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 - 8 15-loe; low mildUog 7-lBe; good ordinary...
8 15-loe; low mildUog 7-lBe; good ordinary oia-ioc; net and gross receipt 3,032 bales ; sales 471 J spinners 33; stock 40,300. new Ortemua. Sept. lOCottoa eniet; mld- dUng 7e; low middling Sc ; good ardinary Oe; net roceipta 1,1a bales; gross 1,447; exports so v,test Britain 2.000; coaatwise 800; 1,330 ; sCek 03,Jt67. FOREIGN COMMERCIAL. Loaaon, Sept. la The amount of gone Into the Bank of rutin o day Is 23.00O pounds. ran, sepu 10. Three nor cenU rentes lOOf 8780 for the aocount. . London, Sett, 10. Close. Cmaols. money Oft 13-16; do BCCOi.nt OS 1S.18: Now York. Pennaylvama and Ohio Arats U: Ci nadlaa Pacifla W hJie go's: Erie Sana 107: nil- Central 100 "a; Mexleaa aroinsry ZZ'ti Pan cosnmm BdS . New York. Central Jlw; Pennsylvania S3 ;. iirsalng 20 . Mexleaa 'eotral naw 4j 0ir. Bar silver 88 8-lod. Maney 1 per ceau Rata ef dtaoaunt ta spam market for both short sad threo-amnths tails H per eenu LikvrpojL sept, 10. ClssO-Pork. lard ami. floor hoWera odur moderately unchanged. Wheat outers offer moderately; Me. 2 red winter steady at 3s UHi No. 8 tea apring steady at a is. sjora, kOfcav ansa asmtinclr mag Arm; apot an. Septamber 4a 34 - Ocubr s 8S4; Bsvemter 4s 7sV -1 - - . rJKEIUN WOOL MARKET. - LotaloB, sepu 10 Tb Imnorto of wool dnr. Ing the past weak worst from Hew South. Wales J.9C.1 bales; from Victoria LOOS: from South Australia 2.571: from Mew Zealand I.. 6HS; from the Capo of Good lion and Natal 1.100; from Russia 1,870, aad from vartona other places 2,273. .The total arrivals for the aext aerie ef sales are 330.411. balea, sale will be bell ewptcavber 22. TTJRPKNTINE AtARKEXS. Savannah, Sept. XOk Turpentine la Boaln Arm at 6L10.L1J. Charleatoa, Sepu la Tureen tin la steady at 23e Md. ltoala Arm : a4 strain 0Ae W ilmington. Sept, 10-Snirlto ot twrmmtuta steady at 3. Hosia Arm: KralaoO na; ejond strained AOc. Tar ateady st el. 35. Crado Uirpeauna ateady; hard 41; yellow dip aod vir gin 8L60. . . OIL AtARKEXS. , . rtti rttv n.n in n..--. wt. - - -J , lr W LM, DTUia A2IM mi. ata. hluh.a i f-.-v.. . Lu.. eat S3e; ctoalna A3ai aJca I8.000 barrel. - elearanoes . Ptttaburah, Sept, 10 NaUonai Transit eerlig-eatts ooeaed at 83t,a snd eloaud at, &3Sk&: hiirh. est aad lowest 839.0. " UVE STOCK. MARKXTS. CIUCAGO: " 1 :' Chtcasto. Sepu 10 Tho Evening Journal re. porta: Cattte itooetpta 3.0U0 head; nupments 1.400; market ateady, with a good demand for export Era a; but native (Jc3.30; choice 84.30si4.SO; ethers I.73J4.;5; Weaterns 3t 4, Texan gs.23aiS.13; atockers aad foedera 822.74; sows 0l.7S- ......... Hogs Boceipta 14,600 head; shipmenta &,- COO ; market steady; closed weak; rough common A4.80d3.U; packing "Bad akipping S3.23 413.40; prime heavy aad botcher weights gSAS A3 33: light S4.U0a-3.43. Cheep-ULoeipta t.500 hsad; ahlpmcata 400; market liielcae and 23c lower thaa (Thursday; wethers s4S; mixed St 4. 