginia talented from 10 cents Council, anniversary into February High In Easternmost Bridge By GUY MIDDLETON "Let's have less feasibility and more ability and get on with the White Point Bridge," declared Ross Marler, Thursday, setting Ihe stage for an all-out push by Destln residents for construction of a bridge connecting their liny fishing village with the north shore of Choc- tahwtchee Bay. Uestinites pretty well agreed that construction of any bridges other than Ihe White Point structure Is no concern of theirs. It was noted lhat the ShaUmar He called on state and local leaders to plan for the fulure and construct the bridge. Both Cox and Marler noted that this construction will not begin immediately, but suggested thai planning begin now, so lhat construction will not be further delayed. Tom Webb, Department ol Transportation official from CM- pley stoutly defended construction cost estimates on the bridges and pointed out lhat toll revenues were estimated by a firm of high nation repute. In answer lo a question from the tightly packed audience Webb said that he Is not certain If u written report has been made on the feasibility study, noting that It might not yet be typed. Marler, in closing remarks, look wide swipes at recent ar- rivals who attack local elected officials. He said that attacks on these officials represents attacks on local cllUens who have elected them. Persons, not Identified by name were characterized by Marler as Pseudo-lntelllecluals who have "came Into Ihe area to further their own ambitions." He did nol detail what these ambl lions were. County Officials File Civil Suit Alleging Sale of Pornography Ross Marler... ...Chief Spokesman to Yacht Club Point Bridge is possibly a solution to a traffic problem there, and as such is no concern to Destln. Despite apathy of Destln citizens to Ihe proposed Shalimar bridge it was touched on by a couple of FWB residents. Harry Howlon, a retired Air Force officer, roundly scoring the proposal and Victor T. Cheney calling for Its construction. Howton claimed that he represents some 1,500 persons opposing the bridge and Cheney said that he has a petition signed by 125 persons calling for its construction. John Cox, Destln businessman and civic leader, said that construction of the bridge from Piney Point across Ihe bay will serve all the county, and will also be a step toward possible construction of a link with Inter- stale 65 near Greenville, Ala. Marler said that economic feasibility should not be a prime consideration in construction of the bridge linking Deslin to the Nlcevllle area, pointing out that when U.S. Highway 96 was buill there were but a handful of automobiles In the area. A Fort Walton Beach business firm faces a civil suit over sale of alleged pronographlc material to an Okaloosa County deputy sheriff, according to courthouse records. Sheriff Ray Wilson and C. Le- Don Anchors, county prosecuting attorney, filed a suit against Jimmy's Souvenirs Inc., 217 Miracle Strip Parkway seeking "declaratory judgement and injunctlve relief," according to a d o c u m e n t filed at noon Thursday in the clerk of circuit court's office. It is alleged In the suit that Deputy Sheriff George Valardi purchased two magazines from the Miracle Strip Parkway newsstand on Jan. 6 and that each is "obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or Indecent." It is also charged that the two magazines "considered as a whole appeals to prurient interest in sex or sexual matters and that each is utterly without a redeeming social value or importance." The sul! asks the court for a two-fold action, explained Attorney Anchors, in t h a t the court is asked to make a judicial declaration t h a t each of the magazines Is, indeed, pornographic and for the court to enjoin the defend- a n t - ' . J i m m y ' s Souvenirs Inc.-.from further sale of these magazines. According to the suit, filed at Ihe Crcstvlew Courthouse, the court Is also requested to have additional copies of the magazines Impounded by the sheriff, and for the sheriff to be instructed to destroy them. The suit lists Jimmie J. lien- aquis as president of the FWB souvenir shop. Benaquls Thursday told a PGDN newsman that he does not consider the pair of magazines lo be pornographic, but noted that they have been removed from sales racks. Both magazlnes-^Cellulold Capers and Shocking Screen Reviews.,are published by the Dominion Publishing Company of Hollywood, Calif., according lo Information listed in the suit brought by the two county officials. Anchors stressed that this is nol a fishing expedition but t h a t It is a suit brought in good faith. The suit declares that it Is nol lo gain a legal opinion and that it is not aimed al satisfying curiosity. The young FWB attorney explained that the state must prove the magazines to be obscene. He noted that Ihe Su- preme Court has set up a three- pronged test for obscenity. To be adjudged obscene a printed work must be proven to be contrary to usual community s t a n d a r d s ; must appeal prurient Interests; and must be shown to be without redeeming social value or Importance. He said that the state expects to produce witnesses who will bear out these contentions at the trial said likely lo begin w i t h i n five weeks. Anchors emphasised that neither he or Wilson are attempting to act as censors. "The press is free, and that Is as II should be," the lawyer said. He also declared that this suit Is not designed lo harass anyone. Wilson declined lo comment on the suit, referring all questions to Anchors. Although no mention of possible criminal action was made by Anchors during the PGDN Interview, the civil action filed Thursday notes that the "...magazines were delivered to the undersigned County Prosecuting Attorney for Okaloosa County to be held as evidence in the prosecution, If any, of those persons criminally responsible for salcl sales." Carswell Denies Racist Charges By JOHN CHADWICK Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Judge G. Harold Carswell said Thursday in reply to opponents ol his nomination to the Supreme Court l h a t he has been consistently open-minded in court cases. He denied hostility to civil rights litigants and their law- ·Efforts of some lo show otherwise through the news media have resulted in complete distortion of facls scarcely recognizable In their true context," he added. At Ihe commiltce meeting earlier in the dav, Tydings invoked a rule which allows any member to force a week's delay Sen. James O. F.astland, D- Miss., the committee chairman, said another meeting will not bo held u n l i l Feb. IB or 17. Scott, a member of the committee, predicted no more t h a n ·1 of Ihe 17 members would vote against Carswell, a 50 year-old Tallahassee, Fla., judge now on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Keith McSheehy are Flag For the Fort has been citizenship Its program. Now for year, the its flaE Gas Simmons, President County Gas night al officers. He of Fort elected succeeding Bill Elected board

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