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THE DAILY HERALD JUBILEE EDITION OP THE CITY OF MERRILL A. H. STANCE, FOREMOST CITIZEN, BUILDS GREAT LUMBER INDUSTRY HERE Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stange A H. SsTAiNUix jwLerrm s ioie- · most citizen, is today nearing his seventieth year in the lumber industry. Most of that long career \vas built in Merrill, vrhich has ber.e- fitted with Mr. ' Stange himself from the success of his enterprises. The immigrant boy from Stettin, Germany, who came to Watertown with his parents when he was only three years old, has been one of the city's main benefactors, being directly responsible ir securing two of the city's four parks and playing a large if not leading part in a score of othei projects. He has served as Alderman and Mayor in the city government and contributed powerfully toward the prosperity and activity of the Trinity Lutheran church and other churches. Although. the depletion of the forests ia gradually slowing down the once-booming Stange mills in Merrill, Mr. Stange still head:? five important business projects and is concerned in a number of others. The employment his mills have furnished has been a decisive factor in the development of the city. Many a young man who tj.ken into the firm. By this time Mr. Stange hat. accumulated some capitai. Tliv. s.'ish. door, and blind field \va; \vide open and rich. After rejecting the opportunity to buy plants in other cities, he finally took ovei the bankrupt Merrill Manufacturing company for the amount necessary to satisfy the creditors. Started Own Mill The sawmill had a single- rotary; there was a planing mill, and upstairs, some sash and door eciuipment. For some time Mr. Stange supervised the plant, kept all the books, and ran the office himself. From then on the story lories, the elimination of red tape, of costly interruptions, of all pel I t u u u a i cpuii uilio Ulid Icp- heavy overhead: of juggling the moves on the chess-board of his industry until he had made his factory the most productive single institution manufacturing regular stock sashes and doors exclusively. All through this strenuous career Mrs. Stange was building a home on the Stange property on Prospect street. She did her own housework--dressmaking, cooking, caring for the children. On the grounds she brought to bloom a marvelous flower garden, which grew to contain cold frames, hot tory. Six children were born: Hattie, ChdT'lCE H. .A '\'.'}} c .' 4 t m i i c t .1 Emilie, and Lydia. Four were born in Racine, two in Merrill anu all are living today. The sons and sons-in-law all have found places in the huge Stange organization, so that trie intimate relationship between parents ami children never has been lost. And while Mr. Stange was building up a great industry, and Mrs. Stange was providing a home to suit, they both found time to take an active and large interest in Merrill community affairs. Mrs. Stange has been active in the VIEW OF STANGE PUBLIC PARK Association and for a. time was its president The two parks that Merrill owes ID Mr. .Stance's generosity and activity are Cenotaph park ami JSUiUgc" pink, the latter consisting 01 Lwu twin parks. The tract known as Stange Public Park, the earliest of the two, built up from a swampy area and mid out in its present beauty as the result of his gift of the land to the city. The area still sometimes known as Stange's Private Park, or the Refectory park, was given to the city later and made part of the other. Cenotaph park with its marble Memorial monument, confronting the Stange residence on Ellis Court, was formally given to the city in 1923, when the Cenotaph was unveiled. The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of the Stanges was celebrated by a trip through Mexico, first job working in the Stange || yards. il Mr. Stange himself got his first job at a very early age when his father fell ill and he went to work for Christian Myer, at Watertown. at a yearly wage of $100. The second year he earned $150; and at the end of five years he was the highest-paid artisan in the Myer shop. Even though he was forced tr go to work before he had finished his schooling, he was sufficiently unlike many other youngsters to regret the lost opportunity, and nrp-nniTied a night school. Wit v several other young men he hiret 1 an instructor and carried himself six more terras while he was working. Five years after he first entered Myer's employ he set out for Racine TvtSTC --? worked fo r MiT" 1 * and McClurg. In 1874 he was married there to Miss Emilie Miller, whom he met while singing in the choir. Later he went over to H. v7. Wright. who sent W*" to Merrill to superintend the McCord and Wright saw mill and sash and 10 they trip around the world. Still, they have always regarded Merrill as their home and have refused repeated j invitations to leave here. In 1924 ! a banquet marked their fiftieth wedding anniversary; this year they celebrated their sixtieth quietly. The newest Stange industrial -.·ofitur-^ «p th*i frpaf sawmill at LaGrande, Oregon, where August J. Stange now lives. When the Stances visited LaGrande in 1923 the business men of that city them the most elaborate reception ever accorded a visitor and asked them to make their home in citv. Thov refused. The Stange institutions at present are: The Stung* Lumber Company, Merrill: sawmill, planing mill. Large timber holdings In Vllas county. The Kinxel Lumber Company, Merrill: sawmill, planing mill, and A view in the beautiful park located directly in the center of the city. Several small bridges span shaded lagoons and the whole park is wooded and landscaped. This Joveiy tract was GI.CC a swampy area filed with mill debris. A. H Stange presented the ground to the city on condition that it be improved and made into a park. The work was done in 1908 At about the same time Mr. Stange improved a piece of ground immediately across the htieet fui a private park, but is 1920 he derated th« ground also to the city, making a pair of twin parks so situated as to be most available to all the people and to fill in a beautiful way the otherwise bare space between the two sections of the city. The high school building, Legion hall, and the library also adjoin the park property. The Stance Public pai'i will cr.cSurc thrcvjrh the ?.£?·? «" « i«»tfn£ memento of a public spirited citizen. Newwood territory. Th Wiaoonain-Mlchigan Lumber Company, Eagle River: sawmill, planing mill, and box shook plant. Timber holdings in Michigan. The Mt, Emily Timber Company, LaGrande, Oregon; sawmill, extensive timber holdings u\ the Grand Ronde river valleys. The Badger Theatre and Hotel, Merrill.

Clipped from
  1. The Merrill Daily Herald,
  2. 01 Oct 1934, Mon,
  3. Page 9

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