30; fat ewes 83.7S 84.73; (ed Texann 03-74-2; Texaas A2A W4.13 ; Westeraa t3.73A4.33 ; lamba SA&Oc-aUM). KANSAS CITY. . City, Sept, 10. Cattle Receipts 4.100 head ; ahipmeot L700 ; market to active aod atrong; oswa BAtOo bizher; stsor tS.2384.sO; oows 4LS3A2.23t Texas and Indian steers 4L73 82.30; atockers and fendsra ttls"2.83. Uove-Rnceipta 2,300 head; shipments 800; market active and AO 10c, mostly 10c, higher; all grades, etavJS -. bulk 3.10330. isheau Beeolvts 2.30S hestt: shipment 100; market shoot staady at the tots dovbae ; mnttona 04 ; lamb S3 .33. ST. LOUIS. . SU Louis, Sepu 10. Cattle Reeei pts 800 head; ahlpasoate 1,000; market ateady; fair to choice native ateera 43.2084.30; fair to goad Texas and Indian elesrs 2.10SS. Mogs-Rocelpta 500 head; aklpments 800; market atrong; heavy 43.1 O 4.4 4 ; packing 4.308 3. SO; light 83S5.M. ' fcheep Receipts 20O head; shipment 800; market ateady. fair to good muttons range at a3 4.50. .;. ...... , . . ' ' : - -.: . . CINCINNATI. ' - ClndnaaU. Sepu lOCatOe Receipts 800 head; shipments 27J1; market niet at 1.30 4.00. . . . lisgs Beeetpts 1,000 head; ahlpmeats 1,820; tn good demand; eommoa and ueht gtaawso; rsrkina snd bwtchtrra 44.90 3.30 Sheep Receipts 840 head; ahlpmeata 840; market weak at 42.7383. Imbs-Stesdy ; eommoa to cholee S.SOs) 8.30 4 100 . iH'iM'-r-MtHH rrr rrV' CumgiuaiotUons And exchaugas tor this department ahould ba addressed to tbt chess editor. . f. -The Louisville Chess Club meets - at roonis 613 and 614 Commerce Building, Fourth and Main. Rooms open at all hours. tUI cboat players welcomed. ' rrobleas No. 103. First prUo In tourney of The Homestead. 6prrmiaed. Mas. , , By R. H. Seymour. ' Black (HL SM4 ' . J"-"N Ell m 1 rii-n t.- l Stii 8u--i rni m T31 s y"wv m zzr 1 White (lib . WhHe to play and mate) la two moves. Solution. v -r PROBLEM. NO. 101." r 3 K3. Solved by B. O. Dmkd. LexbirtoS: 1 W. Child. MiddlesborosEb: J. k. TtUey. beOovue, Pa.: fc. C U. ElUabethtowa; Mm. 1. 1L iioott, rum ana. . Erratnmx. "i In vrobrcm No. 102. minted last week. the positions if tbe white queen aod black aing snouki no reversed. 1'ut tho hi oa h7 aoa tho H, on at. Cbese La New Tork. - A3 Interesting gamo ptsTe4 ta the sour- sey for the QaUeog eop at the reeent SkaneaieloA netlog .. Ffcat too Albaay JournaL . FOUR KNIQMirS OAMS, White (J. M. HAnham). Black IK. Kemeny;, 1 P Kt 1 P-K4 2 Kt EB3 -Kt-QB3 3 B B4 B B B4 4 Kt 113 4 Kt B3 5 P 03 8 P 03 6 P QB3 Lostnc time, and Inferior to- Kt Ei. fO. ktwed bv P B3. which would actHMouush tho If 'a' 'lAr,! l sain oblecx, , 6 B K3 " 7 B OKtS . 7-Caatles. ' '8 Kt K.i . 8 Kt-KJ -P B:i Kt Kti 10 Kt Kr3 10 P Q4 11 Cnsties, 11 PxH 13 PxP ' QxQ 13 RxQ 13 B KIS - -'- 14 B K atf T . - 14 Kt-KtS 13-h.V-a mV A3-f-4sB ie B K2 - . 16 P KB A strong mora: Tllae.k has bv far the best of the gamo 4 .- - nu - . a if- n 111 1P QKt4- IS B Kt3 10 B B3 10KtXl;P An unsound saertflre: with stmdr. as- greoalve tactics. Black should hav won. . CO KtxKt fS ixP 21 II 14 (chj " This check eomnletely nnsets Blaelr'a cbernr. aa It opens the took on tho danger-oua pawn. 81 K R so. ?' RxKliKAl 22 KixP e: RxB 21T-0R-Q sq, - C4 11 H'l ' S3 Kt K2 ft HxR 27 P-0K14 -" 'as r 114 0 R B3 30 RxB" Besicna.. 24 B K3 S K (Al 2 HxR B R5 B Kta mwHiKt - 31 Hxp - - Jfews aad Gossip. Herr Hcffes- suggests that la tourneys. drssra count only ooe-third, Instead of ono- uu. mis h a goeo un, mia 11 aooptea would . materially reduce tho number of draws, desirable object- ernro the advent 01 tae moaem 000004" ana tta sumwmn, system. . Mr..'Btctrtts Is at work on tho second VoTnmo of .his "Modern Chess Instructor, ana hopes o cave it, out next spnng. -The annual boat excursion of the Bal- trmoro Chess Club took Place August 2tL frver' twenty members and their families were ur tho party, ana the or ens ion was a tcry enjoyable mu. . Ai 1 Basemen to- have) been made for' a Otmrens3 of Irish chews player, 4 be held a Huilast September lri. A triangular natch- between Blackburne, Gunsberg atvl Losker will be a feature. There Is a poa- mbillty that Mason may Join la and make it ouaaranguinr. - Titer wilt oe pnae 01 75 pounds, and each player will play lour games with every other. Cool weather is again with us, and It is time for a revival ot Interest In ebess. At tha lcl dub thlnsis have been- very dull during tb summer, but the members are comma: neck now, ant urn rooms vnu took aa Uvwry as aver.- Tho offieont In tend to boom the club this winter, and bone to raise ths nmmbenhip to a higher tfolut titan ever be I ire. Every ebess player In town should be a member of the club. - It Is now also time to bear from tias off! cere of too Kentucky Chess Association. The time tor tu annual meeting In not tar oir, out nothing has been done, and tile existence of the association has almost been forgotten. A novel exhibition of simultaneous play took place recently at tho private bouse ot A cbe enthusiast In Ur West End of London. Oa the oeearaoet ta question Hie editor and a nrst-niass London amateur piayeu stmui- taaoously lit-partnership against eight opponents, three of whom were ladles. - Tho eight players being seated at eight boards. the combat commenced ane the games were contested aa follows: The two eimnitan- eous pcrfrirners walked from board to board, and moved alternately and without ctmuita-tton, tir amateur pedestrian making the odd Bsowes for Whits- and th editor ths even, moves tor White In each game. Several Interesting and danlilng parties took place, the aUns'a aod Evan's gambits being adopted in moat CAM, and after art amusing and wsMi-oonteMtedL encounter, the simultaneous partners were victorious by flvs wins to three. Tbe whole perJoraaanee proved very Interesting to both players aod spectator. ana similar mate ties have been arranged for the future on the saute baUie-Cold. tliossen- dale lEug.i Free Press. IXNANCXAla, " ' FtBSBCiAla Twerrisr-elght losae. aggregating 830.400, secured try real .te smrtat l,3a4. were made by The National buildsug and Loa ArNnclatlon oa too lost, il you ore Inokinii for a safe tn vestment, the stock of this A.-teOeiasion will mwve the purpose. hoc particular call at tne o trice M The com merce, ur write 10 juhn tt. L&ATiindUi Prwadeot. or . C M. PClLUPi. saeaeral Manager. afUAjtxr ur utarxTuttab H. V. Loving. John B. CaxUemAfj, Harry WeUhinger." W. P. Harvey, Joha H. Leathers, Oeorg B. Eastin. William C. kendrtck. aoan Barret, John B. Plrtle, C. M. Phillip. John S. Morria. J. M. Cabell..., ... fa ul. Jones, A. j. loBgham. Stephen' B. Jens. IXYEST31I1ST BOXDS. Tbe' following llrst-clasn bonds can bo Tutd at market prices: Louisville Gas Com puny first mortgage ot; Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington, first awrtnge 7s: Louts-vllle. Evaimville en I SU LoiUs flrst mow gage. 6s. ALMeTEJJT BBOT11EBS. 610 W. Main sr.. Louisville, n-y. B.S. vaXCB, rraa, W W. NICHOLS, Cash apitAl, $300,000.00 j Surplus, f 100,000.00. PAIS ISTEfiEST OS HIS DEPOSITS. Solicits Your Account. Honey To Loss $0,000. In Sums to suit on good real estate mort gages. Lien notes negotiated. BUCHAN AN A SOX, U--M .o.iis nml FliuMl- olul Brokers, 43Q West Main street. JOllS V. & D. S. tiKEJLtti, ETOCI 1SD BOSD BE0E 454 West Mala at, LouUvIUe, Ky, Have for tale boss cbUee aecurlttee. Wo Lave also money to ksud cheap ett flra. class collateral or mortgage security. Toas- phono caii 63. ring a. balnrancsa ay parmlmtont Fwsitty Twrat Cat, Co hirahia tmaauaand ImatOx W. G. 0SB011XE & CO., Stock and Bond Brokers, . tot Wast Bala ttxasU W bsry aad aS ammllhw and ti ntlato Trad to tha Asw York htnek kyehsarm MEDICAL. HUPiLET'SSiRSiPiBILLi Is the rr8t systesi treactbeaer. Lv dies sad ckUdrts Ukt it. Corea slioV sey And UTsr iron bit- remoraa t'sc Blotches; atAkeg Uosy Cboeks. LOUlXSON-PliTTfiT Gil w koloAAlo AgeatA. c-AHSY PILLS! AaJWaaSnaea. Mta Is'kuuvH suit OoaJut." WiUasa SfniSs CrhitoPa nflAIRO REMOVED SAJXbOaJ) TTJCB-TABLES. v3 Itv a o RXC8 lisscbv E1 ilw i u ,afc vntce, .iu rwra auvM arnos, bsventh and lUver. BhelbyvlllB, La bug. Harreflsosrg. Burton, Veraslila. Lsxauguin, NicAoiaavuw, tzeorgeiowa, . Kichmond, irauvllie. Juncuoa Lux, way stations sad ijontn, leavo tt'lia . Vu. &t .7 ?.i m. and ' li lu a. m. Caattsnoora. A'iauto. Jackaonvllte. Birnlat- bnm. Meriiiisn, New Orlean. KaexvUle, liut biiring and Caroitna, Oaergia and kirioa tKini, teavo at ' 7 43 a. m. ; arrive "7 Si p. au aod "10 --jo a. m. bhoihyvllle. Lexington, Lawreneeborg. Ver-SaiU-M. Midwly, Goursetawn. lUehmond, liar, rvtiaburg, flaisln, baavtlle, JuscUc Cxy, nu'iiiuMtti. " -' Meriaian. New us ban, awl all GeortJ. FloiiOs aad Carohaa ootnta, with PaUman Bullet car, Barein to Knoxvtlle. leave at 4 Uo p. au; amy at 10 :S0 a. to. Salty. (Daily except Sunday. RAILWAY. ClnelBktU sat SU Loais Fast Lino. KPtir, Irma tasva saA arrive at Loolavlll CUwiiinsM Aa.pcea, toatn at a. m., and arrive si xx p. m. Ctonnatl Exrreaa. kwvoe st 2Ht p. nu. ajm arrive st "it a. m. CUtuiuiHsii EproM. aesvss at S .30 A. av 1 arrival ai. '3 11 a. m. bu Loul Expruas. leavea at 8 a. m. aad mm, ma 7 k a. aa. bt. Lsals Epra, tosvss at 8 'Xi p. au aad arrives a a un p. m. Dally. Dil esravt Sondsy. Parior cam and pnluwan aleepmg ears from Lssuavill as ClinimnU and h4 Louis wiiheet Mm'B w' Bail! mm sAeose, ,: -

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 11 Sep 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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